The Wealthy and Influential Fiancé Has the Ability to Read Minds

Chapter 8

“You’re not the same as the rumors,” Jiang Miao looked down at Tang Nuan, her voice was sweet, but her tone carried a sense of superiority. “You’re much ‘smarter’.” Unfortunately, she was pretending to be clever.

Tang Nuan didn’t have the mood to fight with her now, so she said straight to the point, “What do you mean?”

Jiang Miao said with a smile, “It doesn’t mean anything. I just think that if this matter spreads out, I don’t know if Ye Shuyan’s fiancée’s identity can save you.”

With this familiar tone and sentence pattern, it seemed that Tang Yi paraphrased it well.

“I know you don’t want to believe it,” Jiang Miao said with a pitiful look, “but this is probably God’s will. Tang Yi and Tang Xing are both my close friends, and it’s easy to get their hair*.”

(hair* – metaphor for extremely small and delicate things)

“You can leave an address, and I’ll send you the DNA test at that time.”

She said it very firmly as there was really no need to lie about this kind of thing.

Tang Nuan thought about the other party’s purpose, “Miss Jiang does everything to climb to Ye Shuyan! What do you want me to do? Take the initiative to break off the engagement with Ye Shuyan?”

Jiang Miao seemed to find it a little funny, “Miss Tang, you seem to think too much. It’s not up to you to decide whether to break off the engagement. This is a matter between Ye Shuyan and me, and it has nothing to do with you.”

“I just want to protect myself.” She looked at Tang Nuan which meant, “It’s impossible to prevent myself from appearing in the hot search, and I don’t like watching the clown jumping in front of me repeatedly. It’s really annoying.”

Tang Nuan was amused, “Then we are quite similar. I really understand you very well.”

“Actually, I was also trying to protect myself. Since I became Ye Shuyan’s fiancée, I haven’t done anything wrong but then a first love who broke up eight years ago suddenly jumped in front of me like a clown and dragged me as a scapegoat to be a laughingstock. It’s really disgusting.”

Jiang Miao’s face sank.

Tang Nuan tilted her head to look at her, “What? Do you think I’m wrong? Where did I go wrong?”

“The wrong is that your family background is not as good as you, and not as talented as you. But, do you have a man you like?”

“Can’t I have the final say whether to break off the engagement or not?” Tang Nuan sneered, “Your attitude is quite high. What are you proud of? I tried my best to fight for this engagement at the beginning. Similarly, I still have the right to decide whether to break off the engagement or not.”

Tang Nuan looked at her contemptuously, “If you are so confident and proud, you should ignore me. As you said, even if you want to reconcile your love, it’s a matter between you and Ye Shuyan. Why are you targeting me?”

“Don’t say you didn’t.” Tang Nuan shook the photo in her hand, “I am not only the fiancée of the person you like, but I have no grievances or enmity with you. How do you know that Tang Xing and my mother look alike? How could you notice that Tang Xing’s sister looks like me? Don’t tell me you are familiar with your agent’s family and didn’t specifically find this photo?”

“Since you are high above, then you can just wait. It can be seen that you also know that the despicable one in this matter is yourself. You are not confident at all, and you feel that it is the best contempt not to put me in your eyes, so let the impetuous little girl take the lead.”

Tang Nuan looked at Ye Shuyan who came out of the main hall in the distance, her mood gradually stabilized, and her mind became clearer, “Otherwise, why are you so anxious to follow me?”

She felt that it was really silly to find Jiang Miao. The other party was obviously trying to lure her over to make her nervous. It was best if she made mistakes in chaos and made jokes everywhere. Then, they would add fuel to the flames with a little more effort. Under all kinds of misunderstandings, she didn’t need to find the reasons to break off the engagement.

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So, she should keep calm now and think about what she should do if things get exposed…

Tang Nuan looked at Jiang Miao. First of all, she wanted to buy herself sometime.

