TCPCHW Chapter 66

The Crown Prince Chases His Wife

Chapter 66          Drunk

Qin Yan glanced coldly at the woman who was still bowing her head to the Taizi and spoke softly, “Your Highness, please allow me to leave first.”

Feng Zhan withdrew his gaze and quickly turned to Qin Yan, whose expression wasn’t very good.

Without waiting for the Taizi to react, Qin Yan called Gu Junyan beside him, “Junyan, let’s go.”

Gu Junyan was startled when he heard this, leaving just like that. Wouldn’t it be inappropriate with etiquette?

That was Yanyan. Gu Junyan bowed to the Taizi, “Your Highness Taizi, I will take my leave now.”

Qin Yan and Gu Junyan left on their own without looking back.

Taizi Feng Zhan, on the other hand, did not speak a word from beginning to end, coldly watching as the two people walked away side by side as if they were whispering something while walking.

Feng Zhan pursed his thin lips slightly, his face was cold and stiff, and the surrounding atmosphere instantly frozen.

The two personal guards who had been sent by the Taizi to protect Princess Zhaoren took two steps closer to the Taizi and were about to speak when they heard the Taizi’s cold voice, “Follow her.”

“Yes, Your Highness.” Two personal guards quickly followed a few steps away from Qin Yan.

Because Gu Junyan entered the palace on foot, Qin Yan did not get on the sedan on the way out. However, after taking a few steps, Qin Yan heard heavy footsteps approaching quickly from behind.

Qin Yan stopped and turned around, looking past the two personal guards of the Taizi Mansion who were following her, to Taizi Feng Zhan, who was still standing tall, looking at her with cold eyes.

Qin Yan turned around and left the palace.


Song Zhi seemed to have remembered something at this time and stepped forward and said to the Taizi,

“Your Highness, this is Imperial Concubine Ning.”

Feng Zhan’s expression became increasingly darker, and the danger accumulated in his eyes also increased.

“What does it get to do with me?” Feng Zhan’s tone was cold.

After finishing speaking, Feng Zhan strode towards his sedan chair, and the group left.

Imperial Concubine Ning watched the Taizi’s leaving figure for a long time.

After the racecourse in the western suburbs, Emperor Hui no longer summoned her and similarly sent her to the cold palace.

At the Longevity Banquet yesterday, Imperial Concubine Ning was not notified to go to Fengtian Hall.

But she heard that there were a lot of things going on at the Longevity Banquet in Fengtian Palace yesterday. In particular, the most surprising thing was that Qin Yan, the Princess of Zhaoren, attacked the fiancée of Shizi of the Marquis of Yongding Mansion in front of the Emperor, the Taizi, and the Empress Dowager.

Despite her arrogance, the Princess of Zhaoren Qin Yan was able to make the Holy Emperor so fond and indulgent.

Imperial Concubine Ning sneered, no wonder…

Oh, no wonder the emperor summoned her to sleep with him again last night.

Imperial Concubine Ning raised her hand and caressed the side of her face.

His Majesty must have recalled Princess of Zhaoren’s long-lost mother, Shen Shiying.


In the main hall of the Duke of Zhenguo Mansion.

Shen Changshan, Shen Shiyan, Fang Su, Shen Ci, Qin Yan, and Gu Junyan were seated on several big chairs in the main hall. At this time, the door of the hall was closed and the atmosphere was a bit dense.

“Shen Shiyan, tomorrow you will prepare the divorce letter between Shiying and Qin Wenzheng.” Shen Changshan narrowed his eyes slightly, with his chest heaving, as if the divorce between Shiying and Qin Wenzheng were far from able to relieve his anger.

When several people in the hall heard Shen Changshan’s words, they were not surprised at all.

Back then, Yanyan was still young. If it weren’t for the fear of causing any negative impact on Yanyan, they would have wanted Shiying to have no relationship with Qin Wenzheng.

“Father, if Qin Wenzheng does not agree to divorce, I plan to use the law of ‘righteousness’ to force Jing Zhaoyin to execute it.” Shen Shiyan said.

