The Wealthy and Influential Fiancé Has the Ability to Read Minds

Chapter 17

The Ye family’s old house was not far away.

As the earliest overseas Chinese to return to the country, Grandpa Ye was the earliest major real estate developer in China with strong policy support and sufficient funds, so his residence was naturally not bad.

The Xiangquan villa area was backed by Fengshan Mountain and faced the lake. After more than half a century of expansion, the previously remote suburbs have entered the urban area. However, there are only 15 households in the 50-acre park, making it a scenic spot even in a busy city.

However, today was Old Madam Ye’s 70th birthday, and the usually quiet park was very lively. Because the old lady loved to do charity on behalf of the Ye family, besides the guests who came to celebrate her birthday, there were also many reporters.

When Ye Shuyan arrived, Uncle Zhang, the butler, quickly stepped out to welcome him and opened the underground garage passage at home to let Ye Shuyan drive the car directly in, but Ye Shuyan only asked the driver to park the car in the parking space outside, obviously not planning to stay long.

The butler sighed uncontrollably, and couldn’t say anything, only greeting him with a smile on his face, “Young Master, Miss Tang.”

When greeting Tang Nuan, the butler’s gaze unconsciously brought inquiry and scrutiny. It seemed that everyone knew that she was not the daughter of the Tang family.

Even the butler of the Ye family has this kind of attitude, what more about the people inside?

Tang Nuan took a deep breath, pretending not to see the other person’s expression, and planned to follow Ye Shuyan in with a gentle smile. Anyway, today would definitely not be a good day and she was ready to go all out.

Ye Shuyan glanced down at her, then raised his arms towards her.

Tang Nuan was stunned for a moment as she didn’t understand Ye Shuyan’s thoughts, but at this moment, she could only think “Is Brother Shuyan going to support me?” “Brother Shuyan is really kind.” “I love him” and things like that were so unbearable.

Ye Shuyan couldn’t help but glance at her when he heard this series of insincere words and didn’t hold back from glaring at her, but she was the first to respond to him. In a flash of a moment, he didn’t want to care about her.

However, Tang Nuan had already quickly grabbed his arm, and sought advantages, avoiding harm had become her instinct. If Ye Shuyan could support her, at least no one would dare to say anything in front of her today, and she would not be abused badly.

Ye Shuyan raised his other hand and patted hers gently. Perhaps because he was used to his habitual coldness, this gesture seemed a bit intimate, especially when the huge engagement rings on their middle fingers touched together. The sparkles could blind people’s eyes.

Tang Nuan paused, and her face flushed slightly — suffocated.

[Ahhh!!! Why is he so nice to me all of a sudden? — Did he finally discover my goodness?]

Ye Shuyan felt inexplicably in the end that she should be thinking, “Is he finally crazy?”

Seeing her suffocating appearance that she couldn’t even control her thoughts, Ye Shuyan’s mood was inexplicably better after being disgusted by her.

In this way, the two walked into the liveliest living room with all kinds of surprised eyes.

Old Madam Ye was fair, plump, and stout, wearing a maroon Tang suit embroidered with peony embroidery. Sitting on the sofa in the main seat, she looked very noble and surrounded by people celebrating her birthday, making the old lady laugh from ear to ear.

The nature of this birthday celebration was different from Jiang Miao’s birthday party last time. Most of the people who were qualified to come to celebrate Old Madam Ye’s birthday were from the top of the circle, and the young people they brought were all elites among their peers. They were very clever in speaking and handling matters.

However, the appearance of Ye Shuyan and Tang Nuan made the living room quiet for a moment. From the surprised eyes that everyone couldn’t hide, Tang Nuan knew that this time it was not only because of Ye Shuyan’s cold temperament but also because of his unprecedented intimacy with her.

Ye Shuchen, who was sitting next to the old lady, reacted first, got up, and smiled, “Brother, you are back.”

Tang Nuan couldn’t help looking at him. As the male protagonist in the book, Ye Shuchen’s appearance was naturally extraordinarily handsome. Compared with Ye Shuyan’s coldness, he has a relaxed temperament. Even for such a formal occasion, he wore a light blue suit embroidered with could patterns and loosely tied his tie under the neck, which gave a ruffian wild look.

