The Wealthy and Influential Fiancé Has the Ability to Read Minds

Chapter 21

Looking at Jiang Miao’s haggard face and without the mood to eat, and comparing it to Tang Nuan, who was eating deliciously with rosy cheeks, the Jiang family was really annoyed.

Mother Jiang put down her chopsticks and looked at Father Ye, obviously asking for an explanation.

Father Ye quickly opened his mouth to smooth things over, “Tang Nuan may not be used to it for the first time here, so don’t be shy, just eat as if you were at home.” Then he said to Ye Shuyan, “There are some issues with the press release issued by the company yesterday, so I had someone to replace it.”

Ye Shuyan only said lightly upon hearing the words, “I know.”

Jiang Miao bit her lips tightly, her eyes were slightly red.

Ye Shuyan has so many things to do every day, how could he possibly pay attention to a small article on the official website? However, he said he knew, which meant he was paying attention to this matter, and might even have ordered it to be done.

Father Ye looked apologetically at Father Jiang, who had a bad face, and asked with a frown, “Don’t you hate others discussing your personal affairs? How can you post such a photo?” He said, but his eyes were fixed on Tang Nuan as if this incident was caused by her restless incitement to Ye Shuyan.

Tang Nuan felt that she was a very good scapegoat, especially for Ye Shuyan. If anyone was upset, it must be her fault.

Speaking of it, this should be considered a mental damage fee, right?

Ye Shuyan glanced at her, put down his chopsticks, raised his eyes to look at the opposite side, and spoke directly, “I don’t like it, especially for people I don’t know to talk about in their free time.”

The Jiang family was swept across by his emotionless eyes and felt a little guilty for a moment. They were all concerned about Jiang Miao’s career, and they knew in their hearts that half of Jiang Miao’s recent conflagration was due to the tortuous life experience of Cinderella becoming a wealthy family, and the other half was relying on the scandal with Ye Shuyan.

This man was excellent, with impeccable value, appearance, and character, not only for Jiang Miao’s career but also for their Jiang family.

Mother Jiang said awkwardly, “Nowadays, with the development of the internet, public figures like celebrities are no longer gossiped. People with a little bit of prestige are easy to be talked about, especially those on self-media, who talk about everything for the sake of gaining traffic.”

She continued, “However, it doesn’t affect life. If it’s done well, it might bring benefits to the company.”

Father Jiang added with a smile, “Exactly! Since Miaomiao came back, the subscribers to our platform have increased a lot.”

Hearing that they were still making excuses, Ye Shuyan asked directly, “What happened to the wine yesterday? Have you found out?”

The Jiang family immediately shut their mouths. They wanted to frame Tang Nuan, but the ins and outs of the matter were very clear. Even if Ye Shuchen liked Jiang Miao, he wouldn’t be so despicable. Besides, Tang Nuan had videotaped it and there was no room for sophistry.

Ye Shuyan just looked at Jiang Miao indifferently, and the servants around her also looked at her with surprise, as if they had never expected her to do such a foolish thing.

Jiang Miao felt humiliated as if she had been stripped naked and surrounded by people on the street. Finally, her lower lip bit out blood, and she stood up abruptly with tears in her eyes, “Yes, it’s because of me. I’m despicable and shameless! But I didn’t intend to harm others! That’s just a mistake.”

She instinctively didn’t dare to blame Tang Nuan anymore, but cried, “Ye Shuyan, how far are you going to punish me!”

After speaking, she got up and ran outside.

“Stop!” Ye Shuyan said coldly.

Jiang Miao stopped in her tracks. Although her face was full of tears, there was still a hint of expectation in her eyes.

However, she heard Ye Shuyan say, “I have never punished you in any way. And don’t insult the upbringing of the Ye family with this kind of uncultured behavior.”

He looked around, “It seems that you all didn’t listen to my explanation last time…” He narrowed his eyes and said coldly, “Or don’t want to listen. Then in front of everyone today, let me emphasize again that I have no intention of marrying the Jiang family. My fiancée is Tang Nuan.”

