The Wealthy and Influential Fiancé Has the Ability to Read Minds

Chapter 23

Li Qiuqiu paid the bill with heavy bleeding. The three of them had a good drink and finally returned to Tang Nuan’s house drunk, where they planned to stay for the next few days.

The three of them entered the elevator and found a man standing inside. Tang Nuan immediately shrank to a corner and dragged Ji Yun and Li Qiuqiu over.

Ji Yun barked out, “What are you doing?”

Tang Nuan went to cover her mouth and warned, “Be quiet, don’t talk! There is someone!”

Ye Shuyan raised his eyebrows, but he didn’t expect that she was quite capable when she was drunk.

Then hear her continue, “No one knows if you got kidnapped.”

Ye Shuyan: …

Seeing her hiding in the corner with vigilance and fright, Ye Shuyan couldn’t help but laugh. That’s right, this scoundrel always cherished her life.

“Kidnapping?” Li Qiuqiu, who had been feeling dizzy, suddenly opened her eyes upon hearing the words, then “sneakily” put her handbag behind her back and leaned against the elevator, “I have no money, I am a poor ghost.”

Ji Yun laughed loudly, “Don’t be afraid, I’ll call the bodyguards to tie them up.” She turned around and asked Tang Nuan, “How much should we ask for?”

Tang Nuan said, “Twenty million! Tie up Ye Shuyan!”

“Ye Shuyan won’t work!” Li Qiuqiu said immediately, “Ye Shuyan costs two hundred million!”

Ye Shuyan: …

It was said that birds of a feather flock together, and these three money-oriented people worked together quite well.

The person escorting them was Ji Yun’s driver, who was sweating now. “Ye, President Ye, they are drunk.”

Ye Shuyan said calmly, “I can tell.”

The driver was afraid that his ancestors would say something terrible again, so he hurriedly led Ji Yun and said, “Boss, don’t you think the 12th floor is good?”

Before Ji Yun could speak, Tang Nuan suddenly said, “No way! The twelfth floor is for Tang Xing’s parents to live in!”

Ye Shuyan glanced at her in surprise, Tang Xing’s parents, does she mean her biological parents?

Ji Yun was worthy of being the queen of gossip. Even when she was drunk, she immediately straightened out the relationship, “Those are your parents, aren’t you going to recognize them?”

Immediately after, Tang Nuan shook her head, “No, they love Tang Xing.”

Ye Shuyan looked at Tang Nuan’s drunken appearance and asked the driver, “When did they go for a drink?”

The driver said respectfully, “They went in the morning.”

“They’ve been playing all day?”

The driver nodded.

Ye Shuyan looked pensive. The first thing the Tang family did after leaving the Ye family was definitely to pick up Tang Xing. Therefore, Tang Nuan should also go to recognize her biological family. With her cautious personality, even if she has no feelings, she should understand the situation over there to prevent future trouble.

But why didn’t she go after a whole day? Could there be something happen in the future? What was the problem with this family? But based on what she said, it seemed that they were quite willing to live here.

“They will love you too.” Ji Yun drunkenly patted Tang Nuan’s shoulder.

There was a moment of hesitation on Tang Nuan’s face, but after a while, she laughed out loud and shook her head, “What there is to love? I don’t love them, and they don’t love me either.”

Ji Yun grabbed her phone and said seriously, “If you don’t believe, call them first to ask!”

Tang Nuan’s head suddenly shook like a rattling drum, “No, they won’t answer!”

Ye Shuyan thought she had already called, but he heard her inner voice: [No call. My parents and sister don’t pay attention to me, and I also don’t want to pay attention to them either!]

Her tone was arrogant and stubborn, but Ye Shuyan recognized a hint of vulnerability as if she had been abandoned by the world.

He suddenly realized a problem. After being engaged for three years, Tang Nuan had never called him. Everything was through messages, and he thought she was afraid of disturbing him, but now it seemed that was not the case.

Li Qiuqiu said, “If you call me, I will definitely answer! Don’t be afraid, go ahead and call!”

So, it was not just him…

“Miss Tang!” the driver exclaimed in surprise.