Especially when smiling at people, the profound charm of the Ye family’s eyes was immediately highlighted perfectly.

In the book, although Ye Shuyan has a bad relationship with his stepmother, the relationship between the two brothers was not too bad before Ye Shuchen fell in love with Jiang Miao.

Tang Nuan’s eyes couldn’t help falling on Jiang Miao, who was sitting on the other side of the old madam. There was still a lingering smile in the other party’s eyes, obviously very happy to be teased by Ye Shuchen just now.

Clearly, the two have already met, but she didn’t know if Ye Shuchen has feelings for Jiang Miao. The last time Jiang Miao fell into the water, it seemed that Ye Shuchen rescued her…

Her doubts were soon answered.

Old Madam Ye beckoned to Ye Shuyan lovingly, “Shuyan, come quickly. Grandma hasn’t seen you for a long time.” She said angrily, “I know you’re busy with work all day long and didn’t want to come back to have a look.”

Ye Shuyan’s expression remained unchanged as he led Tang Nuan to Old Madam Ye, “Grandma, I wish you blessings be as immense as the East China Sea, and a longevity better than the South Mountain.”

The butler behind him tacitly handed over a sandalwood box and a large box wrapped in yellow silk.

Ye Shuchen, who never commented on Tang Nuan’s affairs in the past, looked at the yellow silk box on the table and said jokingly, “Grandma, the gift Miss Tang gave this year seems to be more thoughtful. It couldn’t be the Jade Buddha, right?”

He was smiling as usual, but the smile didn’t reach his eyes. Which one present was not a smart person, someone immediately echoed with a smile, “The year before last was the enshrined peace charm, and last year was the enshrined eight divinatory trigrams…” When the man said this, he made a pun, “This year, it’s time to finally cling to the Buddha’s feet.”

Everyone covered their mouths and laughed, wasn’t that how she clung to the Buddha’s feet? If she didn’t cling to such a good marriage, it would be gone, but even if she got it, it was useless as she would just die struggling.

Ye Shuyan frowned slightly, even without listening to their inner voice, he could feel the malice coming to his face. He glanced at Ye Shuchen and was about to speak, when Tang Nuan beside him said with a smile, “It’s not finally, I’ve already held it for a year.”

“This is the Buddhist scripture I started to copy after Grandma’s birthday last year. I just finished copying it more than a month ago. It was enshrined in front of the Buddha in Great Xiangguo Temple for seventy-seven forty-nine days, and I just took it back yesterday. I wish Grandma peace and happiness and a long life.”

After she finished speaking, everyone was stunned. Old Madam Ye twitched the corners of her mouth, not knowing what to say for a while.

[Hehe, you all think too much, really think too highly of myself. Even if I really cling to the Buddha’s feet, I can’t be an opportunist. You all think quite beautifully. If I have the money to buy the Jade Buddha, I also… want to give it to Brother Yan.]

After being forced to the corner, Ye Shuyan thought she would keep her thoughts to herself. Unfortunately, he was there, and she couldn’t think of anything.

For some reason, Ye Shuyan felt that she was a bit pitiful for some reason, so knowing too much was quite heartbreaking.

Of course, Tang Nuan couldn’t just let herself suffer. She had already bent over and opened the yellow silk cloth, revealing a whole set of scriptures, and very naturally called out to the butler, “Uncle Zhang, wash your hands and take these scriptures to Grandma’s room. It’s not good to put it with these vulgar things.”

Everyone: …

Before anyone could get angry, Tang Nuan looked at Ye Shuchen and said with a smile, “Others don’t understand. Second Ye, you should know, right? It was Aunt Sun and Grandma Ye who found me based on this.”

Sun Wanqiu was Ye Shuchen’s biological mother.

Ye Shuchen was choked. He treated Tang Nuan neither kindly nor badly in the past because his mother and his grandma chose this daughter-in-law for his eldest brother. So even if he thought Tang Nuan was not good enough for his eldest brother, he couldn’t say anything.

Ye Shuchen couldn’t help looking at Ye Shuyan but saw that he still had an indifferent attitude. He didn’t know whether he was completely indifferent to Tang Nuan’s behavior, or silently supporting her, which made people unpredictable.

