TCPCHW Chapter 47 Part2

The Crown Prince Chases His Wife

Chapter 47          Bargain (2/2)

In the main hall of the Prime Minister Mansion.

Fourth Master Qin sat opposite Song Mei on the big chair.

Both of them just drank tea and didn’t speak.

At this moment, the two of them simultaneously recalled the passion between them in the main hall of Fourth Master Qin’s residence a few days ago…

Song Mei raised her eyes to look at Fourth Master Qin from time to time, with a bit of shame on her face.

Fourth Master Qin clenched his fist and coughed lightly, saying: “I mortgaged one hundred eighty shops and three villages to Yu Qingfeng Bank, and got five hundred thousand taels of silver.”

“What, all the shops and villages have been mortgaged! You only got five hundred thousand taels of silver! In case…” Song Mei stood up in shock.

“There is no in case… Just think about it, if there is a food shortage, we will earn five or ten times the money. And even if there is no food shortage, we can earn two or three times, which means two or three times the five hundred thousand taels.”

Song Mei sat back on the chair again, her face was bad.

“They are lions with big mouths*, taking advantage of other people’s misfortune.” Song Mei lowered her eyes to the ground and sighed.

(lions with big mouths* – a metaphor for the asking price or proposed conditions being very high)

“There’s no other way, only them has the capacity to take out so much money all at once.” How could Fourth Master Qin not know that the other party suppressed the price aggressively? He still hadn’t come out of the pressure and frustration of the disadvantage faced by Boss Ji of Yu Qingfeng. If you are enjoying the novel, please support this translation and get direct access to new releases by reading it at the translator’s original website:

“I’m going to Jiangnan tomorrow.” Fourth Master Qin said, looking at Song Mei.

“I’ll leave it to you, Fourth Uncle.” Song Mei was worried, feeling the uncertainty.


Song Mei went back to her courtyard with a heavy heart and met Qin Nian who was waiting there.

“Niannian.” Song Mei quickly adjusted her facial expression, only she and Fourth Master Qin knew about the idea of buying grain. She felt a little tormented, but after the money and the shops came back later, everything would be better.

“Mother, I have something I want to ask you.” Qin Nian could see that there was something wrong with her mother’s complexion, but she didn’t have the heart to care about it. Now her own life-long affairs were more urgent.

The mother and daughter entered the room.

Song Mei’s room was much smaller and darker than that of the Qiushui Courtyard in Xi Garden before.

“Mother, has Father already negotiated my marriage with Marquis of Yongding?” There were only Song Mei and Qin Nian in the room, and Qin Nian went straight to the point.

“How do you know?” Song Mei turned her thoughts back to Qin Nian at this moment.

“Is it true? Mother, why didn’t you tell me? Marquis of Yongding came to the door yesterday and talked with Father in the study for more than two hours. I was just guessing, but it was true.” Qin Nian frowned.

Song Mei saw her daughter’s displeasure, but this matter was almost a foregone conclusion, and she was powerless to change anything.

“Niannian, the daughters’ marriage is naturally decided by their parents. Didn’t I tell you about the news before?”

“Your aunt, Imperial Concubine Shu, originally wanted to discuss marriage between you and the Second Prince, but your father firmly disagreed, saying that the Right Prime Minister Mansion would not participate in the affairs of the imperial family. Your father said that if the Second Prince participates in the seizure of the throne in the future, and if he fails, you will be implicated and will also implicate the Right Prime Minister Mansion.”

“Although Xie Zhao, the eldest son of the Marquis of Yongding, is only a concubine born, he is so valued by the Marquis of Yongding, and Xie Zhao himself built the General Mansion. You will be the General’s main wife. Xie Zhao is just a martial husband, so how can you not handle him? Listen to Mother, this marriage is pretty good.”

Qin Nian still frowned, quite disapproving of her mother’s words.

“Mother, why can’t it be Shizi Xie?”

Knowing what her daughter was thinking, Song Mei sighed and said: “Niannian, do you think I never asked your father? Do you know what your father said?”

Song Mei pulled the corner of her mouth weakly and said: “Marquis Xie said we can’t decide on Shizi Xie’s marriage as Shizi Xie is half of the imperial family. His Majesty decides about his marriage. Shizi Xie’s concubine is bestowed by His Majesty.”