Ye Shuyan came back to his senses and realized that Tang Nuan had shaken her head so hard just now that she was too dizzy to stand firmly and slid down to the elevator floor. 

Ye Shuyan stepped forward and helped the person up. At first, Tang Nuan was still resisting, until Ye Shuyan said, “Don’t move.”

Tang Nuan stopped struggling and raised her head, “Ye Shuyan?”

Ye Shuyan looked at her and suddenly forgot what to say to her.

She was still wearing her morning clothes, her shoulders were half exposed, and her round shoulders were pink from the cold.

She put on makeup again, and her fox eyes were now trying to open wide, hazy and innocent but with a seductive look. Her gorgeous red lips were slightly pouted, and her lip beads reflected a lustrous luster under the elevator lights.

He knew the taste, soft and sweet…

[It’s Ye Shuyan, this is Ye Shuyan, I can’t let him find out… Tang Nuan, hang in there!]

Ye Shuyan sober instantly and closed his eyes. When he opened them again, it was the emotionless President Ye again.

He looked at her wearing a sexy skirt, but with a dignified demeanor, and smiled flatteringly at him, “Brother Shuyan, I love you!”

Ye Shuyan had not yet responded, but Ji Yun and Li Qiuqiu were shocked.

Ji Yun said, “You’re crazy!”

Li Qiuqiu said, “If you fall in love with him, you’re doomed!

Tang Nuan said with an obedient and firm face, “Doomed, let me be doomed!” As she said that, she even reached out to hug him.

[Come, please feel my crazy love!]

Ye Shuyan pushed her away expressionlessly, “Do you want me to take the apartment back?”

Hearing this, Tang Nuan immediately stood up and was very obedient.

Just as the elevator door opened, she buried her head and rushed home, as if as long as she ran fast and occupied the spot, he couldn’t take the apartment away.

Ye Shuyan was angry but also found it ridiculous. Looking at Ji Yun and Li Qiuqiu running out, he called the butler.

… …

After a night of hangover, Tang Nuan woke up very refreshed. She vaguely remembered that someone gave her hangover medicine yesterday. There was a faint aroma coming from the tip of the nose, and Tang Nuan was a little confused. Ji Yun and Li Qiuqiu were not good cooks.

After going out, she saw Zhu Bo setting out a meal with a big food box next to him. When he saw her, he smiled and said, “Miss Tang, are you awake? There is honey water there. You can drink some first. The porridge is still a little hot.”

Seeing him, Tang Nuan’s memory came back. Yesterday, they met Ye Shuyan in the elevator and didn’t expect he would send someone to take care of them.

What a good man… Oh shit! It’s all an illusion!

Half a minute later, Tang Nuan looked at the property fees notice sent by the community manager on her phone, and couldn’t help but curse Ye Shuyan in her heart:[Evil capitalist!]

Upstairs, Ye Shuyan, who was working out, was stunned for a moment when he heard the voice. Then he looked up at the ceiling and realized that the apartment was 3.2 meters high, so the straight distance between him and Tang Nuan did not count as far.

When they were both in the same area, with her within the effective range of his mind-reading ability, especially after yesterday’s growth, the range of ​​the area might have expanded.

Having figured this out, Ye Shuyan had a headache. He had to find a way to block out her voice, otherwise, he would be exhausted if he were forced to listen to other people’s thoughts while living at home.

[This card is two thousand… This card is one hundred and ninety-three… Ah! This card is five thousand three! … ]

Downstairs, Tang Nuan was like a hamster, sorting through all her bank cards and financial accounts, and scraping together more than twenty thousand yuan.

This was all her property now, not even enough to pay property fees.

She never expected that before she could feel the malice of online violence, she was hit by poverty first.

It’s all Ye Shuyan’s fault!!!

According to her original plan, even if he didn’t explicitly break off the engagement yesterday, at least it was on the agenda, she could still pawn the jewelry in case of emergency.

She even chose what to pawn already, the engagement ring.

But now Ye Shuyan’s incomprehensible attitude made her dare not move. Now she was like a beggar holding a golden bowl begging for food…

So why on earth didn’t he break off the engagement!?

