TCPCHW Chapter 9 Part 2

The Crown Prince Chases His Wife

Chapter 9             Dowry (2/2)

A few days later, the Pingxi Army returned to the court, and the people welcome them as they entered the city gate.

The generals of the Pingxi Army, part of them stayed to guard the frontier, and part of them returned to the capital. Since entering the suburbs of the capital, the army camped in the Western Suburbs Camp.

Therefore, there were not many soldiers entering the city. The leader, who sat up tall, was the Chief Commander of the Pingxi Army, Duke of Zhenguo, Shen Changshan. Although he had gray hair and a beard, he was in good spirits.

Then came his son, Shen Shiyan, and his grandson, Shen Ci, on horseback. The three of them were of different ages but had the same temperament. They all had fortitude honed on the battlefield.

After that, the soldiers of the Pingxi Army were all strong and full of fighting spirits. Among them was Xie Zhao, the eldest son of Marquis of Yongding, who was also an illegitimate son, and the elder brother that Xie Changyuan hated so much.

After entering the Imperial City and receiving praises from the Emperor and Taizi, except for the people from the Duke of Zhenguo Mansion, the rest of the Pingxi Army returned to the Western Suburbs Camp.


After dinner at the Duke of Zhenguo Mansion, the whole family sat in the main hall chatting.

The Duke of Zhenguo did not like extravagances, and the furnishings of the Duke Mansion were relatively simple, and compared with the homes of ministers and officials, this was considered shabby. But the family was used to living in the army, and everything they use was mainly simple and practical, which was not surprising at all.

It had been more than ten years since the last time the family was together like this. At the present, it was not even considered complete, Shen Shiying…

“Fang Su, you have worked hard in the mansion alone these years.” Shen Changshan opened his mouth to break the silence.

“This is what a daughter-in-law should do.” Fang Su sat on one side with Shen Shiyan, and Shen Shiyan held Fang Su’s hand lightly.

The Shen family always spoke straight to the point. Shen Changshan’s voice was full of vigor, and he talked about official business, “The Emperor said that the Northern Imperial Army, Southern Imperial Army, and Pingxi Army will form three teams to hold a polo game in Shanglin Garden the day after tomorrow.”

After Shen Changshan finished speaking, he looked at Qin Yan, “The Emperor named him specially and Princess of Zhaoren to watch the game together. Let you bring that kid with you.”

“Oh? Is he going to inspect the goods?” Qin Yan’s eyes were full of interest.

“The soldiers who are transferred back from the Pingxi Army will either join the Military of War or the Northern or Southern Imperial Army. The Northern Imperial Army is led by Xie Changyuan, Shizi of Duke of Yongding Mansion, who originally had a marriage contract with you, and is also somewhat related to our Duke Mansion. But that incident back then… I also know the news that has been circulating in the capital recently, that boy dared to break the marriage contract and insult your reputation. Now the Duke of Zhenguo Mansion and the Marquis of Yongding Mansion have become enemies.” Shen Changshan was furious.

“The Commander of the Northern Imperial Army, Lu Chen, came from Taizi’s army. The Northern Imperial Army belonged to Taizi’s faction. Although Taizi is in the power now, the Duke of Zhenguo Mansion has always had no dealings with Taizi. I hope to find a good place for the soldiers, but now it’s difficult.”

“Let’s see what the Emperor’s intention in the polo game is. It must be full of tricks.” Shen Shiyan said at this time.

Shen Changshan sighed and looked at Qin Yan, “When Xie Zhao joined the army in those days, I didn’t know his details at first. When I found out, Shizi Xie had already come to ask for people. I don’t know if I did it right or not in the first place?”

This matter was insignificant, and Qin Yan did not want his grandfather to worry and blame himself for this matter, so she comforted him, “At that time, the war had just passed, and the army suffered heavy losses. His Majesty had given the task of seizing Gu City, and the army was in urgent need of hiring people. What’s more, Xie Zhao was injured on duty, so he could not be pushed out whether it was emotionally or logically. Grandfather, you don’t have to keep this matter in your heart.”


“Forget it. What about the Princess of Zhaoren Mansion? It’s located at the north and south ends of the Xishan Palace with the Taizi Mansion. Is this because of fear that others will not see that the imperial family is setting you up with Taizi?” Shen Changshan asked.

“When I entered the palace, the Emperor asked me about my marriage, and also mentioned Taizi. The emperor is unpredictable, so I hope I’m overthinking it. I know that marriages are mostly tools of the imperial family for those who are born from noble families. But I have no intention of entering the imperial family, so I can only take one step at a time.” Qin Yan was very calm about her marriage. She longed for freedom, but she also knew the responsibilities brought by her birth.

Shen Changshan sighed softly and said, “Back then, when I chose a good son-in-law for your mother, she had the same thinking as you and was unwilling to enter the imperial family. Unexpectedly, she married a bad husband.”

“She also doesn’t want to join the imperial family, because of the Emperor?” Qin Yan looked at Shen Changshan in surprise.

