The Wealthy and Influential Fiancé Has the Ability to Read Minds

Chapter 25

Tang Nuan was now a sensational gossip of the town, the kind who only involved dirty information.

Seeing that her expression was not good, Tang Fei took out his cell phone. He just took a look at it and couldn’t help but want to curse, “Are these people sick?”

They had been paying attention to the news about her and Tang Xing, so they were able to see the news immediately. Seeing Tang Fei still rowing, Tang Yue next to him reached out and grabbed his phone away, “Be quiet.”

After saying that she looked down at the message, Tang Jinxin and Shen Jinhua raised their heads in unison, “What’s wrong? What happened?”

Tang Yue, Tang Fei, and Tang Nuan said in unison, “Nothing.”

The three of them looked at each other in unison, and when the moment their eyes met, the three of them laughed at the same time.

It was also a wonderful feeling as if they had a deep connection and were advancing and retreating together, and things seemed less important.

“It’s about me.” Tang Nuan said, “Don’t worry about it, I’ll go back and take care of it.”

Tang Jinxin and Shen Jinhua obviously knew something about Tang Nuan and Tang Xing. Shen Jinhua asked cautiously, “Are we causing trouble for you?”

“No.” Tang Nuan said, “But because of Jiang Miao, there will always be some splashes online about this matter. I will handle it. Don’t look at your phone these days.”

Tang Jinxin said, “You don’t have to worry about us. For those who go too far, just go look for your eldest sister and your eldest sister will help you sue them!”

Tang Nuan couldn’t help but look up at Tang Yue.

Tang Yue had already finished reading her phone, and the expression on her face became even gentler, “Don’t pay too much attention to it. I haven’t been online recently. Go back and have a good rest, play with friends, and leave the rest to me.”

Shen Jinhua said, “Yes! Your eldest sister is a lawyer, she will deal with them!”

Tang Nuan looked at Tang Yue in surprise. She looked warm and gentle, but she was a lawyer?

Tang Fei said sympathetically, “Someone is going to be unlucky.”

Seeing Tang Nuan’s confusion, he explained, “Generally, the gentler the eldest sister is, the more ruthless she will be.”

Tang Yue pinched him with a cold face, Tang Fei grimaced and begged for mercy, Tang Nuan couldn’t help being amused by him.

Tang Jinxin also said, “In short, you don’t have to worry about these things, just leave them to your eldest sister.”

Until she got home, she still felt a little absent-minded. In the first twenty-four years of her life, she only heard things like “Don’t bother your eldest sister”, “That’s your eldest sister’s thing”, and “You have to help your eldest sister”.

Today, someone said to her, “Look for your eldest sister if there’s anything.” And this was just their first meeting…

However, Tang Nuan had no intention of looking for Tang Yue. After all, she was not her eldest sister alone. Tang Nuan always remembered their love for Tang Xing in the book. Ji Yun also said that Tang Xing grew up being pampered. In this matter, Tang Xing was on Jiang Miao’s side, in an opposite position.

She never liked to test human nature, especially when she was the bargaining chip on one end of the scale.

Just when she thought of this, Ji Yun made a video call over, with an unexpected tone, “That Tang Xing is super.” Tang Nuan blinked in confusion, “What’s wrong?”

“Go have a look, she posted on Weibo.”

Tang Nuan opened her Weibo immediately and searched for Tang Xing’s name.

As Jiang Miao’s manager, Tang Xing should have a Weibo account. After her identity as a wealthy daughter was revealed, she gained a lot of followers.

As many people scolded Tang Nuan, there were as many people who pitied Tang Xing.

Three minutes ago, she just posted a Weibo post:

[My parents are both good people, and they are not poor. They are just easygoing and don’t like to eat Western food! Netizens, please do not vent your malicious intentions to strangers based on your assumptions. If there are excessive false rumors, I will hold you legally responsible.]

The wording of this Weibo was not severe. It was probably written directly out of anger after seeing netizens scolding Tang Jinxin and his family.

There were already many comments below, and sure enough, a few people said that she was affectionate and loyal, and never forgot her adoptive parents.

More people eccentrically mocked her:

[Funny, are those your parents? To put it bluntly, those who steal children are the animals who should be struck by lightning one day!]

[Not poor? Haha, Tang Xing hasn’t adapted to the status of a rich and powerful daughter yet. Being able to afford Western food means not being poor? Hope you can still say they are not poor after you enjoyed the life of a wealthy family.]

[Is this person’s brain bad that she can’t tell the difference between good and bad? When you treat them like this, have you considered the thoughts of your biological parents?]

