The Wealthy and Influential Fiancé Has the Ability to Read Minds

Chapter 20

In the end, Tang Nuan slept on the bed. Her engagement would be terminated tomorrow, so she couldn’t fall short today.

If Ye Shuyan needed, cough, needed that kind of fiancée obligation, she would accept it. With such a beautiful body, she might not necessarily encounter it in the future, and it would be a fool not to take advantage of it.

Thinking of this, she completely relaxed and let her fatigue drown her out…

Ye Shuyan came out and looked at Tang Nuan who was already asleep, not knowing whether to be angry or laugh, after all, she still felt that he would not do anything to her. What a scoundrel!

Ye Shuyan also lifted the blanket and lay down. His bed was not small at all, and wouldn’t feel much with someone sleeping next to him, of course, provided the person was well-behaved.

The time displayed by the luminous clock on the wall was 12:30 a.m. when he was awake in the middle of the night and only a dim night light on the bedside.

Ye Shuyan turned to look at the person next to him.

Tang Nuan slept very restlessly, curled up pitifully like a child, groping around with one hand, not knowing what she was looking for, and frowning unconsciously. She looked completely different from the scoundrel who was able to coax herself when things went wrong during the day.

After touching a corner of the blanket, she held it tightly in her hand, and not knowing what she dreamed of, her mouth crumpled with grievances as if she would cry at any time.

Ye Shuyan looked at her for a long time and sighed silently. Even if she showed as if she didn’t care anymore, with so many things piled up together, she was still afraid…

He couldn’t help but extend his hand to stroke her head and with such a gentle reassurance, her eyebrows relaxed. Ye Shuyan looked at her, she was as coaxable as when she was a child…

Tang Nuan had a strange dream. For a moment, she dreamed that she jumped down from a tall building, and the streets were filled with people clapping and cheering. At another moment, she dreamed that Ye Shuyan also regained consciousness from the book and began to love Jiang Miao in every possible way. With everyone targeting her, she was beaten by everyone while walking on the street, but when she got rid of the crowd and entered a place like a paradise, she felt very happy with the sky raining full of golden tickets…

Rubbing her forehead while sitting up, she glanced at the watch on the wall. It was 6:30 in the morning. She had slept for fourteen hours, no wonder she felt tired instead.

Remembering what happened yesterday, Tang Nuan turned her head carefully and realized that there was no one beside her. If it weren’t for the traces left on the bed, she would have thought she had slept alone.

So, did the fiancée’s obligation he meant was to sleep on the bed?

Tang Nuan thought regretfully, it was a pity that she didn’t get to take advantage…

But where did he go? Did he go to see Jiang Miao? Speaking of which, he didn’t even go to see Jiang Miao after drinking the antidote yesterday, and a look of complete indifference.

Was he genuinely not caring or restraining himself? Perhaps the latter?

When Ye Shuyan told her before the engagement that there would be no love in the future, she knew that they were the same kind of people when it came to relationships.

Falling in love with someone was easy to put oneself in a messy situation, and the mutual benefit without love could make people calmer and more elegant. So, in the years after the engagement, although she and Ye Shuyan have no feelings, she could feel that Ye Shuyan was very satisfied with her as his marriage partner.

So even when Jiang Miao came back, letting go of her self-esteem and moral bottom line, and begged Ye Shuyan for forgiveness to get back together, Tang Nuan never felt that Ye Shuyan would accept her.

After all, Jiang Miao was a readily available example. A beautiful, smart, and outstanding girl who was loved by everyone could become despicable and humble, unlike herself. Since Ye Shuyan was hurt, how could he repeat the same mistakes?

This was why she dared to gamble in the book.

But after reading the book, she also understood that loving someone was probably uncontrollable. Even a cold and rational person like Ye Shuyan still went crazy when Jiang Miao fell into Ye Shuchen’s arms…

Tang Nuan took a deep breath, anyway, these were none of her business. Today, she would be able to completely sever her relationship with the Tang family, and after that, at most, she could wrangle a little bit more about the compensation for retiring the engagement!

Tang Nuan was daydreaming about her free life while looking at her phone habitually. Only then did she realize in the moment of chaos yesterday, her phone might have been thrown somewhere.