“Shuyan,” Father Ye waved to him not far away, “Come and meet Uncle Chen.”

Old Madam Ye hurriedly said, “Go, you guys go talk about serious business. These idlers just stay with this old lady.” She said to Tang Nuan, “Tang Nuan, come and sit here.”

Tang Nuan glanced at the man next to Father Ye not far away, and it was really not good to follow Ye Shuyan, so she just sat down beside Old Madam Ye with a big smile on her face.

Ye Shuyan glanced at the people around, and said calmly, “I’ll trouble you to take care of her. I’ll be over in a while.”

Everyone looked at each other in shock after hearing the words, and their expressions were slightly restrained to the point that after Ye Shuyan walked away for a while, they didn’t dare to cause any trouble because they were not sure about Ye Shuyan’s attitude.

But Tang Nuan ignored these words. Anyway, as long as she didn’t get angry and the one who got angry was the other party, she has perfectly fulfilled her purpose.

In the end, it was the old madam who picked up the matter following Ye Shuchen’s topic, “…I am getting old, and no gift can compare to you, juniors, who are healthy and harmonious, making me happy.”

She stretched out her hand to hold Tang Nuan’s hand, “I heard that you and Miaomiao had some disagreement some time ago. Tang Nuan, for grandma’s sake, if you apologize, this matter will be over…”

Tang Nuan raised her eyebrows and looked at Jiang Miao.

The heroine carried her own halo. Because of Ye Shuyan’s biological mother, Old Madam Ye didn’t like Ye Shuyan that much, and now she even stood up to support Jiang Miao.

“Grandma may have heard wrong…”

Before she finished speaking, she was interrupted by Ye Shuchen, “You don’t mean to say that Jiang Miao pushed you into the water, do you?” His tone was casual, but the smile didn’t reach the bottom of his eyes, “I also want to know, too. Why on earth did you follow Jiang Miao to the lake that you are so afraid of?”

This was either forcing Tang Nuan to apologize or admitting that she was not the biological daughter of the Tang family. In short, it was useless to say anything.

Seeing that Tang Nuan was speechless, everyone immediately began to uphold justice:

“Isn’t it right to apologize for doing something wrong? This is the most basic upbringing in a family like ours.”

“But some things are engraved in the genes, and no matter how you teach them, you can’t teach them well.”

“Can’t teach well?” Someone sneered, “How can she not be taught well? If she can’t be taught well at home, society will teach her.”

“Otherwise, whose child can be easily bullied by a wild child? Can she think that with a smiling face and pretending shamelessly that she doesn’t understand people’s words can get away with it?”

“Yeah. Well, Miss Tang, it’s better to listen to some advice and apologize in a friendly manner now. Otherwise, no one will want to listen to you even if you want to in the future…”

“Thank you, Grandma Ye, Xiuyan, and Shuchen. Let’s not talk about this matter as today is Grandma Ye’s birthday. Don’t embarrass everyone because of my matter…” Jiang Miao stood up and persuaded, “Just let this matter pass, it’s not a big deal…”

“Why is it not a big deal… You can’t be like this…”

Even though she had been mentally prepared, when she was forced to bow her head and admit her mistakes with these confounding remarks, Tang Nuan still felt a surge of hostility in her heart.

At that moment, she suddenly thought, Jiang Miao wants to marry Ye Shuyan? There’s no way!

She would rather marry Ye Shuyan persistently than let Jiang Miao get her wish!

“Miss Tang.” The butler, Uncle Zhang, came over suddenly, “Young Master requested you to go over.”

Everyone fell silent and looked at Ye Shuyan in unison.

He was standing not far away, looking at this side faintly and sweeping past those people coldly. When he finally landed on Tang Nuan, his countenance clearly softened, and waved to her.

At that moment, Tang Nuan had an inexplicable impulse to cry…

She got up and walked towards Ye Shuyan, looking at his indifferent profile, and her mind calmed down a little.

In the book, she was forced into a corner by them like this, unable to resist and unable to speak out. So, she was desperate and chose to bet on herself to take revenge on these people and ultimately ended up in such a miserable end.

Yes, although she scolded the book for writing nonsense, she knew in her heart that it was something she could do.

