The Wealthy and Influential Fiancé Has the Ability to Read Minds

Chapter 30

Ye Shuyan watched the video expressionlessly in the elevator.

“…Because I’m a good HR… We don’t have any feelings… What fiancé, he’s the boss… The bigger picture is that he’s a colleague… except that he can’t have the same salary and benefits as me… I will sign and approve the recruitment of a few more colleagues…”

Ye Shuyan was infuriated and finally understood the meaning of those comments in the afternoon. She dared to say anything, recruiting colleagues for him?

Deng Qiong said angrily, “Look, she only wants your money! She is even willing to help you keep women outside!”

[He wants a surprise? Then I can surprise him every day! Must get back my dignity later!]

The same voice as in the video sounded in his mind. Ye Shuyan lowered his head to look. He had just entered the house and it seemed that she was not far downstairs.

He thought for a while, took out his mobile phone, and dialed her number, “I have something to do now, your surprise will have to wait twenty minutes later.”

Tang Nuan downstairs: !!!

She couldn’t help but glance at her phone, then raised her head and looked around. Did Ye Shuyan install surveillance cameras in her room? No, could he read minds through his phone?

Wasn’t this too scary?! Tang Nuan was shocked and confused.

Upstairs, Ye Shuyan raised the corners of his mouth slightly, finally feeling a little more balanced after being forced to listen to other people’s inner voices all day long.

Deng Qiong frowned and asked, “Why did you call Tang Nuan? What’s the surprise?”

Ye Shuyan glanced at her indifferently and said nothing.

Deng Qiong met his eyes, but couldn’t ask anymore. She was a bit afraid of this son. Although he was cold before high school, he still had some feelings. Later, he became like an icy cold machine when something happened to the Deng family.

So, she wanted him to be more alive and have a good romantic love, rather than some kind of emotionless so-called marriage. Otherwise, his life would be just an ending that could be seen at a glance, how sad.

A girl like Jiang Miao who was sweet and devoted to him was the most suitable for his icy cold personality.

However, it was obvious that Ye Shuyan didn’t appreciate it. He seemed to know her purpose for coming, and he didn’t invite her to sit down or prepare tea, nor did he even use any polite greetings. He said directly, “Tell the Jiang family that I’ll agree to cooperate on two conditions.”

“First, let Jiang Miao personally call me to explain what happened when she fell into the water on the day of her birthday party. Remember to tell her that there is only one chance. If I’m not satisfied with what she said, don’t mention the cooperation again. It’s not that we can’t find a good smart hotel system, upgrading is not a matter of a day or two anyway. It’ll just need to be delayed for a while.”

Deng Qiong frowned when he heard this, “What do you mean? You don’t believe Miaomiao?”

Ye Shuyan looked at her without saying a word, but the expression on his face clearly written, “Why should I believe her?”

Deng Qiong retorted, “Ye Shuyan! You two were childhood sweethearts who played together. Besides, why is it necessary for the Jiang family to falsely accuse Tang Nuan?”

“Or are you retaliating against me?” She took a deep breath, “Yes, I know that I have neglected you from a young age and was not by your side during your most difficult time. But even if you want to retaliate against me, retaliate against Ye Zhenghong. Haven’t these years been enough? The Ye family has been controversial and criticized because of your engagement to Tang Nuan.”

“Now that you are the confirmed heir to the Ye family, your father and Sun Wanqiu are keeping their heads down and Ye Shuchen can only be a playboy. Wouldn’t it be better for you to find someone to love and spend the rest of your life with? Why do you throw your life like this?”

Ye Shuyan looked at her expressionlessly and said calmly, “I don’t have such meaningless emotions of revenge. No one is worth it for me to throw my life away. I am very satisfied with my current life, so, you think too much.”

Deng Qiong barked, “You mean, you are planning to marry Tang Nuan?”

Although Ye Shuyan said nothing, his expression told Deng Qiong the answer.

“I don’t agree, and your father won’t agree either!” Deng Qiong clutched her chest and trembled with anger, “What kind of magic potion did that Tang Nuan give you? Go check it out online now! Look at what she used to be like. She used to fight, race car, and bully classmates in high school!”

“And today! She deliberately pestered you and even sent someone to humiliate Miaomiao. Do you know how many hot searches online today are criticizing Miaomiao? It’s simply unbearable! She knows Miaomiao is a celebrity, and doing so is going to ruin Miaomiao!”

“From family background, capability to character, how can she be worthy of you?!”

Ye Shuyan looked back at her, “Then, didn’t you see the online insults against her? Jiang Miao can bully her at will, and it’s wrong for her to fight back? Isn’t it true that for you, as long as Jiang Miao has a praiseworthy love, killing and setting fire are all right?”

“When did Miaomiao bully her?” Deng Qiong retorted, “Didn’t Tang Nuan do all the things she was scolded for?”

Ye Shuyan was too lazy to reason with her.

Deng Qiong looked at Ye Shuyan’s expression and said angrily, “You would rather believe that scheming Tang Nuan than Miaomiao? Have you forgotten how Aunt Jiang loved you when you were a child? When something happened to the Deng family, Aunt Jiang also helped us secretly. Mom doesn’t ask you for anything in return, at least you can’t repay kindness with enmity, right?”

