The Wealthy and Influential Fiancé Has the Ability to Read Minds

Chapter 2

“Hahaha, I’m really worried for nothing. I forgot that you are very overbearing.” Ji Yun laughed while driving, “The little princess of the Jiang family is green with anger because of you.”

Tang Nuan leaned on the back of the chair comfortably, pretending to be surprised, “Isn’t she an actress? Isn’t it so obvious? Apparently, her acting skills still need to be perfected.”

“You should be more virtuous!” Ji Yun said, “The Jiang family just brought her back, and now the whole family can’t wait to spoil her. Be careful that they’ll find trouble with you.”

Tang Nuan smiled lazily, raised her chin, and said, “I have Ye Shuyan.”

Ji Yun choked, “Yes, yes, you have Ye Shuyan. One Young Master Ye is enough for you to be arrogant everywhere.”

“Speaking of which, have you asked Young Master Ye about this?”

“Why do I have to ask?” Tang Nuan seemed to have heard some funny jokes, “Do you think that Ye Shuyan will pay attention to this kind of gossip? For this kind of thing, it’s enough for me, an idler, to pay attention. I want to create an environment without distractions for him to make money.”

Ji Yun: …

“Smart, you’re still the smart one!” She didn’t give the enemy a chance to appear in front of Young Master Ye.

The flamboyant red sports car was parked at the entrance of the Tang family’s old house. Ji Yun recognized the luxury car parked next to it, and said in surprise, “Isn’t that Jiang Zhan’s car? How did he find you so quickly?!”

“The little princess of the Jiang family sued faster than elementary school students?”

Tang Nuan got out of the car and tutted, “Why your stinky mouth is so quick?”

“What stinky mouth?” Ji Yun refused to concede, “That’s all my pre-judgment based on gossip and my keen intuition.”

“Anyway, you should either pray for yourself or you can quickly ask your fiancé for help. I’m leaving, take care!” The moment the car started, she couldn’t help but said, “If there is anything interesting, let me know right away.”

Tang Nuan rolled her eyes, too lazy to pay attention to her.

The housekeeper has already greeted her, “Second Miss, you are back.”

Tang Nuan handed the luggage to the servant, heard Tang Sheng’an’s hearty laughter from the living room, and asked, “Are there any guests?”

The housekeeper said politely, “Yes, the eldest young master of the Jiang family is here.”

Tang Nuan had already entered the door while she was talking, and she couldn’t help but raise her eyebrows. Her parents, eldest sister Tang Shuang and even her father’s illegitimate son Tang Yi were all there. Of course, based on the last time, they were obviously not here to welcome her back to the country after graduation.

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Tang Nuan’s eyes shifted to the young man sitting at the seat of honor. The other party had a handsome and gentle temperament, with the words “I am an elite” written all over his body. He was Jiang Miao’s eldest brother Jiang Zhan.

Jiang Zhan got up when he saw Tang Nuan and greet her warmly, “Is this Tang Nuan? She’s really excellent.”

Tang Sheng’an couldn’t close his mouth from smiling, “President Jiang has flattered me. If she can have half of Miss Jiang’s, we should be grateful.”

Lin Yue’e hurriedly waved to Tang Nuan, “Nuannuan, come and say hello. This is President Jiang of Jiangshan Group. He is young and promising.”

Tang Nuan said with a smile, “Dad, you don’t need to say this, just look at him…” She glanced up and down at Tang Yi next to her, “…just by looking, I know that President Jiang must be a leader among the people.”

Although she didn’t say it, her subtle pause and eyes were clearly saying that the other party was servile.

Tang Yi’s face turned black.

Tang Sheng’an glared at her, “Nuannuan, what are you doing? You finally got home. Can you stop picking on things?”

Just as Tang Nuan was about to speak, Jiang Zhan smiled and smoothed things out, “Brothers and sisters are like this, the noisier they are, the closer they get.” Having said this, he sighed and said, “When I was a child, I especially liked to bully Miaomiao, who was like a glutinous rice dumpling*.”

(glutinous rice dumpling* – refers to very cute children)

“Unfortunately, an accident caused her to suffer so much. Now that we have found her, I just want to pick all the stars in the sky for her.”

When he said this, he looked at Tang Nuan with a smile.

Tang Nuan also smiled and said, “I really envy President Jiang’s sister. She should have saved the entire galaxy in her last life, so all the stars in the sky are hers. Whichever one she likes, there is a brother like you to help pick it.”