Tang Nuan’s head exploded in an instant, why does this sound like a bad premonition?

On the other side, Old Madam Ye scolded angrily, “Shuyan! What nonsense are you talking about?!” She said as she glared at Tang Nuan, “Did you tell Shuyan something?”

Father Ye also spoke hurriedly, “Shuyan! Don’t say something in a fit of anger. You’ve been busy with work all day and I guess there are some things you haven’t heard yet. Tang Nuan…”

Ye Shuyan interrupted him, “No matter what, this can’t be the reason to target her!” He warned them coldly, “No more next time.”

Mother Jiang was so angry that she slapped the table and stood up, “Ye Shuyan!”

Father Jiang also looked at Ye Zhenghong.

Ye Zhenghong no longer sided with the Jiang family, but instead smoothed things over, “Anyway, let’s eat first, and we’ll talk about this later. Miaomiao, don’t be angry either, let’s eat first.”

Father Jiang frowned in dissatisfaction, and Ye Zhenghong could only give him a meaningful look.

The Jiang family didn’t understand, but the Ye family knew very well. Ye Shuyan looked cold and distant from others, but in fact, he didn’t like to care about things most of the time. He could ignore some trivial wrongdoings, but when a warning is issued, it must not be ignored. Otherwise, what awaited them would be a thunderous blow, which was absolutely unbearable.

Although Father Jiang didn’t know why, he was still sensible and held back a little.

Mother Jiang’s chest was already heaving with anger, “Okay, that’s great! I didn’t want to care about your young people’s affairs.”

“Yes, Miaomiao was sorry for you first, but isn’t she already making up for it? But from yesterday to today, Ye Shuyan has gone too far! Our girl is not for you to insult!”

Ye Shuyan said flatly, “She didn’t do anything that needed to be sorry for. If the so-called compensation is causing trouble to me, let me make it clear that there is no need for it. In the end, it is she who insulted herself. Please, she has to respect herself in the future.”

Jiang Miao was trembling all over when she was pointed out, with tears pouring down like rain. Her legs went limp when she lifted her feet to walk outside and fell to the ground directly.

Everyone was shocked and rushed to help.

“Ye Shuyan!” Suddenly there was an angry shout from outside the door, “Enough is enough! How can a man be so heartless?”

A beautiful woman in a floral Persian-style long dress walked in. First, she glared at Ye Shuyan angrily, and then quickly stepped forward to help Jiang Miao. She grabbed her hand and comforted her lovingly, “Miaomiao, don’t cry. Don’t worry, Auntie will decide for you.”

Mother Jiang was already very angry, “Ah Qiong, no need. We can’t afford your son.”

Jiang Zhan stepped forward and hugged Jiang Miao’s shoulders, “Miaomiao, let’s go home.”

“Jiang Miao.” Ye Shuyan spoke again, probably hadn’t been driven up the wall by anyone in a long time, and his tone was impatient, “I don’t know what you’ve told others, but the so-called first love, I don’t believe you don’t know in your heart.”

“Don’t make me think of the story of a farmer and a snake*.”

(the story of a farmer and a snake* – a fable tells the story of a farmer sympathizing with a frozen poisonous snake but bitten to death in the end)

Jiang Miao trembled all over, and the Jiang family frowned in surprise. Deng Qiong was about to ask what it meant when the butler came in to announce, “Sir, Madam, the Tang family is here.”

It was only then that everyone remembered that today’s highlight was this, and they all looked at Tang Nuan coincidentally.

Mother Jiang glanced at Tang Nuan and said with a sneer, “It seems that you have some serious matters to deal with. We, the Jiang family, the irrelevant outsiders, will not bother you.”

Then she eccentrically said to Ye Shuyan, “Then I wish you, Shuyan, and Miss Tang a happy marriage for a hundred years, and you must invite us to your wedding banquet when the time comes.”