“Yes.” Shen Changshan did not hesitate.

Shen Changshan said to Fang Su, “Fang Su, send someone to check on Shiying’s boudoir and order people to start tidying it up. If anything is missing, just buy it. Everything will be the best.”

Fang Su heard from Shen Ci yesterday that Shiying was coming and had already ordered people to start tidying up. She was about to answer when Qin Yan interrupted.

“Grandfather and Aunt, I will make arrangements for my mother.”

Shen Changshan and Fang Su did not refute. Yanyan always had an idea but they just wanted to leave more room for maneuver for Shiying. The Duke of Zhenguo Mansion would always be Shiying’s home.


Qin Yan had dinner at the Duke of Zhenguo Mansion and chatted for a while with the people in the Duke of Zhenguo Mansion and Gu Junyan. When she left the mansion, it was already dusk and it was approaching midnight.

Qin Yan was preparing to board the carriage and return to her residence, but Gu Junyan insisted on sending Qin Yan home.

“Yanyan, it’s late now and it’s not safe for a girl.”

As soon as Gu Junyan said these words, he felt a little uneasy.

It was not a secret that Yanyan had excellent skills and it was not an exaggeration to say that she was a first-rate expert. The princess’s carriage was accompanied by twenty well-equipped silver armored guards. Wasn’t this safe enough? It seemed a bit far-fetched.

Gu Junyan collected his thoughts and spoke again, “Yanyan, I’m going to Xishan to work on my digestion, can I go with you?”

Qin Yan chuckled when she heard the word ‘digestion’?

Over the years, thanks to the news conveyed by the Count of Pingnan Mansion about her mother, Qin Yan was grateful to everyone in Count of Pingnan Mansion and was still somewhat polite to Gu Junyan.

“It’s up to you.” Qin Yan got in the carriage.

Gu Junyan got on his horse and left the city with Princess Zhaoren and her party, heading towards the Xishan.

Half an hour later, Qin Yan got out of the carriage at Princess Zhaoren Mansion in Xishan and turned to look at Gu Junyan who had dismounted from his horse.

It was already late at night, the surrounding areas were quiet, and the lights outside the Princess Mansion could not illuminate the endless night.

Gu Junyan, who was walking towards Qin Yan step by step, had a tall straight figure, and his facial features were even more profound and handsome under the not-so-bright light and shadow.

Gu Junyan walked to Qin Yan and heard Qin Yan speak, “Junyan, do you need me to send personal guards to escort you back to the city?”

Gu Junyan’s face showed an unexplainable stiffness, but was later dispelled by a faint smile, “No, Yanyan, you should go back and rest early.”

Qin Yan nodded, turned around, and strode towards the mansion gate.

And Gu Junyan’s eyes followed Qin Yan’s figure until she disappeared behind the gate of the Princess Mansion but she never looked back at him.

Gu Junyan didn’t understand why Qin Yan was maintaining an appropriate distance from him. Qin Yan was extremely smart, but how could she not see what he was thinking about her?

Gu Junyan’s mind suddenly flashed through the Taizi Mansion’s guards following Qin Yan in the palace today, and the way the Taizi looked at Qin Yan.

Also, Qin Yan’s casual demeanor in front of the Taizi.

Gu Junyan sighed in his heart. Did Yanyan realize that she seemed to be… proud of being favored in front of the Taizi?


As soon as Qin Yan entered the mansion, she met Shen Huai with a frown on his face.

“Master, today’s trip to the Marquis of Yongding Mansion is quite challenging.”

Shen Huai was thinking about where to begin with.

Qin Yan was already a little tired now and spoke, “Go to the study.”


At Chenghua Hall Study Room in Taizi Mansion in Xishan.

Feng Zhan was sitting behind the desk, holding a scroll in one hand and playing with a delicate white jade brush in the other hand.

