TCPCHW Chapter 7 Part 1

The Crown Prince Chases His Wife

Chapter 7             Enter the Palace (1/2)

When Qin Yan arrived outside the palace gate the next day, she saw Qin Nian, who was clearly dressed up, and two other girls in plain dresses.

Qin Nian’s face had recovered completely and returned to its tenderness. Seeing Qin Yan getting off the carriage, she came forward and gave Qin Yan a courtesy, and called out softly, “Eldest Sister”.

“My aunt invited us, sisters, into the palace to enjoy the flowers today. We were waiting for you here early in the morning.”

Waiting for her?

With this statement, did she fear that others wouldn’t know that Qin Yan was overbearing and have the three sisters wait for her early?

Qin Yan didn’t know that these people were also invited.

Qin Yan raised her eyebrows, her concubine-born sister was quite tricky.

“These are the two sisters Qin Xi and Qin Lin from the second uncle’s mansion.” Qin Nian introduced the other two young ladies to Qin Yan.

The two young ladies came forward to give Qin Yan a courtesy, “Sister”.

Qin Yan nodded.

Qin Yan’s second uncle, Qin Wenxuan, was the only younger brother of the Right Prime Minister, Qin Wenzheng, and served as the Left Minister in the Ministry of Works. And that second aunt was a daughter of a merchant, and she was not an ideal candidate for a daughter-in-law for the Qin family, who regarded themselves as a scholarly family. But her second uncle insisted on getting married, and the Old Madam was not happy. Her second uncle and aunt separated from the family and lived in another place soon after they got married.

Her second uncle was a henpecked male, there were no concubines in the mansion, and the rear courtyard was relatively peaceful.

While her second aunt was shrewd and capable. She was quick at work and had a very cheerful personality. When Shen Shiying was there, the two of them could still talk. Because of this, Qin Yan also had a little more favorable impression of the twin sisters from the second uncle’s mansion.

From this point of view, Qin Ming, the only son of Song Mei, was the only son of the Qin family. Oh, no wonder her father’s concubine could act like a tyrant, truly the mother was distinguished because of the son’s honor.

This Qin Nian was really able to bend and stretch. Her attitude was too normal today, making Qin Yan a little uncomfortable. This was not the usual style of this concubine-born sister.

Interesting, what surprises were waiting for her at Imperial Concubine Shu?


Following the eunuch who led the way into the Imperial City, Qin Yan felt a scorching gaze frequently cast towards her along the way. It was Qin Xi.

The twin sisters were sixteen years old and had similar appearances but their temperaments were very different. The eldest sister Qin Xi’s temper was out of control, while the younger sister Qin Lin was calm and reserved.

Qin Xi adored Qin Yan, the eldest sister. Their mothers were unhappy with their grandmother, and they often had disputes before they were separated from the family. It was common for them to kneel in the ancestral hall.

She heard that Rong Mama, who was next to her grandmother, took someone to escort Qin Yan to kneel at the ancestral hall that day. The eldest sister ignored them and was able to come and go freely in Qin Mansion. Song Mei and her daughter had also made many obstacles for them, and they were good at pretending to be weak and sympathetic. The mother and their two sisters also suffered a lot at the hands of that pair of mother and daughter.

This eldest sister, who was domineering in the Qin Mansion, made Qin Xi admire and relieve her anger.


Imperial Concubine Shu prided herself on being elegant but had no sense for the colorful flowers and trees. Therefore, the small garden of Chengqian Palace was full of foliage plants such as green bamboo, plantain, orchid, calamus, and so on. Only on an old peach tree next to the waterside pavilion by the garden, left a few remnant flowers that seemed to be falling appeared scattered.

When it came to viewing flowers, it was truly far-fetched.

Niangniang*, the young ladies of the Qin Mansion are here.” The eunuch who led the way exited the waterside pavilion.

(Niangniang* ­- used to address empress, imperial concubines, princess, and other imperial family female members)

Imperial Concubine Shu, who was on the soft couch, held a teacup in her hand and gently poked the tea leaves.

Looking at visitors coming at the door, she smiled lightly, “Niannian.”

Qin Nian stepped forward gracefully, took a few steps forward, and threw herself into Imperial Concubine Shu’s arms. She shook Imperial Concubine Shu’s arm and acted coquettishly, “Auntie, Niannian misses you so much. Auntie is still so young that Niannian almost calls out sister.”

Imperial Concubine Shu covered her mouth and laughed.