Deng Qiong hurriedly said, “Ah Le, don’t say angry words.” But after seeing Tang Nuan’s panicked expression, she didn’t say anything excessive, and only said to Jiang Miao, “Miaomiao, don’t cry. Auntie will ask Shuyan to apologize to you.” As she spoke, she gave Ye Shuyan a hard look.

Ye Shuyan’s expression remained unchanged, and he said dully, “Thank you, but remember to apologize for what happened today.”

After finishing speaking, he got up and nodded politely to the Jiang family as a farewell, then went straight to the living room, with a look of not wanting to entangle with this group of people who didn’t understand human language.

The Jiang family was shocked with anger, and they all walked out with cold faces.

Looking at Ye Shuyan’s departing figure, Tang Nuan truly felt numb, not because she was about to be exposed, but because Ye Shuyan’s attitude made her worry too much!

Of course, it was impossible for Ye Shuyan not to know about her. Apart from the Jiang family, he was the first to know about it. She didn’t believe that he didn’t investigate after she said it in her heart.

So, why did he still look like he was not going to withdraw from the engagement? Was she not twisted enough, no, not infatuated enough?

Could she be a little more twisted? Would it be too late?

Deng Qiong gave Tang Nuan a dissatisfied look, and then looked at the Ye family, especially Old Madam Ye and Sun Wanqiu, “Did you guys do something again? How can my son be so rude?”

Old Madam Ye was wronged to death and said, “What can we do? Who in this family can provoke him?”

Ye Zhenghong changed the topic and asked, “What are you doing here?”

Deng Qiong sneered, “If I don’t come, will you continue to plot against my son?” After speaking, she followed Ye Shuyan to the living room.

The others followed.

The Tang family has arrived, Tang Sheng’an and Lin Yue’e have bitter faces, and their eyes were also blue-black. Seeing the Ye family, Lin Yue’e burst into tears, “Old Madam, Director Ye, and Ms. Deng, I’m so sorry…”

When they came yesterday, they gave Old Madam Ye a general idea, and without delay, Tang Sheng’an directly took out a brown envelope and handed it to Old Madam Ye.

Old Madam Ye took a quick look, and couldn’t help but look at Tang Nuan with complicated eyes, and then handed the envelope to Ye Zhenghong… After circling around, the envelope finally fell into Ye Shuyan’s hands.

It consisted of two paternity tests, Tang Nuan, Tang Sheng’an, and Lin Yue’e had no father-daughter or mother-daughter relation.

The rest watched the reactions of the two culprits coincidentally, especially Tang Nuan.

Perhaps the ending in the book was too tragic and with enough psychological abuse that when Tang Nuan finally saw these two tests, she felt a sense of stability and a sense of relief that the other boot had finally come.

She would have nothing to do with the Tang family immediately!

Tang Sheng’an spoke hypocritically, “Nuannuan, alas, let me call you Nuannuan for the last time. Don’t blame us for being cruel. We have raised you with delicious food and drink for more than 20 years, and we also have done our best. From now on, we will only do our best for our biological daughter.”

Lin Yue’e’s eyes were full of resentment, “You stole my biological daughter’s good life for more than 20 years, you should be content.”

Just when everyone thought that Tang Nuan would lose control of her emotions, she closed her eyes, and when she opened them again, her eyes were filled with tears, and she said empathetically, “I understand, although it was not my intention, it’s a fact that I occupy the magpie’s nest. Don’t worry, from now on, I won’t go back, no, I won’t go to the Tang family again.”

Tang Sheng’an and Lin Yue’e were stunned for a moment. They thought it would take some effort, after all, Tang Nuan was always difficult to deal with. They thought they would let Ye Shuyan see Tang Nuan’s face, but they didn’t expect her to be so sensible all of a sudden.

In this way, Old Madam Ye felt a little pity, and sighed, “You can’t blame her for this. She knows nothing as a child. After all, you’ve raised her for more than 20 years, the affection will never fade away. You should take care of her a little bit more.”

Both Ye Zhenghong and Deng Qiong nodded in agreement, while Tang Sheng’an and Lin Yue’e could only agree embarrassingly.

