TCPCHW Chapter 23 Part 2

The Crown Prince Chases His Wife

Chapter 23          A Crane Cry (2/2)

An Yanxi was a little shocked. Feng Yunchao had always supported her obsession with His Highness Taizi, and even explicitly expressed her hope that An Yanxi could become her imperial sister-in-law in the future. This princess even allowed An Yanxi to use her name to have more contact with His Highness Taizi.

But today… was there really a change? Was it Qin Yan?

“Yanxi, I have always been grateful for your company and care for me since I was a child. If it wasn’t for the violation of etiquette, I would definitely call you sister. Therefore, I have no selfish intentions in my following words, all for the sake of you.” Feng Yunchao looked serious, and carefully worded what she was about to say.

An Yanxi’s heart skipped a beat.

Feng Yunchao took a deep breath and said, “Last year, Double Seven Festival*, it was also in this pavilion, I saw it all.”

(Double Seven Festival* – a traditional Chinese folk festival also known as Chinese Valentine’s Day)

An Yanxi looked at Feng Yunchao in surprise, her face suddenly turned red, and she seemed a little embarrassed.

Feng Yunchao’s words reminded her of that embarrassing memory again.


On the official holiday of the Double SevenFestival last year, An Yanxi came to the Taizi Mansion alone, saying that she was there to pick up the book that her brother had left behind. After entering the mansion, she found Taizi Feng Zhan, who was sitting alone in the pavilion.

An Yanxi put down her lady’s reserve and summoned up her courage to invite Taizi to walk around the lake, but was coldly rejected by Taizi.

Taizi Feng Zhan didn’t give a face to An Yanxi, nor did he deliberately lower the volume. Therefore, those words were also listened to by Feng Yunchao, who had returned.

“I don’t want to see you find other excuses to stay longer and do other things that bother me. Your improper behavior will interfere with your brother’s judgment on government affairs. I will only say this once.”

An Yanxi blushed with shame, retreated, and walked away after saluting.

On the Double SevenFestival that day, Feng Yunchao also came to the Taizi Mansion to ask Taizi to take her out to play, but her Imperial Brother Taizi refused because he was busy with official business and said that Lu Chen would take her there. Feng Yunchao left angrily, and then returned, but happened to see An Yanxi enter the pavilion where Imperial Brother Taizi was just now.

Feng Yunchao didn’t mean to listen at the corner, but with the words of Imperial Brother Taizi, if she appeared again, Yanxi would be even more embarrassed. So, she hid behind the banana leaf next to her and waited for Yanxi to leave and reappear.

Feng Yunchao always thought that there would eventually be women in Imperial Brother Taizi’s mansion, if it wasn’t Yanxi, it would be other people. And Yanxi was the best choice since she knew her so well.

She had never seen Imperial Brother Taizi get along with any woman except Yanxi. Although Yanxi had never been close to Imperial Brother Taizi, she had never said a few words to her Imperial Brother Taizi. So, Feng Yunchao thought that her Imperial Brother Taizi was cold-hearted towards women.

Until that day at the Princess of Zhaoren Mansion. That day, Feng Yunchao saw Imperial Brother Taizi looking at a woman with a smile on his face for a long time for the first time.

Feng Yunchao selfishly hoped that Yanxi would be her imperial sister-in-law, but she respected Imperial Brother Taizi’s thinking even more. Besides, Imperial Brother Taizi hated others interfering in his affairs the most, so Feng Yunchao was not going to touch that bad luck.

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But Yanxi didn’t seem to be the one who would turn back without hitting a wall.


“Yanxi, the bloody storms in the harem are not uncommon to me over the years. Even my imperial mother, the Empress of the country, has become a victim of the harem battle. You should have heard of those things.”

“Looks like Imperial Brother Taizi has no intention towards you all along. Even if you finally entered the Taizi Mansion, you would enter the palace in the future. Without the protection of Imperial Brother Taizi, can you spend this long life safely in the palace? Can you protect your child in the future?”

“You will be the same as those sad women in the harem I saw. One by one, famous and noble women from noble families, have been reduced to a resentful woman who washes their face with tears all day long.”

Sitting alone on the carriage returning to the city, An Yanxi kept repeating Feng Yunchao’s words in her mind.

An Yanxi understood that Feng Yunchao’s words came from the bottom of her heart, but that didn’t change her mind. Since she was a child, she felt that she was the most suitable candidate for the crown princess, and no one could match her.

Feng Yunchao’s attitude changed after she went to the Princess of Zhaoren’s housewarming banquet, what happened that day?

When thinking about this, the curtain of the carriage was lifted by the wind and An Yanxi looked in the direction of the Princess of Zhaoren Mansion, “If I’m not suitable, is Qin Yan suitable?”

At this moment, Feng Yunchao’s carriage suddenly stopped and made An Yanxi a little puzzled.

The palace servant next to the princess’ carriage came over, motioned for An Yanxi’s carriage to move forward, and lined up beside Feng Yunchao’s carriage.

Feng Yunchao opened the carriage curtain and looked at An Yanxi for a moment.

Feng Yunchao said helplessly, “Yanxi, on the day of the Double Seven Festival, I will ask Imperial Brother Taizi out to play. At that time, you can seize the opportunity yourself.” Then she put down the curtain and left.

An Yanxi closed her eyes, this first princess, was seemingly indifferent, but her heart was actually soft.

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