Among the few people present, there was Qin Yan, the rightful sister. Was Qin Nian comparing Imperial Concubine Shu to Qin Yan? Stepping on Qin Yan and flattering Imperial Concubine Shu, these words were…

Moreover, to be sisters with Imperial Concubine Shu, not to mention the difference in seniority, and Imperial Concubine Shu was an imperial concubine of the imperial family, was Qin Nian’s brain rusty?

After Concubine Shu finished laughing, she looked at the rest of the group, “Qin Xi and Qin Lin have grown taller.”

“Greetings Imperial Concubine Shu.” The twins profoundly saluted Imperial Concubine Shu.

This pair of sisters was not close to Imperial Concubine Shu, unlike Qin Nian, who was often summoned by Imperial Concubine Shu, they did not enter the palace much on normal days.

“Someone, offer them a seat.” Imperial Concubine Shu started talking to Qin Nian in a cozy manner, paying no attention to Qin Yan at all.

Originally, there was only Imperial Concubine Shu’s soft couch in this waterside pavilion. The palace servants brought two chairs and arranged them on both sides.

Qin Lin and Qin Xi looked at each other in dismay, glanced at Qin Yan awkwardly, and stood there.

Imperial Concubine Shu glanced over displeased, “Qin Xi, Qin Lin, do you two think that my palace is simple and not to your liking?”

Imperial Concubine Shu looked down on the sister-in-law of the second branch who came from a merchant background that was filthy rich. She even looked down on the two sisters. Today, the niece of Qin Mansion was supposedly invited to enjoy the flowers, but she reluctantly invited the twins as a cover.

The sisters had to sit down.

Qin Yan was the only person in the group left standing idle in the room.

Except for Concubine Shu and Qin Nian talking and laughing in the entire waterside pavilion, there were only the sounds of the palace servants serving tea and snacks.


After a while, Qin Yan closed her eyes and sighed.

Still these cheap tricks, nothing was new.

A cold female voice interrupted the conversation between Imperial Concubine Shu and Qin Nian, “If Imperial Concubine Shu has news of my mother, please let me know. If not, I will retire first.”

Only then did Imperial Concubine Shu look at Qin Yan, a woman who was as beautiful and arrogant as Shen Shiying back then.

“Is your upbringing like this? You haven’t made any progress in the Northwest these years? It’s fine if you don’t pay respect when you enter, but how can you interrupt when the elders are talking?” Concubine Shu scolded sternly.

The master of Chengqian Palace seemed to be worried that Qin Yan had not been in the rear courtyard for a long time and could not understand her keen words. She took a sip of tea, and added, “It’s no wonder that there are no honorable elders in the Duke of Zhenguo Mansion all year round, and the current mistress of the mansion is from a bitter background without a father and mother. No wonder she can teach Shen Shiying, who is ignorant of etiquette and utterly vulgar.”

“I’ll give you a few books of “Women’s Rules” and “Women’s Commandments” in a while. It can be regarded as a meeting gift from me. It’s good for you to read more after you go back.”

“Oh, you don’t have much literacy, right? Duke is a rough person, and there may be no one to teach you. In the future, come to the palace often, and I’ll teach you reluctantly, so as to avoid being rejected by the in-laws, and lose the face of our Prime Minister Mansion.”

“However, I heard that your fiancé, the Shizi of Marquis of Yongding Hou, refused to admit your marriage? I pity you!”

“I remember that a few days ago, Xian’er seemed to be talking about this year’s Wu Juren*. There was a chief military instructor in the Northern Imperial Army, called… Lin or something. He seemed to be not bad, and his family background is also considered clean. I’ll show your portrait to him in the next few days, and you also don’t push it anymore. Since you have been rejected, your market will not be good, so don’t be too picky.”

(Wu Juren* – martial arts candidates in the imperial examination for the selection of military)

These remarks made Imperial Concubine Shu feel happy. Back then, when Shen Shiying married her younger brother Qin Wenzheng, the whole family dared not offend the Duke, so she humbly treated Shen Shiying. It also caused Wenzheng and his childhood sweetheart, Song Mei to be able to continue their relationship after so many years.

After Shen Shiying got married, her mannerism was still the noble first daughter of the Duke of Zhenguo Mansion who did her own thing, and she did not respect her sister-in-law, who was ranked as one of the four imperial concubines. Imperial Concubine Shu was furious at the time, but she couldn’t explode.

Now that Qin Yan was alone without any power, and a silly little girl, still couldn’t clean her up?

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