TCPCHW Chapter 37 Part 1

The Crown Prince Chases His Wife

Chapter 37          Encirclement (1/2)

On the third day of the autumn hunting, the encirclement for hunting was ready.

Five drums sounded in the morning.

Taizi Feng Zhan was in the lookout camp, and Second Prince Feng Xian commanded the encirclement.

All the twenty thousand soldiers deployed last night dismounted and marched on foot, forming a circular formation and advancing towards the center of the encirclement.

The soldiers sounded their horns, beat their war drums, and shouted loudly to drive the tigers, leopards, bears, deer, and other animals that scurry off from the cave and underbrush to a lowland without trees.

Second Prince Feng Xian went to the encirclement as the commander of the whole team. The hunting soldiers wore their bows and their eagles, set up a battle formation, and were ready for the hunt. They were waiting for the arrival of the Emperor.


At the beginning of the dawn of the day, the Emperor of Hui came to the hunting ground with the protection of the honor guards and entered the encirclement surrounded by the attendants with the sound of drums and trumpets.

The entourages shot and killed the wild animals that broke through on the edge of the hunting grounds.

Taizi Feng Zhan, dressed in a hunting suit with black narrow sleeves embroidered with a five-clawed golden dragon and a golden crown in a heroic appearance, sat on a horse and commanded the encirclement.

Taizi Feng Zhan explained the orders to the soldiers, “Anyone who disobeys the order, will be beheaded!”

The soldiers shouted in unison: “Long live Your Highness Taizi!”

After everything was ready, the soldiers issued orders to beat the drums three times.

General Mingwei Xie Zhao led a team of a hundred of twenty soldiers to drive animals into the hunting ground with the sound of drums and drove out the animals on horseback.

Countless wild animals on the hunting grounds fled in panic.

Emperor of Hui, dressed in silver soft armor, rode a horse and was escorted into the hunting grounds by Xie Changyuan, the Commander of the Northern Yamen Imperial Army, from the south.

When the Emperor of Hui gave an order, the commander immediately shot a whistling arrow into the sky.

Hearing the order, the animal driving team immediately drove out a group of wild animals and passed by Emperor Hui from the front right side.

The Emperor of Hui took the bow and arrow handed over by Xie Changyuan that had been checked and used a bow to shoot arrows.

The Emperor of Hui’s arrows didn’t fail, and animals that were killed by his shots were everywhere.

The attendants waved their flags, and the drums beat loudly.

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The soldiers shouted loudly: “Long live Your Majesty!”

With a happy smile on his already wrinkled face, the Emperor of Hui left the imperial palace and went hunting in this vast paddock. It was indeed possible to have fun and work hard.

General Mingwei Xie Zhao ordered the animal driving team to stop driving the wild animals out.


Taizi Feng Zhan and Second Prince Feng Xian entered the hunting ground and rode to shoot wild animals.

When Second Prince Feng Xian galloped on the field, he frequently used a bow to shoot arrows and shot seven adult elks in a row.

Taizi Feng Zhan sat on his horse and didn’t pursue his prey.

Feng Zhan’s eyes narrowed slightly, swept across the center of the hunting ground, then took the arrow from his quiver, put on his bow, and shot the arrow with full power into the field.

Second Prince Feng Xian only felt a strong wind rushing past behind him. He turned around to look, and the arrow that just flew away passed through the head of a tiger in the field. The tiger fell to the ground with the arrow and died immediately.

Feng Xian suddenly felt a cold sweat on his back, what if the arrow from the Taizi just now was aimed at him…

“Long live Your Highness Taizi.”

The soldiers in the field shouted in unison. Everyone was excited to try when they saw that His Highness Taizi had hunted the first wild animal of the day.

Taizi Feng Zhan drew his bow with a normal expression, and his posture was relaxed and natural.

Immediately, the soldiers entered the hunting ground. They mounted and whipped their horses to gallop away. They bent their bows and arrows to hunt in the encirclement.

The attendants galloped to the hunting ground and cut off the left ear of the prey that everyone hunted.

The wild animals in the hunting ground ran wildly. The eagles flapped their wings to soar, and with their sharp claws rushed straight to the pheasants and rabbits that were running around. The scene was spectacular.


After Taizi Feng Zhan hunted a tiger, he rode his horse to the edge of the entrance of the hunting ground and watched the people around the hunting ground from the horse.

Feng Zhan suddenly turned his head to look outside the field, his sharp eyes accurately captured a figure sitting on the horse on the side of the hunting ground, dressed in a moon-white riding suit.

Qin Yan. She was also looking at him.

The two sharp gazes collided, but they didn’t move away immediately as before.

Looking from afar, the two were observing each other.

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Qin Yan was on the edge of the hunting ground just now when she saw the scene of Taizi Feng Zhan shooting a tiger with a single arrow. This Taizi should have amazing arms strength and superb archery.

At this moment, Feng Zhan was sitting on the horse, and his black hunting suit couldn’t suppress his awe-inspiring majesticness.

