TWAIFHTATRM Chapter 18 part 1

The Wealthy and Influential Fiancé Has the Ability to Read Minds

This chapter is particularly long, so I separated it into two section.

Chapter 18 part 1

To Ye Shuchen, these words were full of provocation. Looking at the back of Tang Nuan leaving leisurely while humming a song, and looking at Jiang Miao, who clenched her fists tightly with tears filling her eyelashes, Ye Shuchen comforted her, “Don’t listen to her nonsense. If she really has a plan, how could she come to warn you? It’s clearly a scare.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Jiang Miao’s phone rang again. This time it was Assistant Shen. The attitude of Ye Shuyan at Jiang Miao’s birthday party made Assistant Shen uneasy for a long time. Not until the Jiang family had settled Nuanyang System that he got excited again.

The matter seemed to be urgent, and Assistant Shen didn’t waste any time, “I’ve just sent you the company’s press release. Please look at President Ye’s photo. The publicity department has already finalized the draft which is about to be released, and the authorization is with Assistant Wen. Right now, I can only delay for some time. Can you see if Tang Nuan did something to it?”

Jiang Miao looked down at the document sent by Assistant Shen. It was a press release about Madam Ye’s birthday party. There was a photo of Ye Shuyan and Tang Nuan getting off the car at the door and Tang Nuan was holding Ye Shuyan’s arm. Ye Shuyan put his hand on Tang Nuan’s hand,  where the huge engagement rings on their hands were very conspicuous. Below the picture stated that the heir of the Ye family and his fiancée.

If this press release was posted on the Ye family’s official website, anything else Jiang Miao do would be in vain……

Ye Shuchen frowned and said, “It’s impossible for my elder brother to do such a boring thing. This pertaining your career. He’s not that cruel. I’ll go ask him!”

Jiang Miao shook her head, tears finally came down, “Thank you, Shuchen, but I don’t have confidence. You also can see Ye Shuyan’s attitude toward me today. I really have nothing at all……” In the end, her tone was so choked that she couldn’t speak anymore.

Ye Shuchen looked at her tears, moved his fingers, and said softly, “Don’t worry, I’m afraid Tang Nuan did something that caused you to misunderstand. I’ll explain it to him for you. My elder brother only looks cold, but he’s not cruel.”

“But I don’t think I can hold on anymore.” Jiang Miao couldn’t help crying, “I know that I was sorry for him at the beginning, but I have let go of all my self-esteem… I can’t tell now whether he is punishing me or has he let go of me.”

She suddenly raised her head and asked Ye Shuchen, “Do you think he would choose me if I was really in danger?”

Ye Shuchen was taken aback, “Don’t do stupid things.”

Jiang Miao suddenly showed a sense of determination, “I want to confirm it.”

After Tang Nuan provoked Jiang Miao, she went back and followed Ye Shuyan, not saying much, and the whole birthday banquet was rather peaceful.

After all, today’s protagonist was the old lady. Except for the people who were friends with Jiang Miao, no one specifically troubles her. But those who wanted to target her were hindered by Ye Shuyan’s protective attitude, so they didn’t dare to say a word.

But she also knew that this matter could not be avoided. After all, the Jiang family put in so much effort, there must be an outcome today. As for the tipping point, it must be the Tang family.

After the long wait, even halfway through the banquet, the Tang family still didn’t show up. She noticed that Jiang Miao and Jiang Zhan frequently looked at their watches, apparently, things seemed out of their control.

All this while, Jiang Miao still looked at her, as if she had done something. Although Tang Nuan was also puzzled, she still showed a winning smile toward the other party, which made Jiang Miao even more anxious.

Tang Nuan curled her lips, and indeed, having someone to accompany her through the ordeal would make her feel much better.

Ye Shuyan looked down at her, thinking that she was really good at having fun.

Tang Nuan’s phone beeped.

[After the banquet is over, leave without delay. Grandma will delay them for a while.] The person who sent the message was Grandma Tang.

Tang Nuan was stunned for a moment, her heart warmed, and she finally understood the reason why the Tang family hadn’t come yet.

But she was not going to leave, as she had done nothing wrong. She would stand here until the end because she wanted to leave this circle cleanly, of course, the most important thing was to get more money!

Now their attacks would be turned into compensation for her. Thinking about it this way, Tang Nuan felt much better again.

Just after thinking about it, she suddenly realized that Ye Shuyan was right next to her, and she hurriedly made amended in her heart: [It’s the mental damage fee. Jiang Miao can’t just slander me! I have suffered great psychological trauma in the past half month.]