Before she was eight years old, she thought that being clever and obedient would win the love of her family, until she almost drowned. After making great achievements, her mother still cared more about other children who liked the beach on her birthday.

She ran away in fear and sadness and met that beautiful little brother.

At that time, she was young, and although that little brother didn’t like to talk, she could feel that he was taking good care of her, so she said all the grievances and sadness she had suffered.

The little brother gave her a polar bear cuddly toy and taught her a lesson, which she always remembered.

He said, “If you don’t want others to ignore you, you must make yourself strong enough.”

She was very distressed at the time, “But my mother and sister are adults, and I can’t be stronger than them.”

The little brother smiled and said, “If you are not strong enough, find a way to let them know the price of ignoring you.” Then he secretly taught her a few tricks.

So after experiencing being despised by neighbors, criticized by school parents, and educated by police uncles, the Tang family all knew that they should always pay attention to Tang Nuan. Otherwise, she would go to ask neighbors for food, fight with classmates, and run away from home to the police station…

Later, she did get their attention, and until now, this trick has been almost invincible, so much so that she forgot the most important point that her little brother said, “If you want others unable to ignore you, you must make yourself strong enough.”

It wasn’t until she saw the ending in the book that she came to her senses. It was the weak person’s approach to make others pay the price. When others were strong enough, even if the weak caught all of them, it was just a joke in the end.

Just like now, the result of her letting others to pay the price was her own bad reputation, so as soon as the news that she was not the daughter of the Tang family spread, everyone would feel unhappy, and everyone would feel that she was bound to withdraw from the engagement because she was indeed unworthy of Ye Shuyan.

So, the most important thing for her now was to let herself grow and become stronger, rather than blindly relying on others and pretending to be powerful.

As for Jiang Miao’s framing of her, she would personally seek justice fairly and honestly!

Ye Shuyan, who had been absent-mindedly listening to Father Ye and Father Jiang’s conversation, suddenly paused and looked up at Tang Nuan, as if he was seeing something else.

He saw that her clear eyes were resolute:

[Withdrawn from the engagement is the first step in self-change!]

Before he had time to feel relieved, he heard her more determined voice:

[No, it’s not a withdrawal from an engagement, it’s being withdrawn from the engagement! Stay strong, need to stay strong. But the price that the villains should pay still needs to be paid…]

Ye Shuyan: …

He didn’t expect that the way of survival he taught made her use it so well.

[Woo, woo… I will definitely not call off the engagement! I did nothing wrong, even if the Jiang family wronged me to death, I will not give in.]

Ye Shuyan’s brows twitched before he realized that it was close to the three-meter range.

[Brother Shuyan believes me, right? Will he break off the engagement because of this?]

[But I’ve always followed his request, and I’ve never crossed the line. It’s been three years! I can only care about him secretly, study all his hobbies secretly, and help him take revenge on Old Madam Ye… I don’t ask him to love me. As long as I can be by his side for the rest of my life, I am satisfied… If brother Shuyan breaks off the engagement, I won’t be able to live…]

Ye Shuyan raised her hand to rub his forehead, it was hard for her to be so spirited.

Looking at his increasingly cold face, Father Jiang and Jiang Zhan looked at each other with a smile in their eyes.

Tang Nuan’s expression became even more pitiful…

Before reaching Ye Shuyan’s side, the housekeeper informed everyone to move to the hall for dinner, and the birthday banquet was about to begin.

Over there, Ye Shuchen and Jiang Miao supported the old lady on the left and right and walked over surrounded by everyone. Tang Nuan quickly walked towards Ye Shuyan’s side.

Ye Shuyan naturally raised his hand and put it on Tang Nuan’s shoulder. His protective attitude made those who wanted to continue to criticize Tang Nuan afraid to speak again.

[Brother Shuyan believed in me…]

As expected, being miserable was still very useful, but she felt so guilty about it.

Ye Shuyan somehow understood what she meant and glanced at her lightly.

Jiang Zhan walked beside Ye Shuyan with a smile, and continued to talk about what happened just now, “…Who would have thought that the project would be so dramatic? The person in charge didn’t make any progress and thought it was impossible, but in the end, it turned out to be Miaomiao.”

