The Wealthy and Influential Fiancé Has the Ability to Read Minds

Chapter 26

On the night before Ye Shuyan returned, Jiang Miao came into the Jiang family living room with a frown, “Auntie, I heard that Tang Nuan is going to pick him up tomorrow.”

Deng Qiong frowned, “What’s going on?”

Mother Jiang glanced at Deng Qiong and beckoned to Jiang Miao, “Whether she likes to pick up or not, don’t worry about their affairs anymore. Concentrate on filming, and you will gradually forget about her.”

Jiang Miao seemed to be sad when she was brought up, with pain flashing in her eyes, and a forced smile, “I’m not sad, after all, they are an unmarried couple.”

Deng Qiong was heartbroken, “Good child, Aunt won’t agree to that marriage, and neither will the Ye family.”

Jiang Miao said sadly, “Then I will wait silently until he breaks off the engagement and then pursue him openly.”

“It’s just that the incident that Tang Nuan is not the daughter of the Tang family caused a big commotion last time and caused a lot of buzz online. And because I was not careful when I first came back, there were rumors of an affair with Shuyan. Now the relationship between the three of us…” At this point, she felt a little sad, “They all say I’m a mistress.”

“The topic has been very hot these days. If she is photographed picking him up at this time, I’m afraid it will bring more trouble. I’m currently discussing Director Guo’s script and if there are more rumors about the mistress…”

Deng Qiong said, “Don’t worry, I will pick him up at the airport tomorrow and I won’t let her go.” She explained, “You probably don’t know that I don’t like to see that girl since they got engaged, so usually she won’t go when I go.”

“Thank you, Auntie.” Jiang Miao seemed a little guilty, “I don’t want to be like this either, but I am a celebrity and my image is too important to me.”

She sighed, “I was too impulsive before and couldn’t control my emotions. If I hadn’t gone to pick him up with you before, I wouldn’t have this trouble.”

“What are you talking about? If you can control your feelings, they are no longer feelings.” Deng Qiong scolded her and suddenly suggested, “Why don’t you come with me tomorrow?”

Jiang Miao shook her head quickly, “I won’t go, I made him angry last time. He won’t want to see me.”

“He dares!” The more Deng Qiong thought about it, the more she thought it was a good idea to bring Jiang Miao along. “You didn’t mean to do it last time. Both of you need to just sit down calmly and explain it clearly. Otherwise, once he goes to work, you won’t be able to catch him at all.”

Seeing Jiang Miao’s hesitation, Deng Qiong said, “And if you go with me and get caught, you can explain it directly. You don’t have to be inexperienced like last time and miss the opportunity to explain, which makes people feel suspicious.”

After Deng Qiong left, Jiang Miao called Xiao Zhou, “I have something to do tomorrow morning, so you don’t have to come over.”

Xiao Zhou hesitated and said, “Sister Miao, Sister Tang Xing asked me to send her a video of your work tomorrow…”

Hearing Tang Xing’s name, Jiang Miao’s tone softened, “She just returned to the Tang family recently and is still in a mess, so don’t bother her.” At this point, she became a little impatient again, “Forget it. That’s it, you don’t have to worry about it anymore.”

After hanging up the phone, she thought for a while and dialed Tang Yi’s number directly, “I’ll go pick up Ye Shuyan with Aunt Deng tomorrow.”

“Young Master Ye is coming back?” Tang Yi suddenly became excited, “Is it going to deal with the issue of breaking off the engagement after coming back this time? What did Madam Deng say?”

“What do you think, it’s impossible for Young Master Ye to marry that wild girl, right?”

“Aunt Deng said that neither she nor the Ye family agreed…” Jiang Miao sighed and said, “Forget it, this matter has nothing to do with us. I just want you to help me push the work aside. On Tang Xing’s side…”

When Tang Xing was mentioned, Tang Yi was a little annoyed and said directly, “Okay, I will take care of this matter, you don’t have to worry.” After saying this, his tone became happy again, “It seems that good things are coming to our Baby Miao! Do you want to have another hot search tomorrow?”

Jiang Miao seemed a little helpless, “Stop talking nonsense, and don’t mess around. Ye Shuyan said last time that he doesn’t like to be judged.”

Tang Yi smiled and said, “Oh, don’t worry, isn’t there still Madam Deng? Madam Deng loves you so much, and it’s just picking him up from the airport, what there is to talk about?”

“Orange TV’s popular love variety show from last season was selecting a mentor. If you can be a permanent mentor, it will attract fans. There will be a wave of traffic tomorrow and it will continue to be hot for a few days, which will also be beneficial to our negotiations with the program team.”