Her thoughts were very resounding and powerful.

After thinking about it, she couldn’t help observing Ye Shuyan’s expression, but this person’s cold face was just like a painted mask, making it impossible to see anything. Tang Nuan sometimes wondered if he really had mind-reading skills.

In the second half of the birthday banquet, socializing and entertaining were naturally unavoidable. The older ladies brought their daughters and granddaughters to Madam Ye for a showcase.

Young people or bosses who joined the company brought up projects talked to each other, talked about industry prospects, and international trends, and sparks of new projects could be ignited within a few words.

Naturally, many people came to see Ye Shuyan. Ye Shuyan was cold and indifferent, and he was not perfunctory about work matters. If the other party had a clear objective, he would listen carefully.

Tang Nuan obediently followed beside him and looked at the suffocated faces of those who were waiting for her to leave, but she didn’t feel bored either. Over there, Father Ye and Father Jiang’s faces turned red, not knowing what they were talking about.

Father Ye waved at Ye Shuyan, “Shuyan, come here.” After thinking for a while, he looked at Ye Shuchen who was not far away, “Xiao Chen, you come too. Listen, don’t just play around all day long and learn more with your big brother.”

Ye Shuchen hesitated for a moment but still walked over.

Tang Nuan also followed Ye Shuyan, and Jiang Zhan, who was standing next to Father Jiang, said with a smile, “We’re talking about business, Ms. Tang might as well go to accompany the old madam.”

Tang Nuan turned her head and glanced at Madam Ye who was holding Jiang Miao’s hand with great kindness, as well as the women around her who had treated her unkindly before. She shook her head and said, “It’s enough to have Miss Jiang there, it’s better for me to accompany Brother Shuyan.”

Jiang Zhan was indeed a villain, trying to push her into the wolf’s den.

But she was not a fool! Today she was going to stick to Ye Shuyan. Thinking of this, she tugged Ye Shuyan’s sleeve unconsciously. Father Ye frowned, showing dissatisfaction, and was about to speak when Ye Shuyan said calmly, “Let’s go upstairs.”

Then raised his forearm slightly, although he didn’t look at Tang Nuan, the meaning was clear. Tang Nuan was overjoyed, and reached out to hold onto it, thinking that Ye Shuyan was really a nice guy.

The lounge area on the second floor was set up in booth style, only close and important guests could come up, so it was kept very clean.

After a few people sat down, they quickly started talking about projects. Sitting next to Ye Shuyan, Tang Nuan couldn’t think of anything, so she could only try to clear her head. However, there was a saying that people have three urgencies, and Tang Nuan suddenly wanted to go to the bathroom.

But in a place like a banquet, the bathroom has always been a place where accidents happen frequently, and knowing that someone was watching her, Tang Nuan doesn’t want to take chances.

Thus, her best bet was to go upstairs to the host’s room.

But there was also a problem. Although she has been to Ye’s family house several times, she has never been to Ye Shuyan’s room, and now that everyone knew her background, the servants of Ye’s family may not necessarily recognize her. It would be embarrassing if they didn’t let her go up.

It would be great if Ye Shuyan could tell her to help him get something.

But what was there in Ye Shuyan’s bedroom for her to take?

Documents should not work. Ye Shuyan basically doesn’t go back to the family house. There was nothing related to work, so only clothes were left…

Tang Nuan couldn’t help but look at the man next to him. If she accidentally spills red wine on his clothes…

That’s not good either. Then he would have to change it himself, and it would be difficult for her to enter the bedroom.

Tang Nuan couldn’t hold back anymore, and couldn’t help but start thinking wildly: Or does he want another jacket? Leather shoes? Socks? Underpants…

Ye Shuyan was also led astray by her. He had a picture of her unexpectedly coming down from upstairs carrying a pair of shoes or socks for him to change in a very indecent way, and when he heard the latter, his face turned black completely.

“Go to my room and bring the pen and note on the bedside table.” Ye Shuyan said suddenly, his voice was flat.

Tang Nuan was overjoyed, and immediately got up and said, “I’ll go right away.”

The others also paused for a moment, with varying degrees of laughter in their eyes, looks like he still cared about Jiang Miao. Ye Shuchen just suggested that Jiang Miao come over to listen and give some suggestions, as it was related to the entertainment industry and Jiang Miao might be clearer about it.

Thereafter, Ye Shuyan dismissed Tang Nuan immediately.

