The Wealthy and Influential Fiancé Has the Ability to Read Minds

Chapter 15

Ye Shuyan was very curious, in the future that Tang Nuan knew, what kind of outrageous things did he do that made her think of getting rid of him when she faced the worst situation in her life.

It wasn’t until the phone vibrated that Ye Shuyan realized that he had followed Tang Nuan unconsciously. He stood there listening to her messy inner voice for a long time and couldn’t help but touch his forehead.

When Tang Nuan came out of the kitchen, she saw Ye Shuyan leaning against the dining table and talking on the phone with a straight figure, one hand in his pocket, crossed his long legs, and the well-tailored trousers vaguely outlined the muscle lines. Those thin waist, those long legs… really a feast to her eyes…

She was admiring her when she saw Ye Shuyan suddenly turn his head and stare at her. Tang Nuan was startled, but with an innocent look on her face, she pointed to the door and made a gesture to leave.

But Ye Shuyan beckoned to her to come closer.

Tang Nuan didn’t know why and walked in front of him, thinking that he was going to ask her to do something, but he just made her stand like this.

Tang Nuan: ???

What’s the meaning? Want her to see him talking on the phone?

Ye Shuyan was tall, and just sitting on the dining table like this, Tang Nuan had to raise her head slightly to meet his eyes. If she looked straight ahead, she would face his thin lips that opened and closed.

Speaking of which, God really preferred him, even a pair of his lip was very kissable, ah no, it looked very good.

Because the distance was a bit too close, her mind has no freedom. Tang Nuan tried her best to empty her mind.

Seeing her suffocating, Ye Shuyan felt a lot happier for no reason.

Finally, after Ye Shuyan hung up the phone, Tang Nuan quietly breathed out a sigh of relief, “What’s wrong?”

“I’m going on a business trip tomorrow for about ten days, and I’ll be back before Grandma’s birthday party.”

“I want to take Assistant Wen with me, and I will ask Brother Zhu to accompany you to prepare the dress.”

Tang Nuan nodded, this was a routine procedure.

Then the two stared at each other, and after a while, Tang Nuan asked, “That’s all?”

Ye Shuyan nodded and stood up, “That’s all, go and rest early.”

Tang Nuan: …

So, what did you call me here for? To show off your good looks?

Ye Shuyan paused as he left, turned around after coughing lightly, “Grandma’s birthday gift…”

“Don’t worry. I know.” Tang Nuan smiled modestly.

Ye Shuyan couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows when he heard her talking about the birthday gift she was preparing and realized that his previous understanding of this fiancée was still too superficial.

He had always thought that she was trying to suppress her curiosity in front of him, trying to be smart and obedient, just to satisfy his unrestrained life needs. Thinking about it now, if she was really just obedient, it would be impossible to do everything just right to make him feel happy.

Actually, she was pretty smart.

[Ye Shuyan is on a business trip, so Jiang Miao will probably make a big move. Maybe when he comes back, it will be the day when the engagement will be void… Tsk, tsk, I hope Ye Shuyan will be generous to me for the sake of being sorry for me.]

Ye Shuyan: …

Well, not only smart but also very calculating.

Seeing Tang Nuan’s back disappear behind the door, Ye Shuyan thought for a while, and called Assistant Wen, “Arrange someone during the business trip to always pay attention to Tang Nuan’s situation, and report to me in time if there is anything.”

Assistant Wen over there was stunned for a rare moment, and wanted to confirm, “Report in time?”

Ye Shuyan also felt that his request seemed inappropriate, “Depending on the situation, you should be able to judge these things.”

Assistant Wen couldn’t help cursing in his heart, the capitalist’s “depending on the situation” was the most difficult thing to serve, okay?

Before, Tang Nuan’s matter was just a necessary matter for his boss. As long as he has time to deal with it properly, it would be considered completion of the task perfectly without delay. And now he added timeliness, which also must depend on the importance of the matter…

This degree of importance was ranked among the tens of billions of projects, billions of projects, hundreds of millions of projects, President Ye’s grandparents, President Ye’s biological mother, President Ye’s younger brother… which position was hers in?


Tang Nuan’s prediction was right.

On the second day of Ye Shuyan’s business trip, she began to be bombarded with messages.