She had clearly shown signs of breaking the contract and didn’t know when it would cause trouble. With Ye Shuyan’s calm and meticulous thinking, withdrawing from the engagement was the best choice. Why did he want to keep an uncertain factor around him?

The reason… Tang Nuan wrapped her pajamas tightly around her body, was he a womanizer?

Tang Nuan’s cheeks felt hot as she couldn’t help but think of what happened the day before yesterday, but she had to admit that he hadn’t done anything that day. Well, after ruling out all the impossibilities, only the biggest possibility remained – Ye Shuyan is a stingy man! In order not to compensate her, he wants to put all the blame on her and let her leave the house clean!

Now thinking about it, the carats of the jewelry and diamonds he bought for her were pretty big, so at least they were all value-preserving items, and some good ones have increased in value! If she returned them now, not only would she not lose money, but she would also make a profit!

Oh my, his plan is so good that the whole country will need to hear about it!

Upstairs, Ye Shuyan was amused by her. It was obviously her own plan, but she was good at investment and financial management.

Downstairs, Tang Nuan became more and more agitated as she thought about it, and put her phone on the dining table. Did he think she would follow his wishes?

Tang Nuan’s eyes sparkle, let’s wait and see!

She glanced at Zhu Bo who was about to leave. If she remembered correctly, it was Butler Zhu who helped pay the property fees when she was abroad for the past few years.

As the saying goes, one won’t be itchy with too many lice, and one won’t need to worry about too many debts. With tens of millions of dollars in disputes with Ye Shuyan, what more with these fifty or sixty thousand, “Brother Zhu, I still have to trouble you with the property fees this time.”

Zhu Bo smiled and said, “Okay, Miss Tang.”

Zhu Bo went upstairs and saw that Ye Shuyan was still working out, but judging from the speed of the treadmill, it was considered relaxing.

He was a little surprised. Usually, at this time, President Ye had already dressed up and was ready to go.

Ye Shuyan glanced at him, turned off the treadmill, and walked to the bathroom. When passing by Zhu Bo, he suddenly asked, “Have you taken your annual leave yet?”

Zhu Bo was stunned for a moment, not expecting him to ask about such a trivial matter. “Not yet.”

Ye Shuyan said, “Then take a few more days off. I have to go on a business trip.” After a pause, he added, “You don’t need to worry about the property’s water and electricity bills. I’ll make other arrangements.”

It was the first time Zhu Bo received such a nonsensical order. He paid with only just one click on his mobile phone without missing anything. However, he didn’t ask any questions as he still enjoyed his vacations, especially when he didn’t have to worry about anything.

Tang Nuan, who was studying a proactive plan, was startled when she saw the words ‘Ye Shuyan’ popping up on the screen. She looked at her watch and it was 9:30 in the morning. He should have just started work, so why was he looking for her?

She took a deep breath, picked up the call cautiously, and said in a sweet voice, “Brother Shuyan~” She even trembled after calling out.

Ye Shuyan paused for a moment over there.

Tang Nuan snickered. I’m annoying you to death! This is the price you pay for not breaking off the engagement!

“There is an urgent matter in Alai Country. I have to go there in person and go directly to the airport in a while.”

Tang Nuan stared at her plan and blurted out, “How long will it take?” Please don’t let it be more than ten days or half a month…

Ye Shuyan didn’t say anything for a long time, and Tang Nuan looked at the phone in confusion, “What?”

Ye Shuyan said, “It’s nothing. It’s just that you never asked about these things before…”

Tang Nuan’s heart skipped a beat, and she suddenly became alert. She was a little anxious just now, and her question was indeed a bit out of line. He wouldn’t use this to say that she had violated her promise to force him to break off the engagement, right?

But she heard him say, “Actually, you don’t need to be so cautious. You are my fiancée and you can exercise any rights that belong to the fiancée.”

For some reason, Tang Nuan didn’t feel happy but became wary.

As expected, she heard him continue, “In contrast, my fiancée should also fulfill her obligations.”

Tang Nuan unconsciously crossed her arms, “What, what obligation?”

Not knowing if it was Tang Nuan’s misinterpretation, but she seemed to hear a chuckle. When the other party spoke again, he had a businesslike tone, “I’ll be on a business trip for about four days, and I gave Zhu Bo an annual leave, so I’ll have to trouble you to pay the property fees and water and electricity bills together.”