Jiang Miao seemed to be unable to convince him, so she said nothing. After hanging up the phone, she gently hooked her lips.

Tang Nuan was matching tomorrow’s clothes in the cloakroom when Ji Yun called, “She took the bait. As soon as she heard you were going to pick him up at the airport, Jiang Miao made a move.”

“She has made up her mind to pin you in the mud and prevent you from showing up.” At this point, Ji Yun chuckled, “She’s quite confident. She is so sure that you won’t go if Madam Deng goes?”

“It’s normal.” Tang Nuan said. She hardly had the opportunity to pick up Ye Shuyan from the airport, mainly because their relationship hadn’t reached that level yet and there was no need for a formality. Otherwise, Tang Nuan would avoid Madam Deng when she was around, which was a tacit understanding between her and Ye Shuyan.

“I thought you were so scared that you didn’t dare to go out during this period.” She said with a smile, “Tang Yi’s piece of sh*t is trying to step on you this time. The hot search will be #Madam Deng and Jiang Miao is picking Young Master Ye from the airport, but his fiancée hasn’t shown up yet#. Hahaha, as soon as they show up at the airport tomorrow, I will top the hot search for them and let them go to hell.”

Tang Nuan couldn’t help laughing. She had said long ago that the Internet was a double-edged sword. Jiang Miao used it so handily, but as long as she made a mistake, it would be the beginning of her collapse…

“Have everything been arranged?” Tang Nuan asked.

“It’s been arranged. She’s a very smart blogger. She will come to you when the time comes.” Ji Yun said with a smile, “I promise not to let her stay on the hot search list even a bit longer tomorrow.”

Since Jiang Miao liked the Internet, they would accompany her to play on the Internet.

The next day, at the arrival hall at the airport.

Those who were arriving, picking up, and coming and going always looked in the same direction.

As soon as Da Yuan came in, everyone knew where today’s gossip was instantly.

She was a well-known online gossip blogger. She received news last night that there would be Jiang Miao’s gossip at the airport this morning, so she packed up her equipment early and rushed over.

Jiang Miao has been on hot searches recently, and the traffic was very hot. If she could be photographed, it might be her most valuable content recently.

She walked closer quickly, and the more she looked, the more something was wrong she felt.

There was a very beautiful woman who was sitting idly in the waiting area, holding a bouquet in her arms as if waiting for someone was boring. She kept leaning on the armrest with her chin resting on her hand and eyes closing as if taking a nap. The long curly eyelashes reflected in the sunshine, and the whole person was so beautiful, unlike a real person.

People around could not help but whisper, “Which celebrity is this? So beautiful!”

“Celebrities can’t be so careless, right? They’re just ordinary people.”

“Watch your words, do you call this an ordinary person?”

But Da Yuan wanted to scream with excitement. As a gossip blogger, of course, she knew Tang Nuan. To say that the most popular gossip recently was indeed Tang Nuan, who was the fake wealthy daughter, cheated her engagement, reckless parents, and so on, with a series of shady things…

Of course, the most important thing was that her fiancé was the first love of the celebrity Jiang Miao, Ye Shuyan, the president of the Ye Group!

So, it turned out that it was not Jiang Miao herself, but the fiancée of Jiang Miao’s scandal.

She turned on the recording while thinking, and her phone rang. Her colleague Qiao Qiao, who was in the same profession as her, said excitedly, “Da Yuan, did you know what I photographed? Yesterday, someone said that there would be a big gossip about Jiang Miao at the airport today and asked me to wait at the entrance. I did!”

“Jiang Miao and Ye Shuyan’s mother came to the airport to pick him up! He said that Ye Shuyan would be back today, and they are now at the entrance of the arrival hall!”

Da Yuan was stunned for a moment, looked at the beauty in front of her, then looked in the direction of the entrance of the arrival hall, and said inscrutably, “My dear, take a good photo, I will look after you.”

After hanging up the phone, she couldn’t help but want to scream, what kind of Shura gossip was this? Thinking of the news she received yesterday, she knew that someone must have arranged it, but so what, she liked the real-time gossiping scene!

She thought today’s game might be enough to enjoy a few days in the gossip fields.

Seeing other familiar colleagues approaching from a distance, Da Yuan decisively installed the live-streaming equipment. Today, the competition was too fierce, so she decided to livestream. If she recorded the video and edited it later, it would probably be second-hand gossip.