“Oh, by the way, I have already made an appointment with the person in charge of the Nuanyang System. She heard that Miaomiao is in Yan City and would be happy to come over to have a face-to-face meeting.” He said, smiling at Jiang Miao, “Miaomiao, it’s up to you whether Shuyan’s project can win or not.”

Old Madam Ye was surprised when she heard the words, “What? Did Miaomiao help Shuyan with the project?”

Jiang Miao hurriedly said, “Not really, it’s just a coincidence…”

Everyone immediately praised, “Oh, as expected of the Jiang family’s daughter, she is so capable.”

“Whoever marries you is really fortunate…”

“That’s right, she’s beautiful and capable. You can’t find such a good wife even with a lantern…”

Everyone complimented. Old Madam Ye and Father Ye couldn’t help grinning, as if they were praising the granddaughter-in-law of the Ye family.

Jiang Miao was a little embarrassed from being praised, “You can’t say that. Recently, being closely watched by the media has also caused a lot of trouble to Shuyan.”

While talking, she couldn’t help but look at Ye Shuyan, but she saw Tang Nuan showing a smirk on her face. When Ye Shuyan looked over, those glazed eyes were cold and devoid of any emotion, which made her feel uneasy.

A young man next to her chimed in, “It’s the scandal, isn’t that the same in the entertainment industry? Moreover, if it is a positive image, it might even improve the Ye family’s business. The celebrity effect is not just a joke.”

“Yes, it’s better than those husband or wife’s affairs. Those paparazzi like to stare at our social circle now. If someone’s wife or fiancée has done something dishonorable, it will be a big blow to the company…”

As the man said, he glanced at Tang Nuan intentionally or unintentionally, and everyone showed a tacit expression.

Jiang Miao still couldn’t help looking at Ye Shuyan, but Ye Shuyan didn’t look at her anymore, just looked at Tang Nuan casually, as if studying the expression on the other person’s face.

Ye Shuchen on the side couldn’t stand it any longer, and couldn’t help but ask, “Why hasn’t the Tang family come yet? Dinner will be served soon. Could it be something happened?”

Everyone immediately looked at Tang Nuan, Tang Nuan only put on a lost look, as she didn’t know about it.

Just when Old Madam Ye was about to ask, a young girl ran over and said to Jiang Miao, “Sister Miao, it’s not good, something happened!”

Everyone was stunned. Jiang Zhan frowned displeased, “What big thing has made you so anxious and panicked.”

Jiang Miao explained, “Xiao Zhou is my intern assistant. I declined other programs today and didn’t want to trouble others, so I only brought her along. She just started to work not long ago and is a little inexperienced.”

Then she said to everyone, “I’ll go out to deal with things first.” Then left with Xiao Zhou.

From a distance, she could be seen asking calmly about the other party’s situation, and Xiao Zhou seemed to have calmed down.

Old Madam Ye couldn’t help boasting, “Look, some things are deep in the bones. Even if she’s not been with the family all these while, she still has the demeanor of your Jiang family, beautiful and capable.”

The Jiang family unconsciously showed a proud expression. Everyone echoed their compliments and looked at Tang Nuan in passing with mocking eyes.

Anyway, Tang Nuan was Jiang Miao’s contrast today. Whenever Jiang Miao was mentioned, she would be stomped on. Tang Nuan pretended that she couldn’t see it and took out her phone directly from her handbag. It was indeed Ji Yun who did it…

No one could say if Princess Jiang could still stand tall as before now.

After leaving everyone’s sight, Jiang Miao’s expression changed when she saw the content on the phone and became fierce in an instant.

[The fiancée of Ye family’s heir is exposed! Jiang Miao is suspected of being a third party?]

The gossip articles were all in the same format, with two big photos at the beginning and the first one was Ye Shuyan and Tang Nuan.

Apparently, it was just taken this morning. The two of them came out of Yunding Community in the car, with both sides of the car windows open, and the faces of Tang Nuan and Ye Shuyan were clearly photographed. Tang Nuan seemed to have made some mistake and smiled at Ye Shuyan embarrassingly. Ye Shuyan looked at her sideways, with a stern expression, but there seemed to be a little smile on the corner of his mouth.

