The Wealthy and Influential Fiancé Has the Ability to Read Minds

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Chapter 9

Tang Nuan was reading a novel – in a dream.

She was very familiar with the background of the novel, and she knew almost all the names of the people in it.

The protagonist was a girl named Jiang Miao. The little princess of the Jiang family, who was born with a golden spoon in her mouth, suffered misfortune at the age of five and was abducted and sold by human traffickers. After being abandoned due to illness, she was picked up and adopted by a childless couple…

Tang Nuan: ????

The plot looked so familiar that after turning over several pages, she realized she was right at the beginning. Was Jiang Miao’s life really a novel?!

Wait, if Jiang Miao was in a novel, then she herself…

Tang Nuan continued to read. This novel was based on Jiang Miao as the protagonist. From her perspective, she was really miserable in the first half of her life.

The daughter of a wealthy family who never had to worry about food and clothing became a commoner daughter with an average family background. Not to mention, her adoptive father was lazy to work, but fortunately, her adoptive mother was down-to-earth, hardworking, and worked hard to support her to go to school.

Fortunately, she herself was up to the challenge and was specially recruited by a private noble school with her intelligence and diligence. She was pushed and bullied from the beginning. Later, she slowly integrated into the school under the protection of Ye Shuyan, the heir of the Ye family, and then won the recognition of her classmates with her beautiful, pure, cheerful, and tenacious personality. Finally, she became the sweetheart of the heir to the top wealthy family and the school’s aloof male god Ye Shuyan.

However, the good times didn’t last long. They were forced to separate from their first love after graduating from high school, which also caused a deep misunderstanding.

After finally meeting again, she had already been recognized by the Jiang family. She thought with joy that they could be together again now, but unfortunately, fate tricked people. During the years of separation, the Ye family had internal strife, and the first love of the male god was designed by his stepmother who got him engaged to a good-for-nothing schemer girl with a false appearance.

Tang Nuan: …

This scheming girl was undoubtedly her.

In fact, engagement was not terrible. After all, with Ye Shuyan’s ability, he could break off an engagement with a good-for-nothing scheming girl at any time.

However, after Ye Shuyan experienced her “betrayal”, he became more and more indifferent. When they met again, because he hated her for leaving quietly in those years, he not only didn’t break off the engagement but also coldly rejected all her advances and approaches.

At the birthday party of her comeback, he deliberately let that good-for-nothing scheming fiancée give a gift, deliberately showed his affection in front of her, and even after she was thrown into the water by that fiancée. Then he left with his fiancée in his arms after confirming that she was not in danger.

She was left alone, drenched, and embarrassed to be laughed at.

Jiang Miao was so heartbroken that she couldn’t breathe…

Tang Nuan: …

From this point of view, she was really an arrogant and mean female supporting character who made people hate her so much.

Next, Tang Nuan looked at it a little more seriously. After all, it was what happened in the future.


Tang Nuan couldn’t help complaining while reading, this author was really a fan of dog blood abuse.

Jiang Miao dragged her scarred heart and tried her best to approach, but Ye Shuyan stabbed and refused indifferently. From this perspective, Ye Shuyan was simply a scumbag that was just a pain in the lungs.

Then the good-for-nothing scheming girl, that was, Tang Nuan, took advantage of the situation, and finally succeeded in designing a relationship with Ye Shuyan, thus consolidating their marriage.

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Both of them were dumbfounded now. Jiang Miao was heartbroken, and Ye Shuyan regretted it very much, but it was too late.

So, Jiang Miao watched Tang Nuan marry Ye Shuyan with a broken heart, and finally noticed the man who had been silently guarding behind her—Ye Shuchen.

Tang Nuan: !!!!

What?! The male protagonist of this novel turned out to be Second Ye, Ye Shuchen?!!

Tang Nuan’s jaw almost dropped in shock.

Ye Shuchen was Ye Shuyan’s half-brother three years younger than Ye Shuyan. Everyone knew his status in the Ye family by the way they addressed him.

No matter what kind of chaotic disputes there have been between the elders, in the end, Ye Shuyan was the helm of the Ye family, and Ye Shuchen was a self-exiled playboy who eats, drinks, and has fun all day long. In his own words, the family’s dividends were enough for him to squander for a lifetime, and he was very satisfied.

Tang Nuan continued to read forward, only to realize that Second Ye was also a hidden bigshot. He just didn’t want to compete with his elder brother, and he wanted to have a harmonious family, so he pretended to be a dandy. In fact, he was already the behind-the-scenes boss of several emerging companies at a young age, and he still has investments overseas.

Tsk, this setting was really touching.

