The Wealthy and Influential Fiancé Has the Ability to Read Minds

Chapter 13

Tang Nuan moved all the things out of the Tang family’s house, and also scared Jiang Miao, too. Thus, she was in a very good mood.

However, when she started organizing her things, she felt more and more regretful that Ye Shuyan had given her such generous treatment even though she was only a fiancée in the name.

Jewelry, the house she currently lived in, and even household things were always replenished by his housekeeper.

As for emotions, although he didn’t know her preferences at all, his housekeeper and assistant were very clear! Just like the jewelry selected by Assistant Wen, the breakfast prepared by Brother Zhu for her was very much to her liking.

Not to mention the others, she dared to confront the Jiang family blatantly at the beginning because she knew he was behind her.

Tang Nuan sighed and collapsed on the sofa, what a comfortable future life!

It was a pity that Ye Shuyan actually had Jiang Miao in his heart. Maybe he hasn’t realized it yet, but according to the plot in the book, he would wake up eventually.

Thinking of her miserable ending in the book, Tang Nuan curled her lips. She didn’t want to play with people who talked about feelings. People who talked about feelings really easy to go crazy.

If she wanted to live a comfortable life, having enough money was pretty good.

Well, it was better to make use of her time before breaking the engagement.

Thinking of this, Tang Nuan got up and went to the study room to take out the USB flash drive. This system was originally intended to repay Ye Shuyan. Because of her lack of money, she could only give Ye Shuyan’s return gift with an “intention” on every holiday. However, in terms of value, compared to what he gave, it was really not as good as a drop in the ocean.

Before, she thought that they would get married in the near future, and the husband and wife would be one. This gift was enough to reflect her value. In the future, she would continue to engage in the business slowly, and one day she would be able to give him enough assistance.

It was not because of love, but she has always firmly believed that a “mutually beneficial” relationship could be stable and long-lasting, and worthless people could be discarded at any time.

But now that the engagement was about to be withdrawn, so the situation was different.

“Give me a 20% discount.” Tang Nuan felt a little heartache.

For things like projects, especially sustainable development projects like this one, the Ye family’s financing was the best way for both parties to achieve a win-win situation, and everyone would have a constant flow of money. But on the flipped side, they must work together.

Tang Nuan wanted to stay away from the protagonist group now, so she could only choose the most disadvantageous way which was to package and sell it directly.

Of course, on the one hand, it was to cut off the connection with Ye Shuyan, and most importantly, it was also to repay his generosity and support for her over these years.

After all, after the engagement breaking, she couldn’t return those jewelry to him, and this apartment…

Tang Nuan collapsed on the carpet in despondency. She personally watched the renovation of this house and liked it very much. She thought she could live in it for at least ten years, but it turned out that she lived in it for less than half a month…

The more Tang Nuan thought about it, the more distressed she became. After the project was sold to Ye Shuyan at a low price, she would be able to recoup the cost, and also needed start-up funds to redo the project again. Probably she couldn’t afford to buy this apartment back…

Wait a minute! Tang Nuan sat up abruptly. The project was regarded as a repayment to Ye Shuyan, but one thing belonged to one thing and couldn’t be confused. She was the victim of the breaking of the engagement, and the compensation she deserved must not be less!

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For example, this apartment could be fully compensated to her… No, it should be more than that.

Tang Nuan unconsciously twirled her hair around her chest. She could get a good impression if she took the initiative to do give the project and Ye Shuyan was not a stingy person, so he definitely wouldn’t treat her badly.

However, compensation also depended on the situation. Compensation for guilt and compensation for mere formality would definitely be different.

Tang Nuan rolled her eyes and decided to be a perfect fiancée who loved Ye Shuyan deeply and intended for him wholeheartedly!

It was best to make him feel guilty enough to double the compensation when he broke off the engagement! For example, gave her a few of the Ye family’s shares or something… Hehehe…

Tang Nuan energetically sent a message to Assistant Wen to confirm Ye Shuyan’s evening time. Knowing that he would leave work early tonight, Tang Nuan sent a message to Ye Shuyan, saying that she had something important to look for him tonight.

Let’s use this project to get a good impression first!

After the message was sent, the other party did not reply, and Tang Nuan was not surprised. She went directly to the study and turned on the computer to check the prepared project materials again. In addition, she also added a mental exercise for Ye Shuyan’s mind-reading ability:

Recalling all the hardships of doing this project and the feelings in order to repay him… She was moved to tears thinking about it. Unless Ye Shuyan was not a human being, there was no way he could remain indifferent!

At this time, Tang Nuan felt that Ye Shuyan’s mind-reading ability was quite useful, and it became so easy to take credit.

At four o’clock in the afternoon, Tang Nuan finally received a message reply from Ye Shuyan. The simple word “OK” was very much consistent with his previous replies, and Tang Nuan felt relieved.

