TCPCHW Chapter 17 Part 1

The Crown Prince Chases His Wife

Chapter 17          Equal Wife (1/2)

While Qin Wenzheng was waiting for the clan elders to arrive in the capital, what awaited him was the second son of the Left Prime Minister, Wang Jingyu, who was supposed to be confined in his mansion.

Wang Jingyu stood outside the gate of Prime Minister Qin Mansion with a bundle of sticks on his back, saying that he wanted to see Qin Ming.

After the housekeeper Zhang Quan told Prime Minister Qin, Prime Minister Qin was furious as his son, Ming’er, was still recuperating on his bed. The younger son of the Left Prime Minister, who didn’t confine properly, went out again and even came to Prime Minister Qin Mansion to disgust people.

Prime Minister Qin roared, “Tell him to get out of here!”

Zhang Quan was just a housekeeper, how dare he really tell the young master of the Left Prime Minister to go out, but he went out of the mansion again and patiently persuaded the Young Master Wang to return to his mansion.

But Wang Jingyu stubbornly refused to leave. Today, he sneaked out while the guards were changing shifts, and he even sprained his foot when he climbed over the wall. Today, he couldn’t stop until he achieved his goal, and he insisted on waiting for Qin Ming to come out.


Qin Ming was recuperating in his room while eating lychees from Lingnan. He had no idea that his sworn enemy Wang Jingyu was waiting for him outside the mansion.

What he didn’t know could be regarded as an unexpected joy. These days of recuperation were the most pleasant days for Qin Ming. His father had been particularly kind to him these days. He often came to visit him, but he was not as stern as before. He could see that his father’s eyes were full of guilt and concern.

As for his mother, she was always overjoyed when she came to see him recently. Obviously, he experienced this dangerous situation, and the joy in his mother’s eyes initially puzzled him. He almost doubted whether he was his mother’s own son. Only later did he learn that his father wanted to raise his mother as an equal wife, and his mother should be happy about it. After all, she had waited for more than ten years.

His second sister, who shared the same mother as him, also often came to see him with new clothes and boots made for him. According to his second sister, Qin Ming’s life-and-death experience made their father make up his mind to raise their mother’s status. They, sister and brother, also followed the rising tide, and they were about to become the legitimate son and daughter of Prime Minister Qin Mansion.

In this regard, Qin Ming was not too happy. He was just faintly looking forward to it, would his eldest sister in the Duke of Zhenguo Mansion come to see him?


When Prime Minister Qin was leaving the mansion, he was furious to see the second son of the Left Prime Minister was still standing there.

Seeing Prime Minister Qin coming out, Wang Jingyu spoke loudly, “Prime Minister Qin, I want to see Qin Ming.”

“Get out of here!” Qin Wenzheng roared, his chest hurt, and he coughed violently. Zhang Quan stepped forward in two steps, supported Prime Minister Qin who bent over to cough, and patted his back.

“Prime Minister Qin, since Qin Ming can’t come out, it’s the same for me to tell you. Although this young master is a dandy, I’m also a dandy who behaves neatly. This time it’s indeed my misbehavior. Although my original intention was not the case, I did almost kill Qin Ming. I’m here to apologize to Qin Ming. Next time, I will make an appointment to fight with Qin Ming fairly and honestly, and I won’t commit crimes behind his back. I promise you this.”

After speaking, Wang Jingyu took out the bundle of sticks from his back, raised both hands, took two steps forward, and wanted to hand the sticks in his hand to Prime Minister Qin.

Prime Minister Qin pressed his chest with one hand, short of breath, and said angrily, “Get out of here!”

“My apology, you have to accept it even if you don’t want to.”

Wang Jingyu lifted the hem of his clothes, revealing the plain white trouser inside, raised the sticks with his right hand, and whipped it towards his calf.

One, two, three… a full ten whips.

Every time he was whipped, the sound from the whip to the flesh was clearly audible. Apparently, the second son of the Left Prime Minister was not soft on himself.

“Please tell Qin Ming that I apologized to him.”

After finishing speaking, Wang Jingyu grimaced in pain, and limped toward the carriage with the help of the servant from the Left Prime Minister Mansion and left.

Prime Minister Qin didn’t know how he should feel. Ming’er was beaten so badly and walked through the gate of death. It was far from what the kid from the Wang family could offset by whipping himself a few times.

Qin Wenzheng shook his head, the Left Prime Minister was also a scholar and had several generations of prime ministers. How could his family have such a naughty and rascal son? It was really a disgrace to the scholarly dignity.


Ji Nanfeng reported to Qin Yan that in the past few days, Jiang Mu was always in a trance and was in a bad mood after returning to the mansion from the Imperial Academy. The secret guard said that nothing special happened at Imperial Academy. Ji Nanfeng also asked Jiang Mu, but Jiang Mu also kept his mouth shut and said nothing.

After Qin Yan heard about it, he asked Ji Nanfeng to take Jiang Mu to the Duke of Zhenguo Mansion.