Tang Nuan: ???!!!

Tang Nuan stared at her phone, he wanted to turn back on her?

Wow, this black-hearted capitalist.

Tang Nuan gritted her teeth, simply broke the jar, and said directly, “I have no money!”

She said confidently, “I am not the daughter of the Tang family now and haven’t found a job since I just returned home. Apart from the things you gave me, I have nothing…”

Thus, she was a pauper, and couldn’t pay the property fee, so don’t even think about taking advantage of her!

“It was my negligence.” Ye Shuyan said, “Go upstairs in a moment. There is a safe in my study. There should be a few cards in it. Take anyone first. I’ll send you the password for the safe shortly.”

After saying that, he hung up the phone. Tang Nuan continued to stare at the phone in a daze. What did he just say? He wanted to give her a card?

The phone rang again. It was his room password and a safe password sent by Ye Shuyan. There was no password for the card.

She stared at the text messages on her phone, feeling a bit restless. This was Ye Shuyan’s safe…

She quickly came to her senses and thought, no, no, this must be a trap set by that cunning man. He could take back the jewelry he gave out. If she did spend his money, she wouldn’t know what was waiting for her. She must not be swayed!

Money couldn’t be moved, but other things could be explored. Tang Nuan squinted her eyes and lowered her head to send a message: [What specifically are the fiancée’s rights? I think it’s necessary to clarify, in case I do something wrong and accidentally cross the line.] What would be the consequences?

Ye Shuyan was indeed a working manic and after two minutes, he sent a form over.

Tang Nuan opened it and took a look, okay, just the two things mentioned earlier: 1. You can ask about his schedule; 2. He can support her daily expenses, and the rest can be added at any time when needed.

Regarding the cross-the-line behavior, he spoke directly, “If there is a cross-the-line behavior, I will remind you once and give you two opportunities to correct it. If there is a fourth time…” At this point, he paused and said lightly, “I believe you won’t have a fourth time, right?”

Tang Nuan blinked, “Of course.” Three chances were enough! She would definitely take advantage of it!

Unfortunately, he has to go on a business trip, otherwise, she would start exercising her fiancée rights today, which she has never used before.

Ji Yun and Li Qiuqiu slept until almost noon before getting up.

Lunch was still delivered downstairs. Zhu Bo was on vacation, and Aunt He, the cook, delivered it personally.

Facing a table of delicious food, Ji Yun was filled with admiration, “Does Young Master Ye have any good friends? The one with exactly the same style.”

Li Qiuqiu echoed, “We need two.”

Tang Nuan laughed, “Are you guys taking orders?”

Ji Yun said, “But President Ye is very awesome. Didn’t a marketing account want to expose your big news the day before yesterday? Nothing happened.”

Li Qiuqiu said, “There aren’t many netizens going after you, so the huge momentum the night before yesterday was also caused by trolls.”

Some things might not be worth talking about. As soon as the two of them finished talking, push messages came in: [Breaking news! Second Miss Tang of Tang Group is a fake daughter!]

[The fiancée of Ye Shuyan of the Ye Group is a fake daughter, and the other party may be suspected of cheating the marriage!]

The two messages were separated by more than an hour as if they were gathering strength the day before. As soon as the message was posted, it became a big deal, and it didn’t take long for Tang Nuan’s Weibo to be filled with bloodshed.

Ji Yun was in marketing, so of course she knew there was someone behind the scenes, and the only ones who hated Tang Nuan so much were Tang Yi and Jiang Miao.

Ji Yun couldn’t help complaining, “Why does Jiang Miao have such bad table manners*? Does she have to kill you like this?”

(bad table manners* – internet buzzword; refers to a person who does things especially for his/her own benefits regardless of etiquette or not abide by the rules)

Li Qiuqiu said, “It’s not bad table manners, it’s lacking in confidence.”

“She was too impatient before, which made netizens think she and Young Master Ye were a couple. However, Young Master Ye clarified his fiancée on his official website the day before yesterday, and he did not break off the engagement even after it was confirmed that Tang Nuan was not the daughter of the Tang family, which exceeded her expectations.”

