The Wealthy and Influential Fiancé Has the Ability to Read Minds

Chapter 37

Assistant Wen coughed again, reminding Ye Shuyan who was distracted.

What’s going on with President Ye? Assistant Wen has been with Ye Shuyan for many years, and this is the first time he has seen him so restless at work.

The last meeting ended at five o’clock in the afternoon. Ye Shuyan asked Assistant Wen, “Are there any other arrangements?”

Assistant Wen said, “The overall transformation and asset adjustment plan of the group needs your confirmation. The high-end hotel management needs the cooperation of Nuanyang System and hopes to have a meeting to discuss with them. The initial draft of the theme cultural city plan has been submitted, please take a look…”

“Got it,” Ye Shuyan put away the computer, “Send all things to my email and I’ll reply before midnight. I’ll go back first. If there is anything else, call me.”

Assistant Wen was shocked, President Ye would leave work early? Was the sun coming out in the west or was the house on fire?

No, even if there was a fire at home, President Ye would calmly call the fire department first, and finally wait for Butler Zhu to report the damage directly to him.

This looked like he was worried that something important at home might be stolen by a thief…

Ye Shuyan couldn’t help but look at him. Assistant Wen was frightened by his stare. Why are you staring at me like that? Does President Ye have a problem with me lately? He’s always cold and the baby can’t bear it anymore.

Ye Shuyan rubbed his forehead. To ease the embarrassment, Assistant Wen casually mentioned, “Miracle Media will hold a 50th-anniversary carnival charity event in three days and has sent you an invitation.”

“You don’t need to report this kind of thing to me,” Ye Shuyan said indifferently, “You can make arrangements yourself. Also,…” he lowered his eyes to gesture the distance between the two of them, “keep a distance between us, three meters.”

Assistant Wen: ……

[Hey… you are indeed a cold and ruthless capitalist. After all, I have been with you for so many years, there’s always hard work if there’s no merit, and you treat me like this…]

Ye Shuyan stepped three meters away and said coldly, “It’s for your own good.” Otherwise, I really can’t help but fire you.

Assistant Wen: ……

For the sake of money, I’ll endure it!

Back at Genting Community, Ye Shuyan did not go home. Instead, he got off the elevator on the 19th floor. He didn’t hear Tang Nuan’s voice and was probably still resting.

Walking to the door, Ye Shuyan thought for a moment and entered the password instead of ringing the doorbell. Sure enough, as soon as he opened the door, he met Tang Fei and Tang Ben’s eyes in the kitchen.

Tang Fei smiled politely, “Oh, why are you here, President Ye? Sit down quickly, I’ll pour you some tea.”

“No need, I can do it myself.” After Ye Shuyan finished speaking, he added, “You can do as you please, treat it as your own home.”

As if not seeing the glares of Tang Fei and Tang Ben, Ye Shuyan walked straight to the master bedroom.

After knocking on the door and pushing it open, he saw that Tang Nuan was still sleeping, and Shen Jinhua was beside the bed. She smiled when she saw him come in, “Nuannuan is much better. Thank you so much.”

Ye Shuyan said, “It’s what I should do.” He stepped forward and took a look, and found that her eyebrows were relaxed and her cheeks were rosy from sleep. He touched her forehead, “What did the doctor say?”

Shen Jinhua calmly took a step forward and said, “The fever is gone. She had another infusion at noon. The doctor said that she will be fine after a few days of rest.”

Ye Shuyan nodded and went to the study next door, intending to set up his computer there. However, when he opened the door, he saw that Tang Yue seemed to be in a video conference and seemed to be looking at an intruder when she saw him.

Ye Shuyan: …

Was this called luring the wolf into the house?

After he put down the computer and came out, he saw Tang Fei and Tang Ben still busying around in the kitchen, and he couldn’t help but ask, “Where’s the nutritionist?”

Tang Fei smiled while washing the vegetables, “I’m not sure.” He turned back to Tang Ben, who was preparing to stir-fry vegetables, and said, “Whether a person can get better from an illness or not, is highly dependent on the mood. Therefore, compared with some nutritionists, the care from the family members is more important.”

“Well, over there is the soup made by Father, the porridge made by Mother, and the fish made by Big Sister. Now there are just the two of us left. You can stir-fry some shredded potatoes, I can stir-fry some green vegetables, and we’re all done!” Speaking of this, he seems to remember something, he looked at Ye Shuyan and said, “Oh, yes, there are also some dishes prepared by your nutritionist…” As he said this, he ordered Tang Ben, “Remember to put some peppercorns in to enhance the flavor. It also makes people sweat, which is especially useful for people with fever.”

Ye Shuyan was speechless when he heard the words “your nutritionist” as if he was just making up the numbers, but then he saw Tang Ben frying shredded potatoes behind him and put a handful of peppercorns in after listening to Tang Fei’s words.

Ye Shuyan: …

He suddenly lost his temper.

Just then the nutritionist brought the food box down. There was no room for her to cook here, so she had to go upstairs to prepare them.

Tang Fei quickly cooked the vegetables and shouted for everyone to come and eat.

Everyone came out of the room one after another, and Tang Nuan was also woken up. She was still a little groggy from her sleep, rubbing her eyes and following behind Shen Jinhua, looking floppy.

Tang Jinxin, who had gone out to do some errands, also happened to come back and said excitedly, “Oh, I made it just in time.”

Tang Fei and Tang Ben put the cooked dishes on the table like hard-working bees, Tang Yue took the bowl, Shen Jinhua distributed the chopsticks, and Tang Jinxin went to the bathroom to wash his hands.

