TCPCHW Chapter 35 Part 2

The Crown Prince Chases His Wife

Chapter 35          Thorough (2/2)

After Xie Changyuan left Taizi’s tent, the words of Taizi Feng Zhan kept lingering in his mind.

Because of what happened to his mother at the time, he had been brooding about Xie Zhao all these years, and he was unwilling to let Xie Zhao appear in front of the imperial family this time.

Indeed, Xie Zhao was guarding Qianyang Ridge, and if something happened, he would also implicate himself as the Commander-in-Chief. He had actually overlooked such a fundamental issue.

Over the years, his personal grievances had become a shackle that imprison him and affected his rational judgment.

These inferior means shouldn’t have anything to do with him, but he had gradually become the kind of person he once hated.

Xie Zhao’s mistake was his existence.

But even more hateful was Xie An.

However, it was better if Xie An could openly tell the Emperor and Eldest Princess of Anyang that he once had a bedwarmer and a son, than hiding it secretly.

What the imperial family wanted was Xie An, who had military power and ability, and wanted him to honor the princess, become a consort, and marry the imperial family.

This purpose of the imperial family was not in conflict with whether he had a bedwarmer and the influence of his son before.

However, Xie An was very ambitious. He didn’t allow himself to become a marquis through ranks, and there was a slight chance of becoming a relative of the imperial family.

This was the cause of the future disaster.

Xie Changyuan wondered to himself whether he had been betrayed by the sudden death of his mother and the betrayal of his mother by Xie An, which caused a huge psychological gap and stimulated him to lose his rationality and affected his judgment.

So much so that he was now a stranger to Qin Yan…


Xie Changyuan walked slowly with a heavy heart. A woman suddenly approached him and blocked his way.

Xie Changyuan raised his eyes in dissatisfaction and looked at the other party. It was her, Qin Yan’s concubine-born sister, Qin Nian.

He didn’t have much interaction with her. On some occasions in the past few years, Qin Nian would come to greet him. Xie Changyuan knew the grievances between Qin Yan and Prime Minister Qin’s concubine, as well as her concubine-born sister, so Xie Changyuan treated Qin Nian coldly.

What kind of a bad idea did this person have today?

Qin Nian left the horse race field and changed into a tulle dress, which was very elegant in the wind.

She gave a half bowed to Xie Changyuan and said: “Shizi Xie, I’m here to apologize for the Qianshui Lake incident.”

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Xie Changyuan narrowed his eyes slightly, Qianshui Lake?

“Shizi Xie, on the Double Seven Festival at the Qianshui Lake, the pleasure ship I chartered accidentally collided with Second Prince’s decorated boat due to improper operation of the boatman which caused Miss A Yan to fall into the water. I am deeply sorry. I wonder how Miss A Yan is recovering. Because of this, I was confined by my father, so I didn’t go to your mansion to visit Miss A Yan in time. I plan to go to your mansion to apologize to Miss A Yan in person. I wonder if Shizi Xie can allow it?”

Xie Changyuan didn’t like this person, let alone had a disagreement with Qin Yan because of this woman, so he refused without even thinking about it.

“No need.” Xie Changyuan took a step to the side to leave but was blocked by Qin Nian again.

Xie Changyuan was a little impatient.

“Shizi Xie, then I will send someone to send some supplements to your mansion another day, as an apology to Miss A Yan. You can’t refuse anymore…” Qin Nian swore not to give up until she achieved her goal.

“I said, no need.” Xie Changyuan’s tone was cold.

“Shizi Xie…” Qin Nian spoke again.

Xie Changyuan ignored Qin Nian and left in two quick steps.

Tonight, he had to arrange the paddock for hunting, and the Emperor had also ordered the opening of Qianyang Ridge. The danger was much higher than in previous years. He still had a lot of work to do, and he didn’t have time to play Tai Chi with this woman.


Looking at Xie Changyuan’s tall and straight back, Qin Nian’s heart moved secretly. This was the figure she was thinking about, and she was bound to win.

Qin Nian learned from his mother that in recent days that there was some movement between the Marquis of Yongding Xie An and her father. It seemed that the Marquis of Yongding Xie An was checking her father’s attitude towards marriage between the two families.

Xie An meant that Xie Changyuan and Qin Yan had been engaged for many years before, but now both of them deny the marriage contract.

However, the Marquis of Yongding Mansion and the Prime Minister Qin Mansion could be regarded as having had a marriage contract before, and was it possible now to discuss whether to let the marriage contract fall on Xie Zhao, the concubine-born eldest son of Marquis of Yongding, and Qin Nian, the second young lady of Prime Minister Qin Mansion?

