TCPCHW Chapter 12 Part 2

The Crown Prince Chases His Wife

Chapter 12          Bestow Marriage (2/2)

Qin Yan didn’t know that the Xie brothers on the opposite side had a thousand changes in their minds. She turned her head to Jiang Mu, and said softly and jokingly, “That one just wants to see you, but you are so frightened. If you don’t have the guts, how can you dare to face your subjects in the future? Face your sly and cunning uncle? Face your imperial father and imperial mother in the underworld?”

Jiang Mu was ashamed and annoyed. He knew what this woman was saying, but how could she personally understand that he was the one who lived relying on others in the enemy camp? It was Jiang Mu, not Qin Yan who depended on others’ whims to survive.

Jiang Mu drank a mouthful of wine and coughed after choking on it.

“Who is the young man beside Princess of Zhaoren?” Taizi Feng Zhan said the longest sentence so far today, which was really rare.

Everyone present held their breaths, and those who did not know were also curious about the identity of this young man.

Qin Yan looked directly at Feng Zhan, she didn’t bother to make up another identity for Jiang Mu.

“Back to Your Highness Taizi, this is the younger brother adopted by me, Jiang Mu.”

Feng Zhan narrow his eyes slightly, Jiang? Jiang? Could it be…

“Your Highness Taizi, I have a presumptuous request.” Qin Yan spoke again.

Feng Zhan raised his eyes, and said with a deep voice, “Say.”

“Your Highness Taizi, there are no literate people in my home, and I know I can’t teach my younger brother well. I want to ask for a position of a student in the Imperial Academy for my younger brother Jiang Mu, and I hope Your Highness Taizi will approve.”

Everyone was amazed. To enter the Imperial Academy, candidates had to surmount all difficulties, and even the officials’ children had to look at their identities.

How could Qin Yan be so arrogant?

Saying that there were no literate people in her home? Would that also work? Even a general had to get some calligraphy and painting to decorate the facade and talk elegantly when he spoke. How could anyone say that themselves uneducated, moreover a woman?

Prime Minister Qin was even more shocked, this couldn’t be possible. When he sent Qin Ming to the Imperial Academy, he took a lot of trouble because he was only a concubine-born son. Qin Yan was only a princess and an adopted brother, where did she get such an identity?

Feng Yuyao looked at Qin Yan admiringly. Yes, Xiao Yanyan was so crazy that she had a whole new level of respect for her. Thinking about Qin Yan, the soft and glutinous little meatballs, when she was a child, Feng Yuyao really felt that Qin Yan today had really changed from her bones.

Feng Zhan was silent for a moment, if his old man acquiesced to someone with such a sensitive identity to follow Qin Yan, then……

Whether it was Qin Yan or this kid, he could only rest assured when he was right under his nose.

“Allow. Song Zhi, let the Chief Officer of Imperial Academy make the arrangements.”

“I thanked His Highness Taizi.” Qin Yan turned to look at Jiang Mu, “Jiang Mu, say thank you.”

Jiang Mu frowned slightly, but still stood up to bow in salute, “I thanked His Highness Taizi.”


Everyone was shocked by Qin Yan’s unreasonable request and His Highness Taizi actually agreed so readily.

Thinking about it again, the Princess of Zhaoren Mansion given by His Majesty was next to the Taizi Mansion, His Majesty bestowed the marriage of the Princess of Zhaoren’s ex-fiancé in front of everyone, and His Majesty punished the soldiers of the three armies to renovate the garden of the Princess of Zhaoren Mansion…

Dare not think about it, dare not think about it, Princess of Zhaoren was going to…

Xie Changyuan felt a tightness in his heart. His marriage to Qin Yan couldn’t be regarded as a joke. The two also had tokens exchanged between his mother and Madam Qin. He only verbally denied it and only agreed to His Majesty’s marriage because it was a matter of urgency.

But if Taizi was involved, this Taizi cousin of his was famous for his decisiveness in making decisions and as for Qin Yan, if it was just His Majesty’s idea, then it was fine, but if Taizi had the same idea…

Xie Zhao was also stunned. If it was Xie Changyuan, he would still be able to compete, but Taizi?

Everyone thought differently.

Jiang Mu said to Qin Yan with a little dissatisfaction, “Have you asked me if I would like to go?”

Qin Yan suppressed her throat, and her tone was indifferent, “Did I ask you when I make arrangements for you previously? The people in the Duke Mansion have taught you about the military, and you must have extensive exposure to various ideas through literacy, rather than being one-sided by one or a few masters’ teaching.”

“If you want to be a monarch, you need to be able to calmly accept all kinds of conflicting opinions. You should go to Imperial Academy to see the masters’ teaching, and the views of your classmates, and go to the teahouse to listen to the debates among students. Don’t take it lightly and be obedient.”

Jiang Mu was speechless. Yes, Qin Yan had never asked his opinion about the courses that Qin Yan arranged for him, but he knew that those were for his own good.

But he just had an instinctive rejection. He rejected being taught, arranged, and protected by a woman who was only a few months older than him. He was eager to become stronger and stand alone, and he was eager to protect himself and the people he valued.

Thinking of this, Jiang Mu couldn’t help but glance at Qin Yan, the heartless woman who held up her wine cup and clinked with Princess of Jingyi next to her, raised her slender neck, and drank the wine in her hand in one gulp.

Was she really not afraid to meet him on the battlefield?

At this time, Jiang Mu really couldn’t imagine that the real powerhouses were not afraid that their opponents were stronger than themselves, which would arouse their fighting spirit even more.

Moreover, Qin Yan and the Emperor of Hui needed Jiang Mu to be able to resist his imperial uncle who killed the monarch and seized the throne, instead of raising a puppet who was useless.

Everyone ended the banquet amid many complicated thoughts.


When leaving the banquet, Prime Minister Qin stopped Qin Yan, Jiang Mu immediately stepped forward to protect Qin Yan and stared at Prime Minister Qin covetously. The people from the Duke of Zhenguo Mansion also came one after another, blocking Qin Yan from Prime Minister Qin.

Prime Minister Qin was dumbfounded, and the people from the Duke of Zhenguo Mansion actually regarded him as a beast. No matter what, Qin Yan was also his daughter, and the tiger’s poison did not eat its children*.

(tiger’s poison did not eat its children* – an idiom, which means although tigers are ferocious, they do not eat their cubs)

“Father-in-law…” Prime Minister Qin wanted to bow to Duke Zhenguo, Shen Changshan but was interrupted sharply by the other party.

“I heard that our Duke of Zhenguo Mansion is used to oppressing people with power, so it’s better for Prime Minister Qin to call me by my title.” Shen Changshan’s voice was cold and stern.

“…” Prime Minister Qin froze in place, was he trying to draw a clear line with him?

Qin Yan smiled, “What does Prime Minister Qin want to say?”

“Qin Yan, the Xi Garden has been restored to its original state according to your request. You can come back and have a look on another day. Move back as we are a family after all.” Prime Minister Qin spoke carefully as he already knew his eldest daughter’s temperament and didn’t want to provoke her again.

“Yanyan has a family, so Prime Minister Qin doesn’t need to worry about it.” Shen Ci said sarcastically.

Qin Yan just glanced at Prime Minister Qin indifferently and took the lead to leave with the group of the Duke of Zhenguo Mansion.

Prime Minister Qin looked at the resolute back of his eldest daughter and could only sigh.

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