“Niannian, don’t make trouble. Now it’s not far from the Longevity Festival. Your father and Marquis of Yongding also considered that His Majesty had a precedent for bestowing marriages on the Longevity Festival in previous years. If you don’t decide on your marriage in advance and when the time comes, if His Majesty bestows a marriage on a random basis, no matter who the other party is, we will not be able to disobey the order.”

“The palace banquet hosted by Imperial Concubine Xian tomorrow invited the womenfolk of the official families to the palace and sent an invitation to our residence. You will go with me at that time.” If you are enjoying the novel, please support this translation and get direct access to new releases by reading it at the translator’s original website:

“Your aunt sent someone to bring me a letter, asking you to dress up well. Our Right Prime Minister Mansion is your aunt’s family, so we must not let your aunt lose face.”


After Qin Nian got the news she wanted to know from Song Mei, she left.

Back in her courtyard, Qin Nian called the maid, Luqin, and whispered in her ear, “Go and buy…”

Luqin was shocked when she heard the words and froze in place.

“Remember, before going to the clinic, you should make up so that no one can recognize your real face, put on a woman’s bun, and then put on a veil. If the doctor insists on getting the bottom of it, just say that you want to liven things up with your husband.” Qin Nian added.

Luqin twisted her handkerchief, blushing, why did the young lady ask her to buy that kind of medicine…

“Go, if you can’t do this job well, I’ll sell you to the brothel in Qianshui Promenade.” Qin Nian threatened her silly little maid.

Luqin immediately walked out quickly.

Qin Nian took a deep breath.

Opportunities were for those who were prepared. She wanted to see, was it fate played tricks on people, or if it was destiny.


Fourth Master Qin left the gate of Prime Minister Qin Mansion and returned to his residence.

The five hundred thousand taels of silver borrowed from Yu Qingfeng had been sent back to his residence.

Fourth Master Qin sat alone in the sedan chair, bouncing around. At this moment, his heart was not calm, and he was shaking.

Fourth Master Qin was in a very complicated mood at the moment. He was excited about making a lot of money in his heart, but also a little unexplained anxiety.

Passing through the lively West Market, the speed of the sedan chair slowed down, and occasional conversations from people on the street would come to Fourth Master Qin’s ears intermittently.

“Did you see the notice posted at the gate of the city? The Yu family of Yangzhou, announcing that they have severed their relationship with their old man’s adopted son, Wen Luo.”

“It’s the boss of Wen Trading Establishment, that Wen Luo?”

“That’s him. Everyone in the business world knows that he has a ruthless character.”

“The notice says that Wen Luo’s character is bad. Although he is not included in the family tree, he acted in the name of the Yu family outside. The Yu family can’t wait to throw this person out.”

“That’s a bit unreasonable. Boss Wen has helped the Yu family do business for so many years. It can be said that now half of the Yu family is from Boss Wen.”

“Who knows what’s going on? I wonder is it related to Wen Trading Establishment’s actions in the capital?”

“Is it pressure from Prime Minister Qin Mansion?”

A lean camel is bigger than a horse*. I know that Boss Wen hasn’t had any business dealings with the Yu family for a long time. If he can make such a big business in the capital, there must be someone behind him.” If you are enjoying the novel, please support this translation and get direct access to new releases by reading it at the translator’s original website:

(A lean camel is bigger than a horse*­ – a metaphor which means that people who have special expertise in one aspect, even if they suddenly become poor in this aspect, are better than some people who have just come out in this aspect.)

… …

These words reached Fourth Master Qin’s ears, and Fourth Master Qin had mixed feelings.

Their businesses were bleak because of the targeted suppression by Wen Trading Establishment.

And they always thought that the person behind Wen Luo was the Left Prime Minister, but the Yu family, who had a close relationship with the Left Prime Minister, now announced that they severed their relationship with Wen Luo.

Was the person behind Wen Luo Left Prime Minister? Or someone else?

But now, he had already mortgaged the properties, and there was no way out.

He only hoped that the trip to Jiangnan would be smooth and prosperous.

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