In the end, everyone’s attention fell on Ye Shuyan. However, when something big happened to his fiancée, he was like as if reading a company document, which was not very important. After reading it, he raised his hand to look at his watch and call his driver, “Get ready, we will leave in ten minutes.”

Deng Qiong asked, “Where are you going?”

Ye Shuyan replied, “Go to work.”

Ye Zhenghong said, “What about this?”

“I’m aware of the situation.” Ye Shuyan said to the Tang family, “You can handle the rest of your family affairs by yourself, it’s nothing more than moving Tang Nuan’s household registration out.”

Ye Zhenghong said, “What about other matters…” He glanced at Tang Nuan, and said politely, “There are still your affairs here. How do you plan to deal with it?”

Deng Qiong was very sensitive, and immediately said angrily, “How to deal with it? Is this unclear? Could it be that you still want to continue marrying the Tang family? Why? Replace it with who knows what’s going on with their biological daughter who grew up outside?”

Before Ye Zhenghong could speak, Tang Sheng’an hurriedly said, “How could it be? Although Tang Xing and Jiang Miao are good friends, Tang Nuan’s biological parents are an ordinary family and not strict in upbringing. How could they possibly be worthy of Shuyan? We still have some self-knowledge.”

Lin Yue’e also pressed the corners of her eyes and said, “Yes, the reason why we told the Ye family the news as soon as possible because we knew that we were not worthy, so we wanted to call off the engagement as soon as possible, and don’t delay Shuyan.”

Their sense of wit made Deng Qiong calm down, and her speech became much more pleasant, “I can’t blame you for this. You are also victims, and after all, we have had a fate. If there is anything that we can help in the future, Shuyan will also help out.”

Tang Sheng’an and Lin Yue’e were overjoyed. They were so proactive in calling off the engagement, wasn’t it because they wanted the other party to remember them? This sentence was better than anything else.

Ye Shuyan glanced at Deng Qiong, without expressing his opinion, and turned to look at Tang Nuan.

The long-awaited highlight has arrived, Tang Nuan immediately rallied her spirits, and looked at Ye Shuyan affectionately on the surface, while feeling like a crazy dog in her heart, hysterical: I don’t want to call off the engagement!!! Now you are my only support!!! I won’t allow any woman to approach you within ten meters in the future!

Seeing Ye Shuyan’s silence, Tang Nuan thought he was scared, and waited for him to speak with bated breath, adding another bargaining chip: From now on, I will always be within three meters of Brother Shuyan! Guard against that little demon Jiang Miao!

It could be said that Ye Shuyan was quite afraid of this last threat. If she stayed within three meters of him all day, he would be annoyed to death.

However, who would be the first to be unable to focus all day long?

Ye Shuyan looked at Tang Nuan, and asked lightly, “What do you think? Are you going to call off this marriage?”

Tang Nuan: ???

She couldn’t help but widen her eyes, was this something she could decide?

Sure enough, Deng Qiong said with a frown, “What do you ask her for? If she doesn’t withdraw, you won’t withdraw, too?”

No one could imagine that Ye Shuyan nodded, “Yeah.”

Everyone was stunned and the Tang family was stupefied. A soft voice reminded them, “Is it because of Madam Jiang’s words? If you withdraw at this moment, Shuyan will lose face.”

It was Sun Wanqiu.

Tang Nuan couldn’t help but glance at her, she seemed to be emphasizing that when she mentioned this.

Deng Qiong didn’t know if she realized this. She glanced at Sun Wanqiu, and said to Ye Shuyan, “Don’t be mad. You bullied Jiang Miao so much, so why don’t you let Aunt Jiang stab you a few times? How can a man be so heartless?”

Ye Shuyan didn’t even bother to talk about it, he only raised his hand to look at his watch, and said to Tang Nuan, “There are still three minutes left. It’s up to you to decide whether to call it off or not.”

Tang Nuan: …

Baby is so sad!

Can she say quit now?