Tang Nuan stood up and said to Jiang Miao, “Miss Jiang, your wishful thinking may be wrong. Ye Shuyan and I are engaged, not because of family background.” She laughed at herself when she said this, “Everyone knows what the Tang family is like and Ye Shuyan’s eyesight is not that bad.”

“So, if you want to publicize it, just go publicize it.” Tang Nuan shook the photo in her hand, “Or should I just hand it over to Ye Shuyan to help me check it out?”

“I just don’t know if you will be looked down upon by others when you do these little tricks behind the back in the name of love. Will Ye Shuyan think you are cute?”

“In the end, you are just breaking our engagement for your own purposes, and it’s no different from a mistress.” Tang Nuan sneered, “Oh, no, it’s worse than a mistress. As for a mistress, at least the man who cheats, but Ye Shuyan doesn’t love you at all.”

Jiang Miao obviously cared very much about Ye Shuyan’s feelings for her. Her chest heaved with anger at Tang Nuan’s query that she didn’t even bother to explain the mistress’s issues and sneered, “Do you even know whether Ye Shuyan loves me or not?”

“Of course, I know.” Tang Nuan said firmly, “You have even dated him at school for a few years. Do you think a man like Ye Shuyan will make the person he loves feel wronged as a mistress?”

Jiang Miao suddenly laughed, as if she had finally made a comeback, “Tang Nuan, you have never loved or been loved before, have you?”

“In the face of love, even the most mature people will be childish and lose their temper. Maybe he is a perfect Ye Shuyan in front of you, but I have seen his disappointment, sadness, and even unreasonableness.” Speaking of which, she added, “Just like today…”

“Today he treats you the same as anyone else. Princess Jiang, stop deceiving yourself.” Tang Nuan interrupted her, then waved at Ye Shuyan, who was approaching, and said, “The only person he treats today special is me, and now, he is also coming for me.”

“Or, you can try to tell him about me directly and see what he thinks of you?”

Jiang Miao couldn’t help but hesitate and Tang Nuan knew that she had succeeded.

Love really made people worry about gain and loss, so she bet that Jiang Miao would not immediately disclose the matter to avoid suspicion.

Ye Shuyan was already close by, Tang Nuan got up and was ready to greet him. After she left this place, she would calm down and think about other things properly…

As a result, because her mind was a little chaotic, she stepped on a stone as soon as she took her first step, and sprained her foot…

The lakeside was slippery and slopping, and this sprain actually caused Tang Nuan to fall toward the lake. Tang Nuan looked at the lake water reflecting the colorful lights, suddenly panicked, and subconsciously reached out to Jiang Miao beside her: “Jiang Miao!”

Jiang Miao was also startled and quickly reached out to support her shoulder.

Tang Nuan was in shock and was about to take advantage of her strength to stand still but felt the strength on her shoulders loosen. Her heart jumped and suddenly looked up at Jiang Miao, only to find the other party’s eyes flashed with malice. She gritted her teeth and fell into the lake together with her.

From Ye Shuyan’s point of view, it was probably like she pushed her down the lake.

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However, Tang Nuan lost her mind at this moment and panicked, “Jiang Miao!”

The next second, she felt her arm being pulled by someone, followed by the suffocation of being surrounded by water…

The fear in the depths of her memory surged up overwhelmingly, and the cold seawater that she couldn’t get rid of it no matter how hard she struggled, penetrated into her body in every way, the mouth, nose, and air became less and less, and the torture of pin and needles began to spread from her chest…


No! She swore that she would never suffer from such helplessness again. Tang Nuan clung to what was within her reach as if holding the last straw.

Jiang Miao, who wanted to take advantage of the situation to separate from her, couldn’t help but change her face.

Although the place where they were was secluded, the crowd could still be seen from a distance, especially since the two of them were still attracting much attention. So when the incident happened, someone immediately noticed something wrong and ran over.

When Tang Nuan and Jiang Miao cried for help, some of them with quick reactions had already run to the lake, knelt down, and stretched out their hands to pull them up.