At the gate of the Imperial Academy after school today, Jiang Mu got into the carriage that usually picked him up, but he was surprised to see Mister Ji in the carriage.

“Young Master Jiang, Master wants to see you.” This Mister Ji’s voice was neither high nor low, but Jiang Mu could hear the displeasure in his tone. Based on what he knew about Mister Ji, he was extremely disgusted with him as he had caused Qin Yan trouble again.

Jiang Mu was silent all the way, quietly letting the carriage take him to the Duke of Zhenguo Mansion.

When entering Qin Yan’s study in the Duke of Zhenguo Mansion, he saw Qin Yan making tea in front of the tea table.

Seeing Jiang Mu coming in, Qin Yan said softly, “Sit down.”

Jiang Mu sat opposite Qin Yan at the tea table.

Qin Yan didn’t speak again, and there was no other noise in the room except for the sound of Qin Yan rinsing the tea with water.

There was no incense in the room except for the scent of tea. This was Qin Yan’s habit. When she made tea, she won’t burn incense. She said that incense would affect her sense of smell when tasting tea.

Jiang Mu’s tea ceremony was taught by Qin Yan, and his teacher’s technique of making tea was smooth and natural, without any no sense of blockage at all. There had never been any bells or whistles, all steps were only based on practicality.

Qin Yan divided the first pot of tea into two cups and pushed one to Jiang Mu.

Jiang Mu picked up the teacup, the rich tea fragrance filled his nose instantly, and he took a sip. The taste was mellow and refreshing.

After Qin Yan tasted the tea, she put down the teacup and said, “Go ahead.”

Jiang Mu instantly understood that Qin Yan was referring to his recent mood. Mister Ji arranged for someone to follow him, and his situation would be reported to Qin Yan in every detail.

He trusted Qin Yan, he could only trust her and he had nothing to hide from her.


Jiang Mu simply said the source of his recent depression, “That day, during the three divisions joint trial at Imperial Court of Judicial Review, Song Liang’s words have been lingering in my mind for the past few days. I…”

Jiang Mu didn’t know how to express the origin of his depression. After speaking halfway, he didn’t know how to continue.

Qin Yan roughly knew the development of the trial that day but didn’t pay much attention to the details.

“What did he say?” Qin Yan spoke slowly, patiently guiding the young man opposite her to express his confusion.

Jiang Mu repeated what Song Liang said in court that day, “Song Liang said that these tribute students, who have been studying hard for ten years and have gone to great lengths to enter the Imperial Academy, but the children of the officials, relying on the background of their ancestors, can easily get the places they dream of without breaking a sweat.”


“I’m the one who got a place they dream of without breaking a sweat… He could have a bright future, but because of us, because of me, the evil in his heart was stirred up and made him…”

Jiang Mu’s eyes were a little sad. He picked up the second cup of tea that Qin Yan had distributed. Instead of tasting it carefully, he raised his head and drank it in one gulp.

Qin Yan was a little relieved. The deep enmity and hatred did not destroy the conscience of the young man on the opposite side. He guarded his kindness, which led to today’s confusion and guilt.

Jiang Mu at this age needed timely guidance. He had lost his legitimate elders, and his replacement role was usually done by Qin Yan.

“Is the taste of the first pot of tea different from the second pot of tea?” Unlike the usual coldness in the past, Qin Yan’s voice was exceptionally gentle today.

Jiang Mu thought, needless to say, every pot of tea had a strong and light taste.

Qin Yan continued to speak, “Every pot of tea is different, and so are people.”

“You have an identity background that Song Liang doesn’t have, so you can easily enter the highest school of Shuaixing Hall in the Imperial Academy. While Song Liang can’t.”

“Also, because you have an identity background that Song Liang doesn’t have, your imperial parents were brutally murdered.  In order to survive and avenge, you have to endure the humiliation and have to survive in the enemy camp. While Song Liang doesn’t need to go through these pains of yours.”

“You must understand that people are born differently. Different backgrounds come with different conveniences and advantages, as well as different responsibilities and risks. You don’t have to worry about the different situations you encounter because of your differences.”

“Everyone only lives once in this life, you just need to move forward, and follow your passions, beliefs, and desires. As long as you are worthy of your heart, you don’t have to be overcautious.”

“What’s more, Song Liang’s mind is not as pure as his name. He wants to take a shortcut to get close to the second son of the Left Prime Minister. That’s why he ran into a disaster.”

“People can’t choose their origin, but they can choose their own path. One has to be responsible for what one does, and you don’t have to bear too much for the choices of others.”

While Qin Yan was talking, she made the third pot of tea, and still pushed one to Jiang Mu.

Jiang Mu smelled the fragrance of the tea. This one had a light fragrance, and the tea was clearer. Although it was not as strong as the first two teas, it had a different taste.

Indeed, every pot of tea was different, and so were people.

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  1. QY is very right. That song kid chose the path. Jiang Mu should not blame himself when that kid chose that way to express his envy.

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