The Wealthy and Influential Fiancé Has the Ability to Read Minds

Chapter 3

Tang Sheng’an rarely agreed with Lin Yue’e, “Jiang Miao’s two elder brothers and cousins ​​are all very capable. If they are determined to trouble you, Dad can’t help you.”

“But if we show them a favor, they will definitely not treat you badly. So, you can choose the one you like this time…”

Lin Yue’e watched Tang Nuan take things out from the suitcase one by one, which were obviously gifts for them. When she saw the set of pink diamond jewelry, she couldn’t help but interrupt Tang Sheng’an’s words, “…What is that?”

Even Tang Shuang couldn’t help but look at it. The jewelry was elegant in shape, but the pink color was not suitable for older people. It should not be for her mother. Since it was not for Lin Yue’e, it should be for her…

“Oh, it’s a graduation gift from Brother Shuyan.” Tang Nuan picked up the necklace and put it around her neck, and asked her family with a smile, “Does it look good?”

The corners of Tang Shuang’s mouth newly raised drooped down and immediately reacted, “Ye Shuyan gave it to you? When?”

“Just the day before yesterday.” Tang Nuan smiled, “Graduation ceremony.” Then she acted coquettishly, “Don’t Dad, Mom, and Sister have gifts for me?”

Tang Shuang ignored her later words, only pursed her lips, and asked, “What else did Ye Shuyan say?”

“Say wanted to prepare for the wedding and ask for my opinion.” Tang Nuan looked at them and said with a smile, “Fortunately, I said that I wanted to ask my parents’ opinion at that time, so I didn’t agree directly.”

“If you two think it’s not good, then I will reject him.” Tang Nuan thought for a while, “If want to break off the engagement, isn’t it should be before Jiang Miao’s birthday party? Otherwise, she will be embarrassed. Then, won’t the brothers of the Jiang family trouble our family?”

Tang Nuan tilted her head and said, “However, if we break off the engagement, will the Ye family feel insulted and trouble our family?”

“Do you think the brothers of the Jiang family will fight Ye Shuyan for us?”

“They have so many powerful people, so they should be able to clean up Ye Shuyan obediently, right?”

Tang Sheng’an, Lin Yue’e, and Tang Shuang were speechless. Who was Ye Shuyan? Ye Zhenghong, who was at the helm of the Ye family, had to give three points to this son. How could the Jiang family dare to provoke him?

For a while, they didn’t know if what Tang Nuan said was true, or if she was talking nonsense to escape breaking the engagement.

“Isn’t it easy to handle? It was originally a marriage by family relation. Young Master Ye can do it, but Second Ye is not the same.” Tang Yi came in from the door and looked at Tang Nuan with undisguised malice in his eyes, “Second Ye, like you, is proficient in eating, drinking, and having fun. Although he didn’t inherit the family business, Director Ye loves him more, and his expenses are not much less than Young Master Ye’s. Moreover, he knows how to have tenderness toward women than Young Master Ye. A star that invests tens of millions in film and television dramas.”

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He looked at Tang Sheng’an, “In this way, our Tang family and Ye family are still relatives by marriage, and both families will not be offended.”

Tang Shuang said coldly, “You don’t have the right to speak here. What are you, son of the Ye family? Why are you picking and choosing here?!”

Tang Shuang was seventeen or eighteen years older than Tang Nuan and Tang Yi, and she was very powerful in the Tang family.

Lin Yue’e also looked at him coldly.

Tang Sheng’an spoke for Tang Yi, “Of course, the son of the Ye family can’t be picked and chosen by us. Isn’t it because Jiang Miao and President Jiang are in it, or else, Second Ye will not be able to climb high with Nuannuan’s temperament, right?”

Tang Nuan saw that her mother and her sister were thinking about it, and couldn’t help laughing, “Isn’t the scheme too small?” She tutted at Tang Yi, “If you can’t climb up, you can’t climb up. No wonder after so many years, you still only know how to kneel, lick and hug onto thighs everywhere.”

“What are you looking Second Ye for?! Look for Director Ye is better, both Ye Shuyan and Jiang Miao are in my hands, let alone Second Ye. Given the level of love President Jiang and they have for Jiang Miao, when I will become their mother-in-law, not only the Ye family but also the Jiang family have to listen to me.”

“At that time, how about I will let Ye Shuyan come to our house every morning and evening for greetings, let President Jiang invest in all the projects of our Tang family, and let Tang Yi be the chairman of the Jiang family? Anyway, they are willing to sacrifice anything for the happiness of their sister.”

Tang Sheng’an was furious, “Tang Nuan!”

Lin Yue’e also frowned, and just as she was about to teach her a lesson, Tang Nuan’s cell phone suddenly rang.