Thinking of something, she quickly got up and started searching. Fortunately, she saw her personal belongings next to the clothes prepared by the butler, and her phone was neatly placed next to her handbag.

But when she picked it up, the battery was already at a precarious one percent, and the screen was filled with notifications. She saw Ji Yun’s dozens of missed calls at a glance, and the screen went completely dark before she unlocked it.

Before going dark, she also saw one of the entertainment feeds: [Ye Group officially admits that Ye Shuyan’s fiancée is the second young lady of Tang Group!]

Tang Nuan: !!!

What is it? Officially? Where did it come from? The Ye Group is such a big and proper corporation, how could it be entertaining gossip?

She looked around and quickly placed her phone on the magnetic charger by the bedside. After waiting for a few minutes for it to come on, she immediately turned it on.

Unfortunately, Ji Yun’s phone call came in before she had time to read the article.

Even through the screen, she could feel the aggressiveness of the other party. Tang Nuan unconsciously looked at her watch, this girl mentioned in the entertainment gossip slept until so late in the morning…

She didn’t dare to delay any longer and picked up directly.

 “Tang Nuan, you’re going to die!!!” Ji Yun was so furious, “Why didn’t you answer the phone?! Look at how many times I called you?! I thought you were killed! Do you know what a big thing has happened?! I’m going to die soon!”

Tang Nuan quickly comforted her, “Calm down, there’s been an accident, it’s nothing serious.”

“What accident?” Ji Yun said angrily, “If you don’t give me a reasonable explanation, the share this time will be my mental damage fee!”

“That won’t work.” Tang Nuan blurted out, “Do you have a conscience to steal money from me, a poor ghost?”

“Isn’t our relationship maintained by money? What kind of conscience do we need?” Ji Yun said, “What happened?! It made you disappear for more than ten hours?”

“Accidentally drank something, and fell asleep until now. My phone was previously silent.”

“You drank something?” Ji Yun was taken aback, “What is it? You slept for more than ten hours. Was it sleeping pills?”

Tang Nuan said mysteriously, “It’s about the same.”

Ji Yun: …

She didn’t understand, “Did Princess Jiang have a unique way of playing? She thinks she can’t beat you, so she simply knocks you down a hundred times?”

Tang Nuan couldn’t help but do a facepalm, “That’s not true, it just knocks everyone down.”

“Ah?” Ji Yun was puzzled, “What do you mean?”

Tang Nuan briefly explained the matter. Although Ji Yun was full of anxiety, she laughed to death after hearing this mishap, “So, the Jiang family and Ye family were all confused by you and lost their attention to their main agenda?”

Tang Nuan corrected, “Why me? The culprit was obviously Jiang Miao.”

Ji Yun said, “No wonder Tang Yi didn’t release your matter yesterday. You dare to cause chaos with the main protagonists, where would they have time to deal with the main agenda?”

Tang Nuan: …

What words of tiger and wolf*? I already said it wasn’t me!

(words of tiger and wolf* – an internet buzzword – must not be careless when speaking else will be used as evidence.)

Ji Yun said to herself, “Your move is quite good. It happened to delay the matter until the old lady’s birthday banquet was over, and there was no reason for others to watch. It’s entirely a private matter of your Tang family. It’s important to close the door and handle it properly, and it’ll be over when you tell the Ye family.”

Tang Nuan didn’t bother to correct her anymore, she just said, “Do you think the Tang family will be nice?”

If they were really nice, they wouldn’t cooperate with the Jiang family and the Ye family to make trouble at the birthday banquet. Compared with saving face, using this matter to please the Jiang family and the Ye family was the kingly way to gain more benefits.

“Not only they are not nice, but also want to put you to death.” Once Ji Yun confirmed that Tang Nuan had no mishaps, she spoke of the serious matter with great enthusiasm, “Yesterday’s incident was messed up by you, and now they choose to sacrifice you to save Jiang Princess.”

Tang Nuan was puzzled, “Why?”

“You don’t know, although I withdrew the article from my end yesterday, the official news of the Ye Group was released in the afternoon, and it can be seen everywhere on the Internet… Don’t read it first! Wait for me to send you pictures.”