Song Zhi briefly explained to the Taizi how he had some interactions with Imperial Concubine Ning at the hunting ground in the western suburbs, which would make Imperial Concubine Ning thank His Highness Taizi in the palace today.

The matter was not complicated at all, and Song Zhi finished telling the story in a short time. When he saw that the Taizi’s eyes were still on the scroll in his hand, with an unclear expression, and didn’t speak, Song Zhi felt a little nervous.

Imperial Concubine Ning was also something else. If she wanted to thank, why didn’t she come to thank Song Zhi herself for saving her life? Instead, she went in front of His Highness, causing His Highness to be unhappy.

Moreover, it was still in front of Princess Zhaoren.

Song Zhi’s heart trembled. Hopefully, he was not jealous, otherwise, His Highness would skin him.

Feng Zhan put down the scroll in his hand and looked at Song Zhi.

“Go investigate, what has caused Princess Zhaoren’s displeasure about Imperial Concubine Ning.” Feng Zhan said in a heavy voice.

“Yes, Your Highness.”

Song Zhi had some doubts in his heart, but His Highness told him not to comment.

Feng Zhan picked up the scroll again, his gaze falling between the lines of the scroll, but his mind constantly flashed past the scene outside Xianfu Palace today.

Qin Yan, when looking at Imperial Concubine Ning, her eyes were not good at all.

Although Feng Zhan was sure that Qin Yan had him in her heart, Qin Yan was not jealous today. There must be something about Imperial Concubine Ning that made Qin Yan unhappy.


“What time is it?” Feng Zhan’s voice was cold.

Song Zhi took a quick look and said, “Your Highness, it’s already late night.”

Hearing this, Feng Zhan suddenly looked at Song Zhi.

Song Zhi caught Taizi’s cool gaze and felt a sudden thump in his heart. When working for His Highness, did he still need His Highness to give him a step-by-step explanation?

Song Zhi quickly exited Chenghua Hall.

Not long after, Song Zhi came back and reported in front of the writing desk, “Your Highness, Princess Zhaoren has just returned to the mansion.”

“Hmm.” Feng Zhan was still reading, but his thoughts were nowhere to be seen.

“The person who sent the princess back to the mansion was Gu Junyan of Count Pingnan Mansion.” Song Zhi added.

There was a loud bang, which was very sudden in the quiet study room.

Song Zhi’s heart trembled when he saw His Highness Taizi throwing the scroll in hand onto the desk.

Feng Zhan’s eyes were slightly cold and he spoke in a cold voice, “When did you learn to say half a sentence and leave half a sentence?”

Song Zhi was speechless.

Words needed to be spoken one sentence at a time, with pauses, right?

But Song Zhi no longer wanted to offend His Highness at this moment, so he lowered his eyes without saying a word.

The atmosphere in the hall was somewhat heavy.


Not long after, Taizi’s voice came from behind the desk, “Bring me some wine.”

“Yes, Your Highness.” Song Zhi was stunned, accepted the order, and went out.

Your Highness, was this… to borrow wine to ease sorrow?

Song Zhi returned to the Chenghua Hall, holding a sandalwood tray in his hand. On the tray was a sky-blue glazed gold wine pot and a wine cup of the same color, which he placed in front of the desk.

“Your Highness, this is Taixi Bai.”

“Fill it up.” Feng Zhan ordered in a deep voice.

Hearing this, Song Zhi picked up the wine pot and filled the cup.

Only then did Song Zhi pay attention to the wine cup he brought in. The color seemed a bit green…

Song Zhi has already slapped his big mouth in his heart a few times, calling himself no eyesight. Why didn’t he bring in some festively colored wine cup?

Feng Zhan picked up the wine cup and drank it all in one gulp, “Fill it up again.”

Song Zhi continued to pour wine.

After drinking a few cups, Feng Zhan stood up and strode out.

Song Zhi followed the Taizi, feeling suspicious. Judging from His Highness’s expression, it didn’t look like he was drinking to drown his sorrows.

Song Zhi didn’t react until he followed His Highness through the Cangtai Water Pavilion and reached the edge of the plum grove.