[What is the difference between this and betraying them?]

[Yes, we supported you wrongly. I am really stupid. I don’t know what to do, so I quit. Sure enough, bad species can’t produce anything good.]


While Tang Nuan was reading, she heard Ji Yun scold again, “This Princess Jiang loves acting.”

Without her needing to say anything, Tang Nuan refreshed the page consciously and indeed saw the latest topic: #Jiang Miao defends her agent#

It turned out that Jiang Miao just forwarded Tang Xing’s Weibo directly, and the words were quite pompous:

[The reason why Tang Xing was replaced is still under investigation. She just learned the truth not long ago. Before yesterday, she was the daughter who had been doted on by her adoptive parents for twenty-five years. If she was not angry at all, then everyone should say that she is cold-blooded and ruthless. Please be sensible, be tolerant of her, and give her some time. Let me first thank everyone on her behalf.]

Her fan base was incomparable to Tang Xing. The moment she posted the message, hundreds of comments jumped out:

[Indeed, she needed to be sensible as she didn’t know the truth.]

[Yes, people are emotional animals. Asking people to cut off the relationship with their adoptive parents at once is easier said than done.]

[Tang Xing is a pretty good person. I heard that when Baby Miao got into a lot of trouble because of her beauty before she returned to the Jiang family, her agent did her best to help out.]

[No one is perfect. Considering her sudden change, she should be more tolerant. Perhaps she will understand it after a while.]

The previous insults against Tang Xing were instantly suppressed.

“Ah bah! What do you mean by being tolerant of Tang Xing and giving her some time? The real owner hasn’t come out yet, but she admitted her mistake on my behalf.” Ji Yun scolded, “She thanked everyone on her behalf. Who does she think she is?”

“Does she still feel that she is sacrificing herself for her friends? If Tang Xing continues to defend her adoptive parents, she is ignorant… Tang Xing this girl is quite reckless!”

Tang Nuan refreshed again and saw a lawyer’s letter hanging directly from Tang Xing’s Weibo.

“Hahahaha, what is this called? One beating themselves?” Ji Yun couldn’t help laughing, “The slap Tang Xing gave Jiang Miao was really loud. I think the considerate Princess Jiang should be able to tolerate it!”

Tang Nuan also laughed. She looked at the official seal of Mingyue Law Firm on the lawyer’s letter. The name was very characteristic of the Tang family and it was assumed that Tang Yue had already intervened, so she didn’t plan to interfere anymore.

She only needed a lawyer to deal with the online public opinion about herself, and now started to collect evidence. When Jiang Miao apologized to her in person during the live broadcast, it was also time to deal with them one by one.

As all of this required time, Tang Nuan planned to do research on drama projects at home and study Li Qiuqiu’s book.

Although she had been focusing on hotel projects in the past few years when she was abroad, she also knew that the domestic economic situation was good and the entertainment industry was booming. So, the dramas were indeed a good investment.

But to make money and maximize profits, there were many things involved. Various team selection, publicity, and future online platforms all needed to be carefully chosen, and it was not easy to understand them.

But life was a little different from what one expected.

Early the next morning, just as Tang Nuan was sitting in front of the computer, her cell phone dinged again.

She glanced at it and couldn’t help but see the legendary group chat of “loving family”. Tang Nuan felt a little novel, so she reached out and opened it.

[It’s hard to run away from home: @Tang Nuan, Sister Nuan, are you awake? I am Tang Ben. Shy.jpg]

[Soaring to the Sky: @Tang Nuan, wake up quickly, we will be drowned if you don’t wake up! (Video)]

Tang Nuan opened the video and saw a young man in a school uniform rolling on the sofa angrily, “Why are you the only one who saw her and not me?!”

“And all your gifts have been given out, but I didn’t give them. What if Sister Nuan has a bad impression of me?! How could you do this!”

Shen Jinhua’s voice came from the side, “You were in school.”

The young man cried and said, “I could request a leave of absence from school. I don’t have to go to class…” At this point, he seemed to have noticed someone recording the video.

In the video, he said angrily to the camera, “What are you doing?!” He jumped up and ran over, and the camera went dark.

[It’s hard to run away from home: Tang Fei!! I’m not done with you! @Moonlight in the water Eldest Sister, look at my second brother!]

[Moonlight in the water: Tang Fei.]

[Soaring to the Sky: Okay, Eldest Sister. Well-behaved.jpg]

Tang Fei should have been the administrator, so the video was quickly deleted.