Tang Nuan obediently withdrew her finger to end the call and switched to the WeChat interface after Ji Yun sent her the picture. The message popped up even more fiercely than a few days ago, but she still ignored it and opened Ji Yun’s message.

Actually, it was the news about Old Madam Ye’s birthday banquet. Regardless of her age, Old Madam Ye enjoyed this kind of attention. She often organized charity work and with her strong sense of presence in the community, it was also a common practice to send a press release on the official website for her 70th birthday banquet.

The news about the birthday banquet naturally reported on the family members and Ye Shuyan, as the current leader of the Ye family, ranked behind the old lady. However, the photo used was the photo of him getting out of the car with Tang Nuan.

She held his arm, and he patted her hand. Although there was no superfluous expression, the pair of huge engagement rings between their fingers was an acknowledgment of Tang Nuan’s identity.

And the following introduction was also about Ye Shuyan, the president of the Ye Group, and his fiancée, Miss Tang.

Ji Yun said, “As soon as the official article was published, within half an hour, the topic of #Jiang Miao suspected to be a mistress# became a hot topic on the search engine. Although it was taken down within half an hour after it was posted, its popularity in private became increasingly high.

“I was happy at that time. Although the photo in Ye Group’s official press release had been replaced by the evening, those two or three hours were enough for the matter to bubble away. I’m afraid it will not be easy for Jiang Miao to clear up this matter.”

Tang Nuan couldn’t help asking, “In the end?”

“In the end, a master appeared.” Ji Yun spoke angrily, “I still couldn’t figure out how a short-sighted guy like Tang Yi suddenly became so clever yesterday. Now it looks like while you all fell asleep after drinking the antidote, it should be that Jiang Miao’s father or her brother took action in person.”

This was very normal. Both the Jiang family, father and son, as well as Ye Zhenghong were using the traditional way and estimated would be over in two or three hours. So, when they came out and found the problem, wouldn’t it matter a phone call away when Father Jiang told Father Ye about changing the photo?

Moreover, the Jiang family was originally into the Internet, and online marketing was a familiar skill.

“Anyway, shortly after the Ye family removed the photos, while everyone was discussing it enthusiastically, some people began to expose your life story,” Ji Yun said, “Naturally, there’s no trace of a marketing account. At first, there were all kinds of exaggeration, and later you know.”

Tang Nuan sighed, her reputation in the social circle was really bad.

“In less than two hours, you skipped classes and fought in high school, bullied your classmates, drank and raced, and cheated in academics…” At this point, Ji Yun sneered, “Anyway, after a night, you’ve done everything to kill and set fire to rape women.”

How can these be picked up so quickly without a marketing account?

“Of course, you can become Young Master Ye’s fiancée is all due to scheming. In short, with all the bad deeds, you are not worthy of Young Master Ye at all.”

“Now the netizens are supporting Jiang Miao to quickly kick you out, and have set an action plan of #Save Young Master Ye#. Even though you are the real fiancée, you have become a villain that everyone hates.”

When Ji Yun said this, she took a deep breath, “And Tang Yi, that guy has no other skills besides good at taking advantage of others’ difficulties.”

“I have already asked the marketing to release a notice about your super big gossip today and the netizens already have a strong appetite.” She was a little irritable, “If it is revealed at this crucial moment that you are not the biological daughter of the Tang family, I don’t know what, given the imaginations of netizens, will say about you.”

“When the Tang family kicks you out, the Jiang family and the Ye family may disdain you. But Tang Yi and some people in the circle will definitely make trouble.”

Ji Yun had seen too many cyberbullies and shuddered whenever she thought about it, “I’ve been thinking, there is only one way, just let Young Master Ye help you out.”

“Even if the engagement is withdrawn, there will always be the three-year friendship. You have done nothing wrong in this matter. The Jiang family has harmed you so much to make way for Jiang Miao, this can’t be justified.”

“Besides, the article posted on the official website of the Ye Group yesterday must have been instructed by Young Master Ye, right? No matter what, it was the article posted on the official website that led to such a big mess. He should take care of it.”

The more Ji Yun thought about it, the more she felt that it was feasible, “Speaking of it, didn’t Young Master Ye post such an article on the Ye Group’s official website to especially support you? Otherwise, with Young Master Ye’s personality, how could he have not separated you today? Since he didn’t mention it, doesn’t it mean he didn’t plan to retire from the engagement?”