Oh… it turned out that His Highness was borrowing alcohol to act?

Feng Zhan stopped at the edge of the plum grove, turned his head, and asked Song Zhi, “Has Gu Junyan left?”

Song Zhi replied, “Your Highness, according to what the secret guard said, after Princess Zhaoren returned to her mansion, Young Master Gu has been standing outside the mansion and has never left. Is he still there now? I don’t know. Do you want the secret guard to investigate again?”

Feng Zhan frowned, “No need.”

“Prepare a horse.”

Seeing the Taizi turning around and striding toward the direction of the mansion gate, Song Zhi didn’t understand why and quickly followed him.

Feng Zhan came out of the Taizi Mansion, held the saddle with one hand, jumped on the horse’s back, wrapped his legs on the horse’s belly, and galloped away.

Song Zhi also mounted his horse to follow suit, followed closely by a group of personal guards from the Taizi Mansion.


Under the moonlight, Feng Zhan rode his horse not far away from the gate of Princess Zhaoren Mansion. He saw a man and a horse standing a few feet away from the mansion gate.

Feng Zhan narrowed his eyes and galloped to the man before reining in his horse and stopping abruptly.

The horse under Feng Zhan’s seat raised its front hooves high and with one hand pulling, the horse turned to the side and stomped its iron hooves on the ground. Then, Feng Zhan looked down at Gu Junyan, who was still standing there.

Gu Junyan grabbed the reins with one hand and tried to restrain the startled horse beside him, but since the Taizi rode up to him, his feet remained motionless.

The two men, both good-looking and imposing, looked at each other coldly.

After a while, Song Zhi and the personal guards of the Taizi Mansion also arrived.

Feng Zhan spoke and left a sentence in a cold voice, “You can’t find your way back to the city?”

Then Feng Zhan jumped off his horse and strode steadily towards the gate of the Princess Mansion.

Song Zhi got off his horse and followed the Taizi, directly entering the gate of the Princess Mansion.

The guards at the gate looked at each other in confusion, this… stop him or not?

As soon as Feng Zhan entered the mansion gate, he asked the nearby guards of the Princess Mansion, “Where is your master?”

The guard’s face froze, looking at His Highness Taizi’s disposition, was he here to cause trouble?


In the study room of Princess Zhaoren Mansion.

After Qin Yan sat down at the desk, Shen Huai and Ji Nanfeng stood in the study, preparing to report today’s affairs to Qin Yan. Shen Ying leaned on the corridor outside the study, dozing off.

Shen Huai told Qin Yan that he had gained nothing in the Marquis of Yongding Mansion today.

“Master, the person who received me today at the Marquis of Yongding Mansion was Xie Qing, the concubine-born of Marquis Xie. She said that Marquis Xie was still sick in bed, seeming exasperating.”

“People from the Marquis of Yongding Mansion said that Shizi Xie’s concubine, A Yan, left the Marquis Mansion yesterday and has not been seen to this day. When she left, she seemed to have brought some scrolls with her.”

“And Shizi Xie is not in the mansion either. People from the Marquis Mansion said that their Shizi had moved out of the Marquis of Yongding Mansion last night and his whereabouts are unknown.”

Qin Yan, who was behind the desk, picked up the teacup at hand and smelled it, but put it back on the table without touching her lips.

“If it really can’t be found, just treat it as a gift to them.” Qin Yan had no interest in getting involved with those bad people and things. Besides, if her mother was planning to return to the capital, whether the painting would reveal her information was no longer important

Qin Yan looked at Shen Huai and spoke with a guilty voice, “Uncle Huai, my mother may be coming back.”

Shen Huai suddenly looked up with a face full of shock.

“Uncle Huai, I’m sorry.” Qin Yan spoke again.

Shen Huai opened his mouth slightly but was speechless because of this great surprise.

Qin Yan looked at Ji Nanfeng, “Mister Ji, buy several connected houses in the capital as soon as possible and convert them into gardens for my mother.”

