The Wealthy and Influential Fiancé Has the Ability to Read Minds

Chapter 39

With the idea in mind, Tang Nuan asked the team to change her makeup and hair, and the challenge of breaking off the engagement starts today! As long as she danced within the scope of Ye Shuyan’s requirements, there would come a time when he couldn’t stand it anymore.

So, she changed her previous elegant and dignified style to a slightly more glamorous makeup. She also chose a starry silver one-shoulder slim-fitting mermaid dress that showed off her body better and paired with a set of gold South Seas pearl jewelry.

This set of jewelry was brought back by Ye Shuyan during a business trip from Alai Country. Tang Nuan liked it very much, especially the pearl hairpin. The white pearls, the size of soybeans, were inlaid in the shape of a feather, with a thumb-sized golden bead at the end and three small gold beads hanging from the bottom like tassels. It was inserted between the fluffy hair, making it unique and playful.

The earrings were simple single golden pearls, while the necklace had the same leaf and pearl shape as the hairpin. In short, they looked beautiful together.

Tang Nuan couldn’t help but sigh. Assistant Wen’s foresight was very good. As for why it wasn’t Ye Shuyan? Needless to say, that person was always busy with work, and small things like picking out gifts and buying flowers for her were all done by Assistant Wen.

After getting dressed, Tang Nuan looked at the beauty in the mirror and raised her eyebrows proudly, believing that she would be able to stir up Ye Shuyan’s nerves later.

Although she had challenged it twice before, it was not a daily outfit, it was a private matter and would not have a significant impact.

This time the dinner party was different.

Miracle Media was one of the three major media giants in China, with its core business being the journals “Business Trends” and “Global People”, both of which were among the world’s top financial and business magazines.

Its 50th Anniversary Carnival invited not only celebrities but also business elites, such as those from Yan City’s wealthy circles, as well as upstarts and elites from all walks of life. In short, its influence was not small.

Hmph, you like to keep a low profile, so I will keep a low profile today to see if you can stand it…

He probably couldn’t stand it… right?

Until she was sitting in the car, Tang Nuan could still feel the occasional cold gaze from the man next to her towards her head.

Tang Nuan was driven mad by his stare. What did this guy mean? When he came downstairs to pick her up just now, Tang Nuan thought he would have objections to her makeup and clothing, so she waited for him to dare to say it was not suitable and change it to a more exaggerated one. In the end, he only stared at her jewelry and said, “Go get another one.”

This was something Tang Nuan never expected. From top to bottom, this set of jewelry was the least out of place for her, okay? Wasn’t it beautiful? It looked good with any outfit.

As a result, this man stood beside her, looking down at her with a fixed expression that she wouldn’t leave without changing. Tang Nuan had no choice but to go to the jewelry table and choose another one.

Anyway, it was a gift from him. Tang Nuan looked at it for a while and felt that the diamonds seemed pretty good. She secretly praised Assistant Wen’s aesthetic taste. She was about to take it out when she heard him say heavily, “Forget it, let’s go.”

Tang Nuan: ……

And now, even though he had given up on his own words, he still seemed to have a strong objection to the pearl hairpin on her head.

How did the pearl provoke him?!

Tang Nuan’s head was cold from being stared at, and she couldn’t bear to look back at him, only to see him sitting next to him looking at the tablet in his hand, as if the dissatisfied glances just now were Tang Nuan’s illusion.

Tang Nuan narrowed her eyes and directly turned the table to keep an eye on him. If he had the ability, he would express his opinion, otherwise, he wouldn’t let her make him feel uncomfortable.

Ye Shuyan did not look up after all, and the two of them arrived at the headquarters of Miracle Media.

Many people had already arrived at the scene, and they were very lively outside.

Tang Nuan took a peek and found that there was a red carpet. The reporters’ flashlights kept flashing. The positive image of corporate leaders was also a kind of publicity for the company, so most people walked through there.

Of course, Ye Shuyan didn’t like it. Judging from the direction the driver was driving, there should be another quiet entrance.

Tang Nuan rolled her eyes, “I want to go there.” She didn’t like being high-profile, but Ye Shuyan didn’t like it either! It was more important that Ye Shuyan didn’t like it.

Ye Shuyan didn’t even look at her and said directly, “Okay.”

Tang Nuan was surprised when Ye Shuyan told the driver, “Drive to the red carpet.” Then he said to Tang Nuan, “Enjoy the walk, I’ll wait for you inside.”

Tang Nuan: ……

“As a fiancé, is it not fulfilling your obligation to let your fiancée walk the red carpet alone?”

Ye Shuyan said indifferently, “No, you won’t be my fiancée just because you walk on the red carpet alone, so there is no obligation issue.”

Tang Nuan: ……

Ye Shuyan looked at her up and down, then suddenly took off his clothes and draped them over her body.

Tang Nuan rubbed it instinctively. She hadn’t felt it before, but now she found that it was still a little cold with one shoulder exposed and it was much warmer this way.

Ah, no, Tang Nuan realized and looked at Ye Shuyan with narrowed eyes. Sure enough, he still minds.

But she heard him say, “Okay, this proves that you came with me, and no one will laugh at you. If you like it, go ahead.”