“As long as he takes action, even ten Jiang Miao will all be in vain.”

Tang Nuan’s heart warmed when she heard her comprehensive consideration and said with a smile, “Ji Yun, don’t worry, you don’t need to control the comments, just let them bubble away.”

Ji Yun said, “What? Do you have a solution?”

Tang Nuan said, “The Internet has always been a double-edged sword. How many people wield their swords at me now? And, I will pay them back double in the future.”

Ji Yun became happy, “Can you convince Young Master Ye?!”

Tang Nuan didn’t want to gamble, perhaps Ye Shuyan was completely against her in private. After all, he just wanted to embarrass Jiang Miao but such online voices would directly destroy Jiang Miao. Ye Shuyan might not necessarily be willing, even if Ye Shuyan was willing, there was Madam Deng…

In short, there were too many uncertainties in relying on others. She needed to do it herself and in a way that Ye Shuyan couldn’t refuse. Thinking of this, she replied, “No, I want Jiang Miao to admit personally.”

Ji Yun thought she heard it wrong, “Who?”

Tang Nuan smiled, “Jiang Miao.” After all, she was a big fan, wasn’t she?

“Okay, anyway, you don’t need to worry, it’s only a week or two at the latest. Isn’t Jiang Miao currently having a variety show going on?”

“You want her to be slapped on the variety show?” Ji Yun’s eyes widened.

Tang Nuan rolled her eyes, “The plan is like this, so don’t worry, only the patient hunters will get higher rewards.”

“There are still many things to do today. I’ll prepare first, and talk to you in detail later.”

After hanging up the phone, Tang Nuan turned to take a shower, putting Jiang Miao’s matter aside, and withdrawing from the engagement was the top priority today.

It was easy to sever ties with the Tang family, but it was still up to Ye Shuyan to retire the engagement. Furthermore, Tang Nuan didn’t expect Ye Shuyan to publish an article to clarify it.

In fact, Ye Shuyan in the book was the same as now, never expressing the intention of retiring the engagement. Tang Nuan had been thinking about the reason and guessed that he should be in a state of struggle between reason and emotion, which could also explain why he had mind-reading skills but still fell into Tang Nuan’s tricks in the book. He might have rejected his own thoughts.

So, until Jiang Miao and Ye Shuchen got together, he had always been a qualified fiancé and husband.

Of course, there was another important reason, which was that she met Ye Shuyan’s requirements too well. She was obedient and not clingy to him, and most importantly, she didn’t love him. She did not violate the promise she made when they got engaged, and with Ye Shuyan’s responsible disposition, even if his heart wavers, he would not do anything rashly toward her.

Oh, she did it so well before that she didn’t see much effect in the past few days. It seemed that she had to work harder today!

Tang Nuan came out of the bathroom while thinking, and saw Ye Shuyan standing at the door, pondering something. She was startled, and instinctively looked at the distance. Phew, it was at least four or five meters away, it was okay.

“Brother Shuyan?” She called out cautiously.

Ye Shuyan gave her a faint glance and walked directly to the bathroom, obviously returning to his state of cold and domineering president.

Tang Nuan looked at the thin sweat on his forehead and neck, it turned out that he didn’t go to find Jiang Miao, but instead went to exercise. It was true that exercise could drive away distracting thoughts when he was upset.

But when Tang Nuan caught sight of his sexy Adam’s apple, she was the one with distracting thoughts. His sportswear was not skintight, but because of sweat, it was half-clung to his body, as if he was holding a pipa and half covering his front.

Tang Nuan’s mind automatically recalled the feeling she felt when she pulled open his shirt yesterday, instinctively licked her lips, and wanted to move her eyes away. Suddenly, she thought of today’s madness for love, so she let her eyes glued on it.

Ye Shuyan suddenly stood still in front of her, and Tang Nuan was startled. Looking up at him, she saw his eyes drooping slightly, making it hard to see the emotion in his eyes, but the voice was cold, “Go sit on the sofa.”

Not knowing if it was Tang Nuan’s illusion, she felt that there was a hint of annoyance in his tone.

Tang Nuan immediately said obediently, “Okay.”