Ji Nanfeng nodded, “Yes, Master.”

Only then did Shen Huai come back to his senses. Shen Huai’s eyes shone with excitement and he asked in a trembling voice, “Master has been going to various states in Great Xia these years to find young lady…” Shen Huai suddenly thought of something and stopped talking.

Qin Yan sighed. Over the years, she used many excuses in searching for her mother and traveled all over the Great Xia, even beyond it…


When Shen Huai left the study, he happened to run into Taizi Feng Zhan, who was striding towards the door of the study wearing a black brocade robe.

Shen Huai was startled and immediately saluted, “Your Highness Taizi.”

Shen Ying stumbled when she heard the sound and her mind suddenly became clear. She came over to salute in two steps, “Your Highness Taizi.”

In the study, Qin Yan picked up the teacup and brought it to her lips again, paused for a moment, but continued to drink tea.

Ji Nanfeng was about to speak, but when he heard the words from outside, he turned around and saw that Taizi Feng Zhan had entered the study. Ji Nanfeng bowed and saluted, “Your Highness Taizi.”

“Get out.” Feng Zhan brought the cold covered by his body into the study, his eyes fixed on Qin Yan’s face, and his tone was slightly cold.

Ji Nanfeng understood what the Taizi was telling him. He looked up at Taizi’s unhappy expression at the moment and then turned to look at Qin Yan who was still sitting behind the desk.

Qin Yan put down the tea cup and slowly raised her hand.

Ji Nanfeng’s eyes darkened and he immediately stepped out.

“Close the door.”

Ji Nanfeng, who had already walked to the door of the study, heard the Taizi’s voice, paused his feet, and his eyes became even more gloomy. However, Qin Yan didn’t stop him. Ji Nanfeng turned around, reached out to close the door, and exited. The door to the study was closed.


In the study, Qin Yan leaned back on the chair, rested her arms on the armrests, and let her hands hang down naturally. In a relaxed position, she looked at the unexpected guest of the Taizi with ease.

Feng Zhan had just drunk a few cups of wine and then hurriedly rode on his horse. At this moment, his body was still warm, and the tipsy feeling of alcohol rushed from his abdomen to his limbs, spreading throughout his entire body, even on his dark face was also slightly red.

Feng Zhan’s eyes narrowed dangerously, staring closely at Qin Yan, and walked step by step toward the woman who still looked calm at this moment.

Going around the desk, Feng Zhan walked up to Qin Yan and looked down at the beautiful woman who was looking up at him.

Qin Yan felt that Feng Zhan was a bit dangerous at this moment. Just as he was about to speak, Feng Zhan suddenly leaned forward, and clasped the back of Qin Yan’s head with his right palm, giving her a strong kiss.

Qin Yan quickly turned her face away.

Feng Zhan’s hot thin lips were imprinted on Qin Yan’s delicate earlobe.

Qin Yan tried to stand up but was pressed down by Feng Zhan’s other big palm on her right shoulder which pushed her back to the big chair.

Watching Qin Yan slowly turn pink from her neck to the tips of her ears, Feng Zhan let out a chuckle from his throat.

At this time, Qin Yan could smell the strong alcohol coming from Feng Zhan’s breath.

Qin Yan’s red lips parted slightly, “Your Highness, you are drunk.”

Feng Zhan half-closed his narrow black eyes and spoke in a hoarse voice, “What?”

Qin Yan frowned slightly, trying her best to calm her restlessness.

“Tell me, what did you say?” Feng Zhan said coaxingly, with a mellow and charming voice.

Qin Yan opened her mouth slightly but was instantly sealed with a kiss by Feng Zhan.

The intoxicating alcohol filled the gaps between their lips.

At this moment, Qin Yan had guessed the wine Feng Zhan just drank must be a good wine.

Qin Yan’s eyes traced Feng Zhan’s forehead, thick sword-like eyebrows, narrow and deep black eyes, and high nose bridge. Qin Yan sighed in her heart that he was really beautiful.