Before opening the live streaming platform, she looked at the beauty sitting on the seat and took a deep breath to encourage herself, “For the big gossip!”

The beauty was finally alarmed and looked over. Da Yuan boldly stepped forward and said, “Hello, is this Miss Tang Nuan?”

Tang Nuan nodded.

Da Yuan introduced herself, “I am an online streamer with millions of fans. There have been a lot of negative rumors about you online recently. Are you interested in clarifying them with me?”

Tang Nuan looked at her with great interest. Ji Yun made no other arrangements besides arranging for the blogger to come over. After all, Tang Nuan was not a professional either, so her natural reaction would be better.

However, Tang Nuan felt that people who could become famous in an industry have a few skills under their sleeves, which as listening to the words, “Unfavorable rumors, please clarify.”

Tang Nuan looked at the commotion not far away and smiled, “Okay.”

She was a beauty, and with such a smile, she was like an epiphyllum waiting to bloom in an instant, breathtakingly beautiful.

Even a girl, Da Yuan, couldn’t help but blush. Fortunately, she felt grateful for her habit of turning on the video first, so she might be able to cut out some good material when she went back.

After getting Tang Nuan’s consent, Da Yuan started the livestream, and her fans immediately rushed in.

[Huh? Da Yun, are you at the airport too? Hurry up and find Qiao Qiao. Ye Shuyan’s mother and Jiang Miao are at the airport and ready to pick him up. Qiao Qiao is streaming and you should go too. We want to see Jiang Miao and President Ye’s magnificent beauty.]

Da Yuan showed a meaningful expression, and then pointed the camera at Tang Nuan, “Well, I am also at the airport, but I met President Ye’s fiancée, who is also waiting to pick him up.”



[What! (Preserve formation)]


Tang Nuan has watched the live streaming several times, but this was the first time she participated and found it quite interesting. She got closer to watch the bullet screen.

[Oh my god, I’m going to die with such a striking beauty! Is this President Ye’s fiancée?]

[She doesn’t look like it, the photo on the official website looks so dignified…]

[Perhaps it was for grandma’s birthday party, that dress stamped the appearance of a fiancée!]


This type of gossip blogger has a variety of fan attributes, unlike the online trolls who have one-sided opinions, where they just say what they see, which was why Ji Yun chose them.

Tang Nuan looked at the message curiously and asked, “Do you have other friends doing live streaming?”

Da Yuan was naturally very thoughtful in being able to stand out among the many bloggers. She immediately took out another phone and opened Qiao Qiao’s live streaming and watched it with Tang Nuan.



[This is the reason why I still choose to come here even though Qiao Qiao’s gossip is bigger. If you want to say it’s cooler, it’s still less cool.]

[But why do I think the gossips on Da Yun’s side are bigger? Hey, there are already hot searches on Weibo: #Madam Deng and Jiang Miao pick up Young Master Ye at the airport, his fiancée didn’t show up# …So, am I seeing a ghost?]

[I guess, this is the essence of the big gossip today, right? The Shura field is only the second best.]

[I have seen Qiao Qiao and the others. The visual distance is only five meters away! The Shura field is coming soon?! Excited!!]

Seeing this comment, Da Yuan and Tang Nuan raised their heads at the same time and saw two women with outstanding personalities not far away.

The older woman was wearing a blue oil painting-style French dress, which was very artistic. She was Deng Qiong, and the other pure and sweet person was naturally Jiang Miao. She was holding Deng Qiong’s arm affectionately, wearing only a hat, without overly concealing her identity, and was very recognizable.

The two people obviously agreed to the blogger’s live-streaming request and were turning to look at the camera without noticing the situation there.

They were broadcasting as they walked. Even if Tang Nuan and the others were not passing through the live-streaming area, they could vaguely hear the blogger asking, “Are you two here to pick up President Ye?”

Jiang Miao smiled and said, “Yes, Ye Shuyan is coming back today, and I accompanied my aunt to pick him up at the airport.”

“Seeing that you two have such a good relationship, are good things about to happen for Miss Jiang and President Ye?”

Jiang Miao waved her hands quickly, “Don’t talk nonsense, Ye Shuyan has a fiancée.”

Deng Qiong’s expression turned bad when this was mentioned, and anyone could tell that something was wrong. Da Yuan couldn’t help but look at Tang Nuan and see that the person in question was watching the drama with great interest. Without knowing, she thought that she was just like herself, a season gossiper.