She was in the middle of packing up the things in her luggage and turned on the speakerphone.

Assistant Wen’s voice came out, “Miss Tang, the scandal on the Internet has been deleted. This matter is my negligence, and I will pay attention to it in the future.”

Tang Nuan said politely, “I see. Thank you for your hard work.”

Assistant Wen said, “In addition, President Ye has prepared an apology gift for you, and will send it to you tomorrow.”

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Tang Nuan’s smile immediately became very sincere, “Thank you very much. It’s really a waste of money.”

After hanging up the phone, Tang Nuan’s things were also packed away. She pushed a bunch of colorful boxes to the middle of the coffee table, “These are the gifts I brought back. Dad, Mom, and Sister, please share them among yourself. I’ll go up first.”

“Wow, that guy Jiang Zhan is really insidious. He must know that you can’t ask for such a valuable thing for no reason. That thing is bait. If you refuse, he will take advantage of the situation and say that he will invest in a few projects of the Tang family, including your dad, your mom, and your sister’s projects. This is to use a soft knife* to sharpen the whole family!” Ji Yun clicked her tongue on the phone, “Sinister, really sinister.”

(soft knife* – a way of harming people imperceptibly)

“But did Young Master Ye really say that he wants to get married?”

Tang Nuan slowly sorted out the bookcase, “Anyway, I haven’t received a notice to call off the engagement yet.”

“If you say that, I became excited,” Ji Yun cheered up, “It’s been two months since his first love came back. Although I can’t imagine what it’s like for Young Master Ye to love someone, he won’t let his beloved fall into such an embarrassing situation as a mistress, right?”

“How come it looks like Jiang Miao is very enthusiastic but the other is indifferent? But the people who were with them back then all said that Young Master Ye was really protecting Jiang Miao at that time… What on earth was Ye Shuyan thinking?” Through the phone, one could imagine Ji Yun’s worries, “Wow, I can’t hold back my curiosity.”

Speaking of this, she suddenly became serious, “But I’m sure, the Jiang family is pinching the soft persimmons*. Since they can’t offend Ye Shuyan, they’re going to attack you. You should be careful. After all, if you break off the engagement, you’ll have a problem on your side and if the Ye family breaks off the engagement, it’ll be their rights.”

(pinching the soft persimmons* – bullying the weaker people)

Tang Nuan took out the graduation certificate, took a photo, and sent it to the group, “It’s hard to say who has to be careful. Could it be Ye Shuyan’s marriage depends on who has more brothers? Of course, it depends on who is better and can help him more. “

Ji Yun:  …

“As your partner, I really want to agree with you, but my conscience hurts too much.” Who doesn’t know that you have beautiful skin?!

“I saw the post. You send the fake certificate to the group!”

Sure enough, the group has already complained loudly: [University of Pennsylvania?!!! How much did you buy it for?]

[Can you buy this kind of university degree?]

[As long as there is enough money, the entire university could be bought. It turns out that Young Master Ye loves reputation so much. He just wanted his fiancée to graduate from a prestigious school that sounded nice.]

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There were also some yin and yang strange people: [With this degree, Tang Nuan should quit our group, right?]

[Elite Tang, don’t forget us when you get rich in the future. 】

Although Ji Yun scolded her for the false certificate, she still took the lead in posting an emoji of fireworks celebrations in the group. After that, many people joined in to keep up, and the group seemed to really celebrate her graduation.

Tang Nuan rolled her eyes and looked up at the various trophies displayed in the bookcase: piano, chess, debates, and various competitions and scholarships…

“Tsk, no one believes the truth…” Tang Nuan laughed at herself. She couldn’t blame others as her own parents didn’t believe it, so how could outsiders have any reason to believe her?

After washing up, Tang Nuan threw herself on the bed to prepare for jet lag, but she couldn’t sleep because she was not used to it when she just came back.

Just as she was thinking of playing hypnotic music, the phone rang and she glanced at the caller ID, it was her fiancé.

“Tang Nuan.” The man’s voice on the phone was the same as his. Although deep and magnetic, it was indifferent and reserved.

Tang Nuan had long been used to it, and she could hear this voice once a week during the three years she was abroad.

“Brother Shuyan.” She replied obediently.

The person over there was obviously still busy, and also spoke concisely, “You’re back? Why didn’t you say it in advance.”

Tang Nuan said with a smile, “I heard Assistant Wen say that you were going on a business trip soon, so I didn’t bother you. Anyway, I want to go home first.”

Ye Shuyan didn’t say much, “Okay, I’ll ask Assistant Wen to pick you up tomorrow and choose whatever you like.”

Tang Nuan smiled happily, and especially liked his way of comforting, “Thank you, Brother Shuyan.”