[Fire Tree Golden Flower: Tang Nuan, yesterday I made some dumplings stuffed with soy sauce beef and three delicacies. I will ask Xiao Ben to deliver them to you later. Do you think you can pick them up at the entrance? Or let him wait for you on the twelfth floor.]

[It’s hard to run away from home: Sister Nuan, please think about it slowly, I’ll leave first.]

Tang Nuan: …

In the end, she decided to set the meeting location at the entrance of the community. The young man’s temperament was unstable, and she was afraid that she would not be able to resist the guy on the twelfth floor if he made a scene and wanted to go to her house.

She had no intention of blending into that family and felt that the current state of being polite and not overly close was quite good.

But when she saw Tang Ben, she realized that she seemed to have thought wrong. The sixteen-year-old boy wore a school uniform and looked cold and modest, making him look completely different from the mischievous naughty boy in the video.

He was standing at the gate of the community talking to the man with a camera.

Tang Nuan couldn’t help but frown, that was the paparazzi.

This was also the reason why she hadn’t gone out recently. Her affairs had a lot of traffic, her address was not a secret, and there was a lot of paparazzi squatting at the entrance.

Fortunately, he didn’t chat for long and soon entered the community with a food box.

Tang Nuan came out of the security room. The young man’s eyes lit up, and he calmly greeted her as they walked inside, “There are paparazzi.”

As he said this, his steps and expression were still relaxed so that the paparazzi outside could not see any flaws. It was not until he was out of reach of the paparazzi that he stopped and smiled proudly at Tang Nuan, “I just had a conversation with them. Haha.”

The young man’s eyes were clear and cunning, just like in the video. He had thought of this and asked carefully, “Sister Nuan, did you see the video my second brother sent?”

Tang Nuan was confused, “He sent a video?”

Tang Ben smiled happily and said, “Yes, his hand slipped and made a mistake but he withdrew it. It’s okay.”

Tang Nuan chuckled as the young man wanted face.

Tang Ben touched his nose and said with some embarrassment, “Um, I’m Tang Ben. I wasn’t here yesterday.”

Tang Nuan smiled and said, “Yeah, I know you, they mentioned you yesterday.”

There was a smile in the young man’s eyes.

“This is for you,” he handed over the food box, “Mom’s dumplings and Dad’s soy sauce beef and chicken feet with pickled pepper are super delicious!”

After Tang Nuan took it, he took out a red box from his pocket with a beautiful colorful ribbon tied to it. “This is my gift.”

Tang Nuan took it and said, “Thank you.”

He was not as familiar as Tang Fei. After talking about the business, he said sheepishly, “Then I’ll leave first. If you need anything, if it’s inconvenient for our parents and sister to come over, you can find me.”

Tang Nuan nodded.

The young man grinned and scratched his head as if he trying to say something.

Tang Nuan felt nervous, fearing that he would ask to go to her house.

Unexpectedly, he suddenly stepped forward and hugged Tang Nuan gently.

Tang Jinxin and his family were not short in stature. Although Tang Ben was only sixteen years old, he was a little taller than Tang Nuan. The young man’s chest was not broad, but he was clean and refreshing. She heard him say to her, “Sister Nuan, welcome home.”

Unexpectedly, a strange emotion rushed into her eyes, and Tang Nuan subconsciously pursed her lips.

Tang Ben let her go. He seemed to feel embarrassed, but he still looked into her eyes and said, “Also, don’t be afraid. I have figured out the details of the people outside and it will be fine soon. Cheers!”

Tang Nuan’s throat was choked, unable to speak. She could only nod.

The young man smiled and said, “Then I’m leaving. You should go back quickly.”

Tang Nuan watched his back. When she saw him coming into the sight of the paparazzi at the entrance, he returned to his cool, modest, and leisurely demeanor.

Just when he left the community, he turned around and winked mischievously at Tang Nuan.

Tang Nuan curled up the corner of her mouth unconsciously.

When she returned home with the food box, she found that it contained not only soy sauce beef, chicken feet with pickled peppers, and dumplings, but also many other things.

Shen Jinhua called and said, “Put the soy sauce beef in the refrigerator. Cut it into pieces as much as you want. Packed fifteen dumplings in one bag, keep them in the freezer, and take a bag out to cook it whenever you want to eat it.”