Qiao Qiao’s live streaming was obviously in a very direct style. After hearing Jiang Miao’s answer, she directly asked, “Is President Ye’s fiancée Miss Tang Nuan? Why didn’t she come to pick him up at the airport?”

Deng Qiong said calmly, “She has encountered a lot of things recently, probably still in a mess.”

Although Jiang Miao didn’t speak, there was a touch of pity in her eyes…

Then, their eyes met Tang Nuan, who was sitting on a chair less than two meters in front of them.

Tang Nuan’s face was rosy and full of energy. She tilted her head and waved to them, “Actually, there wasn’t much of a mess.”



There was silence in both live streams at the same time, followed by exclamation marks all over the screen, and then question marks on Qiao Qiao’s side, and Da Yuan’s live streaming was filled with laughter.

[Suddenly I realized the beauty of Shura Field with a slap.]

[Laughing so hard, I didn’t notice that she was in a mess, but the two people next to her who were slapped by this palm were a little messed up.]


As an actress, Jiang Miao could manage her emotions well, but Deng Qiong didn’t have much patience. She frowned and blurted out, “Why are you here?”

Tang Nuan tilted her head, “Brother Shuyan called yesterday and said coming back today. So, I came to pick him up?”

She asked Deng Qiong and Jiang Miao, “Brother Shuyan didn’t tell me that you two were coming too, otherwise we could come together.”

Deng Qiong’s expression turned bad again. Her son actually called Tang Nuan himself, but she had to ask Assistant Wen for information.

[So, President Ye called his fiancée, but Jiang Miao came over on her own?]

[Looking at it this way, I suddenly felt that Jiang Miao was bad.]

[Not only bad, but what’s the reason for the hot search? # Madam Deng and Jiang Miao are picking up Young Master Ye from the airport, but his fiancée hasn’t shown up yet#, is the person in front of me his fiancée?]

[Don’t take advantage of the goddess. Although I’ve heard of buying hot searches, this is a disgrace, tsk, tsk… I suddenly suspect what I’ve seen before.]

[The same suspicion, this is to bully someone who is not from the entertainment industry. Ah, no, not only is she not from the entertainment industry, but also not from a wealthy family. When she was still the daughter of the Tang family, the hot searches of Jiang Miao and Young Master Ye had never mentioned Tang Nuan before.]

[I quickly checked the gossip threads and found out that it was not the fake daughter, but that Tang Nuan’s fiancée’s identity was revealed online before various rumors began about her. The fake daughter was just the biggest one.]

[So… it’s scary to think about it.]

People who engaged in gossip were countless, and their IQ and reasoning ability were not limited. They soon would be able to differentiate.

As for the troll companies, let alone whether Tang Yi reacted, even if he did, the fact that Honglang Company received the court summons yesterday was a shock to other companies. At this time, only a few people dared to rumors of Tang Nuan, so the live streaming was still full of real gossip people.

[But President Ye’s mother doesn’t like Tang Nuan.]

[Da Yuan, please help us quickly ask, what is going on?]

Da Yuan also felt that the timing was right, so she asked Tang Nuan, “It is said online that Miss Tang’s engagement has been canceled due to cheating. May I ask if this is true?”

Tang Nuan smiled and said, “You also said it was spread online. I have always been curious about who spread the news. Apart from people close to the president of the Ye Group, how could anyone know about the marriage? Well, President Ye, Aunt Deng, and the others also wouldn’t say it everywhere online?” She thought thoughtfully and said, ” I think it may be the strong expectation of some people.”

Deng Qiong frowned and warned, “Tang Nuan!”

Tang Nuan looked at her doubtfully, “Is it Auntie who said that?”

Deng Qiong said angrily, “How is that possible?”

Tang Nuan said, “Then my guess is correct. You probably don’t know that Brother Shuyan is so good. When we first got engaged, many people were looking forward to my withdrawal. If not ten people, there were at least seven or eight.”

[Hahahaha, you are not talking about Jiang Miao at all. This is to reveal what someone is hiding, right? So, Jiang Miao wants to pry into the corner?]

Netizens in Qiao Qiao’s live streaming could instinctively see the expressions of Deng Qiong and Jiang Miao and now they all began to doubt.

[Based on the current situation, it should be the folk tale of a complex emotional entanglement that the biological mother who does not like the woman her son likes and insists on her son marrying the girl she likes.]

[So, it’s likely that Jiang Miao likes President Ye but unfortunately, President Ye has a fiancée. However, President Ye’s mother supports her, so she is moved and now trying every possible means to get rid of his fiancée.]