At seven o’clock in the evening, she received a call from Ye Shuyan, “I’ll be in the community in a second, you can get ready.”

So, Tang Nuan tidied up a little bit, seeing that it was almost time, she took the USB flash drive and waited at the elevator entrance.

This building has a large area with one elevator and one household per floor, and each family only has the right to their own floor. However, Tang Nuan and Ye Shuyan have mutual rights and Tang Nuan has never gone up before. Normally, she waited for Ye Shuyan to come down or go up the elevator when there was something.

Because Tang Nuan had already had several experiences, her estimation of the time was relatively accurate, but the elevator did not come after waiting for a long time. Tang Nuan was wondering whether something have happened. When the elevator door opened with a “ding”, apart from Ye Shuyan, Jiang Zhan, Jiang Miao, Jin Wenxia, and Tang Sheng’an were all there.

It seemed that there was something had happened.

Ye Shuyan’s schedule was always full, and even for private matters, one has to make an appointment in advance, but judging from his phone call just now, these people were obviously not in his plan.

Looking at Jiang Miao’s slightly pale face, Tang Nuan couldn’t help but smile in her heart. It seemed that she was really in a hurry, and she would do such a disrespectful thing as blocking people at the door.

Was it because she was worried that she would eat Ye Shuyan tonight?

Then she must perform well today! Tang Nuan put on a decent smile.

The few people inside obviously didn’t expect Ye Shuyan to come to pick up Tang Nuan. When they saw her, Jiang Miao bit her lower lip unconsciously, Jin Wenxia looked angry and Jiang Zhan’s eyes were deep, but Tang Sheng’an didn’t look surprised at all. After all, they rushed here because they heard that Tang Nuan was going to seduce Ye Shuyan tonight. It would be strange not to run into them.

Tang Nuan didn’t seem to notice their different demeanor and greeted them gracefully with the attitude of Ye Shuyan’s fiancée, and then got on the elevator and stood beside Ye Shuyan in a dignified manner.

[Here we are… I’m sure they’ll blame me… Obviously, Jiang Miao used the photo to lure me over…]

Tang Nuan thought about everything that happened that day because she knew that not only was there a large number of people on the other side, but Jiang Miao’s situation was also very delicate. Unless there were cameras or neutral witnesses, she could not argue this matter according to common sense. If you are enjoying the novel, please support this translation and get direct access to new releases by reading it at the translator’s original website:

She didn’t expect Ye Shuyan’s mind-reading ability to be used to avenge herself before she took credit for it. Tsk, this kind of encrypted output was quite convenient.

[She called my dad, is she trying to reveal my identity? If I’m really not the daughter of the Tang family, what should I do… Will Brother Shuyan really end our engagement…]

Ye Shuyan couldn’t help looking down at her with raised eyebrows, it turned out that this was the secret that Jin Wenxia was talking about, and fortunately she didn’t reveal anything.

Sensing his gaze, Tang Nuan showed an expression of aggrieved forbearance, “Brother Shuyan, why don’t I stay behind? It’s the same if we do it later after the guests finish visiting you.”

As soon as she finished speaking, the twentieth floor arrived.

Everyone: …

Jin Wenxia stared angrily, thinking to herself, this scheming girl! What are you pretending, why didn’t you say it just now, you only said this when it was all over.

Jiang Zhan’s face was slightly cold, “It’s not necessary, we were going to look for Miss Tang too, which would save us a lot of trouble.”

Tang Nuan glanced at the gift boxes in their hands, and said with a smile, “You all are so polite. In fact, I have the same sickness as Brother Shuyan. You can just visit him. He is fine, and I am fine, too.”

Jiang Zhan and the others decided to come at the last moment to stop someone. However, there must be a reason, so they used the pretense of visiting patients. After all, they fainted all day yesterday and went to work today, which makes sense.

[Who is coming to visit you!!! Shameless!!!]

Ye Shuyan couldn’t help but glance at Tang Nuan. It was the first time he knew that her ability to irritate people was so remarkable that Jin Wenxia was almost blown up by her, and her shrill voice hurt his brain.

However, Tang Nuan didn’t think it was enough, looked at Jiang Miao and said, “Miss Jiang, how are you? I heard that you were still sick for two days. I’m really sorry for what happened the day before yesterday. I’ve drowned before, and I couldn’t control myself when I fall into the water.”

“If you don’t believe me, ask my dad.” She looked at Tang Sheng’an again, “It was when I was eight years old that I was pushed into the sea by Tang Yi and almost drowned. The doctor rescued me for a long time.”

Tang Sheng’an’s expression darkened unknowingly…

[~! @#¥%…&*]

Ye Shuyan listened to the cursing of several people with their minds, and he admired Tang Nuan’s ability to draw hatred. To clear his mind, he opened the door and told Tang Nuan directly, “Go and prepare some refreshments for the guests.”