Tang Nuan: ……

Wouldn’t that be more miserable? She might as well have come alone!

Tang Nuan stared at him, while Ye Shuyan continued to read the documents. For some reason, she could see a hint of contentment from his expressionless face.

This guy definitely did it on purpose. If it weren’t for being too close, Tang Nuan would want to curse him well.

In the end, Tang Nuan naturally did not walk on the red carpet, but followed Ye Shuyan through the VIP passage.

Assistant Wen was already waiting. Ye Shuyan usually did not attend this kind of event, but Assistant Wen would still come to socialize, otherwise, it would appear that the entire Ye Group was superior and the impact would not be good.

But this time he came not for socializing, but because the Tang family was coming.

When he learned that President Ye was going to bring Miss Tang and her family to the party, Assistant Wen was shocked. However, after reflection, he realized President Ye greatly valued Tang Nuan. As a capable assistant, of course, he had to take precautions, after all, it was true that this kind of charity event gathered elites together, but there was also a mix of good and bad people.

So, he came over to make arrangements in advance. When he saw Tang Nuan’s appearance, his usually indifferent expression showed a hint of surprise, “Miss Tang.” Oh my god, what happened to Miss Tang?

Now that everyone was talking about her affairs, she was so high-profile that no matter how cold President Ye was, he might not be able to stop everyone from gossiping. Where has the worry-free Miss Tang gone to?

Tang Nuan smiled, this was the effect she wanted? Unfortunately, the iceberg Ye Shuyan remained completely silent, leaving people with no sense of fulfillment.

However, Assistant Wen quickly regained his expression, took out two brochures, and handed them to Tang Nuan, “Miss Tang, this is the course of the dinner party, and there are also brochures of auction items. I took a look, and there is plenty of pretty good jewelry. …”

Before he finished speaking, he felt two cold eyes. Hmm, from his recent moody boss, and he didn’t know where he had offended him again.

He looked at the distance below, oh, was it because he was within three meters?

But it isn’t about reporting work now. So, I can’t stand three meters away from you and Miss Tang when I talk to you. Even if I can talk three meters away, it’s hard to hand over things. Can I extend my arms to hand over to them?

Is this the posture of Xu Xian and his fair wife who were about to be forcibly separated by Fahai? Oh, NO, this example is a bit disgraceful. How could President Ye be Fahai? No, how could he be Xu Xian…

“Assistant Wen.” Ye Shuyan was at his end of patience.

Without waiting for him to speak again, Assistant Wen said skillfully, “Alright, President Ye, I’ll go over there first and have a look. If you need anything, call me.” After that, he turned around and left.

Tang Nuan looked at Ye Shuyan, “Did Assistant Wen do something wrong?” The assistant with such good taste should be treated with a little tolerance, otherwise, who would buy her nice gifts in the future…

Well, although she was not sure when she could get out of the engagement, what if there was still a chance?

Ye Shuyan directly took the brochures in her hand and walked inside with her in his arms. After walking a few steps, President Qi from Miracle Media came to greet him personally, “President Ye, a rare guest. Welcome.”

He was in his forties, of average build, and not handsome, but he made people feel comfortable when he smiled. However, a person who ran a magazine to this extent should certainly not be underestimated.

Ye Shuyan exchanged greetings with him. President Qi knew that he didn’t like the hustle and bustle and ordered, “Xiao Zhao, take President Ye to the VIP room on the second floor.” He smiled and said, “The second floor is not open to everyone. It’s rather quiet. “

But they won’t be able to see performances or participate in activities such as bidding. It was prepared for people like Ye Shuyan who only liked to talk about work and business.

Tang Nuan couldn’t agree, so she took Ye Shuyan’s arm and said with a smile, “I want to watch the performances and take some pictures. I don’t want to go up, can you accompany me?”

In front of outsiders, humiliating the face of the fiancé was not something that the fiancée could do.

Tang Nuan looked at him smugly, but saw Ye Shuyan suddenly smile affectionately and said to President Qi, “As you can see, I am just here to play with her today, so I won’t go up.”

The graceful President Qi didn’t even hide the shock on his face. He had a new understanding of the legendary Ye Shuyan’s fiancée and said quickly, “Then go to the front row. Xiao Zhao, take President Ye and Miss Tang there.”

He had other guests to greet, so he left first.

Ye Shuyan looked down at the dazed Tang Nuan, put his arms around her waist, and said, “Why don’t we go through there?”

Tang Nuan looked where he pointed, and found that there was a gap in the seats. She couldn’t help but look at him, are you crazy not walking on the main path but between the seats?

But heard him say calmly, “Walk slowly so that everyone can see clearly. Today everyone will know that you are my fiancée, and no one will dare to mess with you.”

“But since so many people know about it, wouldn’t it be better to get married as soon as possible? Otherwise, if there is any news about the engagement withdrawal, it will cause greater damage to my reputation.” He looked at Tang Nuan, “Then you need to be careful in your future actions. If someone misunderstands and wants to break off the engagement, you’ll have to make up for my losses.”

Tang Nuan: ……

Help! Is it too late for me to withdraw now?!

The author has something to say:
Under Nuannuan’s offensive, our President Ye also started to show off.

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