Qin Yan secretly praised that this Taizi was indeed capable of both literature and martial arts.

He was indeed good-looking, unfortunately, unfortunately…

Feng Zhan, who was on a horse, didn’t know the regret that flashed in Qin Yan’s mind. Qin Yan’s riding skills were excellent, and her archery skills should be good. Would she show her skills today?


At this time, a figure in a red riding suit rode her horse to the side of Taizi Feng Zhan.

She was the second daughter of the Left Prime Minister Manson, Wang Jingyan, and the cousin of Taizi Feng Zhan.

“Cousin Taizi, if I hunt down a wild animal in these few days, will I be rewarded?” Wang Jingyan joked to Feng Zhan with familiarity.

Feng Zhan frowned. He had never been close to the Left Prime Minister Mansion, why was this so-called cousin opposite him so familiar with him?

“You should call me, Your Highness Taizi.” Feng Zhan’s tone was slightly cold.

Wang Jingyan was a little embarrassed, but she didn’t have the cowardice of a little woman, and smiled generously: “Your Highness Taizi if I can come back with a tiger and leopard, will I be rewarded?”

After Wang Jingyan finished speaking, she galloped into the hunting ground without waiting for Feng Zhan to reply.

Immediately after, the eldest son of the Minister of the Ministry of War, He Xiao, galloped his horse into the hunting ground to hunt. He Xiao was also skilled in using a bow on horseback and wanted to hunt happily today.

Of course, He Xiao also had other goals… He hoped that he could get what he wanted, which was his long-cherished wish…

Thinking of this, He Xiao felt a strong mercilessness in his heart. His body tense, and he devoted himself to the killing of hunting.


The two sisters of the Left Prime Minister Mansion had completely different temperaments.

Unlike the second daughter, Wang Jingyan, who wanted to shine everywhere, although the eldest daughter, Wang Jingyi, also changed into a riding suit, she just sat quietly on the horse, at the edge of the hunting ground, watching everyone chasing the prey with an unenthusiastic expression.

Originally, there was prey that came out from the encirclement, but before they could run far, they were hunted by the animal driving team, as well as the young masters, young ladies, and soldiers who had not entered the field.

However, unexpected things happened suddenly.

A ferocious tiger was hit by several arrows, but missed the vital part and ran off the field. The scene was out of control for a time.

And the direction in which this fierce tiger rushed to was toward Wang Jingyi, whose face went pale.

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The horse under Wang Jingyi’s seat was frightened, raised its front hooves in panic, and wanted to run away. Wang Jingyi grabbed the reins tightly to prevent herself from being thrown off by the out-of-control horse.

Wang Jingyi was born into a prestigious family, and her riding skills were naturally very good. Even in the chaotic moment, she could barely sit on the horseback, but the tiger had already rushed to the horse.

Wang Jingyi bent over, turned her head, and shut her eyes tightly, trying her best to hide her vital parts behind the horse, waiting for the fierce tiger to attack.

Suddenly, there was a roar of an animal and then followed by a slight vibration of a heavy object hitting on the ground.

Wang Jingyi waited for the fierce tiger to kill her for a long time. She opened her eyes carefully and turned her head to look in the direction where the fierce tiger had just come.

She saw a soldier in black armor pressing one knee on the dead fierce tiger. Obviously, the fight was over.

A red tassel spear was inserted into the neck of the tiger, and the other end of the spear was held in the hands of the soldier on the tiger’s body.

The blood from the tiger’s neck flowed out, and the soldier’s slightly dark and handsome face was also splattered with blood.

Before Wang Jingyi escaped from the tiger’s mouth and was shocked by the scene in front of her. The horse under her seemed to be overly frightened. Suddenly, it raised its front hooves restlessly and then ran out of control in the direction away from the hunting ground.

The people around were also frightened. Seeing that the horse suddenly went out of control and ran out with the eldest young lady of the Left Prime Minister Mansion, everyone still hadn’t yet reacted.

Xie Zhao narrowed his eyes as if weighing, but he only hesitated for a moment, then quickly jumped on his horse and hurriedly chased the out-of-control horse.


Because there were still some young masters and young ladies around the hunting grounds who also wanted to hunt wild animals, there were also some small wild animals that came out of the encirclement, and the small wild animals were not very dangerous. The animal driving team didn’t chase them and let them run out.

At this moment, there was an amusing and embarrassing scene outside the hunting ground.

Qin Ming, the son of the Right Prime Minister Qin Wenzheng, was not good at archery but was eager to hunt animals. Holding a short knife, he confronted a small wild boar that rushed out of the hunting ground.

The moment the short knife ran into the wild boar, the thick skin of the wild boar bounced him off to the mud.

Qin Ming didn’t give up but pounced on the wild boar and fought with the wild boar with his bare hands.

The scene was… amusing…

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Qin Ming seemed to have the same power as the wild boar. The two took a long time. The young masters and young ladies around were a little nervous at first, but after that, they all watched the show and whispered their comments to each other.

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