Seeing Tang Nuan leave, Second Ye stood up, “I’ll go find Miss Jiang.” Then he called the waiter, “Please go to the cellar and bring me a bottle of good wine.”

Tang Nuan rushed into Ye Shuyan’s room on the fourth floor all the way and solved the problem comfortably. When she came out, she was not at all curious. She went straight to the bedside table, took the pen and note on it, and left.

When approaching the stairs, Tang Nuan saw Jiang Miao sneaking up to the third floor.

She squinted her eyes and slowed down her pace.

On the third floor and above the Ye family villa were the living rooms of the host family, which were closed today, and no one could come up unless the host family permits. Thus, it was almost no one around.

She was about to poke her head around to see what Jiang Miao wanted to do when she heard Ye Shuchen’s anxious voice, “Sister Jiang Miao! Don’t do anything stupid!”

Over there, Ye Shuchen grabbed Jiang Miao’s hand and quickly explained, “My elder brother has you in his heart. It’s true.”

“We were discussing something just now, and I suggested to call you, instead my elder brother sent Tang Nuan away. He just acted too much in front of you. When we sat there for so long, he ignored Tang Nuan the whole time.”

Jiang Miao didn’t speak, but tightly held the small bottle in her hand, with tears in her eyes. She said in a hoarse voice after some time, “Shuchen, thank you for comforting me, but I need to confirm it myself.”

Her tone carried a resolute determination, “This is the last time. If he doesn’t care about me at all, I will give up. I can’t give up my self-esteem, lose myself, and become a mistress who stepped into other people’s relationships for him.”

“Thank you for helping me delay the publication of the press release. This is the last time…”

As she spoke, she was about to continue pouring the medicine-like substance in the small bottle into her mouth. Tang Nuan was startled, and hurriedly raised her phone and said, “Suicide?”

The two people in the dispute were both stunned and looked up at Tang Nuan coincidentally.

Ye Shuchen frowned, “Why did you come down?” He thought that Tang Nuan finally got into the elder brother’s room and would probably linger for a while.

Tang Nuan held up the video on her mobile phone, “I just took something. Fortunately, I came down, otherwise, I’m afraid I won’t be able to make it clear again.”

Ye Shuchen said, “What do you mean? Don’t think too much of what is happening here.”

Tang Nuan looked at the medicine bottle in Jiang Miao’s hand, and then at both their postures.

Only then did Ye Shuchen realize that to stop her just now, he was holding her hand with one hand and holding her firmly in his arms with the other. He immediately jumped away as if he had been burned.

Tang Nuan didn’t seem to notice his unnatural behavior, and said as she approached, “Who knows if she will blame me for this? After all, I am the only one who has a grudge against her in this place.”

She looked at Jiang Miao, “What’s wrong? If Brother Shuyan doesn’t believe me like the time pushed you into the water, you’re going to accuse me of something even worse?”

“Don’t even think about it, I’ve already recorded everything this time.” Tang Nuan looked at Ye Shuchen again, “Second Ye, when the time comes, you won’t be pretending, right?”

Ye Shuchen snorted coldly, “Are you suffering from delusional disorder? Who will frame you? This is medicinal wine!”

“I don’t believe it”, Tang Nuan has already stood in front of Jiang Miao, reached out, and took the small bottle in her hand to take a closer look. She carefully looked at it and found that it was liquid. Then she put the liquid to her nose and smelled it, it does have a faint wine aroma.

But Tang Nuan didn’t think that Jiang Miao would come to drink some medicinal wine for no reason. Thinking of this, and seeing Ye Shuchen’s unnatural expression, she suddenly had a flash of insight, “Are you allergic to this?”

Jiang Miao and Ye Shuchen’s expressions changed at the same time.

Tang Nuan understood, “You will not be life-threatening if you drink this medicinal wine, but the allergic reaction will force Brother Shuyan to notice you… Or, in other words, he has to personally come to rescue you…”

Jiang Miao didn’t expect Tang Nuan to know her secret.

Ye Shuchen obviously knew about it, so it was not surprising at all. Ye Shuchen liked to collect all kinds of wine, especially these strange and peculiar ones. After Jiang Miao returned, with their close relationship, it should have been when he invited Jiang Miao to drink, causing her to accidentally drink this wine, and only then did he know she was allergic to it.

In her opinion, Ye Shuchen paid so much attention to Jiang Miao in such a short period, there were indeed other things involved.