When she was sitting on the sofa, she couldn’t help but clench her fists and make a victory gesture. The sofa was diagonal to the bathroom, and the distance was five meters away. Sure enough, he couldn’t take it anymore, hahaha!

She wanted to keep working hard! She looked around and picked up the clothes the butler had prepared for her. It was a light green dress with a shoulder strap and a tight waist. It was beautiful, but it was clearly with malicious intent.

Who didn’t know that Ye Shuyan likes an elegant and modest style? Tang Nuan had never worn such sexy clothes when she was with Ye Shuyan. She didn’t believe that the butler prepared the same for Jiang Miao.

Then, let’s follow her wishes! Tang Nuan went directly into the changing room next to her to change, and then looked at the mirror for a long time, feeling that something was missing—no makeup.

It was estimated that few women were staying overnight. The housekeeper had prepared daily necessities such as toothbrushes and towels, and there were also two ordinary samples of skin care products. There must be no cosmetics.

Tang Nuan rummaged through her handbag, took out lipstick and powder for touch-ups, added a touch of color to the corners of her eyes and cheeks, and nodded in satisfaction.

[Who is this stunning beauty? So beautiful so charming. That must be me you are talking about, hahaha.]

Standing under the shower head, Ye Shuyan brushed his hair back and rubbed his forehead. Why did he think she was dignified and obedient before?

[Today, I must let Boss Ye see the madness of my heart that loves him like crazy! Ah, no, infatuation.]

Ye Shuyan: …

He moved further away, suddenly realized something, and opened his eyes wide. He sketched the distance from the mirror in the changing room to the bathroom in his mind, yes, definitely more than five meters…

When Tang Nuan came out of the changing room, she saw Ye Shuyan standing at the door of the bathroom, looking in her direction with hazy eyes.

She shyly arranged the shoulder strap on her dress, “The butler prepared this for me, so I’ll just put up with it for now.” The circumstances that needed to be reported still needed to be reported, she didn’t want to be the scapegoat.

Ye Shuyan said, “Wait for me outside.”

Tang Nuan shook her head, that must not be possible. Although it was still early, many people couldn’t sleep after such a big incident yesterday and since she was in the enemy place, of course, she would not run around. Otherwise, if someone caught her, she would inevitably be in trouble. Anyway, before leaving the Ye family’s house, she would be tailing Ye Shuyan for sure.

Ye Shuyan found it laughable, that was why she was a scoundrel, who said just now that she would not rely on him in the future.

Tang Nuan felt that Ye Shuyan’s changing clothes was just an excuse, but in fact, he disliked her for being too close to hear her annoyance. So, she consciously went to the bathroom and said, “You go change your clothes first, I’ll go freshen up.” Without giving Ye Shuyan a chance to refuse, she turned to go in.

Ye Shuyan lowered his eyelids and walked towards the changing room until he stood in front of the mirror. He confirmed that the distance from here to the bathroom was at least six to seven meters.

The distance between her inner voice had indeed become longer: So, what is so special about her?

[Retiring from the engagement, retiring from the engagement, oh, oh, the engagement will be retired today. Freedom! I am coming!]

Not knowing the tune of the song she used, her voice was cheerful and lively, and it seemed that she was looking forward to it.

Ye Shuyan looked at the man in the mirror and slowly curled the corners of his lips. She should be happy first, otherwise, she would not get her chance later. When Ye Shuyan came out of the changing room, he had transformed into the cold and self-restrained Young Master Ye that everyone used to see. His pants were perfectly straight, his shirt was ironed, and the button was buttoned to the top.

Tang Nuan stared at him with a pair of fox eyes, with shyness slowly crept up on her face, “Brother Shuyan.”

Ye Shuyan: …

He felt that it shouldn’t be too difficult for her to enter the entertainment industry and become a movie queen.

Tang Nuan walked downstairs behind Ye Shuyan. Without eating for nearly fourteen hours since yesterday, she was so hungry that her chest pressed against her back.

When passing by the third floor, they saw the door of a guest room open, and vaguely heard the voice of Father Jiang and Mother Jiang’s concern, “How is it? Are you still uncomfortable? Would you like some water?”

