The Wealthy and Influential Fiancé Has the Ability to Read Minds

Chapter 12

He didn’t know if there was a special effect within three meters, but the closer she was, the clearer he could hear her inner voice…

Tang Nuan walked past resentfully, and when she met Ye Shuyan’s eyes, she seemed to see a flash of color.

Is Ye Shuyan proud of himself? What is he proud of?

Tang Nuan was shocked but seeing that she entered the range of three meters, Tang Nuan didn’t dare to think about it, and could only stare at the breakfast on the table.

[Wow, Brother Shuyan is so considerate. Where can I find such a good man?]

Ye Shuyan had a headache. He felt that if he had to listen to such hypocritical polite words all the time, he might suffer from indigestion.

Fortunately, Tang Nuan couldn’t stand it herself, so she quickly turned her attention to food.

[Mmm… This porridge is so delicious, it is worthy of being the chef of Brother Shuyan. It has a sweet and rich taste…]

[The small, steamed buns are also delicious! How is this done? The skin is thin, and the filling is a lot. The taste of the three delicacies is the best, fresh and sweet but not greasy. This taste is wonderful…]

These voices were obviously more sincere. Ye Shuyan’s eyes could not help but look at the dinner plate of the woman next to him, he could vaguely feel the happiness brought by the delicious food.

In fact, he didn’t pay much attention to food. For him, food was just a job to fill his stomach and maintained body functions. In order to be efficient, his breakfast was mostly milk toast.

Tang Nuan seemed to be aware of Ye Shuyan’s stare, and looked up at him, then enthusiastically pushed the steamed bun towards him, “Brother Shuyan, try this, it’s super delicious!”

[He probably won’t eat it, there are only three left…]

Because she was eating so well, Tang Nuan let down her vigilance for a moment. Of course, she felt that this idea was mainly harmless. Whereas Ye Shuyan himself was a person with a very sense of boundaries with others, so he would definitely not eat it, she was just being polite.

Unexpectedly, Ye Shuyan paused for a moment, then reached out and put all three steamed buns on his plate.

Tang Nuan: !!!

Ye Shuyan looked up at her, “What?”

She dared not speak out, or even think about anything until she left a distance of three meters after eating before thinking angrily: [This bad guy! Selfish! Didn’t leave any for me!]

The scolding was super loud.

When Zhu Bo brought over the ironed clothes, he saw Ye Shuyan’s eyes flash with a smile, and he couldn’t help being startled. When he looked at Tang Nuan again, she looked a little more dignified. Just having a meal together, President Ye was in such a good mood.

After breakfast, Brother Zhu helped Ye Shuyan and Tang Nuan be discharged from the hospital together. Ye Shuyan went directly to the company, and Tang Nuan was accompanied by Zhu Bo to the Tang family’s old house.

When she entered the house, she ran into Lin Yue’e who was about to go out. Seeing Tang Nuan, she was surprised and said, “When did you get discharged from the hospital? I was planning to visit you.”

Tang Nuan looked at her classy attire, which didn’t look like she was going to visit a patient, but she didn’t expose her, “Don’t bother, I’m already this old, and there’s Brother Shuyan.”

“Oh,” Lin Yue’e nodded in satisfaction, and then asked in passing, “What about Shuyan?”

Tang Nuan didn’t seem to notice her probing, “We were discharged from the hospital together and he already went to work, but he was worried that there would be some sequelae. He asks me to live in Genting Community for a while so that we can look out for each other when the time comes.”

Lin Yue’e frowned, she also planned to let Tang Nuan live at home recently, to coax and make some sense to her. Only when her family toughened could she live comfortably.

Tang Nuan seemed to remember something, and turned to Zhu Bo, “By the way, Brother Zhu, are you going to hurry back to prepare lunch for Brother Shuyan?”

