TCPCHW Chapter 23 Part 1

The Crown Prince Chases His Wife

Chapter 23          A Crane Cry (1/2)

In the Mossy Waterside Pavilion at Taizi Mansion in Xishan.

After the court ended, An Wenjing invited Taizi Feng Zhan for a round of chess.

On the tea table a few steps away from the chess game, An Yanxi sat down to make tea, and Feng Yunchao gently fanned her fan on the rose chair beside her.

There was no sound at this time, only the sound of the falling chess pieces and the sound of tea.

Suddenly there was a crane cry in the distance, and An Yanxi looked up suspiciously.

“This should be the lonely crane in the Princess of Zhaoren Mansion, and Qin Yan really didn’t find a companion for it.” Feng Yunchao explained to An Yanxi.

Feng Yunchao looked in the direction of the Princess of Zhaoren Mansion, smiled, and spoke again, “However… a crane in a pond is also refined and elegant. Yanxi, what do you think?”

After speaking, Feng Yunchao looked at An Yanxi, but the other party frowned slightly, as if she was thinking about something, and didn’t even notice that the tea in the pot was boiling.

“Yanxi, Yanxi…” Feng Yunchao called out several times before An Yanxi came back to her senses.

An Yanxi hurriedly removed the tea from the fire. This pot of water was too cold to be used again, so it had to be boiled again.

Feng Yunchao seemed to understand An Yanxi’s depression. Next to the Taizi Mansion, there lived a noblewoman with a beautiful appearance, the Princess of Zhaoren, Qin Yan. A woman who even her imperial father was matchmaking with Imperial Brother Taizi.

It might be the first time that Yanxi had felt threatened. Anyone would be afraid that another single woman who was better than herself lived next door to her beloved.


As usual, Taizi Feng Zhan defeated his opponent at the end of the game.

“Your Highness, I admit your superiority.” An Wenjing bowed to Taizi Feng Zhan.

Feng Zhan didn’t say a word, just took a sip from the teacup in his hand.

Smelling the tea fragrance, Feng Zhan suddenly recalled Qin Yan who was making tea in the forest that day. He looked sideways at the tea table, not her.

Feng Zhan turned his eyes back to the chessboard and continued drinking tea.

An Wenjing was overjoyed when he saw Taizi looking at his sister Yanxi on the other side of the tea table.

Previously, when An Wenjing played chess with Taizi, whether in the palace, the Taizi Mansion, or the Grand Scholar Mansion, Yanxi always made tea by the side. But His Highness Taizi had never paid attention to Yanxi. Would things work out for his sister this time?

An Yanxi also noticed the momentary glance of His Highness Taizi, and she felt a little happy in her heart. Was he really moved by her sincerity?

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Only Feng Yunchao saw through it. At first, she thought that Imperial Brother Taizi was looking at Yanxi, but she saw that Imperial Brother Taizi turned his eyes back after a quick glance, and quickly picked up the cup to drink tea to conceal the disappointment that flashed in his eyes.

Feng Yunchao was very familiar with the expression of Taizi Feng Zhan. Imperial Brother Taizi should be the same as herself, recalling Qin Yan who was making tea in the forest that day…


When Feng Yunchao and An Yanxi were on their way out of the Taizi Mansion, An Yanxi wanted to say something but hesitated.

After passing a flower garden, Feng Yunchao dismissed her attendants back and sat opposite An Yanxi in a pavilion.

“Yanxi, do you have something to ask me?”

Feng Yunchao seemed to be able to guess what Yanxi was going to ask.

An Yanxi did not pretend to be reserved. She looked at Feng Yunchao and said, “Princess, that day, at Princess of Zhaoren Mansion’s housewarming banquet, His Highness Taizi stayed in Princess Mansion for a whole day. I heard that His Highness also played horse tag for several hours at the Princess Mansion. This is unlike His Highness’s usual style. Princess, you know my obsession, I’m a little worried…”

An Yanxi’s eyes seemed to be slightly worried.

Indeed, Feng Yunchao also saw the abnormality of Imperial Brother Taizi. Imperial Brother Taizi had always disliked banquets, and he wouldn’t stay too long even for palace banquets. But that day, he stayed in the Princess of Zhaoren Mansion for so long which was quite out of the ordinary.

However, even Feng Yunchao herself felt that the Princess of Zhaoren Mansion or Qin Yan was indeed somewhat interesting.

Feng Yunchao did not answer her, but a smile appeared on her lips as if she was immersed in some kind of pleasant memory.

“Princess, is His Highness Taizi interested in Princess of Zhaoren?” Seeing that Feng Yunchao was only silent, An Yanxi had a bad feeling in her heart. If even Feng Yunchao favored Qin Yan…

At this time, Feng Yunchao’s mind was still recalling the “Seven Bowls of Tea Poem” on the mountainside in the Princess of Zhaoren Mansion, and An Yanxi’s sudden words interrupted Feng Yunchao’s thoughts.

Feng Yunchao frowned slightly and sighed softly, but her mouth was different from the usual comfort toward An Yanxi.

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“Yanxi, do you want to consider finding another person who is worth entrusting?”

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