TCPCHW Chapter 48 Part 2

The Crown Prince Chases His Wife

Chapter 48          Reinforcement (2/2)

Feng Yunchao was about to speak.

An Yanxi who was beside her interjected: “Empress, Princess Zhaoren was conferred by the decree of His Majesty. Her father is the Right Prime Minister, and her mother is Shen Shiying from the Duke of Zhenguo Mansion.”

When An Yanxi said this, she raised her head to look at Empress, carefully observing Empress’s expression.

And if she saw it right, when she mentioned the name Shen Shiying just now, Empress frowned subtly.

It seemed that she guessed right.

Since An Yanxi thought Qin Yan was a threat, she sent someone to investigate Qin Yan.

Qin Yan’s mother, Shen Shiying, was known as the number one beauty in the capital.

From Qin Yan’s beauty, one could imagine Shen Shiying’s brilliance back then.

While investigating Qin Yan’s mother, Shen Shiying, An Yanxi guessed that there might be some hidden meaning behind it.

Back then, Shen Shiying and Shen Shiyan, the brother and sister, had many interactions with His Majesty, Princess Anyang, and the current Youzhou Wang.

An Yanxi guessed whether this had something to do with Qin Yan being conferred as the princess.

As a woman, An Yanxi keenly grasped the possible problems that arose among them.

The result of testing the Empress today was just as she had guessed.

Of, if the Empress mind about Shen Shiying, what would she think of Qin Yan?


In the study room of the Princess of Zhaoren Mansion.

On the sandalwood desk, there were several stacks of sorted letters. Qin Yan sat behind the desk, took the papers one by one, and quickly read them.

Shen Ying served tea at the side, and Ji Nanfeng stood in front of the desk, waiting for his master to question.

The aroma of tea swirl in the study room without any sound.

Ji Nanfeng went to the capital city to do some business yesterday, and it was already the evening when he returned to the Princess Mansion.

Ji Nanfeng saw the carriage of his master whom he hadn’t seen for several days in front of the Princess Mansion, and next to the carriage were the guards of the Taizi Mansion.

After Ji Nanfeng entered the mansion, he learned that his master was in the study and went straight to the study.

But outside the study, he saw Shen Ying, Uncle Huai, and Lord Song of the Taizi Mansion outside the securely closed door. If you are enjoying the novel, please support this translation and get direct access to new releases by reading it at the translator’s original website:

Obviously, his master and the Taizi were in the study at the moment.

Ji Nanfeng was surprised that his master was so open about being alone with the Taizi.

It was like this on the carriage back home from the paddock in the western suburbs that day, and today it happened again…

Not long after, the door of the study opened from the inside, and the Taizi and his master came out one after another.

And his master’s eyes were a little hazy as if she had just woken up from sleep…

Ji Nanfeng was surprised, his master used to be so vigilant, but how she fell asleep when she was in the same room with the Taizi?

Was his master serious about this Taizi?

However, the imperial family…


Qin Yan suddenly made a sound, interrupting Ji Nanfeng’s thoughts: “What’s the situation with Concubine Song?”

Ji Nanfeng said: “The fish has taken the bait. However, it’s not our bait. They could no longer do business in the capital as they have mortgaged all the shops and villages in the capital to Yu Qingfeng. I don’t know what they will use the money for.”

Ji Nanfeng guessed again: “Are they thinking about collecting grain?”

Qin Yan’s voice was slightly cold: “Then they are courting death.”


“Is the mansion peaceful these few days?” Qin Yan asked Ji Nanfeng.

Ji Nanfeng knew that his master had asked about the security situation of the Princess Mansion and replied: “There is no abnormality in the mansion, and the number of secret guards protecting Young Master Jiang has increased to five people. Young Master Jiang only goes back and forth between the Princess Mansion and the Imperial Academy every day, and there is no special situation.”

“Good.” Qin Yan picked up the teacup in hand and took a sip.

Ji Nanfeng frowned slightly: “Silver needle tea is cold in nature, and it has the same nature as that of a rhinoceros horn. Master should not drink too much.”

Turning to Shen Ying, he said: “Replace Master’s tea with Fenghuang oolong tea these days.”

Ji Nanfeng was proficient in medicine, and Qin Yan’s diet had always arranged by Ji Nanfeng.

Ji Nanfeng said again: “Early this morning, Second Prince sent someone to the mansion to pick up Princess Jingyi to Dajue Temple. Before Princess Jingyi left, she left a message saying that if she still couldn’t return to the palace, she would stay in the Princess Mansion these days.”

“When the princess is in the mansion, add additional guards to her courtyard.” After Qin Yan finished speaking, she looked at the teacup that had been replaced on the desk.

The tea was clear, and the green tea leaves were red-rimmed when the leaves unfolded, which was a good tea.


Ji Nanfeng didn’t disturb his master tasting tea. He recalled in his mind last night, as the housekeeper of the Princess Mansion, he sent His Highness Taizi out of the mansion on behalf of his master.

When they reached the outside gate of the mansion, Taizi stopped suddenly, turned around, and looked at Ji Nanfeng coldly.

Taizi’s voice was cold, spoke without haste or slowness, and paused at every word, Ji Nanfeng was startled when he heard it, “You’d better hide your feelings forever.” If you are enjoying the novel, please support this translation and get direct access to new releases by reading it at the translator’s original website:

Ji Nanfeng was shocked. He thought he was hiding well, but he could not hide from this Taizi.

After Taizi got on his horse and left, Ji Nanfeng was still standing outside the gate of the mansion, unable to calm down for a long time.

Taizi was truly as imposing and thoughtful as the rumors said.

It was true that only a person as good as Taizi could match up with his master.


Seeing Qin Yan put down the teacup, Ji Nanfeng said: “When His Highness Taizi left yesterday, he left behind Master’s carriage.”

“En.” Qin Yan took a blank piece of paper, ready to write down her opinion on today’s City Gu intelligence.

“His Highness Taizi asked me to bring a message to Master that His Highness said that the carriage should be reinforced.” Ji Nanfeng struggled to repeat the exact words of Taizi Feng Zhan.

Ji Nanfeng was twenty-two this year. Although he had never had a woman, he often walked in the business world and knew a thing or two about men and women.

The day before yesterday, his master and Taizi were in the same carriage, and when they got off the carriage, it was obvious that they had done something in the carriage. And what Taizi asked him to tell his master yesterday was also a warning to Ji Nanfeng about the relationship between Taizi and his master.

Qin Yan put down her writing brush when she heard what he said, leaned against the back of the chair, and a slight smile appeared on the corner of her mouth, “I thought he was so proper.”

“Mister Ji, make a shock absorption reinforcement for the whole carriage.”

After thinking about it, Qin Yan added another item, “Lay an extra layer of thick and comfortable velvet blanket in the carriage.”

Ji Nanfeng…

The author has something to say:
Do you know why it’s necessary to lay an extra layer of thick velvet blanket?

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