In short, as Ye Shuyan’s younger brother, he saw Jiang Miao being stabbed and bruised several times. He felt pity and guarded her silently until Ye Shuyan married Tang Nuan. Jiang Miao was disheartened, and finally, he couldn’t help it.

In this way, a playboy involved with many women without entanglement has kept himself pure and has been careful and considerate everywhere for Jiang Miao since then. After going through a series of things, he finally warmed Jiang Miao’s heavily damaged heart a little bit, and the two of them were sweetly together.

However, as a qualified novel, the plot would naturally have ups and downs. How could the male and female protagonists be together smoothly?

After that, it was time to abuse the supporting characters…

The first one was naturally Ye Shuyan. After Jiang Miao and Ye Shuchen got together, Ye Shuyan realized that he loved the other person in his heart and couldn’t accept her leaving at all.

In the words of the novel, it was “he lost the girl whose heart and eyes were full of him.”

With new hatred and old hatred, he began to deal with Ye Shuchen.

The whole process was basically a process of “abusing his wife for a while, chasing his wife to the crematorium, and finally failing to catch up, he regretted painfully and heartbroken”.

Perhaps it was because the author has devoted a lot of writing to the character of Ye Shuyan, except for marrying Tang Nuan, this character was almost perfect. So, the final ending was that his antagonism was resolved one by one by the male and female protagonists. He was being reformed by the two people and thought he was not as affectionate as Ye Shuchen. He also understood that loving Jiang Miao should make her happy, and not tie her to his side.

Thus, he took the initiative to give up the inheritance rights of the Ye family and established himself outside…

Tang Nuan was speechless and didn’t know how to complain about the ending, but she soon ignored it because her ending was much more outrageous than Ye Shuyan’s.

At first, she was ridiculed by people in the social circle because Jiang Miao exposed her identity as a fake daughter. Although she finally married Ye Shuyan and became Mrs. Ye by dishonorable means, she became extremely inferior and sensitive.

She blamed all of this on Jiang Miao. When she found out that Ye Shuyan, who had always been indifferent to everyone, had changed for Jiang Miao, she went crazy and tried every means to trouble Jiang Miao.

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In the end, he was disgusted and ignored by Ye Shuyan, blocked by Ye Shuchen, and killed by Jiang Miao in return…

In short, her reputation was ruined, betrayed by her people, and finally, she went crazy. On the night Jiang Miao won the Golden Horse Best Actress, she jumped down from the Ye building and wanted to disgust Jiang Miao and Ye Shuchen at the price of her own death.

However, instead of mockery and cursing, Jiang Miao’s fans and social circle cheered and celebrated. This scourge of this disgusting person finally couldn’t stand it and ended on her own…

Tang Nuan: …

What a piece of shit!!!

Tang Nuan sat up straight out of anger.

“Ah—” A scream came to her ear.

Tang Nuan turned her head, only to realize that she was sitting on a hospital bed with the smell of disinfectant on the tip of her nose, which was obviously in a hospital.

The scream just now came from Ji Yun who was next to her, and now she was covering her face as if she was going to die of fright. The door of the ward was pushed open. Li Qiuqiu stood at the door and didn’t dare to come in. She just asked “What’s wrong? What’s wrong?”

 “Fake, fake death!” Ji Yun was at a loss for words.

“You’re the fake death!” Tang Nuan reached out and touched her.

Ji Yun trembled in fright, let go of her hand, and looked at Tang Nuan in shock, “Are you awake?”

Tang Nuan rolled her eyes, “How can I sit up when I’m not awake?”

After finally confirming that she was awake and sober, Ji Yun came back to her senses, stood up, and rang the bed bell while cursing, “You are going to die! Whose patient who has been in a coma for a day wakes up would sit up like this? Scares me to death.”

“One day?”

Ji Yun said, “What do you think?”

If it was one day, Tang Nuan imagined that scene was indeed a bit scary, and she was very moved immediately. She held her hand and said, “You really are my good sister who will never leave me.” Then she pointedly looked at Li Qiuqiu who was standing at the door.

Li Qiuqiu was not guilty at all, and said leisurely, “She never left you. She was so frightened that her legs gave way, and she didn’t have time to run. If you don’t believe me, let her stand up and take a few steps now.”

“My dear, life is already tough, so don’t expose the truth!” Ji Yun glared at her.

Tang Nuan leaned on Ji Yun’s rocking backrest and sighed. Sure enough, all friends are unreliable…

However, when she went crazy in the book, only this gang of scoundrels still took care of her.

Thinking of that book, Tang Nuan couldn’t help frowning.

“Why? Is there any discomfort?” Ji Yun asked hurriedly.