“The chicken feet with pickled peppers were marinated last night so keep it in the refrigerator. They will be delicious tomorrow. Heat that bag of glutinous rice cakes in the microwave and there are also a few salty vegetables…”

These were all experiences that Tang Nuan had never experienced before. She was a little excited. She put the food in the refrigerator according to Shen Jinhua’s instructions, then put down a bag of dumplings and cut a small piece of soy beef. The moment the food entered her mouth, Tang Nuan genuinely felt blessed.

The craftsmanship of Tang Jinxin and Shen Jinhua was great!

Later, Tang Nuan directly gave Aunt He upstairs a holiday, because Tang Ben would bring food almost every day. There were various kinds of food. In addition to the food, there would also be snacks. Tang Nuan’s favorite was the chicken feet with pickled pepper made by Tang Jinxin.

She ate, drank, and researched every day, almost forgetting about the online storm.

Just that the Tang family was more concerned than her.

Just as she and Ji Yun expected, the online storm intensified. After cursing Tang Nuan enough, netizens began to care more about Jiang Miao and Ye Shuyan’s emotional development.

Perhaps because there was no movement on Tang Nuan’s side, the other party practically completely let go. Although she was not withdrawn from the engagement, she was directly labeled as a cheater online.

Netizens began to criticize her for all aspects of her appearance, education, family background, personal qualities, and abilities to prove that the marriage between Ye Shuyan and Jiang Miao was the right choice. It had reached the point where it couldn’t be ignored as it kept popping online.

In the group chat of “Loving Family”, someone finally couldn’t help but bring up this topic.

[Soaring to the Sky: @Handsome and Rich, can I ask for money to pay for those hot searches?]

[Handsome and Rich: Can spend money to remove this thing? How much does it cost?]

[Soaring to the Sky: Looking at the size, maybe it’ll cost a few million.]

[Handsome and Rich: Silly Fei… Your eldest sister is already doing this. Can you learn from your eldest sister? People have bullied us and they have to pay for our mental damage fees. Why do you think of spending money to block their mouths? Isn’t it foolish?]

[It’s hard to run away from home: If my second brother can be relied on, a pig can climb a tree already.]

[Handsome and rich: Fourth brother, how can you say that about your brother? Have you forgotten our family motto of respecting the elderly and loving the young? Do you want to be beaten?]

[It’s hard to run away from home: I understand, I’m sorry.]

[Handsome and rich: We have a family motto, haven’t we told Tang Nuan yet?]

Tang Nuan inwardly thought that their family had quite a few rules.

Perhaps there were too many words, Tang Jinxin directly sent a voice message: “Be low-key and humble, don’t reveal your wealth. If you have a hundred, you only tell others that you have a dollar, so that we will not be targeted by others.”

“Especially online, nowadays the online is so scary. You can find out all the big data, what you said, and how much you spent. If someone finds out about us, they will know that our family is rich and we have four children. If they kidnap one child at a time and ask ransom for two million, they would think I don’t take my children seriously, and if we pay more, we don’t feel it’s worth it.”

Tang Nuan laughed at this, no wonder this family spent money like water but didn’t flaunt their wealth very much.

[Soaring to the Sky: Then if you say this in the WeChat group now, can it also be found online?]

[Handsome and rich: Withdraw the message.]

Look at the two messages above saying that the family has money was no longer there.

Tang Nuan couldn’t laugh or cry.

[Soaring to the Sky: @Moonlight in the water When are you able to deal with them? These people are annoying.]

[It’s hard to run away from home: [Group file][Group file]]

[Soaring to the sky: What is this?]

[It’s hard to run away from home: According to my statistics of this rumor-mongering netizen information, 50% of them have the same language skills and IP addresses, which can be judged as trolls. After preliminary analysis, there are about three marketing companies involved, and the information has been given to my eldest sister.]

[Soaring to the Sky: What about the remaining 50%?]

[It’s hard to run away from home: The remaining 30% are Jiang Miao’s crazy fans, 10% are various popular self-media and self-uploaders, and the remaining 10% are poor people with unsatisfactory lives, idle and bored unemployed wanderers.]

[Soaring to the Sky: How do you know they are poor people?]

[It’s hard to run away from home: There are annotations indicating the situation at the back. My dear Second Brother, please use your noble brain occasionally.]

Although he said this, it was obvious that he did not have any expectations for Tang Fei’s brain, and then he immediately posted an explanation:

[It’s hard to run away from home: For example, in the fiftieth line of the malicious venting worksheet, her IP address is in a black internet cafe in Yi County, which is a poverty-stricken county that every promising young person has to come out to work. Moreover, the other party’s online time alternates between midnight, early morning, and evening, with very neat intervals of eight or nine hours, which can be inferred to be a three-shift job.]