[Haha, mistress…]

When Jiang Miao saw the words on the screen of Qiao Qiao’s live broadcast room, her heart skipped a beat and she quickly winked at the other party.

She thought that these were arranged by Tang Yi, so she was very cooperative before. But she had no idea that Tang Yi would only spend money on hot searches and cautious headings. He couldn’t have imagined such a thing from a gossip blogger.

Qiao Qiao pretended not to see Jiang Miao’s signal. As a blogger, if she was too thin-skinned, she would not be able to shoot anything. Seeing the flow of traffic pouring in in just a short while, how could she give up?

Tang Nuan saw Jiang Miao’s actions and turned to wave hello to the netizens in Da Yuan’s live streaming She even got closer to read everyone’s messages and seemed to find it interesting.

Seeing Tang Nuan’s attitude, Da Yuan became more daring and asked again, “So you and President Ye will not break off the engagement?”

Tang Nuan said, “Currently, there is no such thing.” She stared at the questions from netizens in the live streaming and read, “So, is it Jiang Miao who wants to step between your relationship with President Ye?”

Da Yuan thought to herself that Miss Tang was attentive. She wanted to ask this, but she couldn’t ask, so now was the right time.

Jiang Miao’s complexion changed, and Deng Qiong said angrily, “Don’t talk nonsense here.’

Tang Nuan said, “I just read out the questions from netizens.’

She turned to Jiang Miao, “There are too many speculations online, why don’t you clarify it yourself?” She made an interview statement, “Excuse me, Baby Miao, what is your relationship with President Ye?”

Jiang Miao was speechless for a moment. She never expected that Tang Nuan would directly ask her question that she had given red envelopes to the program crew and reporters to avoid it.

This pause was enough to explain everything. Tang Nuan didn’t wait for her answer and turned directly to ask Deng Qiong, “Excuse me, President Ye’s mother, why did Miss Jiang appear with you to pick up your son from the airport? Compared to President Ye’s fiancée, do you like Miss Jiang more? Do you prefer her to be your daughter-in-law?”


[She acted so well and even I looked in the comment section to see who asked.]

[Hey, we won’t take the blame.]

Jiang Miao had done a lot of live streaming, and she immediately reacted, “Tang Nuan, don’t mess around here, no one can type so many words in such a short time.”

Tang Nuan looked at the camera, recalling the few live streaming she had watched, “Here, type 1 if you want to know.”

[Hahahahaha, 11111]


Then she showed Jiang Miao the “1”s on the screen, “Look, they want to ask that question.”

Jiang Miao: …

Da Yuan almost died laughing, thinking that Miss Tang was too funny.

“What?” Tang Nuan put on an act again in front of the live stream, “Why don’t you answer? If not, you should deny it as soon as possible. If you don’t deny it, you have a guilty conscience.”

[Hahahaha, I never thought that one day I would become the scapegoat just by watching a livestream.]

[It’s just my mouth instead. Miss Tang will ask you more questions.]


However, such a joyous and harmonious atmosphere did not last long. Five minutes later, Jiang Miao’s fans arrived one after another, speaking out to the streamer.

[Hey, who is this person? Why are you aggressive towards our Baby Miao in public?]

Tang Nuan also read it out, and then asked Jiang Miao, “Your fans won’t let me ask you, why don’t you leave?”

Jiang Miao dared not leave. Nowadays, live streaming has recording functions and it would be even harder to clean up if she leaves.

Tang Nuan innocently spoke to Jiang Miao’s fans, “She won’t leave on her own.”

The fans were going crazy.

[Tang bitch, are you sick. If our, Baby Miao, comes to pick him up at the airport, it’s none of your business.]

Then there was a lot of mockery in the live streaming.

[Oh my god, the funniest joke of the year, the ambiguous person who is rumored to be having an affair with her fiancé, has nothing to do with his fiancée?]

[It is said that fans follow the master, why does this fan of Jiang Miao have such a dirty mouth!]

[It’s just first love, it’s already in the past tense. Why is she holding on to it and deliberately embarrassing people? It’s too malicious.]

[Jiang Miao’s fans are called seawater? Are they all pretending to have seawater in their brain? When they asked her just now, why couldn’t she answer directly? With a reluctant expression, she looked like she had a guilty conscience.]

Jiang Miao also experienced the feeling of being unable to defend herself and it seemed that nothing she could say now to clear away the suspicion.

Deng Qiong was also very angry, “Tang Nuan, what are you doing? I just want her to come with me.”

