TCPCHW Chapter 14 Part 1

The Crown Prince Chases His Wife

Chapter 14          Junior Sister (1/2)

Jingyan, the second daughter of the Left Prime Minister was a little disappointed. She told Princess of Changle Feng Yunchao that she wanted to see the painting because she expected that A Yan of unknown background, would not be able to come up with anything good. She was going to humiliate Shizi Xie’s fiancée, A Yan, and sell her favor to Princess of Zhaoren Qin Yan.

As far as she knew, the Princess of Zhaoren was a celebrity before Emperor. Her father also said that the Emperor’s intention might also be to have this princess enter Taizi Mansion.

Unexpectedly, this favor was not sold, and she even helped the little girl to climb the social ladder. Her status would not be too low when entering the Marquis Mansion in the capacity of the disciple of the Emperor’s Master. It was a miscalculation, but she was really unreconciled.

According to her father’s intention, she was going to enter the Taizi Mansion, not as a legitimate imperial concubine but as a side imperial concubine. When Taizi ascended the throne, the emperor’s heart would be beyond her reach. She understood this reason and was not so whimsical as to fight for the sole favor of an emperor. If Qin Yan would also enter the Taizi Mansion, couldn’t she find an alliance in the harem ahead of time?

She heard that the Princess of Zhaoren once ran a horse farm before and was also a businesswoman. Maybe they could talk about it together. Unlike the self-proclaimed noble first eldest daughter of the An family, who pretended to be high-minded and very stubborn.

Wang Jingyan was about to speak again, but a hand held her right shoulder. She turned her head in confusion, it was her eldest sister, Wang Jingyi.

Wang Jingyi didn’t say a word, but her eyes were cold and contained a warning.

Her this eldest sister, although she didn’t speak much usually, she had a very low sense of existence. However, her father reminded her to try her best not to confront the eldest sister. She swallowed her unspoken words.

At this time, the first month of summer, the flowers in the garden were blooming, the warm breeze was brushing over, and the air was full of an intoxicating sweet smell.

The dining room of the Taizi Mansion had superb cooking skills, delicious wine, and food, and the banquet was complemented by singing and dancing. Everyone was enjoying themself to their heart’s content before returning home.


On the way back to the mansion, in the carriage of the Left Prime Minister Mansion, the first daughter of the Left Prime Minister, Wang Jingyi, changed her pretense of deafness to her sister and said coldly, “In the days that you are still known as the Second Miss of the Left Prime Minister Mansion, give me a break, Yu Yan.”

Wang Jingyan was surprised when she heard the other person call the name of her adoptive parents in Yangzhou and turned to sadness, “Sister, you have been raised in a noble family since childhood, and received the best care from our father, mother, and brother. You have not experienced my unfortunate encounter, do you still want to sprinkle salt on my wound?”

Wang Jingyi knew very well that her sister was a kind-hearted person. She was impatient to deal with her and didn’t make it clear. Her younger sister seemed to pretend that she didn’t understand, “I’ll just say it once, neither Princess of Zhaoren nor Shizi Xie of Marquis of Yongding Mansion, you can’t provoke them. I’m not interested in the things that our father planned with you. As for other things, I advise you not to mess around. Yu Yan, do you hear me clearly?”

“What do you mean, what do you know?” Wang Jingyan was alarmed. The other person called her former name twice, what did she know? Impossible that their father wouldn’t tell her, was she lying to me?

“You’d better take care of yourself, that future brother-in-law doesn’t know which beauty songstress’s warm bed at this moment!” Since her eldest sister was no longer pretending, Wang Jingyan also intended to treat her courteously without sincerity.

Wang Jingyi didn’t speak again. He Xiao didn’t come to Princess of Changle’s birthday banquet because he didn’t want to see that person, right?

Did this silly girl in the opposite seat think she was playing a trick with her in the rear courtyard?

Oh, the water in the capital was deep. This person tried to play with people’s hearts with the trick she learned from the rear courtyard and when the time came, she won’t even know how she lost her life. Did she want to do favors for the Princess of Zhaoren?

