The Wealthy and Influential Fiancé Has the Ability to Read Minds

Chapter 33

Tang Nuan didn’t know what was wrong with her, her tears were completely uncontrollable, and just as she wiped them away, new ones welled up.

Ye Shuyan, who was looking down at his Weibo, felt something and couldn’t help but be startled when he raised his head.

He had almost never seen Tang Nuan look this dejected before. Even under the harsh conditions of the Tang family or when she faced the malicious Jiang family alone, she always held her head high, with a high fighting spirit, and was always full of energy, as if no one could beat her, but now, her eyes were red, and big tears were sliding down her eyelashes…

Perhaps due to his ability to read minds, Ye Shuyan felt his heart prick slightly.

Because the tears fell without warning, Tang Nuan was a little embarrassed. She hurriedly lowered her head and took out a tissue from her pocket. As soon as she took it out, she was suddenly enveloped in a wide embrace and the cold scent of cedar in her nose made her heart skip a beat.

Ye Shuyan turned his head and looked over. The staff was responsible for the live stream recovered from the shock, quickly turned off the camera, and walked out holding the equipment.

Tang Nuan was a little embarrassed. She had almost never cried in front of others when she grew up, and Ye Shuyan’s intimate and considerate attitude…

[I don’t know if he will explode if I rub the tears with the foundation on his suit…]

Ye Shuyan patted Tang Nuan’s back lightly, looked at her dumbfounded, took the tissue in her hand, and pressed it directly against her eyes.

“Ah! My makeup is going to be ruined!” Tang Nuannuan shouted. Ye Shuyan said nothing and dragged her out.

Jiang Miao, who almost fainted while brushing her Weibo next to her, finally couldn’t help but speak with a trembling voice, “Ye Shuyan! The recording.”

Without the live stream, her expression could no longer be maintained, almost ferocious.

Ye Shuyan ignored her and only said to Assistant Shen who was waiting by the door, “Follow Miss Jiang and ensure that the Jiang family receives her safely.”

Assistant Shen suddenly raised his head to look at Ye Shuyan, and met his cold gaze, causing him to feel uneasy and unsure of what Ye Shuyan meant.

He glanced at Tang Nuan, who was being held by Ye Shuyan, and then at Jiang Miao, who had never been looked at from the beginning to the end. He felt extremely regretful, but everything seemed to be too late…

Ye Shuyan’s office was not small and fully functional. Tang Nuan went directly to the restroom inside to tidy up.

After sitting down on the office chair, Ye Shuyan took out his mobile phone and scanned his Weibo. In just over ten minutes, this grand collective apology had become a hot topic on the search engine.

#Owe Tang Nuan an apology# was hung side by side with #Tang Nuan owes an apology to Jiang Miao#, which was full of irony.

Ye Shuyan clicked on the second topic and saw the most current popular comment.

[Let me contribute to the popularity and don’t let it go down. This is evidence of cyberbullying. Let’s take a look at how the noble Almighty Goddess instigates netizens to cyberbully the first wife?]

There were many similar comments below, and Ye Shuyan finally discovered that there were some lovely netizens online.

Assistant Wen knocked on the door and came in. Ye Shuyan said, “The Jiang family will probably withdraw this hot search. Don’t let it go down.”

Assistant Wen coughed lightly.

Ye Shuyan looked at him expressionlessly, “Has someone already done it?”

Assistant Wen nodded awkwardly, “It should still be Miss Tang’s biological parents.”

When this was mentioned, he couldn’t help but cry in his heart, what kind of family were Miss Tang’s biological parents? They did things that were not cost-effective at all, spending money like flowing water. No, they spent money like a waterfall! They actually made ten purchases with advance payment, and it was with an unlimited advance payment. No one could compete with them…

Ye Shuyan said nothing. He pointed his index finger at the phone and traced the rows of apologies on the front page. He asked calmly, “What about the situation with the lawsuit?”