Xie An understood that Xie Zhao had a bad relationship with the imperial family. For Xie Zhao’s legitimate wife, he didn’t even have to take the princess into consideration, and it was impossible for the Grand Scholar Mansion and the Left Prime Minister Mansion who were close to the imperial family. As for the second young lady in the Right Prime Minister Qin Mansion, because her mother was raised as an equal wife, Qin Nian was now also the legitimate daughter of Prime Minister Mansion, and her status was also noble, which was the best choice for Xie Zhao’s legitimate wife.


This idea coincided with Prime Minister Qin. Prime Minister Qin was a very cautious civil official. He also knew that Imperial Concubine Shu and Song Mei intend to match Qin Nian and Second Prince Feng Xian, but Prime Minister Qin didn’t intend to let Qin Nian marry into the imperial family because he didn’t want to participate in the battle for the throne.

He was already the Prime Minister. No matter which prince sat on the throne in the future, this would not affect his career. However, only by staying away from the battle for the throne, he could preserve the hard-won honor and glory of Prime Minister Qin Mansion.

In addition to the imperial family, the most popular in the capital was now Shen Ci of the Duke of Zhenguo Mansion. But there were still two unmarried princesses in the palace and with Shen Ci’s identity, it was expected that he would be favored by the imperial family.

Of the two marquises, the Marquis of Guannei had only one daughter. The other Marquis of Yongding Mansion had two sons, Xie Changyuan, the heir, and Xie Zhao, the concubine-born eldest son.

Hearsay that Shizi Xie was bent on A Yan, who was given as a concubine for marriage.

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Since the Marquis of Yongding Xie An took the initiative to mention Xie Zhao, this seemed to be Qin Nian’s best choice.

Although Xie Zhao was only the illegitimate son of the Marquis Mansion, now he was the fourth-rank General of Mingwei who established his own mansion, and his future was limitless.


When Marquis of Yongding Xie An discussed marriage with Prime Minister Qin, naturally would avoid their children, but Song Mei told Qin Nian after learning about it.

Qin Nian had her own plan. The two agreed tacitly that they had a marriage contract before, even if Marquis Xie and her father wanted her to marry Xie Zhao.

But time was still long and there were still uncertainties.

Over the years, Qin Nian had long stopped counting on her father who abided by the rules, and her mother who lacked means.

Some things had to be done by herself. Since the two families had a marriage contract, why couldn’t it be her and Shizi Xie?

The future was long……


Xie Changyuan, who returned to his tent, originally planned to take a quick rest. The hunting ground would need to set up the formation tonight and there might not be much time to sleep peacefully.

Xie Changyuan lay down on the bed and closed his eyes to rest. His right hand stretched under the pillow and suddenly opened his eyes.

The thing was gone!

Xie Changyuan rolled over to get off the bed and carefully removed the pillow, but it was not there. He lifted the mattress again and gently shook it a few times for fear of breaking the thing, but there was nothing on the whole bed.

“Who entered my tent today?” Xie Changyuan said coldly facing outside.

Hearing this, a guard came in and said, “Commander, only Miss A Yan came here for a while.”

A Yan?

Xie Changyuan quickly went out to find A Yan, but as soon as he arrived outside the tent, he was stopped by Taizi’s own soldiers.

“His Highness Taizi asked Commander Xie to go to the hunting ground to gather the whole team and start the setup of the formation.”

Xie Changyuan accepted the order.

Be busy with duties first.


Returning to the camp from the horse race field today, A Yan was bored and went to look for Xie Changyuan. When she arrived at the tent, she didn’t see anyone. She was told that he went to see His Highness Taizi.

A Yan turned around curiously in Xie Changyuan’s tent and lay down on Xie Changyuan’s bed with fascination.

“Brother Changyuan’s bed, does it smell like Brother Changyuan?”

A Yan turned sideways and pulled over the pillow to hug and rub against it.

Her right hand suddenly hit a hard object.

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A Yan turned her head in confusion.

Under the pillow turned out to be a white jade hairpin.

A Yan was a little puzzled, wasn’t this the hairpin in the sandalwood box that she saw in Brother Changyuan’s study before? It was also a white jade hairpin, but she couldn’t remember exactly what it looked like.

A Yan thought that it turned out Brother Changyuan was going to give it to her during the hunting in the western suburbs.

A Yan gently caressed and stroked the hairpin. It was so beautiful, and she really liked it very much.

Brother Changyuan, that blockhead, was he embarrassed to say it out? Then when would it be delivered?

Well, she still had to take the initiative.

A Yan put the hairpin on her head, arranged it carefully, and went out with satisfaction.

Oh, Brother Changyuan treats me so well.

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