“Especially since Young Master Ye has not broken off the engagement, she can’t blur the time, so she urgently needs a huge momentum to cover up the fact that she is the third party in between Tang Nuan and Ye Shuyan’s relationship.”

Ji Yun added, “At the same time, it can put pressure on Tang Nuan and build momentum for herself. I think public opinion will most likely lead to her being better than Tang Nuan, and she and Ye Shuyan will be a better match…”

She turned to Tang Nuan and asked, “Where is your President Ye?”

Tang Nuan said, “Going on a business trip.”

Ji Yun said, “Can she get hold of your President Ye’s schedule?”

Tang Nuan thought of Assistant Shen, “Someone is eager to curry favor with the new mistress.”

Ji Yun thought of what Tang Nuan said to her yesterday, “Didn’t you say you wanted Jiang Miao to help you clarify it in person? If you have any bad ideas, why don’t you come up with them quickly?”

Tang Nuan rolled her eyes at her and hooked her two fingers at them, “Come here…”

… …

“Hahahaha… a fanatic fan of Jiang Miao!” After hearing Tang Nuan’s plan, Ji Yun’s depression disappeared and she laughed so hard, “Luckily you thought of that.”

Tang Nuan said, “It’s not me who said it, it was Jiang Zhan and Jiang Miao who asked for it.”

Li Qiuqiu also regained her laziness and leaned back on the sofa behind her, “Tsk, I didn’t expect you to be so capable.”

Tang Nuan pretended not to hear it, and said in a depressed tone, “I originally planned to fight back today, but unfortunately Ye Shuyan went on a business trip. Unlike Jiang Miao, she had no fans to support her… and no money. QAQ

Therefore, if there was no hard-core evidence, she definitely could not stand firmly on the Internet. Thus, she couldn’t be separated from Ye Shuyan. Even if he left for four days, there was still time.

Ji Yun raised her hand, “Didn’t you say that Ye Shuyan and the Jiang family are at odds? Are you sure they will still cooperate?”

Li Qiuqiu spoke lazily, “The Jiang family has spent so much effort on this bargaining chip just to get married to Ye Shuyan. Of course, they won’t give up halfway. At most, it will be delayed for some time.”

“Delaying for a few days is just the right time,” Ji Yun was now full of enthusiasm, “It’s hard to suppress online public opinion. It’s not easy to help Princess Jiang increase her popularity, so she has to dance more on her own. At that time, the online public opinion which is led by trolls, and exposing it too early could easily lead her to shift the blame, saying that her opponent paid the trolls to frame her.”

Li Qiuqiu swiped through her phone and said slowly, “Besides, the variety show she participated in has just aired two episodes and is very popular. I’ll go give the PD a boost and let the negotiation session between Jiang Miao and Ye Group be broadcast live. The white lotus falling from the clouds for the first time is the most exciting to watch.”

Ji Yun smiled and said, “Hey, it’s rare for you to be so enthusiastic. Finally, you have some sense of loyalty.”

Li Qiuqiu didn’t want to pay attention to her and looked at Tang Nuan, “The most uncertain thing now is whether Young Master Ye will agree to cooperate with the Jiang family and have a live broadcast. After all, his moods are unpredictable.”

Tang Nuan patted her chest and vouched, “Don’t worry, leave it to me!” This time she had real bargaining chips and was sure to succeed! If nothing else worked, she would settle for the next best thing, which was Plan B.

Ji Yun picked up her phone, originally wanting to check the situation, but she couldn’t help but curse, “That idiot Tang Yi is introducing Tang Xing everywhere in the group.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Tang Nuan’s phone dinged and it was Tang Yi who sent the message.

Tang Nuan thought for a moment but still clicked on it. This thing seriously couldn’t hold his breath and could reveal a lot of information. He probably also knew that Tang Nuan would ignore him, so all he sent were photos, and she could see what they were just by scanning them.

In the photo, the hall of the Tang family’s old house was filled with liveliness. Tang Xing stood in the middle with a bright smile, while Lin Yue’e and Tang Shuang held her arms affectionately on the left and right. Tang Sheng’an smiled lovingly and even Tang Yi stood next to her. Their relationship looked very intimate.