She looked back at Tang Sheng’an and said coquettishly, “Dad, I think I might have fought alongside President Jiang’s sister in my last life, and I also want the stars in the sky.”

Tang Sheng’an glared at her, “What nonsense are you talking about? Be quiet for me.”

Tang Nuan pouted in dissatisfaction.

Jiang Zhan laughed, “Second Miss Tang is really a person with a good temper.”

“The stars in the sky are left for your parents to pick for you but I can help you with other trivial matters.” Just as he finished speaking, the assistant who had been standing still behind him stepped forward and handed out a box.

The eyes of the Tang family couldn’t help but fall on it.

Jiang Zhan opened it, and even the eldest sister Tang Shuang, who had always been cold and indifferent, couldn’t help but sit up straight. Jiang Zhan smiled and said, “I heard that Second Miss Tang likes to collect all kinds of gems. This piece of ice jade with floating flowers was taken by me a few years ago and the color is quite rare. I think you should like it.”

Tang Nuan hurriedly waved her hand, “It’s too valuable to be paid for nothing.”

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“What are you talking about?” Jiang Zhan laughed. “Jade is a matter of fate. If Second Miss Tang likes it, it belongs to you. You don’t think you are worthy of it, do you?”

Tang Nuan also laughed, “President Jiang is joking. Even if I saved the galaxy in my last life and felt that all the stars in the sky should belong to me, I wouldn’t think that the things I like in the whole world belong to me. There is always a first come first serve. President Jiang’s collection shows that you like it very much, and it would be a bit shameless for me to take away something you like.”

The smile in Jiang Zhan’s eyes faded, and he turned to Tang Sheng’an and Lin Yue’e with a smile, “Second Miss Tang is still young and innocent.”

“Since she felt embarrassed, let me change it to something else. I think several projects in the Tang family are pretty good.”

The Tang family was shocked and straightened their backs unconsciously, but Jiang Zhan smiled gently, stood up, and said, “But today is mainly to send Miaomiao’s birthday party invitation, let’s discuss the project slowly another day.”

Tang Sheng’an hurriedly stood up, “That’s right. This kind of big thing still needs to be discussed properly.”

Jiang Zhan smiled, “Uncle Tang, you’re wrong. Compared to Miaomiao, these are not big things. After all, you can still make money if you lose the project. But we only have one Miaomiao.”

Tang Shuang took the opportunity to boast, “President Jiang really loves my sister, then we should have a common topic.”

Tang Nuan couldn’t help but blink at Tang Shuang who hadn’t looked at her since she entered the door. Her eldest sister was really good at telling lies with her eyes open.

However, Jiang Zhan obviously didn’t care about the truth or falsehood of what she said, and went out together with a smile. Tang Yi followed quickly when he saw this.

It wasn’t until Jiang Zhan’s figure disappeared that Lin Yue’e said a little excitedly, “I heard that the piece of jade was made by President Jiang when he was playing with stones a few years ago and the floating flower looks like a pair of ink-wash paintings. So many people want to buy it at a high price, but he didn’t give it up.”

Tang Sheng’an sighed, “This President Jiang is really generous to his sister.”

“For his sister?” Tang Nuan wondered, “Why did he give me jade for his sister?” She said with a shocked expression, “Does his sister like me?!”

Tang Sheng’an glared at her again, “Don’t pretend to be crazy. Haven’t you heard about Jiang Miao and Shuyan?”

Before Tang Nuan could speak, Tang Shuang walked in and said indifferently, “You and Ye Shuyan haven’t seen each other for a year, right? Why didn’t he pick you up when you came back today? Even if he’s not free by himself, how can he’s not free to send someone with his mouth?”

Tang Sheng’an said, “Speaking of which, you have been engaged for almost three years and I don’t think you have ever had this unmarried son-in-law. I’ve never seen him face to face, not to mention visiting the house.”

Lin Yue’e sat next to Tang Nuan and said earnestly, “When you got engaged three years ago, Mom was really happy for you, but now it seems that you’re not a match for a high family.”

“When a woman gets married, it’s like drinking water, knowing whether she is cold or warm and it’s not about the stronger the better.”

“Just like Ye Shuyan, only a few people dare to provoke him, but he hasn’t taken you seriously all these years. What does this have to do with you? Now that his first love is back, it’ll make you a laughingstock.”

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“Mom thinks that instead of waiting for him to break the engagement with you and embarrassed you, it’s better to take this opportunity and take the initiative.”

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