Ye Shuyan was also used to it, and continued, “There is a birthday party at the Jiang family next week. You and I will go there together. I may need to rush back on the same day. You can also pick out gifts and dresses together.”

“Okay, don’t worry.”

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“Then, have a good rest.”

After he finished speaking, he hung up the phone, and there were no unnecessary greetings, but Tang Nuan was in a good mood.

In fact, she didn’t expect Ye Shuyan to reach this level at all.

When they got engaged back then, the two really had no feelings for each other, and even three years later, they were still unfamiliar.

They got engaged to get what they wanted. Ye Shuyan said straightforwardly that there would be no love in the future. As long as she was obedient without going beyond the rules, he would give her whatever decency she deserved.

Of course, Tang Nuan wouldn’t go beyond the rules. She approached him just so that she could jump out of the vortex of the Tang family and live a life of willfulness.

As for love, Tang Nuan snorted and laughed, the wise did not fall in love, and those who fell in love were riddled with holes.

Looking around, how many good endings were there for those who married for love? When there was no love, they all lived happily and comfortably.

Not to mention others, just her mother, when her father brought Tang Yi back, a prestigious well-bred lady turned into an unreasonable shrew, but now that she held the shares of the Tang family, Daddy Tang didn’t dare to provoke her easily.

Thus, Tang Nuan knew from a young age that interests were the most solid and stable relationship in the world.

Without any superfluous expectations, it would be great if the reward was equal to the investment.

But at the beginning, she thought that Ye Shuyan was talking about decency in front of others. After all, she knew about his working state that he wished there were forty-eight hours in a day.

But he didn’t expect that he was referring to what a fiancé should do.

He would call every Monday, even if it was only for half a minute, and there would be flowers and gifts for birthdays and holidays every year, just like this time, graduation gifts, and greetings after returning home.

Even if it was routine, he was the most competent one.

Tang Nuan liked this state very much. She might only be part of his arrangement, but it also showed that as long as she has value and he was a responsible person, she could always reap this reward.

It was very reassuring.

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After the phone call, Tang Nuan fell asleep without having a single dream until she was woken up by the phone in the middle of the night.

“Erica! The presentation of our latest hotel smart management system went very smoothly!” The excited scream made Tang Nuan subconsciously close her eyes and put the phone away.

However, the voice of the partner over there still came through clearly, “At present, we have received the purchase intent of Maisel and Candy Hotel, and the situation of the two hotels has been sent to your email. You can take a moment to look into it and give a plan design framework.”

“As long as we sign the order, we will start making money!”

Tang Nuan smiled unconsciously. She got up with the phone pressed to her ear and walked to the desk to turn on the computer, “Ok, I’ll get it done as soon as possible.”

The partner continued, “Oh, by the way, in addition to hotel purchase orders, there are also financing matters. Several investment companies have contacted us.”

“Our funds are very tight now. It so happens that the core system is ready, and the financing should be able to reach pretty good conditions.”

Speaking of this, the partner’s tone was a little serious, “No matter whom you prepare this core system for, we must have financing. You also know that program development costs more money, and if there is no money coming in, our team will have to dissolve next month!”

Tang Nuan casually clicked on the investment company information sent by the other party. When she saw Ye Sheng Investment on the list, she couldn’t help but smile. It seemed that Ye Shuyan would like her gift very much.

“Okay, I know. I’ll give you a definite answer in a month or two at the latest, and I’ll make another payment later.”

The partner was immediately happy, “It feels great to have a financial backer!”

After hanging up the phone, Tang Nuan opened the stock trading software. The stock market was not closed yet. She cleared the last two stocks and transferred the money to the company’s finances.

This time, she really became a pauper.

But there should be a good return. Tang Nuan looked at the email with a smile. Although Ye Shuyan was strict and unreasonable, he was still very generous about valuable things.

It could be regarded as a little reward for his support for her for so many years.

Tang Nuan couldn’t sleep, so she simply continued to sort out the information until the sky turned bright and sleepiness came over.

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After a few minutes of sleep, she was woken up by the phone again.

Ji Yun screamed like a cannonball, “My dear, you give yourself away. Young Master Ye is not in Yan City at all!”

“According to Jiang Miao in her small group of girlfriends, her Brother Shuyan is now abroad helping her shoot the same series of starry pink diamond necklaces customized by Madam Liao Sha.”

“Second Ye directly opened a bet, betting whether his eldest brother would break off the engagement with you within a year. My dear, what do you think?”

Tang Nuan became fresh instantly, “Help me to bet, bet on me to win.”

Ji Yun: “…”

“My ancestor, you still have the mood to bet. You have become a joke.”

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