TCPCHW Chapter 20 Part 2

The Crown Prince Chases His Wife

Chapter 20          Seek Revenge (2/2)

Indeed, after the other party made such a big commotion, the second branch was also worried, but the other party had never targeted them. It was almost certain that this matter was aimed toward Prime Minister Qin and had nothing to do with them and they also hoped so. Otherwise, with their wealth, it would not be enough to fill the gap.

Seeing that Prime Minister Qin’s frowned, Fourth Master Qin who had stopped talking, said again, “Prime Minister, I’m going to say something unpleasant. When we found something wrong, the first thing we suspected was that your first eldest daughter, Qin Yan, the Princess of Zhaoren. She has been blatantly targeting Prime Minister Qin Mansion, and she has also run a large horse farm with strong capital. Only with this force can fight against Prime Minister Qin Mansion. But after checking later, we found more serious problems from the news that came back to us.”

Prime Minister Qin raised his eyebrows and waited for the next paragraph.

Fourth Master Qin then shared the more troublesome news he found, “When the other party intercepted the supply of our silk village in the south, we found out that the owners of those shops were also from Yangzhou. The owner of Wen Trading Establishment was named Wen Luo. This name is not well known in the capital, but it’s familiar in the southern business world. Wen Luo is a wealthy businessman who came from the Yu family in Yangzhou.”

Prime Minister Qin’s eyes widened as if shocked.

Fourth Master Qin then said, “That’s right, Prime Minister. It’s the Yu family in Yangzhou where the second daughter of the first wife of the Left Prime Minister is rumored to have grown up since she was a child. Besides, this family has close contact with the Left Prime Minister Mansion.”

Prime Minister Qin frowned. If Qin Yan did this, he could still explain it, but if the Left Prime Minister…

“Prime Minister, is it because the Left Prime Minister was dissatisfied with us because of Ming’er’s affairs in the last Imperial Academy fire case, so he started against us?” Song Mei asked worriedly.

Prime Minister Qin was skeptical about this. According to logic, the Left Prime Minister would not make a big fuss for that matter. The Imperial Academy’s fire case was originally the fault of the Left Prime Minister Mansion. Although the Left Prime Minister’s youngest son was confined and banned from taking the test for two years, those punishments were considered light. That Wang Jingyu didn’t look like a person who would pass the imperial examination to enter the official position. In the future, he would be appointed to an idle position as a literary official, and the Left Prime Minister shouldn’t mind the ban on his son’s examination.

The Left Prime Minister Mansion was a big household with lots of great careers, and with two generations of prime ministers. Although there had been conflicts between the two prime ministers in the court over the years, each had its own faction in the court, and Prime Minister Qin still had self-knowledge. His Right Prime Minister Qin Mansion was completely incomparable to the Left Prime Minister Mansion, which was already deep-rooted in the capital. It could be bluntly said that the Left Prime Minister might not regard Qin Wenzheng as an opponent at all.

But this time, it was only found that it had something to do with the Left Prime Minister Mansion. This matter was difficult to handle, and Prime Minister Qin was overwhelmed.

The people in the capital were happy to see these shops offering so many discounts to compete. They only cared about cheap and high-quality goods and services. It would be better if more shops like this were opened.

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While Wen Trading Establishment and Song Mei were fighting for resources in full swing, another force quietly entered the capital.

Yu Qingfeng Bank and pawn shop, which had never appeared in the capital, opened in an inconspicuous house in West City.

The news spread like wildfire in the capital. Whether it was an individual or a large business, they were all delighted by the news, because the reputation of this bank was unparalleled in Great Xia.

There were four or five hundred large and small banks all over the prefectures of Great Xia, and some of them had no assets, set up fake names, accepted deposits, and made loans. After a large number of banknotes were issued and several properties were obtained through fraud, the shop was suddenly closed and went out of business, making it impossible for the banknotes holder to cash out or only able to claim a few percent as compensation. As a result, many people were deceived, and some went bankrupt.

This kind of behavior of fleeing overnight regardless of credibility was commonly known as “night boat” in the industry. This kind of situation was not uncommon, which made a business that had bank deposits worry constantly.

On the other hand, Yu Qingfeng Bank had a high reputation in various prefectures. They implement a five-bank joint guarantee system. In the branches of the bank of each prefecture in Great Xia, whether it was a new branch or an old branch, they promised five-bank guarantees. The five banks jointly guaranteed, that their guarantee certificates and stamp styles were all submitted to the government for record.

If the bank owed the deposit or borrowed money, and then escaped after closing the store, in addition to prosecuting and arresting the manager of the bank for theft, the other four bank guarantors would also be prosecuted and responsible for compensating for the unsettled money. Therefore, over the years, Yu Qingfeng Bank had never been a case of reneging on its debt.

Moreover, the loan interest of Yu Qingfeng Bank was considered low in the same industry, which was very different from the high-interest rate of other banks.

This bank had donated funds to local prefectures over the years for disaster relief, water conservancy construction, official roads, and so on. It had an excellent reputation in the eyes of the prefectures’ government offices and common people’s businesses.

It was said that the surname of the boss of Yu Qingfeng’s business was Ji. It had rich villages, pawn shops, jewelry and jade shops, teahouses, grain stores, and so on with branches all over the prefectures of Great Xia, only the capital was not involved before.

Yu Qingfeng suddenly entered the capital this time, and a conscientious person still smelled an unusual signal.

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