Tang Nuan sighed, “It’s not me, it’s just that there have been too many rumors about us recently.” She asked doubtfully, “Why are things about me spread all over the Internet? I also didn’t make a debut?”

[Hahaha, this conversation is full of yin and yang. Yes, the people who bought the hot searches shadily before will be dumbfounded, right?]

[Shooting yourself in the foot.]

Deng Qiong was speechless, while Tang Nuan said, “Otherwise if you ask me to accompany you, wouldn’t everything be fine?”

“Jiang Miao is a public figure, and the chances of being photographed in places like the airport are too many.”

[Haha, laugh out loud. She really is a master of yin and yang. She didn’t even wear a mask or sunglasses, going to be photographed anytime.]

[Is the hot search still on? I’ll go, Jiang Miao and her team are not paying attention to the situation and only concentrate on the hot search?]

[This live streaming has not been five minutes, I guess no reaction from them but it has been pushed up. It will take a while to withdraw.]

[Well, the position is already dropping, I took a screenshot.]

Jiang Miao held Deng Qiong’s arm tightly, her body trembling uncontrollably. She scanned the fans who spoke for her in Qiao Qiao’s livestream and began to fight back, “You bully people by taking advantage of your identity as President Ye’s fiancée. Isn’t it too malicious?”

Tang Nuan said calmly, “Do I bully people because of my identity as President Ye’s fiancée, or do I bully people because I am President Ye’s fiancée?”

[Hahaha, this interpretation is so funny.]

Jiang Miao pursed her lips and continued, “You are no longer the real daughter of the Tang family. Why hasn’t President Ye withdrawn the engagement yet? Did you play some tricks?”

Deng Qiong also stared at her closely, “Don’t talk to me about horoscopes.”

The people in the live streaming were confused by this hidden information, [What? They got married because the horoscopes are too compatible?]

Tang Nuan didn’t say anything about the horoscopes either, but she looked calm, “Maybe because I am a good HR.”

The two live streams were full of greetings, and Deng Qiong and Jiang Miao also frowned in confusion.

Just listen to Tang Nuan say, “It’s an arranged marriage by family, and we don’t have any feelings.”

“The reason why President Ye gave me a million pocket money every month is to keep quiet and not disturb him. He wouldn’t interfere with my hobbies and would also support me when something happened. He would bring me a gift when he came back from a business trip and gave me a house worth tens of millions…”

Da Yuan couldn’t help but say, “I also want a fiancé like this too! A husband is fine too. I don’t mind it. It doesn’t take one million, just one hundred thousand will do.”

Tang Nuan muttered and said seriously, “What kind of fiancé? That is the boss.”

Everyone burst into laughter.

Da Yuan answered, “Yes, yes, if a boss treats me like this, I would be embarrassed not to serve the mistress during her confinement period.”

Tang Nuan clicked her tongue and educated her, “What mistress, if the situation is bigger, she will be your colleague.”

Even with Da Yuan’s quick-wittedness, she was laughing so hard that she couldn’t say a word at the moment. The live stream was filled with “Hahahahaha.” The anger and frustration of the fans were suppressed.

Deng Qiong said angrily, “Tang Nuan, what are you talking about?”

Tang Nuan said, “Auntie, don’t worry. Although you can’t have the same salary and benefits as me, don’t lower my benefits. If you recruit more colleagues for President Ye, I will sign and approve them.”

Deng Qiong ignored Tang Nuan’s shocking words and only exclaimed in surprise, “You don’t love Shuyan?”

Tang Nuan immediately expressed her loyalty, “No, I love my boss. I will be a qualified HR and serve him for life!”

Coincidentally, the broadcast announced that Ye Shuyan’s flight was about to land. Deng Qiong came back to her senses, as if she had found a backbone, pointed at Tang Nuan, and walked towards the arrival entrance without saying a word.

She was so angry that she left Jiang Miao behind.

Tang Nuan looked at Jiang Miao and said, “I’m going to file a complaint soon, why don’t you leave now?”

Jiang Miao, who originally wanted to find an excuse to leave: ..…

Since she already said that, how could she leave?!

She glanced at the livestream footage, then at the people watching with their mobile phones, took a deep breath, and said, “You know that Ye Shuyan doesn’t like being judged.”

“It’s okay, I’m his fiancée. Can’t I challenge the bottom line three times? If I don’t challenge it, do I keep it for the New Year?”

The author has something to say:
Tang Nuan: Leave quickly, don’t stay, and disgrace yourself.
Note on HR: Refers to the company’s human resources, which is responsible for recruiting personnel.

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