The second photo showed the two of them in the same frame at the engagement ceremony.

[God, I don’t believe this is something my brother-in-law can do. Are you sure it’s not his sister or something?]

[The previous post, be prudent and stop calling indiscriminately. If it’s true, won’t it be disgusting.]

[I do not believe it! According to an official statement, it’s not that some women want to make a debut by rubbing on popularity and fame…]


[I found it, don’t talk nonsense previous post. She is the second lady of Tang Li Group, the real fiancée, who got engaged three years ago.]

Thanks to Jiang Miao’s traffic, netizens have recently uncovered her and Ye Shuyan’s life experiences and various relationships. Ji Yun only needed a little lead, and it was not difficult to find out that Tang Nuan was Ye Shuyan’s fiancée.

A high-profile person like Tang Nuan naturally has a Weibo account. Although she has never taken photos of Ye Shuyan, engagement rings, gifts, and so on have been photographed to show off his wealth.

There were even more in the moments, posting a few pictures that were ironclad proof.

[So, it’s brother-in-law, ah! Is Ye Shuyan cheating?]

[Fans, please stop being ridiculous. This looks like Jiang Miao stepped in between their relationship, okay?]

[From this perspective, Jiang Miao is indeed a bigger problem. I thought President Ye and Jiang Miao were a perfect match before, but now that the two sets of photos are compared together, President Ye is noticeably fonder of Ms. Tang. When facing Jiang Miao, he is always business-like manner. However, Jiang Miao looked at Ye Shuyan with an unusual expression.]

Jiang Miao’s fans couldn’t bear to hear this, and immediately started clamoring:

[Our Baby Miao stepped in between their relationship based on a photo? My Baby Miao has a sweet face and deep affection towards people. She has no grudges or hatred. At her own banquet, did she show people with a cold face like President Ye?]

[Anyway, I don’t believe that Baby Miao is the third party. It’s the marketing account that looks at the pictures and tells stories. Looking at the pictures, they are just in the same frame and why must there be problems between the two? The Ye family and the Jiang family are both top-tier rich people. President Ye and Baby Miao are childhood sweethearts. It’s the marketing accounts that talk about princesses, knights, mother-in-law, and so on to gain attention.]

[Indeed, we don’t believe it either, @JiangMiao Baby Miao come and slap them in the face.]


Jiang Miao accumulated a lot of fans during this time, and the fans rushed forward to clear her suspicion of being a mistress in an instant, but they also blocked her way out.

In any case, Jiang Miao didn’t want to have any deeper involvement with Ye Shuyan in a short time, otherwise, this would be a huge time bomb.

Xiao Zhou looked at Jiang Miao’s ugly face, and said cautiously, “When the article was first published, President Tang had already contacted people, but the other party was Yunhai Public Relations Company, and the price for withdrawing the article was very high. President Tang couldn’t come to terms with the other party.”

Yunhai Public Relations was Ji Yun’s company…

It was Tang Nuan, and Jiang Miao couldn’t help but grit her teeth, “How long has the article been published? Why are you only telling it now?”

“It’s been about ten minutes since it was sent out. I contacted you as soon as it came out, but I couldn’t get through, so I had to run in to find you.”

Only then did Jiang Miao take the phone from her handbag. Her attention had been on Old Madam Ye and Ye Shuyan and didn’t pay attention to it for a while.

Jiang Miao took a deep breath and started to call Tang Yi. She didn’t get through until the third time. Tang Yi ignored the pleasantries words, and said directly, “I just contacted Yunhai, and they said that the article can’t be withdrawn now. See if you can find your brother to think of a way.”

There was no progress at all. Jiang Miao couldn’t help but said angrily, “Why can’t you handle this matter well? Don’t you know that Ji Yun and Tang Nuan have a good relationship? Didn’t you even keep an eye on them in advance?”

Tang Yi was also anxious, “Who knows that her group of scoundrels will help her out at this moment? You should ask your brother to withdraw the article now, otherwise, the public opinion will bubble too quickly.”

“You also know it will be too quickly!” The more Jiang Miao thought about it, the angrier she became. On the Internet, ten minutes was enough for thousands of people to see it. But she also knew that the problem should be solved first, so she quickly called Jiang Zhan to explain the news she had.