Tang Nuan looked at Jiang Miao, who was blushing, and sneered, “You also said that you are not despicable and the Ye family and the Jiang family also want their face. So, who dares to touch you recklessly? You are planning to use the morality of the entire social circle to kidnap Brother Shuyan?”

“Besides, the trick of drinking something allergic to yourself is quite clever. After all, except for me who has a feud with you, who would think that you would make yourself allergic? Even Brother Shuyan’s suspicions can be cleared, which is cleverer than the accusation of pushing you into the water.”

Ye Shuchen frowned and said, “Tang Nuan, don’t talk nonsense. She just seeking medical attention for an emergency.”

Tang Nuan was discreet, “Miss Jiang, I believe you will use any means to deal with Brother Shuyan. After all, Brother Shuyan has amazing willpower, as long as he doesn’t like someone, he won’t even touch someone even when he has been drugged.”

Jiang Miao was angry and furious, “You think everyone is as despicable as you. Why should I drug Ye Shuyan!”

Tang Nuan was not angry, but said, “Do you know why I know about your allergic reaction? Because we both have the same allergy.”

She shook the little bottle, “If Miss Jiang really wants to confirm Brother Shuyan’s heart, let’s go together. Let’s see who he will choose in the end. Otherwise, won’t he be charged with the crime of not saving your life with you as the only option? At that time, the Jiang family and the Ye family will also have grudges between them. Compared to such a big price, sleeping with you will be much easier.”

Jiang Miao became angry out of humiliation, “You!!”

“What me?” Tang Nuan said, “Since you want to put all your eggs in one basket, let’s drink together. Do you dare to bet?”

Jiang Miao bit her lip and was speechless.

Tang Nuan sneered, looking left and right. Finally, her gaze landed on the wine decanter on the side cabinet, and then poured the small wine bottle that would cause Jiang Miao to be confused into the wine decanter.

Ye Shuchen couldn’t stop her in time, and his face flushed with anger, “My wine! What are you doing?” He treasured good wine!

Tang Nuan shrugged, “Then what do you think we should do? I’m worried about leaving this thing to you, so should I’ll take it away? Will you be at ease? Who knows if other people will be allergic to medicinal wine when it’s so unpredictable? If anyone who comes to this floor inhales it, what will happen to the people who came to your house?”

Ye Shuchen’s face darkened, and he gasped, “You won’t flush it in the bathroom?”

Tang Nuan suddenly said, “I didn’t think of that. Why don’t you remind me?”

After finishing speaking, she stuffed the bottle into Ye Shuchen and went straight downstairs.

She admitted that she did it on purpose and felt that Ye Shuchen was targeting her. Thinking about his ruthlessness toward her in the book, she couldn’t help but feel angry.

But was there some kind of mystery in the book? In the book, she was the one who did this.

Of course, she also drank the medicine herself, and it wasn’t as conspiratorial as she told Jiang Miao. She simply couldn’t let Ye Shuyan get drugged. That man Ye Shuyan was too cautious, and it was said that since he was drugged once, he hardly drinks alcohol in public.

The Jiang Miao in the book was much more confident and spent more than a month slowly laying the groundwork. Tang Nuan suffered the entire time the other party laid the groundwork. Under the pressure of everyone who distorted the truth deliberately, coupled with Ye Shuyan, who had always seemed to have an attitude towards her, when she finally learned that Tang Yi was going to reveal her life at the Ye family’s important press conference, she was on the verge of collapse. So, she acted preemptively and risked all odds, and slept with Ye Shuyan…

Alas, she made a mistake just now. Tang Nuan’s thoughts suddenly skipped and should have taken advantage of the opportunity to give Brother Shuyan to Jiang Miao. The other party must be very exciting.

Forget it, when the Tang family arrived later, the matter of withdrawing the engagement would be settled, and it would be the same as giving her to Ye Shuyan. The effect of giving it in front of everyone must be very wonderful. Hahaha…

Thinking about it, she still felt regretful. If she had known earlier, she would have bought an extra box. Won’t she have twice as much fun with an extra box?

Ye Shuyan, who was listening to Jiang Zhan talking about the project plan, had a strange moment in his eyes at first, and suddenly became cold: The medicine was indeed for him…

She was the one who wanted to get out of the engagement and ask for money, but she still wanted to take her anger out on him.

Tang Nuan was thinking happily, when suddenly a chill ran down her spine, and she met Ye Shuyan’s cold gaze. At that moment, it seemed that Ye Shuyan had read her mind.

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