Tang Nuan couldn’t help sighing, the Jiang family was so good. Even if they let their father and brother down, they didn’t need to be disciplined, instead, they were guarded and taken care of.

Ye Shuyan suddenly paused and couldn’t help but look back at her.

Tang Nuan made up her mind today to set herself free, relying on the fact that the other party didn’t know that she knew the secret of his mind-reading skills. She replied presumptuously: What are you looking at, am I wrong? The wine was brought by Jiang Miao yesterday.

Looking at Ye Shuyan’s face, she thought like a love-struck fool again: But his cold expression is also pretty handsome, his eyes are so beautiful, his nose, his lips…

The fiery soft touch automatically sprang up in her mind… cough, cough…

Tang Nuan: …

Ye Shuyan turned around and left, at an extremely fast pace. Tang Nuan calmly touched her slightly hot cheeks, and quickly chased after him, “Brother Shuyan, wait for me.”

The Jiang family, who came out of Jiang Miao’s room, saw this scene and looked at each other. Mother Jiang said to Jiang Miao, who had been uneasy all the time, “There must be a reason for Shuyan to do this. Mom specifically asked around and found that the doctor gave them an antidote.” Speaking of this, she was still embarrassed and quickly changed the subject, “Let’s go eat first, and we will go back after eating.”

In the dining room on the first floor, Old Madam Ye, Ye Zhenghong, and Sun Wanqiu were already there. Tang Nuan had just sat down with Ye Shuyan when the Ye family of four arrived. Ye Shuchen stayed far behind, looking at Jiang Miao’s back from time to time.

With that expression, something must have happened between the two of them yesterday!

The breakfast was very rich, both Chinese and Western, and there were several tonic soups.

Tang Nuan looked around and found that except for Old Madam Ye, everyone else’s complexion was not very good, and everyone had more or less dark circles under their eyes.

This was truly the morning after the chaos of the gathering…

Ye Shuyan, who was eating toast next to her, paused and reached out to pick up a fried dough stick and put it on her plate.

Tang Nuan inexplicably understood his meaning: shut up and eat quickly.

She rolled her eyes and looked at Xiaolongbao, which was a little far away from her.

Ye Shuyan reached out and put the plate in front of her.

This treatment! Tang Nuan was in high spirits and wanted some sesame balls too.

Ye Shuyan glanced at her and continued to eat his toast with his head down, obviously not intending to spoil her anymore.

Tang Nuan stubbornly wanted to fight with Ye Shuyan today: [Sesame balls, sesame balls, sesame balls]

Ye Shuyan couldn’t bear it anymore, so he reached out and got one for her.

[Wow, do I have any special abilities? Brother Shuyan satisfy me with whatever I want. I want to get married right away and let him wear a costume with rabbit ears at night…]

Ye Shuyan’s forehead twitched and he stared at her coldly.

Realizing that he seemed angry, Tang Nuan immediately thought coquettishly, Oh, this steamed stuffed bun is delicious, and so are the sesame balls. Brother Shuyan is truly remarkable.

Listening to the food descriptions full of colors and flavors in his mind, Ye Shuyan felt helpless for a long time…

Everyone else at the dinner table couldn’t help but be stunned, especially the Jiang family, whose expressions were not very good. Jiang Miao stared at Ye Shuyan in amazement.

Since when has he been so considerate?

The author has something to say:
Tang Nuan: The engagement is about to end and there will be no more chances in the future. It’s enough to flirt at least once.
PS: Mind-reading skills yyds!

Ye Shuyan: She’s going to cry if the engagement can’t be withdrawn in a while, so let her be happy first. PS: Give the mind-reading skills to this scoundrel!

Two more words:

The male and female protagonists: Both of them are not perfect, and both have serious personality flaws. Tang Nuan is an emotional allergy patient. As long as there is little risk, she will not take the risk, let alone the tragic ending in the book.

That is the reason why she can easily believe in President Ye’s sense of responsibility, but she can’t trust his feelings. She will keep doubting and keep herself away from the other party, showing that she doesn’t trust President Ye very much. As for President Ye, he simply has no feelings. Responsibility is acceptable, but feelings are out of the question. Without love, a sense of security may be enough, but there is no way to fully protect a person. Therefore, this article is about the process of their mutual change, growth, and improvement for each other.

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