Ye Shuyan felt a little uncomfortable standing nearby as he had never experienced such a scene. Although there were many people at the Ye family’s old house during the meal, there was no such excitement when the housekeepers served the food. He intuitively felt that he should get involved but didn’t know where to start.

Fortunately, the nutritionist was nimble and quickly set the dishes on half of the table. The dishes that Tang Fei and Tang Ben later served could only be pitifully squeezed far away from Tang Nuan.

Tang family: …

Ye Shuyan cast an appreciative look at the nutritionist.

Tang Nuan was confused throughout the whole process. Firstly, her mind was muddled, and secondly, like Ye Shuyan, she had never experienced this kind of battle before. Even though she had imagined the Tang family’s lively life together countless times, she realized that it was completely different when experiencing it firsthand… It seemed to be better than imagined, and her heart was warm.

She unconsciously curled her lips. Ye Shuyan paused, changed a few dishes, and placed Tang Ben’s plate of shredded potatoes in front of Tang Nuan.

[Hmph, I guess you are sensible.]

Ye Shuyan glanced at the innocent and calm young man and sat down in the last seat.

“Alright, let’s all eat.” Tang Jinxin said, scooping a spoonful of black chicken soup and putting it in Tang Nuan’s bowl, “Drink more of this. I’ve added a lot of medicinal herbs to nourish qi and blood, which is good for girls.”

Tang Nuan took a sip silently, and Tang Jinxin suddenly smiled until his teeth couldn’t even see his eyesight. The others were also as happy as if they had won the lottery. Tang Yue gave her a piece of fish, “This is easy to digest.”

Tang Fei picked up some green vegetables, “This one is also light.”

Tang Ben was unwilling to be outdone, “Sister Nuan, I stir-fried this. It’s delicious, try it.”

Tang Nuan was indeed hungry, and perhaps because of illness, she could not resist such care. She remembered that when she was very young, she had a wish that her father or mother could accompany her when she was sick…

And now, so many people were accompanying her. She ate all the vegetables they picked for her one by one up to the shredded potatoes…

She couldn’t help but look up at Ye Shuyan, who was sitting across from her, for some reason, she always felt that his eyes were bright…

Speaking of which, why was Ye Shuyan sitting here? Shouldn’t he be at work at this hour?

Tang Nuan felt magical as she put the shredded potatoes into her mouth, and then…

All her sense of taste disappeared, leaving only numbness…

Everyone looked at her expression as if it was not right. They quickly reached out their chopsticks towards the shredded potatoes, and all of them frowned. Shen Jinhua quickly pushed an empty plate in front of Tang Nuan, “Nuannuan, spit it out quickly.”

Tang Jinxin glared at Tang Ben, “Didn’t you say you could do it? Did you even taste it after you finished cooking it?”

Tang Fei frowned, “Oh my god, why is it so peppery? How much peppercorns did you put in?”

“I put a handful, what’s wrong?” Tang Ben stuck out his numb tongue and said angrily to Tang Fei, “Didn’t you say that adding more peppercorns is delicious and can make you sweat?”

Tang Fei laughed angrily, “But I didn’t tell you to put a handful!”

Tang Nuan looked at them making noise, and didn’t know why, but suddenly burst into laughter.

When she laughed, everyone laughed too. Tang Fei pointed at Tang Ben and laughed uncontrollably, “You should have at least tried it after you finished it!”

Tang Ben was unconvinced and brought the shredded potatoes in front of him. “This is mine. Don’t touch it. I’ll eat it as pickled vegetables.”

Tang Jinxin said, “Is that pickled vegetables? More like peppercorn vegetables.”

Everyone laughed again, and Ye Shuyan pushed the nutritious soup directly in front of Tang Nuan, “Drink some of this to suppress the taste.”

The Tang family looked at him in unison.

[Too careless!]

[This cunning guy!]

[Are you showing off your long arms or something?]

[He already pre-planned at first sight. He’s so bad.]

The corners of Ye Shuyan’s lips curved slightly.

Tang Yue immediately filled a bowl for Tang Nuan and said softly, “Yes, drink some of this, the nutritionist has been cooking for a long time.”

Ye Shuyan: …

Anyway, was there anything concerning him here?

After dinner, Tang Jinxin took out a few invitations and said to Tang Nuan, “The doctor said you have been too tired recently. Coincidentally, a friend of mine bought a big cruise ship for a party and I heard it’s really fun. I asked Big Fei to go with you to have some fun and relax.” He glanced at Ye Shuyan and said, “President Ye is too busy with work and doesn’t have time, so don’t bother him all the time.”

The rest of the Tang family nodded in agreement.

Ye Shuyan put down his chopsticks calmly and said, “I’m afraid she can’t go.”

Tang Fei looked at him, “Why?”

Ye Shuyan said slowly, “She is afraid of water, especially the sea.”

Tang Nuan was stunned for a moment and looked at Ye Shuyan. How did he know that she was most afraid of the sea?

He then continued, “Miracle Magazine is holding a carnival charity event on its 50th anniversary. It will be three days later. There will be celebrities to liven things up and elites from all walks of life in the industry. It’s better to go there and play whatever you want and get to know anyone you want. You can also buy something if you like it.”

Tang Nuan: ……

His tone was no different from usual, but why did he seem a little proud?

The author has something to say:
Round 1: Meal Intention, President Ye vs Rich Tang Family, Rich Tang Family Wins!
Round 2: Relaxation after illness, President Ye vs Rich Tang Family, President Ye wins!
In terms of relationships, President Ye is still inexperienced and completely unaware of the importance of his father-in-law, sister-in-law, and brother-in-law.

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