It just so happened that the doctors and nurses came in and began to check her body, followed by Tang Sheng’an and Lin Yue’e who looked anxious.

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Lin Yue’e stepped forward to look at her quickly, “How is it? Is there any discomfort? How did she wake up?”

Tang Nuan was thoughtful looking at their concerned faces. It seemed that what she said to Jiang Miao had really worked. Jiang Miao temporarily covered up the fact that she was not the daughter of the Tang family.

The doctor on this side probably finished the examination, and Lin Yue’e quickly asked, “How is she? Is her condition the same as President Ye’s? If this is the case, isn’t President Ye about to wake up soon?”

Tang Sheng’an stepped forward and looked at Tang Nuan with concern, “Are you hungry? How about Dad ask someone to go out to buy you something to eat? You’ve been sleeping all day.”

Even the slick Ji Yun couldn’t help but roll her eyes behind her back. This pair of parents really didn’t have a heart. If they were really worried, why didn’t they prepare earlier? Just knew how to say nice things only.

Li Qiuqiu said leisurely from the side, “Uncle, we have already prepared it for her. So, you don’t have to worry about it.”

Tang Sheng’an didn’t seem to understand what she meant. Not only was he not embarrassed, but he also smiled lovingly, “Uncle can rest assured that Nuan Nuan has good friends like you.”

At this moment, there was a commotion outside, “Young Master Ye”, “He’s about to wake up” and so on could be vaguely heard. Upon hearing this, Tang Sheng’an and Lin Yue’e hurriedly comforted Tang Nuan with a few words before going out.

This could also explain why Tang Nuan didn’t see them when she woke up. It turned out that they kept guarding in front of Ye Shuyan’s ward.

Seeing Tang Nuan’s thoughtful expression, Ji Yun explained the situation to her, “That girl Jin Wenxia ran randomly that day and almost knocked Young Master Ye who was holding you back into the lake. However, although Young Master Ye has good waist strength and adjusted his direction in time, when he fell to the ground, you two fell on each other’s and fainted at the same time…”

“President Ye is in the ward next door, and just like you, he has been in a coma and has not woken up.”

As she spoke, her eyes fell on Tang Nuan’s forehead, and couldn’t help laughing.

Tang Nuan realized that her forehead was swollen and sore. She thought it was because of her bizarre experience, but she didn’t expect it to be a real injury…

Tang Nuan ignored the pain and immediately said, “Mirror!”

Li Qiuqiu seemed to have been prepared for a long time. As soon as Tang Nuan finished speaking, a hand mirror was handed over to her. Looking at the big bruise bandage, Tang Nuan couldn’t help gasping, and complaining, “Is Ye Shuyan’s head made of stone? He’s so hard!”

Having said that, she remembered something, put down the mirror, and asked, “Does he have a big bandage too?”

Ji Yun and Li Qiuqiu looked at her in shock, as if they didn’t expect her to have such unruly thoughts, and then shook their heads at the same time.

“I didn’t see it. There are so many people around him, where are we qualified to see him.”

Li Qiuqiu said with a sisterly look on her face, “We’ve been looking after you.”

Tang Nuan ignored her and touched the big bandage on her forehead thoughtfully.

Ji Yun looked at her, very incomprehensible, “Don’t you hope Young Master Ye to be well? This is a bit ungrateful.”

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“You don’t know. When you fell into the water last night, Young Master Ye didn’t hesitate for a second when he heard that you were afraid of water. When did Young Master Ye be so scoundrel? Everyone was shocked at that time.”

Li Qiuqiu also said, “I think you should hurry up and pray that Young Master Ye is well. Won’t the Jiang family waiting to trouble you?”

“That’s not it,” Ji Yun said, “Jin Wenxia insisted that you pushed her into the water because of jealousy of Jiang Miao, and many people saw you deliberately provoking her.”

“Jiang Miao is still lying on the hospital bed now. If you hadn’t been in a coma, the Jiang family would have come to ask for justification long ago.”

Listening to their description, Tang Nuan unconsciously curled her hair around her chest. It seemed that although there were no details, the overall plot was the same as that of the book.

Does she really live in a book?

Tang Nuan felt that this was the most important thing she needed to figure out now, so she needed some evidence…

Thinking of this, she got up and got out of bed.

“What are you going to do?” Ji Yun said, “The doctor told you to stay in bed for observation.”

Tang Nuan said, “Isn’t Ye Shuyan still in a coma next door? He is my fiancé after all, and he saved me again. I can’t justify it if I don’t go and have a look.”

If she remembered correctly, Ye Shuyan gained an amazing ability in this accident – mind reading.

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