The lakeside was not too deep, so it was reasonable to think that this was enough to pull people up. However, Tang Nuan held Jiang Miao tightly and struggled and swam in the opposite direction. The deeper the lake was, the more strength Tang Nuan have in her hands.

Jiang Miao screamed in panic at first, but then half of her face was immersed in the water and she couldn’t move and her eyes were already filled with fear. When she was struggling desperately, she quickly shouted for help whenever her mouth and nose were exposed.

Jin Wenxia shouted angrily, “Tang Nuan, do you want to murder in full view of everyone?!”

Ji Yun said anxiously, “Tang Nuan is drowning! She is afraid of water, and she is unconscious at the moment. She needs someone with a lot of strength to save her!”

As soon as she finished speaking, a figure jumped into the lake without hesitation, and everyone couldn’t help but cry out in surprise: “President Ye!”

“Young Master Ye!”


Jin Wenxia’s eyes were bright, “Big Brother Ye!”

Jiang Miao’s pale face glowed, and she reached out to him.

Ye Shuyan avoided her, looked back at the young man who jumped down after him, and said lightly, “Hold her up.”

The young man glanced at Jiang Miao with surprise, “Big Brother?”

Ye Shuyan didn’t say a word, went straight to Tang Nuan’s back, and stretched out his arms to hug Tang Nuan’s waist to lift her up. Then he leaned into her ear, and said, “Tang Nuan, it’s all right. Relax!”

“Tang Nuan, Tang Nuan! It’s all right…”

Tang Nuan faintly heard Ye Shuyan’s cold but powerful voice. She strangely felt a trace of safety, and finally relaxed a little.

That young man, Second Ye, Ye Shuyan’s half-brother, took the opportunity to quickly pull Jiang Miao out of Tang Nuan’s arms, while Ye Shuyan carried Tang Nuan in princess style.

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They didn’t fall into the water for a long time, they were not too far from the lake shore, and the water depth was only over one meter. If Tang Nuan hadn’t lost her mind and struggled erratically, she wouldn’t have needed someone to rescue her.

At this moment, Ye Shuyan completely held her above the water, she subconsciously hugged his neck, and the heat transmitted through his shirt made her regain a little consciousness.

“I’m sorry.” Tang Nuan said these words in a hurry and then kept coughing as she was still choking on a lot of water.

“Don’t talk yet.” Ye Shuyan carried her in his arms and walked quickly to the shore.

The crowd watching by the lake was unprecedentedly quiet, and their eyes wandered back and forth between Ye Shuyan and Jiang Miao. Jiang Miao stared at Ye Shuyan’s back with wide eyes in disbelief and called Ye Shuyan’s name with tears in her eyes.

Unfortunately, Ye Shuyan didn’t hear her at all, and Tang Nuan was about to cough out her lungs in his arms.

Second Ye, who was holding Jiang Miao, looked at her and sighed, “Go up first.”

Jiang Miao leaned in his arms in despair, obviously in a much better state than Tang Nuan, but seemed extremely embarrassed.

Jin Wenxia on the shore was so angry that her eyes went red, “Big Brother Ye! Obviously, she was the one who pushed my sister into the water, but now she looks like a victim. She… she did it on purpose! So that Big Brother Ye can’t save my sister with her like this….”

She looked at Jiang Miao who was with red eyes, and suddenly rushed towards Ye Shuyan who had just stepped ashore, “No, I want to make it clear to Big Brother Ye!”

Because Ye Shuyan went into the water himself, many people came over to help. At this moment, Jin Wenxia was so angry that she couldn’t squeeze in, and she pushed hard due to her anger.

There was a man in the front leaning forward with an unstable center of gravity and with her push, he ran into Ye Shuyan directly who had just stepped ashore.

Amid the screams from the crowd, Tang Nuan felt her head slammed into something, and her eyes darkened. Before she lost consciousness, she only remembered a pair of strong arms tightly protecting her in the arms…

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