She opened the group chat to have a look, and sure enough, they were all discussing what happened last night.

She didn’t know when Jin Wenxia joined the group: [@TangNuan, you can’t get through without explaining this matter. If you dare to be a scoundrel, I’ll let everyone judge together.]

Having said that, didn’t Tang Nuan have to admit she was wrong? This was too tyrannical.

The ridiculous thing was that quite a few people claimed to have seen her provoke Jiang Miao and pushed her into the water.

For Tang Nuan’s statement that Jiang Miao was jealous of her being Ye Shuyan’s fiancée and pushed her into the water, they gave all kinds of criticism including being extremely shameless and so on.

Ji Yun, who spoke for her, was ridiculed and shot down without saying a word.

Some people were directly eccentric @She: [What reason did Princess Jiang use to lead you to the lakeside that you are so afraid of? Explain clearly, explain clearly so that everyone can return your innocence.]

It was the two key questions that Jiang Miao asked Ye Shuyan yesterday. If Tang Nuan couldn’t answer them, it would be impossible to wash out a hundred mouths.

Jiang Miao was sure that Tang Nuan would not explain.

She did not say anything in the book, not only did she not say it, but she also wanted to cover it tightly. It was not about the Tang family’s real daughter, even if she could cover it up for a moment, it would be good enough for her.

At present… she didn’t even plan to say it.

Anyway, it was a foregone conclusion that she would leave this social circle, and Ye Shuyan already knew the truth now. The worse she was now, the worse the Jiang family would be when the truth was revealed, and the more guilty Ye Shuyan would be, naturally, the compensation she got was also even better.

Tang Nuan simply blocked the messages directly and decided to turn a blind eye to them.

Of course, the main reason why Tang Nuan was not so angry was that the Jiang family was very considerate. Although they framed her everywhere in the country, they still wanted to compensate her abroad and let her accept everything with confidence.

“…I’ve seen before the information on Ye Sheng’s investment. The hotel sector under their group accounts for half of the country. The key is that it fits well with our system design. If we can win them over, our Nuanyang System will be able to take off soon!” Associate Susan looked forward to the future excitedly.

Tang Nuan was heartbroken again. That was how she planned it, but it was a pity that she has to fly solo now. So! Tang Nuan’s eyes were shining, she must make more money!

“… There is also a domestic company inquiring about you. It’s strange. That Jiang Group is an Internet e-commerce platform, and it has nothing to do with our system. Why do they seem to be more anxious than Ye Cheng?”

The Jiang family moved pretty quickly. Tang Nuan told Susan, “Ignore Ye Cheng’s people.”

“As for the Jiang family, you can divulge to them that I like special jade. If the other party is sincere enough, other things can be discussed.”

She still remembered the ice jade with floating flowers that Jiang Zhan used to cheat her. Since it has been used to dazzle her, wouldn’t she be sorry for the Jiang family’s “sincerity” if she didn’t take it?

Susan froze for a moment, “Did you say something on the contrary?”

“No, ignore Ye Cheng’s people and treat the Jiang Group’s people well.”

Susan’s first reaction was, “Erica, do you have a fever? Why don’t you take a rest, and we can talk about it later?”

Tang Nuan snorted lightly, “Just do as I say, when did I act recklessly.”

“Right now.” Susan said without hesitation, “I said, what jade, even a little bit better is enough to invest. Who would do this kind of loss-making business? You know how much effort we have spent on this. Don’t make us can’t recover the capital in the end. Otherwise, even if you are my boss, I won’t let you go.”

Tang Nuan smiled and said, “Who in this world does loss-making business? If he wants something, then he must lose something. You just wait for two days. I guarantee that this project will be settled in at most one month.”

With the money from the boss before, it was not impossible to wait for a month.

Susan agreed.

The Jiang family was probably determined to get rid of her during Old Lady Ye’s birthday banquet, so they had to act enthusiastically domestically and internationally.

In domestic, Jiang Miao and Tang Xing were very active everywhere. Tang Xing and the Tang family’s family portraits were taken out and everyone was discussing it in private that Tang Nuan was not the Tang family’s real daughter. It seemed that only one piece of identification was needed to make a final conclusion.

In overseas, the Jiang Group’s bargaining chip was raised again and again, but Tang Nuan ignored them.