Qin Yan slowly closed her eyes, then let’s get drunk for a while.


Qin Yan suddenly exerted force and pushed Feng Zhan back forcefully.

Feng Zhan’s broad back bumped into the sandalwood shelf against the wall behind the desk, causing several items on the shelf to fall off in an instant. The shattered sound of jade objects landing on the ground was unusually abrupt in the quiet study.

Standing outside the study, Song Zhi, Shen Ying, and Ji Nanfeng, all froze when they heard the sound. Was this… making a move? But their master’s voice hadn’t been heard from the study yet, so they couldn’t rush in rashly.

Feng Zhan’s eyes were red at this time, and his deep eyes were surging with darkness, looking down at Qin Yan in front of him.

Qin Yan stood up slowly and walked towards Taizi Feng Zhan who was standing in front of the shelf.

On the outside, the three people became tense again. Their master must have made a move inside.

Qin Yan raised her left arm, hooked Feng Zhan’s neck, and pulled him down.

Feng Zhan’s eyes narrowed suddenly, and his big palms wrapped around Qin Yan’s slender soft waist. He lowered his head and gave a deep kiss.


Out of a sudden, Feng Zhan grabbed Qin Yan’s slender waist and pulled Qin Yan up. Qin Yan instantly lifted in the air and Feng Zhan took advantage to take two steps forward, pressing Qin Yan between himself and the sandalwood writing desk. With one hand, he swept down the teacup that was originally placed on the desk…

Several people outside the study heard the sound of cups shattering on the floor again. Hadn’t the two masters inside reached an agreement yet?

Deep in the night, the two masters in the study did not come out for a long time, and the three outsides could only wait quietly under the night dew.

But the occasional sounds coming from the room made several people outside blush.

Song Zhi and Shen Ying both looked calm on the outside but slander in their hearts.

Master was truly…

Ji Nanfeng’s eyes were gloomy. Originally, he was sorting out the details of the official business in his mind that he had not yet reported to Qin Yan, but at this time, his thoughts were completely disrupted by the voices in the study.

He already knew that he would reach this point eventually, didn’t he?


An hour later, Feng Zhan’s chest heaved violently, calming his mind. He lifted his head and covered Qin Yan’s messy collar.

At this time, there was a hint of guilt and embarrassment in Feng Zhan’s eyes.

Qin Yan chuckled lightly, “Your Highness, have you sobered up?”

Feng Zhan felt the coldness in Qin Yan’s eyes, and his heart sank. He reached out his hand to twist the soft flesh on Qin Yan’s waist.

Qin Yan felt a little tickle and let out a whimper.

Feng Zhan took Qin Yan in his arms and clumsily arranged Qin Yan’s clothes. Then he bent down to pick up his belt that had fallen on the ground, frowning. The jade ornaments on the belt had been shattered. Feng Zhan adjusted his clothes and still tied the belt.

Qin Yan was still sitting at the desk, looking at the tall and handsome man who was adjusting his robe in front of her with an unclear expression, and sighed, he was really good-looking.

After finishing adjusting, Feng Zhan glanced at the broken jade on the ground and said, “I’ll compensate you twice for this jade. You can go to the warehouse of the Taizi Mansion to pick them out another day.”

Feng Zhan glanced over at Qin Yan’s slightly wrinkled dress, and his ears suddenly turned red again.

“I’ll compensate you a few more dresses, and Song Zhi will come to the Princess Mansion tomorrow to get your clothes’ measurements.”

Feng Zhan looked at Qin Yan with a soft gaze, which was somewhat unexpected.

Preparing the auspicious clothes for the grand wedding was complicated. Feng Zhan had previously asked Song Zhi to give the size of Qin Yan’s clothes to the Minor Treasure Bureau. He estimated the size of Qin Yan’s clothes based on his memory and asked the Minor Treasure Bureau to prepare them first and modify them in detail later. This time, the exact size can be added.