Wait, her heart was so messy, but she still could pretend to be considerate on the surface… She’s witty!

Tang Nuan raised her head and glanced at everyone, with her eyes turned red as she spoke, “I know I’m not worthy of Brother Shuyan…”

Ye Shuyan suddenly spoke casually, “If you decide to call off the engagement, you should first return the dowry, the apartment, and the jewelry…”

“Not withdrawing!” Tang Nuan’s considerate words were immediately swallowed back, “Although you all think that I am not good enough for Brother Shuyan, I don’t want to withdraw from the engagement.”

According to Tang Nuan’s request back then, Ye Shuyan’s dowry was all given to her. The big one-story apartment alone is now worth at least 30 million yuan, along with jewelry…

Her hesitation for half a second showed disrespect to tens of millions!

Deng Qiong said angrily, “I knew it! Tang Nuan, getting married is about matching families. You are just a girl from an ordinary family. Even if you cling to Shuyan, you will still have a very difficult life afterward. You have lived in this circle since you were a child, can’t you understand this reason?”

Tang Nuan wiped away her tears, and her expression suddenly became firm, “Ordinary marriages are indeed like this, but even when I was the daughter of the Tang family, I was not in the same league as Brother Shuyan.”

“The marriage between Brother Shuyan and I did not rely on family background.”

Everyone couldn’t help showing disdainful expressions, and Deng Qiong sneered, “Is it possible that you are relying on your own excellency?”

Ye Shuchen suddenly remembered what Tang Nuan had said to him, and a bad premonition arose in his heart. As expected, she said confidently, “I rely on the eight characters!”

She looked at Old Madam Ye and Sun Wanqiu, “Grandma, aunt, am I right?”

No one expected that she would give such a reason. Old Madam Ye and Sun Wanqiu were choked, and Ye Zhenghong almost spewed out a mouthful of tea. Deng Qiong looked at the former with fiery eyes.

Ye Shuyan lowered his eyelids and curled his fingers, a hint of smile flowed from his lips.

But everyone didn’t notice it, because Old Madam Tang, who had been silent since she came in, suddenly spoke up, and she spoke nostalgically, “That’s the reason, Sister. You were the one who asked someone to calculate it and said that Nuannuan would bring prosperity to the husband and family.”

Lin Yue’e was enraged, her eyebrows were raised and she was about to speak, but Tang Sheng’an reacted quickly and responded, “That’s also using Tang Xing’s eight characters. The children have been changed and who knows when Tang Nuan was born.”

Tang Nuan said, “Although my horoscope is not very accurate, I have always been engaged to Brother Shuyan. Perhaps by chance, my horoscope is better than Tang Xing’s? Anyway, since we got engaged, has the market value of the Ye family company been skyrocketing? And Grandpa Deng’s family.”

Old Madam Tang agreed, “Yes, Shuyan joined the company after getting engaged to Nuannuan and everything went smoothly. The Deng family was also cleared of their grievances after that, and now they have taken it to the next level.” She looked at Deng Qiong, “Shuyan mom, you should know this best.”

“Your mother likes Nuannuan very much.”

Deng Qiong was choked for some time and said, “Are you trying to say that our Shuyan and the Deng family are what they are today, all because of Tang Nuan’s eight characters?!”

“You can’t say like that either.” Tang Nuan also risked it for the tens of millions. “The main reason is that Brother Shuyan is capable and Grandpa is innocent. What I have played is just a little bit of luck.” She pinched her index finger with her thumb and made a fingernail size.

“But luck is still very important in life, just like encountering a traffic jam during the college entrance examination, sudden policy changes when signing an important contract, or being wronged and the person in charge of interrogating happens to be the culprit who harmed your family. No matter how powerful you are and no matter how strong and innocent you are, it is futile, isn’t it??”

These people had never heard such a sophistry before, and for a moment they didn’t know how to refute her.

The sound of a car came forth from the door, and the driver was there to pick up Ye Shuyan.