It was not surprising as Tang Xing was Jiang Miao’s agent before, and Jiang Miao signed a contract with Tang Yi’s company. They have a superior-subordinate type of relationship.

Given the importance Jiang Miao attached to Tang Xing, Tang Yi must have a very harmonious relationship with her, and precisely because of this Lin Yue’e and Tang Shuang have to endure him.

Tang Nuan looked at Tang Xing’s smiling face, who was luckier than herself. Now that she had returned, she happened to have a chip with her. Unlike her, she was a target before birth and an abandoned child after birth.

No, Tang Xing was a target before she was born, but after she was born, she became an outcast instead her…

However, no matter what, Lin Yue’e and her daughter and Tang Sheng’an and his son have to invest some “genuinity” to compete for her support.

[Sure enough, the feeling of being connected by blood is different. Everyone in the family is very happy. Today is just a welcome ceremony at home. In a week, Dad plans to hold a return party for Tang Xing. Do you want to come? I will send you an invitation.]

[Oh, by the way, how are your parents doing? How many dishes did they cook for you?]

Ji Yun leaned over and saw this message, couldn’t help cursing, “Aren’t he cheap? Darling, fight back!”

Tang Nuan put down her chopsticks and replied slowly: [Now that I have nothing to do with the Tang family, why don’t you send an invitation to Ye Shuyan? If he goes, as his fiancée, I will definitely go. If he does feel not his worth, then I can’t embarrass him. Sorry.]

[As for how many dishes were cooked, when you went back to your biological mother’s place, I remember the best dish was bamboo shoots fried with meat, right?]

After the message was sent, the whole group of people was immediately blocked.

Ji Yun laughed when she saw it, “That petty guy must be so angry, right? When did he ever have the upper hand over Tang Nuan? Why doesn’t he learn a lesson?”

Li Qiuqiu drank coffee slowly and said, “Learning a lesson is the behavior of a normal person with IQ, how could he do it.”

After saying that, the three of them laughed together and sat in front of the large French window looking at the scenery outside.

Ji Yun leaned back in her chair comfortably, “I want to make a drama series. Tang Nuan, let’s do it together.”

Tang Nuan was stunned for a moment, “Didn’t you say that the money is not enough?”

Ji Yun had always liked idolizing celebrities. She originally wanted to open an entertainment agency, but due to insufficient start-up funds, she temporarily started marketing. In the past few years, her marketing company had been running well, but it was far from enough to invest in a drama series.

“I wrote a book.” Li Qiuqiu said, “Qingying Entertainment wants to buy my new book for six million, but I don’t want to sell it this time. The book is changed beyond recognition every time. I want my book to be filmed exactly from the beginning to the end.”

Being able to play with Tang Nuan and Ji Yun, Li Qiuqiu was naturally a prodigal. Her family made jewelry, but she had no interest in dressing up and just liked to stay at home.

When Father Li married a second wife, she immediately moved out of the house. Over the years, she had been relying on writing novels to support herself, and now she had made some achievements.

But Tang Nuan knew that they were doing it for her, otherwise, how could Li Qiuqiu with a trouble-free nature do such a troublesome thing?

She didn’t refuse either, “Do you have a plan? How much funding is needed?”

Li Qiuqiu said, “I knew my book was worth six million.”

Ji Yun said, “Aren’t these all waiting for you? You can leave the promotion to me. As for the other things, such as risk assessment and project plans, it is all up to you.”

At this point, she said, “Try to save as much as possible, we are all poor ghosts.”

Tang Nuan: …

“Why do I think you are taking advantage of me?”

Li Qiuqiu disagreed, “Although you are a top student in Pennsylvania, you still have to show real results.”

Tang Nuan rolled her eyes and was about to yell at her when she heard Ji Yun cursed angrily, “Shit!”

The two turned around.

Ji Yun said, “This must be Tang Yi’s work. That thing is probably taking revenge on you for scolding him just now. How can there be such a disgusting despicable person?”

Tang Nuan lowered her head and saw the latest notification: [The biological parents of the fake daughter Tang Nuan are gangsters? What will her future be?]

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