Jiang Zhan didn’t say much, just said, “Don’t worry, I’ll arrange someone to deal with it right away.” Then, he hung up the phone.

Jiang Miao swiped her phone almost in agony. Five minutes later, the hot search was finally withdrawn, but the topic that suddenly disappeared made everyone more curious to explore, and all kinds of doubts emerged.

[Huh? Is this President Ye’s unwillingness to discuss his personal affairs?]

[I don’t think so. Someone said yesterday that he was going to marry Jiang Miao, but there was no news at all. Today, his fiancée only showed up for ten minutes before being dismissed…]

[Maybe it’s the second miss of the Tang family that doesn’t like being talked about? She’s not from the entertainment industry after all.]

[Is there a possibility that Jiang Miao felt ashamed and asked someone to withdraw it?]


Jiang Miao bit her lower lip tightly, this was not enough. Even if there was no article, the topic would be raised. If this continued, she would really become a third party.

She probably couldn’t avoid this topic in the recent live broadcasts and interviews.

If she didn’t clarify this, then it would be her guilty conscience. If she clarified this, then she won’t have anything to do with Ye Shuyan in recent years…

She really underestimated Tang Nuan!

Jiang Miao’s mind turned rapidly and picked up her phone to call Tang Yi. However, the other person called first, “The article has been withdrawn, so don’t worry too much.”

Listening to his tone, Jiang Miao asked, “What plan do you have?”

Tang Yi said, “Anyway, the matter of Tang Nuan’s fake daughter will be exposed today. My father and Lin Yue’e have already gone to Ye family, and they will talk about it after the highlight of Old Madam’s birthday banquet.”

“Since she is unkind, don’t blame us for being unrighteous. When the matter is settled, let’s directly post the news, saying that she cheated on the engagement, and Young Master Ye has already withdrawn from the engagement.”

“When the time comes, let the fans be the lead to blur the timeline, and make Tang Nuan pretend to be the real daughter to cheat on the engagement. Let the engagement will be canceled first and your favorable impression will come later. The fans will naturally help you rationalize everything.”

Jiang Miao said angrily, “That photo was taken this morning, do you think everyone is a fool? Will Tang Nuan not speak up?”

“Will people believe her when she speaks up?” Tang Yi smiled, “Calm down, this is not necessarily a bad thing.”

He said confidently, “Actually, as long as Young Master Ye still ignores these things as before, the photo can be said to have been taken the year before last year, and Tang Nuan got dismissed from the engagement due to the fake daughter incident. Knowing that Young Master Ye loves you now, so she had a grudge against you and framed you.”

Jiang Miao frowned in thought, and suddenly a sarcastic female voice beside her, “Looking at this expression, are you thinking about how to put sh*t on my head?”

Jiang Miao turned her head and saw Tang Nuan come to her side without knowing when and looked at her mockingly.

Meeting her eyes, Jiang Miao couldn’t help being furious, “Tang Nuan, why did you do this?”

Tang Nuan was amused by her innocent attitude, “Miss Jiang, what’s the matter with you looking like a victim?”

“It’s obviously because of your high popularity that the netizens follow the clues to dig me up. I’m the innocent one, okay?”

“Also, it’s just a photo. Just like you and Ye Shuyan were princesses and knights previously, and that Aunt Deng is your mother-in-law…” She tilted her head in confusion at this point, “Why didn’t you get angry when messy things were reported before, but now you are angry when facts were reported.”

“Tang Nuan.” A ruffian voice came from behind but with coldness.

Tang Nuan turned around and saw Ye Shuchen. She didn’t know when he followed her, and she suddenly understood why Jiang Miao looked like a white lotus*. It turned out there was an audience.

(white lotus* – refers to people who look pure on the outside but have a dark heart on the inside)

Tang Nuan didn’t bother to talk to Ye Shuchen, but still said to Jiang Miao, “Let me guess what you were discussing with Tang Yi.”