[It’s hard to run away from home: I checked and found that there is only one small printing and dyeing factory in Yi County that operates on a three-shift cycle with few workers. Most of them are middle-aged women who cannot leave the county town, and their salaries are not high. Moreover, the other party’s online time is only about two hours a day on average, so these people can just rely on this to find a sense of existence online.]

[Fire Tree Golden Flower: That’s pitiful. Let her curse then. Let’s have a good meal today and make them mad. [Video][Video]]

Tang Nuan clicked on it and found that it was in the Shanhai Market in Yan City, ordinary people rarely knew about this market because it only opened to rich people, and fresh ingredients were flown in from all over the world every day.

[Soaring to the sky: French blue lobster! Mom, buy more of that!]

[It’s hard to run away from home: I want to eat king crab.]

[Fire Tree Golden Flower: @Tang Nuan What do you like to eat? Order something expensive. Let’s eat delicious food and watch those clowns dancing online. When the time comes, we will show them our food and make them angry to death.]

[Soaring to the Sky: Mom, wealth should not be revealed.]

[Fire Tree Golden Flower: It’s okay, Genting Community is safe.]

It was a double standard, and Tang Nuan was so amused that she laughed.

At noon, she had a delicious seafood lunch, which Tang Fei personally sent them over. In addition to the dishes ordered through the video, there were also goose barnacles and the like.

Tang Fei sent her a few photos, “Come on, come on, take these. This is the pinnacle of my many years of experience. If I don’t make them cry, my surname will not be Tang!”

Tang Nuan laughed, and Tang Fei said, “Don’t worry about the online things. Sister said won’t spare them.”

He said it casually, and Tang Nuan didn’t take it to heart. Instead, after eating a delicious seafood meal, she stared at the photo sent by Tang Fei and thought about whether to post it on Weibo.

If she had followed her previous style, she would have posted it without hesitation, but now… she was a little afraid of involving Tang Jinxin and his family.

Before she could figure out the reason, she received a call from Ji Yun, “Tang Nuan, did Young Master Ye stand up for you?”

Tang Nuan was stunned for a moment, “No, he doesn’t pay attention to these messy things online, and he is still on a business trip abroad. He even took Assistant Wen away and won’t come back until tomorrow.”

“Then who else besides him?” Ji Yun said, “Honglang Company has received a court summons.” At this point, she couldn’t help but laugh, “Oh, that company will do anything for money, and they must be panicking right now.”

“The other two companies were shocked when they heard about it. After checking online, they found that they were also going through the litigation process. They just haven’t received the summons yet, but it will be a matter of time.”

“Now everyone in the circle thinks that Young Master Ye has taken action, and everyone has pulled back. Now there are almost half as many people online cursing you.”

But Tang Nuan was very certain that it was not Ye Shuyan. Tang Nuan suddenly thought of Tang Fei’s words, “Maybe I know who it is, let me confirm it first.”

After hanging up the phone, Tang Nuan hesitated for a while and sent a message to Tang Yue: [Do you know about Honglang Company?]

Tang Yue replied quickly: [Yes, we have already filed a lawsuit. We will sue the most foul-mouthed person first, and the rest will get later.]

She probably felt that she couldn’t explain clearly by typing, so she sent a voice message and said softly, “Don’t be afraid. No matter how fiercely they curse right now, they will kneel and apologize to us in the future. I won’t let any of them go.”

She spoke harshly in a gentle tone, but Tang Nuan couldn’t help feeling a sense of stability, as if an adventurer facing an abyss had a safety lock tied to her body, and even if she accidentally fell, someone would still catch her…

But perhaps couldn’t be pulled back…

Tang Nuan remained silent for a while and finally pointed out the issue they had been avoiding: [But this matter ultimately involves Tang Xing.]

Tang Yue called directly.

Tang Nuan looked at the caller ID, closed her eyes, but still picked up the call.

“Tang Nuan.” Tang Yue said, “The lists of three trolls’ companies and several marketing accounts were all given to me by Tang Xing.”

Tang Nuan was stunned.

Tang Yue didn’t say anything more, but said softly, “Tang Nuan, don’t be afraid.” Big Sister would protect you.

A sudden sourness welled up in her eyes, and she choked with emotions. Tang Nuan felt baffled, that the other party had not even explained, let alone promised anything.

Tang Nuan took a deep breath and felt that there was no need for her to be so sentimental. Anyway, who was more important, truth or falsehood, would be determined shortly, wasn’t it?

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