Assistant Wen choked up and made excuses for the first time for his colleagues in the legal team, “As soon as our team was established, Mingyue Law Firm had already sued three troll companies and directly obtained the detailed information of those marketing accounts…”

Meeting Ye Shuyan’s emotionless eyes, he continued bravely, “But they haven’t paid attention to the self-media side yet. The legal department has collected information and evidence from more than 20 self-media bloggers who are trying to gain popularity. There is one named Lemon Essence, who has many fans and is no less than the marketing account reported by Mingyue.”

He felt sad after saying this. Since when did their legal department start competing with external law firms to see whose marketing account has greater influence? Was this a moral declination or a twisted human nature?

Ye Shuyan waved at Assistant Wen with an expressionless face. When he came closer, he held up the phone to him and said, “Is this the one?”

On the front page of Weibo, the self-media blogger whom Assistant Wen just mentioned was sending out Weibo.

@Lemon Essence: #Owe Tang Nuan an apology# I sincerely apologize for spreading false rumors about Miss Tang Nuan without investigation, which has caused damage to Miss Tang’s personality and reputation…

Assistant Wen: ……

Assistant Wen finally couldn’t help swearing in his heart: Hold on. Hey! Aren’t you very positive and determined when you are enjoying popularity? We haven’t sued you yet, why are you kneeling? What do you want me to do?

Ye Shuyan refreshed the Weibo again, paused for a moment, and raised his phone in front of Assistant Wen again, “What to do? You all probably don’t need to sue those twenty or so.”

@Mingyue Law Firm: [This is the first batch. The second batch has been submitted for lawsuits. We asked the third batch to wait patiently. There is no need to rush to delete the content. We searched through keywords and all the evidence has been screenshotted and saved. The list is attached. Those at the bottom can relax for three to five years as it will be your turn anyway. So, don’t worry.]

These soft and harsh words, at first glance, were edited by Tang Yue herself.

Ye Shuyan had already clicked the comments, and he could read the first comment at a glance.

[Haha, that means, even if it takes three to five years, these people must be sued in court.]

[I am quite concerned about the classmates in the back row. Although they will be sued due to the low reposts, don’t they have to wait for three to five years? Won’t they have a heart attack by just waiting? It’s better to beg Tang Nuan to sue as soon as possible, hahaha.]

[They should! These trolls should not exist at all! It’s considered a real blow this time. Tang Nuan is so powerful! Sue them to death!]


Assistant Wen was not happy at all. He stared at the words by the Mingyue Law Firm and gritted his teeth: This woman! Make me lose face in front of my boss!

[It turns out that Tang Yue is so powerful, does she not care about Tang Xing at all…]

Ye Shuyan was startled and realized that this was Tang Nuan’s voice in the restroom, with a hint of subtle joy in his tone.

Assistant Wen didn’t know why he felt that the eyes staring at him were colder. With a solemn expression, he said quickly, “President Ye, don’t worry, we are about to use our trump card! They definitely won’t be able to intervene!”

Ye Shuyan said indifferently, “Well, it is an exclusive advantage after all, and it is something to be proud of. Do you want a bonus?”

Assistant Wen: ……

Help! Where did you learn this eccentric attitude from?

[Hahahaha, the marketing accounts are kneeling too quickly. Are they already frightened without a lawsuit? Aren’t they not shedding tears without seeing the coffin in the past?]

[In layman’s terms, Tang Yue, the founder of Mingyue Law Firm, is known in the industry as a “gentle lunatic”. This person is said to be a wealthy second-generation who is not lacking in money and doesn’t care about litigation, only seeking justice. The people she targeted have not been known to escape so far. She is a frightening figure in the industry.]

[All the people on the list should be prepared for a case record and compensation!]

Tang Nuan pointed at the words Mingyue Law Firm and felt strange in her heart. She didn’t expect that Tang Yue would do this.