Ye Shuyan stood up and said calmly, “It’s better to believe in its existence than its absence. Let’s talk about breaking off the engagement later.” Then he walked towards the door.

Tang Nuan quickly followed, “Brother Shuyan, wait for me.”

Tang Sheng’an and Lin Yue’e looked at each other in dismay, and at the same time looked at the Ye family with a bitter face.

If Ye Shuyan didn’t break off the engagement with Tang Nuan, wouldn’t they be in a big loss?!

Deng Qiong looked at Ye Zhenghong and Sun Wanqiu with an angry look, “Is he retaliating against you? How did you treat him in the past?!”

Anyway, the decision that Ye Shuyan, who was rational and calm, could make, was the only reason why the Ye family had a hard time.

Sun Wanqiu knew she was wrong and dared not speak, but Ye Zhenghong became angry and said, “Don’t find fault here. When it comes to retaliation, it is you who he retaliates with!”

“Isn’t your love more important than Shuyan? You despise the bad engagement we arranged for him, so where were you when we arranged the engagement for him?”

“Aren’t you pursuing your love? You were the one who hurt him the most. Why do you have the nerve to pretend to be a mother here now?”

“I think he hates women because he was deeply hurt by your love. He doesn’t accept Jiang Miao because he hates you. Otherwise, if such a good girl and completely devoted to him like Jiang Miao, why would he simply choose one, but not her?”

Due to the unexpected decision of Ye Shuyan, everyone was in a chaotic mess.

In the car outside, Tang Nuan asked Ye Shuyan cautiously, “Brother Shuyan, are you really not going to break off the engagement with me?” Ye Shuyan, who had his head lower, was dealing with the documents that were left behind yesterday. Hearing this, he turned to look at her and said, “Why? Do you want to withdraw?”

“No, no, no.” Tang Nuan shook her head like a rattling drum, “I won’t withdraw!”

Ye Shuyan said lightly, “I am the sort of person that is bound to the agreement. As long as you do not violate the agreed conditions at the beginning, I will not break off the engagement, but if you violate…”

He didn’t say the rest, but Tang Nuan read the remaining meaning from his emotionless eyes: You’ll be left with nothing if you do…

Tang Nuan: …

Ten minutes later, Tang Nuan waved for the Maybach to let her off at the entrance of the Genting Community and thought to herself, that Ye Shuyan should have wanted to break off the engagement with her and compensate her for the guilt. Why was it now that she was at fault for wanting to withdraw from the engagement?

How did things develop like this?!!!

My money! My freedom! Boo, hoo, hoo…

In the car, Ye Shuyan’s driver instinctively glanced at the rearview mirror and couldn’t help being shocked to see his usual cold boss was staring out the window and smiling! The corners of his mouth were obviously curled!

He glanced at Miss Tang who was walking toward the community not far away, and the dejection could be seen from her back…

Why does it feel like the boss was gloating?

“Xiao Liu.” Ye Shuyan suddenly spoke.

Xiao Liu was startled, “President Ye.” Could the boss hear what he was thinking? Why did his expression suddenly become serious?

Just as Ye Shuyan was about to speak, he heard someone giving him another challenge: [Do you think I will just sit back and wait for death?! Ye Shuyan! Let’s wait and see!]

He couldn’t help but chuckle and gave up, saying to the driver, “Forget it, let’s drive.”

He would wait and see.

The author has something to say:
Tang Nuan: Aren’t you afraid of my twisted heart that loves you like crazy?
Ye Shuyan: Whoever wants to break off the engagement will pay for compensation.
Tang Nuan: Does it bother you that I stay within three meters of you all day?
Ye Shuyan: Whoever wants to break off the engagement will pay for compensation.
Tang Nuan: Ahhh! Ye Shuyan, you will regret it! You unscrupulous capitalist!
Ye Shuyan: Do you want to break off the engagement? Whoever wants to break off the engagement will pay the compensation.
Tang Nuan: …Not breaking!
The vile girl was firmly grasped. Who makes her love money the most? Hahaha.

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