With that behavior of the princess, probably she won’t buy it.


Today, Xie Changyuan pushed his official duties to go to the banquet and because of Qin Yan, he made a lot of mistakes several times, which made him very irritable.

His Northern Yamen Imperial Army was directly under Emperor. The situation in the court was tense these days, and he could have disregarded it, but now Xie Zhao was back. Xie Zhao was the fourth-rank General of Mingwei. He was an unofficial official with no real power, but one day he would be assigned a real post by Emperor.

If Xie Zhao was allowed to climb onto his head, he would have no face to face his mother in the afterlife.

He shouldn’t make mistakes again and again for the sake of love. At this point, he and Qin Yan were not meant to be. He owed A Yan a life, and he should treat A Yan wholeheartedly for the rest of his life.

In the days when Xie Changyuan was completely concentrating on his official affairs, he was confused by an imperial decree that was suddenly issued from the palace.

The imperial decree said that Xie Changyuan, Shizi Xie Changyuan of Marquis of Yongding Mansion, and Miss A Yan were in love with each other, but Miss A Yan was not of high birth, so she was bestowed as the noble concubine of Shizi of Marquis of Yongding Mansion.

Emperor was… keeping the position of his legitimate wife, was that…

A Yan was shocked when she heard about it, she couldn’t believe it. She always thought that she was bestowed to be married as the first wife, but something had changed.

Concubine! Noble concubine! Wasn’t that still a concubine!?

She took out Master Yishan in vain, as the result was still the same. How could she become the legitimate wife of Brother Changyuan? Could it be that she had to reveal her identity? But would it bring more trouble?

How could A Yan have imagined that the imperial family would not arbitrarily marry a woman of unknown origin to be the legitimate wife for Shizi of Marquis of Yongding Mansion? That would be extremely inappropriate and disrespectful to the Marquis of Yongding Mansion.

Emperor of Hui just wanted to create some obstacles between Qin Yan and Xie Changyuan, but he still wouldn’t be so disrespectful, and it was enough to give A Yan the status of a concubine.


It was the rainy season, and it had been raining for days, making people moody.

He Xiao invited Xie Changyuan to go boating and drink on the lake.

“This is the newly arrived sophora flower wine, which was shipped from Jiangnan. It used the fresh sophora flower of this year, soaked it in the best red wine, and let it sit for a month. The restaurant said that the wine will taste better after a few months. I don’t believe in this heresy. We brothers will try it today.”

He Xiao pushed one of the two jars of wine in front of him to Xie Changyuan, raised his own jar of wine, and took a mouthful.

Although He Xiao in his childhood was quite different from his current dandy appearance, Xie Changyuan was already used to the unrestrained appearance of the noble young man in front of him now.

Xie Changyuan raised the wine jar, put the mouth of the jar on the tip of his nose, and sniffed lightly. A fragrance of wine mixed with a trace of sophora flower overflowed into his nose. He instantly believed the restaurant’s words that the taste of sophora flower would also be richer if waited one more month.

Xie Chang Yuan raised his head and drank a mouthful of cold wine. The wine pierced through his stomach. He suddenly realized that something was wrong. He didn’t have something to eat to cushion his stomach. As soon as the two met, they held the wine jar to drink. No matter what, they looked like two frustrated people.

The sounds of rain pitter-pattering on the canopy of the boat could be heard in their ears, and the sound of the rain outside the hanging curtain was messy, and both of them inside the curtain also had messy thoughts. Xie Changyuan spoke to break the depressing atmosphere.

“Why do you think of inviting for wine on a rainy day and still on the decorated boat today?”

Not knowing if it was because of drinking too much, He Xiao’s eyes were a little bloodshot and red.

“She also went that day?”

She? Or she?

Xie Changyuan thought of Qin Yan immediately in his heart and instantly became sober.

“The first eldest daughter of the An family?”

He Xiao took another sip of wine.

Xie Changyuan immediately understood, He Xiao still couldn’t let her go.

The two opened two more jars of wine and drank with each other while listening to the sound of rain.

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