A gentle lunatic, it was true that only by relentless perusing and being determined enough could make so many marketing accounts kneel so fast…

She suddenly thought of something that seemed to be similar to the book…

Before she had time to think about it, Ji Yun sent an exciting message on her phone.

It could be said that this deterrent effect of killing the chicken to warn the monkey was very effective as there were hardly any comments about her on all the topics.

Even Jiang Miao’s brainless fans were completely gone, which showed that they didn’t really understand anything and just acted unscrupulously under the guise of anonymity on the Internet.

At this moment, it didn’t matter whether they kneeled in fear or not.

According to the list of Mingyue Law Firm, the marketing account has a great influence, but the number of seawater fans of Jiang Miao was even greater. Although they lacked the defendant’s experience of the marketing accounts, they were still trying hard to hang in there.

[It’s just to scare people. Haha, let her sue, I’ll be waiting.]

The replies from netizens were also unanimous.

[We are also waiting to see if Tang Yue is as powerful as the legend said.]

There were also some scared bitches from the seawater trolls.

[Tang Nuan is making a big deal out of a molehill. Who in this world doesn’t talk about others, and who doesn’t get talked about by others? Is it necessary to tarnish others’ lifetimes for such a small matter?]

[Wow, you can crush someone’s whole life with just one sentence. It’s already a big honor for them to put in so much effort to keep a case record for you, okay?]

[Now that you have done it, then bear the consequences. Stop fooling around online, and save these words for the police.]

The seawater trolls tried their best to defend themselves.

[But by just calling her a “good-for-nothing flower vase” is this called insulting and spreading rumors? Who in the wealthy circle doesn’t know that she is ignorant and incompetent? Isn’t she only know how to climb on men a fact?]

[Tsk, tsk, a wealthy circle, so this person is from a wealthy circle? Or did someone from the wealthy circle tell you that?]

The other party argued again.

[Jiang Miaoyan’s degree from the Department of Finance at Yanda University is a real deal! What is Tang Nuan’s educational background? A foreign fake university.]

[Haha, I was just about to say, what is Tang Nuan’s educational background? Come, let Daddy tell you! [Image][Image][Image]]


[WTF!!!!? This is true or false!]

[Oh my god, you call the recipient of a full scholarship to the University of Pennsylvania a good-for-nothing?! If this is not insulting, what is it? I don’t even need Tang Nuan to take action, I would beat you first. It’s so insulting!]

The owner of the post who originally sent the picture continued.

[To prevent some people who are brainwashed from saying that the photos are P, I will give you the few links directly.]

Everyone clicked on it, and it was the official website of the University of Pennsylvania. Tang Nuan’s name, student number, and photo were all visible.

The other links were to the school forum, school magazine, and news activity pages, all of which had photos of Tang Nuan. One was giving a speech as a student representative, one was taking a photo with the chancellor in a postgraduate gown at graduation, and the last one was in a photo of playing the piano at charity events surrounded by children.

[God, although this is not the first time that the entertainment industry has been this outrageous, I still can’t help but say that this is ridiculous! Pennsylvania’s finance department ranks in the top five globally, while Yanda’s finance department ranks above the top 40 globally…]

[How could she have the nerve to mock someone for being a good-for-nothing flower vase? Also, the almighty goddess…]

[I suddenly had a brilliant idea. Why not add the topic of her almighty goddess, and then slap these photos directly on her face.]

[Hahaha, the harm is not significant, and the insult is extremely strong. I’m willing to contribute!]

And the host of the post seemed to have made a start, and soon someone came back and said: [Look what I found. [image]]

It was a photo from a news newspaper many years ago. During the national mathematics competition, Tang Nuan was standing in the middle holding the trophy.

[She is from Shengde High School? I seem to have remembered something. I’ll go look for it!]

Soon, Tang Nuan’s resume, which went unnoticed by anyone, seemed to be wiped away from the dust and shined with dazzling light.

[2015, runner-up in Yan City Taekwondo.]