Until the day before Ye Shuyan’s return, the Jiang family’s assistant who had been bargaining back and forth with Tang Nuan turned out to be Jiang Zhan himself.

Of course, the bargaining chip also changed from ordinary jade to ice jade with floating flowers that Tang Nuan had seen before.

“I have collected this piece of jade for many years, and now I take it out because I really want to make friends with Miss Erica.”

Tang Nuan didn’t mind his rigid tone, and said enthusiastically in fluent English, “Of course, you are the most sincere friend I’ve ever met.”

“But you can rest assured that I won’t take advantage of you. As for the project, I can give you a 20% discount when the value is estimated!”

Jiang Zhan was startled when he heard the words, and his unhappiness about being forced to take out the jade disappeared instantly. He knew too well the benefits of this kind of project financing, and the other party wanted to sell it directly and even offered a 20% discount.

If it was handled properly, then the Jiang family’s face with Ye Shuyan would be huge, and the jade was worth exchanging it.

“I heard that Miss Erica is in Yan City? If it’s convenient, let’s meet and discuss this in detail, and I’ll give you the jade.”

Tang Nuan said regretfully, “I’m sorry, I have important things to do and won’t be able to take time out for the next two days, but you can decide any time later.”

“As for the piece of jade, you can ask your assistant to communicate with Susan.”

Jiang Zhan thought that she was the type who doesn’t let the falcon loose until a rabbit was seen*, but the project profits made him feel that the other party’s caution was understandable, and it was safer to deal with Susan than with Erica, who had never met before.

(doesn’t let the falcon loose until a rabbit was seen* – a metaphor for if one doesn’t have a clear goal, one won’t take practical action)

After all, Susan’s true identity has been found out, so she can’t run away.

After confirming the details, Jiang Zhan said politely, “Our Jiang family is still somewhat humble in Yan City. If Miss Erica needs anything, you can always find me.”

Tang Nuan chuckled, “I’ve heard about Jiang Group’s famous name a long time ago, but now I’ve found out that it’s well-deserved. Then I would like to thank President Jiang in advance. In exchange, if you have any requirements on the project, I will try my best to meet them.”

Jiang Zhan’s heart moved when he heard the words, “I really want to ask Miss Erica to do me a small favor…”

After hanging up the phone, Tang Nuan was in a very good mood and picked up the normally used domestic mobile phone that had been silent for a long time.

The interest has been received, and the next step was to prepare for the storm. The current storm was all the money for the future!

The messages on the mobile phone have already exploded with ninety-nine plus and nine hundred ninety-nine plus messages from WeChat and Weibo. Those who don’t know might think that she was a celebrity with an infamous scandal.

Before Tang Nuan opened the group, Tang Yi’s phone call came in first.

The other party’s tone was full of schadenfreude, “I wondered why you took away all the things in the house like a thief, so you were worried about your future livelihood… But even if you take things that are not yours, they are only for temporary storage. In the end, it will return to its rightful owner…”

“Oh, by the way, I have some good news for you,” Tang Yi smiled maliciously, “Dad has already picked up Grandma and said he is going to discuss the marriage between the two families.”

Speaking of this, Jin Wenxia’s mocking voice suddenly came out, “We should discuss it. The marriage arranged by Grandma Tang should be a girl from the Tang family, not a fake one.”

Tang Nuan raised her eyebrows, the two of them couldn’t be alone. So everything was ready before the celebration banquet?

These two couldn’t hold back their anger and couldn’t wait for a day, so they couldn’t wait to come to her to show off their power.

It was a pity that they were destined not to see Tang Nuan’s flustered appearance. Tang Nuan said with a smile, “It is true that we have to discuss it quickly. I also wanted the elderly to hug their great-grandson quickly.”

Jin Wenxia was stumped, not knowing whether what she said was true or not, and immediately said anxiously, “You are shameless! You know how to use despicable methods!”

Tang Nuan took it for granted, “We are an unmarried couple, why is it despicable?”

She continued leisurely, “Stop talking about Brother Shuyan liking your sister. Brother Shuyan explained to me the other day that he and your sister are just ordinary classmates.”

As if knowing that Jin Wenxia was not convinced, she said with a beaming smile, “Why don’t you let your sister try again and see who Brother Shuyan will choose when we are in danger?”