“The scandal about me being the fake daughter will be revealed today, and it’s enough for public opinion to bubble for a few days. This kind of gossip is even more dramatic than you were being recognized back by the family. Then, during this period, you will actively promote the dismissal of the engagement. After I was dismissed from the engagement, so happened the news of I’m being the fake daughter was also at a climax. Once the news of breaking the engagement comes out, the crime of cheating the engagement was enough for the netizens to press me to death. At that time, no one would believe me even if I came out and told the truth. There would be only blessings for you and Ye Shuyan to be together happily, and I, the villainous female supporting role, will lose my reputation and never bother you two again.”

Seeing Jiang Miao’s ugly face, she tilted her head and smiled, “Please, Miss Jiang, Ji Yun is much better at marketing than Tang Yi. Do you think we have no countermeasure?”

Perhaps Jiang Miao hasn’t taken Tang Nuan seriously before, but her sudden counterattack today has made her vigilant of her. For a moment, she was afraid that there would be any changes in the situation that she couldn’t afford. At this time, there was no other way. She looked at Tang Nuan aggrievedly and angrily, “What do you want?”

The pose of the victim was really skillful.

Of course, the audience was also very formidable. Ye Shuchen put his hands in his pockets and walked leisurely to Jiang Miao. With the posture of a protector, he taunted Tang Nuan, “I said, why have you been silent all this time? I thought you were ashamed, but you were actually waiting here.”

“If you don’t get it, you’ll destroy it. The method is quite ruthless.” Ye Shuchen sneered casually, “Do you think my brother can forgive you if he finds out about this?”

Tang Nuan looked at Ye Shuchen’s handsome face. She finally understood why he was unfathomable when she knew that he was the male protagonist. Perhaps the way he protected Jiang Miao was very handsome to the other party, but his appearance of inability to distinguish between right and wrong was really bad.

“Who destroys whom? Second Ye, you’ve been targeting me since just now.” Tang Nuan laughed, “Even if you love Miss Jiang and want to match her and your brother, the decision lies with your brother. What use of you targeting me?”

“Your brother is the most foolproof, isn’t he? Why don’t you dare to fart a word at him?” Tang Nuan looked at him mockingly, “Do you think I don’t have the support of my family and about to be dismissed from the engagement, you can easily step on me with your ability?”

“To put it bluntly, you’re nothing but a coward who bullies others.”

“You!” Ye Shuchen was speechless with anger.

Tang Nuan spoke, “What me? If you want to tell your brother, go ahead. I will definitely not stop you. If you have the ability, then suppress your brother.” Speaking of this, she glanced at Jiang Miao and sneered, “Do you think Jiang Miao will take the position after I am dismissed from the engagement?”

“Tsk, tsk, as I said earlier, I did not rely on the Tang family to get engaged to Ye Shuyan.”

Ye Shuchen couldn’t help but sneer, “You want to say that it’s not the Tang family that you rely on, but yourself?”

Tang Nuan said, “Rely on your mother.”

Ye Shuchen suddenly got angry when she heard her cursing, and saw Tang Nuan tilting her head and grinning, “I just relied on your mother to become your future sister-in-law!” She raised her chin, “Gossiper!”

Ye Shuchen: …

“Okay,” Tang Nuan breathed a sigh of relief, “If you want to send out the news, go ahead and do it. Don’t blame me for not reminding you if things go haywire.”

“Oh, that’s right!” She, who had already turned around, turned her head again and said to the two of them, “If you want me to withdraw from the engagement, why not concentrate on dealing with Brother Shuyan? Otherwise, even if you mess with me, Brother Shuyan disagrees in the end.” She patted her hands and made a regretful expression, “Isn’t that wasted effort?”

She thought for a while, and turned on the phone to record, “As long as Ye Shuyan says he wants to withdraw from the engagement, I, Tang Nuan, will never pester him.”

“Recording is the proof. Cheering you all!” It’s best to let me regain my freedom with the breakup fee today!

The author has something to say:
Tang Nuan: I’m so arrogant and snobby, it’s all because President Ye taught me well.
Ye Shuchen couldn’t help but ask when he was hopping mad at Tang Nuan, “Brother, why do you like her?!”
Indifferent Ye Shuyan: Gossiper.
Ye Shuchen: Dead

In general, both Tang Nuan and President Ye have certain character flaws, so they both need to grow.

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