[In 2016, won first place in the National English Speech Competition.]

[In 2021, SCI published a paper…]


[Why do I want to cry the more I look at them? She is so outstanding and dazzling, but before today, almost everyone thought she was a good-for-nothing.]

[I won’t say anything more, let’s just see the photos.]

The following were the dynamic photos of today’s live-stream video. In it, Tang Nuan was smiling a second ago, but the next second when she saw the reminder on the bullet screen and lowered her head to look at her phone, her eyes turned red without warning and then tears welled up in her eyes…

[Watching you cry, I feel heartbroken. The injustice you have suffered was finally overturned…]

[Some people really deserve death for their crimes! The entertainment industry does not welcome such troublemakers. Get out of the entertainment industry immediately. I will not read anything related to her in the future!]

[Agree, Jiang Miao get out of the entertainment industry! Looking at her for more than two seconds makes me feel sick!]

[Jiang Miao, get out of the entertainment industry!]


Tang Nuan didn’t pay attention to what was going on later because the group chat of “A Loving Family” flashed crazily when her college resume was posted.

[Soaring to the Sky: !!!!!! Mom, Mom, come quickly! Tang Nuan is so amazing! [Screenshot][Screenshot][Screenshot]]

[Fire Tree Golden Flower: What do you mean? Is this the legendary elite returnee who came back to their home country after gaining experience from overseas?]

[It’s hard to run away from home: Mom, it’s not an ordinary returnee from overseas! The University of Pennsylvania is ranked among the top five in the world.]

[Fire Tree Golden Flower: !!!! The child’s father!! @Handsome and Rich The child’s father, come and see, our ancestral tomb is smoking!]

[Handsome and Rich: Where is the smoke? It’s on fire! @TangNuan Daughter, you are so outstanding!]

[Handsome and Rich: No, I am too happy today [Congratulations on getting rich]]

[Soaring to the Sky: Wow, what a big red envelope!]

Everyone cheered excitedly with rows of fireworks emojis.

Even if separated from the group, Tang Nuan could still see their excitement and could almost picture them having a carnival.

Tang Nuan placed her finger on the red envelope, but in the end, she didn’t click on it.

However, Tang Jinxin’s separate chat box suddenly popped up. Tang Nuan clicked on it and it was a transfer. Tang Nuan counted the zeros, one hundred thousand.

[Handsome and Rich: My child, accept them. I heard that studying outside is not easy. Thank you for your hard work.]


At that moment, Tang Nuan’s eyes became blurry again without warning, and quickly lowered her head to look for a tissue.

With a few more dings on the phone, the money was transferred to her.

[Fire Tree Golden Flower: Take it! It gives our parents face!]

[Soaring to the Sky: Come, my genius sister! The legendary genius turned out to be my sister! Ha, ha, ha, ha……]

[Moonlight in the water: I’m very proud of you.]

[It’s hard to run away from home: Sister Nuan, you are so awesome! Haha, I’ve been boosting again.]

Tang Nuan crouched down against the wall, burying her face in her knees…

What was going on? It was obvious that she didn’t care anymore…

People always long to be loved. Even though she has known since she was a child that she was not what anyone in the Tang family expects, however, in her innocent and rebellious adolescence, she once struggled, worried that if she was not good, she would be disliked and abandoned, but being good could not get any attention.

So, she hid these things while causing trouble everywhere, making everyone think she was a playful good-for-nothing and hoping to make her parents and sisters feel sorry for ignoring her.

At first, she hid those certificates and medals deep in the cabinet, fantasizing how surprised her parents would be when they accidentally discovered them and realized that the child, they had always ignored was actually very outstanding and how surprised they would be at that time. Then, they would apologize to her for ignoring and wrongly blaming her and would treat her seriously and be proud of her from then on.

However, she kept changing the hiding place and eventually decided to put it in a cabinet that could be seen as soon as they opened it. No one noticed it until she left the Tang family’s old house. Perhaps it wasn’t that they didn’t notice, it was just that they didn’t care.