Only then did Lin Yue’e notice the strange young man behind Tang Nuan, “This is…”

Zhu Bo said with a smile, “Hello Madam, I am President Ye’s housekeeper. President Ye is worried about Miss Tang, so let me come and help.”

She already started to use Ye Shuyan’s housekeeper! Lin Yue’e’s face blossomed into a smile, and it seemed that Ye Shuyan, the son-in-law, was a sure thing.

However, because of Zhu Bo’s presence, Lin Yue’e couldn’t stop Tang Nuan anymore. When the phone rang, Lin Yue’e was refreshed when she saw the caller ID, and quickly picked it up, “Oh, Mrs. Qi… oh… Shuyan, he’s fine…”

As she spoke, she walked out of the house. Ye Shuyan couldn’t be seen for the time being, but his name was still useable, just taking advantage of this news to help Tang Shuang’s project pull some investment.

Zhu Bo watched helplessly as Lin Yue’e, who said she was going to visit Tang Nuan in the hospital, just left without asking a word of concern, and couldn’t help but look at Tang Nuan.

However, not knowing whether Tang Nuan was used to it or didn’t care, she just took him upstairs as if nothing happened.

In fact, Tang Nuan was in a hurry, she wanted to take away her property before Jiang Miao started to reveal the news.

In the book, she lost control of herself as Jiang Miao wished after she heard that she was not the biological daughter of the Tang family.

After all, even if she didn’t like the Tang family, she never thought that she was not the daughter of this family.

If she wasn’t their own, wouldn’t everything she does to gain attention before a joke?

What about her real parents? Were they worse than the Tang family? When the time comes, the Tang family would definitely spare no effort to trample her under their feet. Would everything she has worked so hard for come to naught?

Fear, panic… Let her not think about her retreat at the first moment, but seek the truth, holding a small hope…

However, the Tang family did the opposite. They confiscated all of her belongings as soon as they heard the news, claiming that the Tang family had raised her since she was a child, and everything on her belonged to the Tang family.

So much so that when the truth was confirmed, she was almost thrown out of the Tang family penniless, and finally had to put all her hopes on Ye Shuyan…

Now she wanted to thank that book, knowing the ending in advance, so that she could be fully prepared.

As soon as Tang Nuan entered the door, she went straight to the closet and put all the jewelry and valuables into the safe. After sorting, only did Tang Nuan discover that almost all her valuables were given by Ye Shuyan.

Every year on her birthday, engagement anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Christmas Eve, and Spring Festival, he has never missed since the engagement last three years.

Although it was a bit simple, they were all gemstones of different sizes and colors, and Ye Shuyan was very generous. Adding all these together, the one percent of the Tang family’s shares seemed worthless.

No wonder the Tang family wanted to keep it for themselves.

Just after locking the safe, the moving company that she made an appointment with last night also arrived, and Tang Nuan asked them to pack all the clothes and bags in her room.

Zhu Bo was a little startled, “All of them to be moved?” Why did this look like she was going to be separated from the Tang family?

Tang Sheng’an was also alarmed. He came downstairs, and stood at the door of her room, frowning, “What are you doing?”

Tang Yi, who was following behind him, saw Tang Nuan’s safe at a glance, and said anxiously, “Dad, she wants to take away everything in the house!”

That tone, as if everything in the Tang family’s house belonged to him.

Tang Nuan didn’t bother to talk to him, and just smiled at Tang Sheng’an, “Father, Brother Shuyan is worried about me, so I’m going to live in Yunding Community from now on.”

Tang Yi said, “Dad, don’t listen to her nonsense, she must have offended Jiang Miao and now wants to run away…” He walked in to see her safe.

Zhu Bo stepped forward to block him, “Sir, this is Miss Tang’s.”

Tang Yi thought he was from the moving company, and said arrogantly, “What Miss Tang, this is our property. You’re just a stinky worker, mind your own business, get out of the way!”

