TCPCHW Chapter 11 Part 1

The Crown Prince Chases His Wife

Chapter 11          Fight (1/2)

In about a period of a cup of tea, the teams would start the game.

At one end were five Shence Army players in green led by Xie Changyuan, and five players from Longwu Army in red led by Lu Chen.

At the other end, there were ten Pingxi Army players led by Shen Ci.

“Start the game!”

The drums began to play, and the red-painted ball was thrown out. People moved with their horses, and the players chased the ball to hit.

Different from the conservative style of the Northern and Southern Yamen Imperial Army just now, the two sides were full of force from the very beginning. The players frequently made difficult moves such as sudden stops, quick turns, and back shots. Sometimes they dribbled and attacked, and sometimes they galloped to chase, constantly swinging the club to hit the ball.

The ball flew as the club flashed by on the field, and the horses galloped like they were flying. Twenty horses galloped across the field, and the hooves made rumble sounds.

The scene was thrilling, intense, and spectacular at one time.

After a stick of incense passed, no one scored a goal.


The crowd in the stands was very excited. They hadn’t seen such an exciting game for a long time. It was more thrilling and exciting than the previous one.

The polo game was originally very risky. Most of the polo games were played in a slightly peaceful way and had never seen such a deadly situation.

The players on the field were very aggressive. It was very common for several armies to play a friendly game together, but there had not been a proper competition before. Today, even if it was just a ball game, everyone was eager to compete.

“Are you worried?” Feng Yuyao said suddenly.

Qin Yan raised her eyebrows suspiciously.

“Aren’t you worried about your brother? Or… Shizi Xie?” Feng Yuyao asked half-jokingly.

“Are you worried about Shen Ci?” Qin Yan fixed her gaze on Feng Yuyao’s face. Seeing the princess’ face blush faintly, she withdrew her gaze.

After a while, Qin Yan spoke softly, “Life and death are destined by fate. As a common training program in the military, they are familiar with various emergencies and accidents on the polo field. It is common to break arms and legs. Compared with the battlefield, this is much gentler.”

Hearing Qin Yan’s icy words so light and ordinary, Feng Yuyao was dumbstruck. The dangerous situation she was familiar with was all from the women in the harem, and many of them were disabled and killed. Since she was born, she had never stepped out of the capital, and she occasionally heard about things in the army or saw them from the play. And she had no right to speak about the real battlefield.

From this moment on, she only realized that she and her childhood playmate beside her had changed too much due to different circumstances.

Qin Yan’s past made her distressed, and at the same time, she also envied her. She envied people who could truly understand Shen Ci’s life. Feng Yuyao’s eyes followed the tall and straight figure on the field. The friend beside her seemed to have seen through her hidden desire, and it was also probably an impossible desire.

Qin Yan looked sideways at Jiang Mu, “Take a good look and study hard.”

Jiang Mu met Qin Yan’s gaze with a complicated expression. He turned his head and took a sip of cold wine.

The woman beside him used to be his rival, but now she was his benefactor and teacher.

The relationship between the two was complicated and awkward. He usually didn’t know how to face Qin Yan, and the woman always understated him from time to time. Wasn’t she worried about cultivating the enemy too well? One day, they would meet again on the battlefield, and at that time, the sword had no eyes.


At this moment, the game on the field was getting more intense. In the middle of the chaos, a horse of a player of the Pingxi Army was hit in the leg by an unknown club. The horse fell and threw the person down, tripping over several people and horses one after another.

“What are you doing!”

“No… I’m sorry, brother…”

“You dare to use a dirty trick!”

“No… this…”

“What are you doing? Want to fight?”


“Who is coward and who is afraid!”

During the chaos, several people started to fight.

Everyone was on fire and full of energy. For a time, except for Xie Changyuan, Lu Chen, Shen Ci, and Xie Zhao, who were sitting on their horses, the rest of the players dropped their clubs, dismounted from their horses to join the fighting, and got in the hand-to-hand battle.

At this moment, the wind was blowing, and the thunder was rolling, which was a precursor to the approaching spring rain.

Neither Emperor nor Taizi on the main stand spoke, they were just watching the farce on the field.

Everyone was amazed that the Commanders of the Northern and Southern Yamen Imperial Army and the Commanding General of the Pingxi Army all took part in the game. They didn’t score a goal, yet their subordinates fell into a hand-to-hand battle, which was unheard of.

The showers rushed into the field, and it was a good rain for the crops. But for this game, it was not the right time.

Everyone in the stands was covered by tarps, which didn’t affect them much.

The field was gradually soaked in rain, and the soldiers in hand-to-hand battle were all in a mess. The raindrops that fell on their bodies didn’t dampen their enthusiasm in the slightest. The three teams of people fighting together, the horses neighing and running around, and the scene were utterly chaotic.

| Translator Note: Who do you think going to win?

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