Now she has long passed the age where she needed recognition and praise from others, but…

Was this what it feels like to be recognized by others?

Outside, Ye Shuyan sat quietly in his office chair, unsure of what he was thinking. He didn’t turn a page of the document in his hand for a long time.

Until there was a knock on the office door, and Ye Zhenghong barged in with Jiang Zhan and Jiang Miao.

Assistant Wen said helplessly, “President Ye.”

Ye Shuyan waved his hand towards him, “It’s okay, you can go out first.”

“Shuyan!” Ye Zhenghong was furious, “What on earth are you doing?! When did Tang Nuan become Erica?”

Ye Shuyan said, “Didn’t you see everything? She is Erica.”

Jiang Zhan couldn’t help but say, “So you already knew?”

Ye Shuyan said, “It wasn’t much earlier than you, just a few days ago.”

Jiang Zhan took a deep breath when he thought about the stupid things he did to please the other party, and he still couldn’t hide his anger, “She lied to us!”

Ye Shuyan raised his eyes and glanced at Jiang Miao, who was almost on the verge of collapse next to Jiang Zhan, “I thought you should have learned a lesson this time about inverting black and white.”

Jiang Zhan choked.

Ye Shuyan asked back, “Did she take the initiative to find you? Did she ask you to lie about Jiang Miao’s fanatical fans and come to sell in front of me?”

Jiang Zhan was speechless.

Ye Zhenghong spoke up, “Even if it’s the Jiang family’s fault, you can expose them when you know about this. Why do you have to go to this point? Miaomiao has been completely ruined by you!”

Ye Shuyan said, “Who wants to destroy whom? Who is the person who has been implicated from the beginning to the end?”

“Oh, by the way, I forgot that you can’t quite understand me. So, that’s also one of the reasons. I thought that since you all can’t understand what I’m saying, then let’s invite more people to listen. There is strength in numbers and being able to teach you.”

Ye Zhenghong’s face turned red, and Jiang Miao bit her lower lip tightly.

Jiang Zhan suppressed his anger and said, “Leave a fine line in life*. You’re so ruthless. You don’t care about the Jiang family’s cooperation at all, do you?”

(Leave a fine line in life* – when getting along with others in life, one should maintain a certain degree of tolerance and kindness, not be so ruthless, and leave some room and face for others)

Ye Shuyan said indifferently, “Aren’t you going to entrust that project to Ye Shuchen? Don’t worry, you can continue to cooperate, I will definitely not interfere.”

Speaking of this, Ye Zhenghong’s anger surged up, “Who would let him do the project now!”

It was not just netizens who watched the live stream today, but he also specifically notified his relatives, friends, and shareholders just to show them that Ye Shuchen was also an outstanding child who could take charge.

However, all this was ruined by Ye Shuyan. Ye Shuchen, who was quite outstanding, against his shadow was like an inexperienced young boy. After today’s incident, he was afraid that no shareholder would agree to give Ye Shuchen any projects that Ye Shuyan wants to handle in the future!

Jiang Zhan suddenly said, “So, you are deliberately taking revenge, right?”

When Ye Zhenghong was reminded, he suddenly realized, “You want to destroy your brother!”

Ye Shuyan curled up his lips and smiled when he heard this, “Dad, have you forgotten that you were the one who forced me to compromise, let me give the project to Ye Shuchen, and let me be the observer?”

“If you think this is ruining him, then it is you who ruined him.”

Ye Zhenghong looked at those cold eyes that were without a trace of warmth, and a chill rose in his heart.

Jiang Zhan finally realized that Ye Shuyan had never cared about the Jiang family’s project from beginning to end. It was because they had placed too much emphasis on this investment that they mistakenly thought that Ye Shuyan would compromise with them. Coincidentally, Ye Zhenghong wanted to plan for Ye Shuchen and make an aggressive stance, making them think that Ye Shuyan was losing. In fact, he was just pushing the boat with the flow.