Zhu Bo finally knew why Tang Nuan asked him to come with him. He didn’t expect the Tang family’s husband and wife didn’t put importance on Tang Nuan, and Father Tang would even let his illegitimate son behave atrociously in front of Tang Nuan.

“This is the Tang family, that’s right.” Zhu Bo didn’t move, he just looked Tang Yi up and down and said doubtfully, “But I remember that the Tang family only has two daughters, and there is no son. Aren’t you also a worker?”

Tang Nuan laughed unceremoniously, “Yes, he is not from the Tang family.” Then she took the opportunity to introduce to Tang Sheng’an, “Dad, this is Butler Zhu, Brother Shuyan doesn’t feel relieved as I just discharged from the hospital, so he asked him to help out.”

Tang Sheng’an held back the reprimand that came to his mouth abruptly. Tang Yi’s face was livid, but he didn’t dare to speak again.

Because Tang Nuan was almost killed that year, Lin Yue’e and Tang Shuang seized this opportunity to publicize it in the social circle, but Tang Yi was young at that time and was instilled by Tang Sheng’an and his biological mother since childhood that the Tang family belonged to him and the Tang family sisters were all stumbling blocks, without even hiding their ambitions at all.

As a result, almost everyone in the social circle knew that the Tang family had an illegitimate son with a vicious mind.

To be honest, there was no shortage of illegitimate children in this social circle, eight out of ten families have them.

But it was enough for them to grow up without worrying about food and drink. It was too absurd for the resources of the Tang family to completely favor an illegitimate child, and even let the illegitimate child deal with legitimate children.

Because of this, the Tang family made a big joke in the social circle, many people gradually alienated from them, and some companies began to reduce cooperation between them.

Among them was the boss of the company with the largest order with a harmonious family, who loved his wife and children very much and believed in the saying that losing a wife wouldn’t lose a fortune. This kind of chaos in the Tang family would cause trouble sooner or later, so he directly cut off the cooperation between them.

This made Tang Sheng’an very anxious.

Old Man Tang was still there at that time. Seeing that something was wrong, he resolutely kicked Tang Yi out of the Tang family, and let it be known that the other party was not a descendant of the Tang family. In order to dispel everyone’s doubts, he directly gave Tang Shuang, who was an adult, shares and asked her to take over an important position in the company.

Therefore, for so many years, Tang Yi’s identity as an illegitimate child has not been recognized by others, which was his biggest pain.

But facing Zhu Bo, he dared not speak out, and even Tang Sheng’an turned pale. After all, beating a dog depended on the owner, Ye Shuyan’s people, even if they were the butler, couldn’t take it lightly.

In the end, he was angry that his precious son suffered a loss, Tang Sheng’an pointed a finger at Tang Nuan, “Didn’t you live there for a while? Why did you want to move house all of a sudden? Tell me, did you cause some trouble? Otherwise, don’t even think about leaving this house.”

Tang Nuan seemed to be in a very happy mood, “Dad, I used to live temporarily, but now I want to live there permanently…”

“But Dad, you’re right, this is still my family’s house after all,” she turned her head and said to the moving company, “Just keep those clothes, just take those high-end pieces away.”

“Anyway, I can just buy again for the new home when I get married.”

Tang Sheng’an and Tang Yi’s expressions suddenly changed, especially Tang Yi, who didn’t care about Tang Nuan moving things, asked anxiously, “You two want to get married?!”

Tang Sheng’an frowned, “The Ye family never mentioned it to us.”

Tang Nuan ignored Tang Yi as usual, but said to Tang Sheng’an, “Dad, we’re living together, isn’t it a matter of time?” Having said that, she rubbed her belly shyly, “His grandma is anxious for a grandson? I will work hard. Dad, just wait.”

After speaking, she went to pack her things in a good mood and made arrangements with Zhu Bo, “Brother Zhu, I’ll go up to see Brother Shuyan tonight, please arrange a candlelight dinner for us…”

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