Tang Nuan was stunned by the tone of being the mistress, not to mention other people.

They have been engaged for three years but actually have a distance between them. Tang Nuan couldn’t help looking at Ye Shuyan.

Ye Shuyan changed the slippers on his own, and opened the shoe cabinet to let others find it, but found a pair of light yellow women’s slippers in the most convenient place in the shoe cabinet, which was still brand new.

Thinking of Zhu Bo’s inner voice this morning and knowing that he prepared it, Ye Shuyan didn’t hesitate to take out the slippers and put them in front of Tang Nuan and then motioned for others to use the disposable slippers by themselves.

Then he looked up at Tang Nuan who was still in a daze, “What are you thinking?”

“Oh, oh…” Tang Nuan came back to her senses and put on her slippers subconsciously. Because Ye Shuyan was by her side, she didn’t dare to think about anything and couldn’t help screaming in her heart until she walked out of the three-meter range: [Ah, ah, ah what’s going on?!! Is Ye Shuyan crazy?!]

Ye Shuyan paused.

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[Ah, that’s right, it should be to anger Jiang Miao. Yes, it is to anger Jiang Miao. Ye Shuyan, you’re such a scumbag. You are a scumbag, but you use me as cannon fodder… The Jiang family will write me off again…]

As the distance went beyond, the voice behind also faded away, and Ye Shuyan couldn’t help thinking, was she still short of such a thing?

Ye Shuyan couldn’t help squinting her eyes when she saw Tang Nuan walking around blankly to find the location of the kitchen. She seemed to know the future, but she was completely unfamiliar with this place…

Didn’t she marry him in the future? But it didn’t seem to be the case. What happened in the future?

Tang Nuan didn’t know that Ye Shuyan was studying her silently, and after walking into the kitchen, she began to be at a loss.

Although they engaged for three years, Tang Nuan never crossed the line because of Ye Shuyan’s request to “be obedient” at the beginning, so even if she lived downstairs, she never came up once.

As for the book, she has lived here for a long time after marrying Ye Shuyan. As for her being a female supporting role that pokes readers’ nerves, the book couldn’t describe her and Ye Shuyan’s married life in detail.

So, she herself was not familiar with this place at all.

Ye Shuyan usually didn’t seem to like having people at home at normal times. Zhu Bo left after preparing everything, and there was no live-in housekeeper or staff.

Fortunately, after a while, Ye Shuyan came over after settling those people. He directly took some ready-made fruits from the refrigerator and put them on a plate. Then he took out a bottle of drink and motioned Tang Nuan to pour it into the cup.

Tang Nuan was startled, “Use this to entertain?”

Ye Shuyan asked, “Can you make tea for them?”

Then let them drink her tea and scold her? Did she look like a fool?

Tang Nuan rolled her eyes, “Then you serve the drink, and I’ll deal with the fruit.”

Ye Shuyan brought it out, but he couldn’t scold her.

Ye Shuyan glanced at her, didn’t mind her little thoughts, found a few cups for drinks, and went out with the tray.

Seeing this, Tang Nuan immediately gained confidence. Ye Shuyan obviously didn’t welcome them, but they were the first to be rude, so they didn’t dare to challenge first.

Tang Nuan dawdled for a while, and the apple was cut into a few bunny shapes.

When she went out with the fruit, she heard Jiang Zhan talking to Ye Shuyan about work, “…the Nuanyang Smart Hotel Management System has been evaluated very well in the United States. Many people want to take over and they are all looking for the mysterious person in charge…”

Tang Nuan raised her eyebrows, so Assistant Shen regarded Jiang Miao as the future mistress? Wasn’t it too fast to tip off the news?

Jin Wenxia glanced at Tang Nuan proudly, and deliberately asked Jiang Zhan, “Brother Zhan, you have so many connections, don’t you have many friends over there? Surely you can help Big Brother Ye, right?”

Jiang Zhan smiled helplessly at her childish behavior, “Whether I can help or not, your Big Brother Ye doesn’t need my help. It’s just that I happened to hear about it, and I happen to have acquaintances. It’s just a matter of little effort.”

Even though he said this, the meaning was very clear that the Jiang family could easily help Ye Shuyan solve the problem. On the other hand, Tang Sheng’an looked lost, probably not even knowing what project of the Ye family they were talking about.

Tang Nuan couldn’t help laughing as she listened. She was still distressed before, but she didn’t expect that someone would compensate her. If you are enjoying the novel, please support this translation and get direct access to new releases by reading it at the translator’s original website:

She decided not to tell Ye Shuyan about the Nuanyang system, because she suddenly had a brilliant idea…

Ye Shuyan’s thoughtless movements paused for a moment, and he looked up at Tang Nuan, who was smiling slyly. Did she know about the Nuanyang system?

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