She didn’t know about her mother’s past, but there were various signs that the attack on her mother that year might not only be Song Mei’s hand, but also a hidden hand from the palace, so who was it?

“Those are over now. We don’t need you to sacrifice your marriage, so you don’t need to wring yourself anymore. Even if you don’t get married, the Duke of Zhenguo Mansion can support you for the rest of your life. After I die, there will be your uncle, your aunt, and your cousin who love you. Otherwise, let Shen Ci marry you. Although he is not very enlightened, he still treats you…”

“Grandfather!” Qin Yan interrupted Shen Changshan’s words in time. She didn’t want these words to spread into the ears of her future sister-in-law and add to the misunderstanding.

As soon as they heard Shen Changshan speak, both Shen Shiyan and Fang Su’s eyes flashed with radiance, and they looked at Qin Yan. When Qin Yan refused, they looked at each other with disappointment.

From the very beginning, Shen Ci just sat lounging in the chair without saying a word, quietly acting as a backdrop.

Only then did he speak unhurriedly, “Grandfather, you are not afraid that Xiao Yanyan and I will fight if you mess up the mandarin ducks? Although she has been sick all these years, with her skills, we can tear down the Duke Mansion several times a day. “

Before he finished speaking, a teacup lid flew toward Shen Ci’s face, but Shen Ci caught it neatly.

“You unfilial son.” Shen Shiyan hated that iron was not steel*. The couple hoped to take better care of Shiying’s daughter, and they really liked Qin Yan, so they hope to cement the bond with marriage.

(hated that iron was not steel* – describe as being dissatisfied as the person didn’t live up to the expectations)

At this moment, Shen Ci suddenly straightened his sitting posture, raised his right palm, and looked at Qin Yan, “Today, my grandfather, my father, and my mother bear witness I, Shen Ci, hereby swear that no matter what happens in the future, I will do my best to protect her for the rest of her life!”

Hearing this, Shen Changshan and Shen Shiyan both nodded in satisfaction. It didn’t matter if they were not a married couple, as long as the cousins ​​support each other, they would be relieved.

Qin Yan knew that this brother Shen Ci had treated her very well since she was a child, but taking this oath made Qin Yan’s heart warm up. Here was her family, they wanted to protect her for the rest of their lives, and she would definitely protect them thoroughly.

“However, Xiao Yanyan, you still don’t know who you rescued in Meishan at that time? That person caused you to fall into the cold pool and suffer from chills. Don’t let me catch that person, else I will press him into the cold pool and let him soak for a while.” Shen Ci’s eyes were full of anger. Qin Yan met with danger in a snow-capped mountain, fortunately, she didn’t lose her life, otherwise…

When it was snowing heavily in Meishan, she came across a man, who had fallen into the snow due to snow blindness, and his entire body was buried in the snowdrifts. When she dragged the man out, she pulled off a part of her sleeve and covered his eyes. Without seeing his whole face, she didn’t know who that person was, and how could Shen Ci find him.


In the Taizi Mansion in Xishan, Lu Chen presented the list of the players from the Southern Imperial Army that would be participating in the polo game for Taizi to review.

Feng Zhan glanced at it, “Are you going to take part?”

“This subordinate wants to pick the promising talent in person.”

“You think I don’t know you? Third Lu, how can’t you tell whether the promising talent is good or bad from the sidelines? The Pingxi Army has just left the battlefield. You are intrigued and wanted to stretch your muscles and bones. Your hands are itchy, right?” Song Zhi said teasingly.

“I don’t dare to deceive Your Highness. I indeed have selfish motives.” Lu Chen admitted that he wanted to compete with the soldiers of the Pingxi Army. However, did Old Sixth Song have this idea, too? Lu Chen looked back at Song Zhi.

“When the time comes, let’s see whether Xie Changyuan will take part on the Northern side. What does it look like when you, as the Commander of the Imperial Army, compete with a group of subordinates?” Feng Zhan felt a little helpless toward this subordinate.

Lu Chen was a martial mania, and it had been more than two years since he returned to the capital from the Shuobei battlefield. He would definitely not miss this opportunity to be able to face the Pingxi Army.

“This subordinate obeys.” Lu Chen accepted the order and left.


In the camp of the Northern Imperial Army, it was time to light the lamps, but Xie Changyuan was still training the soldiers who were selected for the polo game.

Over the years, there had been many frictions between the Northern and Southern Imperial Army during their duties. His Majesty held polo games from time to time to relieve each other’s grievances and avoid misunderstandings due to disputes. They were accustomed to it.

But this time, with the participation of the Pingxi Army, he was sure that Xie Zhao would take this opportunity to show his strength. He couldn’t give Xie Zhao a chance to raise. For Xie Zhao, he must strive for every bit, this was for himself and also for his mother.

“Keep training!”


In the Western Suburbs Camp, Xie Zhao was wiping the saber in his hand, he was finally going to meet his brother.

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