Seeking justice for Tang Nuan, teaching the Jiang family a lesson, and directly cutting off the possibility of Ye Shuchen entering the company!

“Kill three birds with one stone. Young Master Ye is indeed good at it.”

Ye Shuyan declined to comment as Jiang Zhan could only talk in vain.

Seeing Jiang Zhan defeated, Jiang Miao could only step forward in person.

Her current state was completely opposite to that of more than two hours ago, with her entire face being white almost like transparent, “Ye Shuyan, I’m sorry. I know I was wrong.”

After she finished speaking, she couldn’t help but shed tears again, “I swear that I will never implicate you and Tang Nuan again in the future. Can you destroy the recording?”

This time, she was really scared.

Although her apology during the livestream was humiliating, there was still room for maneuvering later, but after such a grand collective apology, any explanation she gave would seem feeble, and she would be finished.

What frightened her even more was the recording in Ye Shuyan’s hands. As for those collective apologies, as long as she pretended to be deaf and dumb, she could still survive. However, if the recording of her confession of the truth was leaked out…

Jiang Miao couldn’t imagine it, so she apologized with extra sincerity, “I can immediately send a Weibo to Tang Nuan to apologize. Please destroy the recording for the sake of me already fallen to this point.”

Ye Shuyan did not speak, but called towards the restroom, “Tang Nuan.”

Tang Nuan, who was eavesdropping, was startled. She didn’t mean to, it was mainly because the group of people came in with too much noise, and she couldn’t help but want to hear them.

Only then did she realize that Jiang Miao’s smooth apology just now turned out to be a recording of Ye Shuyan asking for an apology from Jiang Miao.

She finally found some peace in her heart when she learned that she had been exploited. He still had some conscience.

She looked in the mirror and checked that there was nothing wrong before walking out.

A few people saw her expression was bad, but they didn’t dare to say anything.

Ye Shuyan lowered his head and passed the recording to her, “You decide what to do.”

Jiang Miao looked at Tang Nuan pleadingly.

Tang Nuan directly clicked on the play button.

Jiang Miao: ……

“… I’m sorry, I misunderstood, but at that time everyone said that we were a couple, and you allowed me to stay by your side… Wuwuuu, I didn’t know why I did that at the time. Whenever I thought she was your fiancée and could stay by your side as she pleased, I became so jealous that I went crazy… By the time I realized, it was already too late… I will apologize to Miss Tang. I know I am despicable. I, I just love you too much……”

This public execution made Jiang Miao shaky, but she still did not dare to say anything, and bagged humbly, “Tang Nuan, I know I was wrong. I will apologize to you on my Weibo now. I am already a street rat now, please……”

“Okay.” Tang Nuan lowered her head to do something while saying, “I won’t post it online as I don’t want to be another you.”

Jiang Miao was overjoyed but when she saw Tang Nuan showing her the phone interface, she saw that a recording had just been sent to the “Father Worried Alliance” group, and it was Tang Nuan who sent the message.

“It doesn’t matter to me whether you apologize or not.” Tang Nuan smiled faintly, “Brother Shuyan has put a lot of effort into helping me find evidence. The truth should always be known to others. As for whether others will post it online, it’s beyond my control, right?”

Jiang Miao finally reacted, and her eyes almost cracked, “Tang Nuan!”

Tang Nuan’s face turned cold and said indifferently, “Jiang Miao, everyone should pay the price for their actions. Now that you have done it, be prepared to bear all the consequences. No one is obliged to forgive you.”

The author has something to say:
Tang Nuan: I am a villain, how can I be kind? It must be a joke.

An angry President Ye: The Tang family is too cunning. It’s my contribution and they gave her the red envelope to cut off my victory!
A despised President Ye: It’s all due to the incompetence of Assistant Wen.
Assistant Wen: That hateful woman, Tang Yue! I must get back honor.

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