Qin Yan frowned and gently rubbed her slightly sore right hand.

Feng Zhan had a faint look of guilt on his face. He took a step forward, took Qin Yan’s tender hand that she was rubbing, and held it gently, “Let’s take a dip in the hot spring.”

Qin Yan raised her eyebrows slightly, “Together with you, Your Highness?”

Feng Zhan’s dark eyes darkened, and this woman just said what she wanted, “Qin Yan, don’t play with fire.”

The two in the study seemed to have been passionately in love, but they were separated for a very short period and then got entangled again due to official business. But just now, they were doing extremely intimate things, but their relationship was still unclear, whether they were far or close.

Feng Zhan’s deep eyes were tightly locked on Qin Yan’s delicate face, and the movements of his hands stopped, “I will give you one day to prepare, and go to Jiangnan with me.”

Qin Yan stared at Feng Zhan.

Was it the flooding that has been repeatedly reported by various prefectures in Jiangnan recently?

Or was it related to the situation in the capital?

Or… was it for personal gain under the pretext of official business?


Wasn’t it in the South?

Qin Yan raised her lips, and her voice still a little hoarse, “Sure.”


The study door was opened from the inside, and Taizi Feng Zhan came out first. He had no intention of joining Qin Yan, probably that woman just said it casually. If the two of them were soaked in the same hot spring, what would happen next would probably be… It would be out of control.

Toward Qin Yan, Feng Zhan moved cautiously step by step. He didn’t want to bring any disrespect to Qin Yan. Qin Yan would have the best experience, but he should wait until their grand wedding.

After Feng Zhan stepped out of the study door, Qin Yan followed suit.

The two of them exchanged a glance, and Qin Yan turned around and left with Shen Ying. After passing by Ji Nanfeng, Qin Yan spoke softly, “Mister Ji, we will discuss business matters tomorrow.”

When Qin Yan’s figure disappeared around the corner, Feng Zhan turned around and strode towards plum groves in the north.

Song Zhi thought to himself, it turned out that His Highness still knew how to take a shortcut. Just now, His Highness came in from the main entrance of the Princess Mansion, specifically to anger Young Master Gu from the Count Pingnan Mansion.

Tsk, tsk, encountering His Highness, a powerful and shameless rival in love, Young Master Gu was truly pitiful.

The moment the study room was opened just now, among the three people outside the door, only Shen Ying probably didn’t notice, while Song Zhi and Ji Nanfeng smelled the faint and imperceptible scent hidden in the incense emanating from the room, and they understood it clearly.

And in front of the study, standing on a long corridor, was Gu Junyan and a guard from the Princess Mansion.

Gu Junyan followed the Taizi into the Princess Mansion. The Taizi’s complexion was not good, and Gu Junyan was worried whether the Taizi would cause trouble for Qin Yan.

A desolate, bitter smile appeared on Gu Junyan’s lips at this time. He had been standing here for two hours, and the heavy night dew had covered his clothes. He watched helplessly as the Taizi entered the study, and the door of the study closed. It wasn’t until just now that the Taizi and Qin Yan both came out of the study, and the Taizi’s face seemed satisfied.

Were those two people already in that kind of relationship?

At this time, another disappointed man was standing beside the official road outside the main gate of Princess Zhaoren Mansion, Shizi of Marquis of Yongding Mansion, Xie Changyuan.

Xie Changyuan was hiding in the dark, looking at the group of soldiers of the Taizi Mansion standing outside the gate of Princess Zhaoren Mansion. Without a doubt, the Taizi was inside Princess Zhaoren Mansion.

However, it was already late at night…

And now he couldn’t even come up with a legitimate reason for Qin Yan to see him.

Xie Changyuan’s heart was bitter, thinking about the time when he was Qin Yan’s legitimate fiancé, how could he end up like this…

As the saying goes, don’t talk about proud things to a frustrated person, and don’t forget about the frustrated things when you are proud.

Then let’s not let these frustrated people guess what happened in the study of Princess Zhaoren Mansion!

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