Having said that, she said in the open, “Yes, Brother Zhu, it’s that bottle of wine. I’ll have a drink with Brother Shuyan tomorrow…” She hung up the phone directly after saying that.

Humph! Want to piss her off? She must have overestimated herself.

Thinking of Jin Wenxia’s anxious jumping feet, Tang Nuan lay happily on the bed. The old lady’s birthday banquet the day after tomorrow will definitely be very exciting…

As long as she gets through it, she will have money and freedom!

After a while, Tang Nuan rolled her eyes: Before leaving, shouldn’t she leave some gifts for her ex-lover who is finally getting married…

In the evening, Ye Shuyan, who had a meeting all day, returned to the hotel, followed by Assistant Wen behind, “The plane at nine o’clock tomorrow morning will arrive in Yan City at noon.”

Ye Shuyan nodded, “How’s Tang Nuan doing?”

Assistant Wen hesitated for a moment, and handed over the document in his hand, “It is confirmed that Miss Tang and Miss Jiang’s managers, Tang Xing, have indeed been switched, but the specific reasons need to be investigated again.”

“However, this matter has been spread in private.”

Ye Shuyan opened the file and looked at it, his expression remained unchanged, and just asked, “What is she doing these days?”

Assistant Wen said, “Except for going out with Butler Zhu to prepare dresses and gifts for the old lady, she has been hiding in the apartment.” He frowned as he spoke, “The Jiang family has been forcing Miss Tang to admit that she pushed Miss Jiang. Now that this matter has exploded, everyone is cursing unpleasantly…”

Ye Shuyan frowned and took out his mobile phone to make a call to Tang Nuan, but Assistant Shen’s video came in first. Ye Shuyan hesitated for a moment but still picked it up first.

“President Ye! We managed to contact the person in charge of the Nuanyang System!” Assistant Shen was very excited.

“Really thanks to Ms. Jiang this time. The person in charge doesn’t know what happened in China and said they don’t want to expand in China anymore, so they didn’t want to see us at all during this period.”

“It was President Jiang’s friend who pulled the string. Guess what?! The person in charge is a fanatic fan of Ms. Jiang!”

Ye Shuyan: …

Tang Nuan is Jiang Miao’s fanatic fan? What a joke.

… So, what did Tang Nuan do during this time?

“Also!” Assistant Shen was really excited, “The other party said that if Ms. Jiang could personally negotiate with them, the project acquisition can be discounted by 20% based on the estimated price!”

Ye Shuyan: …

She was going to offer a 20% discount, the Jiang family must have suffered a lot during this time.

“After Madam Ye’s birthday banquet, Ms. Jiang will help us connect and invite the person in charge of Nuanyang System to come to the company for a project demonstration.”

When Jiang Miao found out that Tang Nuan was the person she was trying to please, she would probably faint immediately…

Ye Shuyan rubbed his forehead, realizing for the first time that his fiancée was so capable of making trouble!

[WTF!!! President Ye can’t do it?!] There was a voice of fuss.

Ye Shuyan looked at Assistant Wen next to him with a headache, and as soon as he wasn’t paying attention, he let him get close to him unknowingly.

Assistant Wen’s face was sullen, but he was screaming inside: [Oh my god, did I discover some shocking secret? Will I be silenced? I hope President Ye can consider the merits I’ve done before…]

Ye Shuyan took two steps forward, distanced himself, and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Assistant Wen gulped, and spoke in a rare cautious tone, “Miss Tang just went to the pharmacy.”

Ye Shuyan watched him and waited for the next sentence.

Assistant Wen said with difficulty, “Xiao Wang saw that Ms. Tang went to the pharmacy. After thinking about what happened these days, he worried that she would be overthinking, so he chased after her to see what she bought…”

Ye Shuyan was impatient, “What did she buy?”


Ye Shuyan stared at him dangerously, intending to expel him if he went in a circle again.

Assistant Wen gulped, “Sildenafil… commonly known as Viagra.”

Ye Shuyan: …

Why did he feel that Tang Nuan prepared it for him?

The author has something to say:
Ye Shuyan (alert): What exactly does she want to do?
Tang Nuan (hehehe): It’s nothing, I just want to have a good time.
Author: Who’s going to be naughty? Let me have a peaceful time.

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