Ye Shuyan said, “So I gave them a chance and didn’t even give them a serious warning at the beginning. Many aunties loved me when I was young. When the Deng family had an accident, it wasn’t just Aunt Jiang who gave me pocket money. Are you sure you want to treat these day-to-day pleasantries as a life-saving grace?”

Deng Qiong said angrily, “After talking for a long time, you just want to be with Tang Nuan, even if it means ruining Miaomiao’s career? What on earth are you thinking? I don’t believe you can’t see her scheming.”

Ye Shuyan said calmly, “I just like her scheming.”

Deng Qiong’s eyes widened in disbelief, “What?”

Ye Shuyan said, “Scheming people are smart and can weigh the pros and cons, seek advantages and avoid disadvantages. As long as I have what she wants, she will always accompany me until the end. In the future, she will be a competent wife and a responsible mother, so I have no worries.”

Deng Qiong seemed to have been stabbed, “After talking for so long, are you blaming me?”

“Family alliances are inherently feudal dregs. What’s wrong with me pursuing freedom in love?” She said, taking a deep breath, “Shuyan, humans are emotional animals, and love is the most beautiful thing in the world that you haven’t tried before. Why criticize and reject it?”

“I’m not criticize, nor reject it,” Ye Shuyan said, “But not everyone in the world is like you and can’t live without love. On the contrary, I think that kind of fickle emotions have no benefits except for making life and work a mess. For me, respect and responsibility are more reliable than love that can change at any time.”

He looked at Deng Qiong and said calmly, “I respect your choice, so please also respect mine. Since you have never cared about me, please don’t criticize my life.”

Deng Qiong was so angry that her chest was heaving with anger, but she still remembered the purpose of coming today. She took a few deep breaths to calm down, barely managed to calm down, “Okay, since you love your job, other things don’t matter. Then why are you fighting for Tang Nuan against the Jiang family?”

“Now that the Jiang family has bowed their heads and apologized, wouldn’t it be most appropriate for you to step down too?” Deng Qiong said, “Just because of Tang Nuan, you are at odds with the Jiang family? Sun Wanqiu’s ambition to let her son inherit the family business has never disappeared. Since Tang Nuan can weigh the pros and cons, she should know that this matter is good for you and should have given in.”

Ye Shuyan turned around, stood up straight, and looked at Deng Qiong condescendingly.

Deng Qiong tensed up unconsciously, “What’s wrong? Did I say something wrong?”

Ye Shuyan looked at her seriously, with a storm in his eyes, “Weighing the pros and cons and submitting to humiliation are two different things. She is my fiancée, and her dignity is my dignity. Anyone who dares to humiliate her is humiliating me.” At this point, he added, he was afraid that she wouldn’t understand, “Including you, the Ye family, and the Jiang family.”

Deng Qiong didn’t know whether she was caught by his warning or found his idea unimaginable, and froze for a moment.

Ye Shuyan continued, “The second condition is the cooperation of the film, themed cultural city. The Jiang family can only cooperate with me.”

Deng Qiong regained her senses and felt unimaginable, “You treat someone’s daughter like this, and you still want them to cooperate with you directly over Ye Zhenghong? Are you too arrogant?”

Ye Shuyan said, “They don’t have to agree.”

Deng Qiong slammed the door brutally and left. Ye Shuyan returned to the study, staring at the computer for a while without moving until a voice came from downstairs.

[…After today, he should feel that I am scheming and twisted, and may have the idea of ​​breaking off the engagement.]

[Speaking of which, he refused to break off the engagement with me and even stingily wanted to take everything away. Why should I sell this project to him at a low price? Why don’t we still follow the original plan and jointly operate through financing?]

[No, no, no, it’s better to stay away from these crazy people who are obsessed with love. Money can be earned again, and who knows what will happen if you get caught up in madness.]

[Change clothes? Just go up in pajamas, don’t he want a surprise? Let’s have the most exciting one, just to make up for the OOC on the car today…]

Ye Shuyan paused for a moment, then picked up his phone and typed “OOC” into the browser. He couldn’t help laughing when he saw the explanation. He felt that if she continued like this, she might not only lose her character but also become more sophisticated.

[What does Ye Shuyan look like at home at night? Does he also dress neatly? How about I give him a pair of leopard print sexy pajamas? This is also a fiancée’s right, ah, no, it is an obligation.]

[If he doesn’t agree, does it count as disrespecting his fiancée? Leopard print, hahaha, hahaha…]

[Let me think… What other obligations does a fiancée have…]

The voice suddenly disappeared, obviously out of range. Ye Shuyan tapped his index finger on the table, stood up, and went to the cloakroom. He wanted to see how brave she was.

Tang Nuan stood at the door of Ye Shuyan’s house, hesitating between ringing the doorbell or entering the password to enter directly, but finally chose to enter directly.

There were not many opportunities to challenge her rights, so of course she should try by stepping on his bottom line.

However, as soon as she opened the door, Tang Nuan closed her eyes and said, “Sorry.” She was ready to retreat the same way.

She was so awesome for stepping directly on the high-voltage wire. Who would have thought that Ye Shuyan would change clothes in the living room?!

He looks so cold, but was he so unrestrained in private?

Unexpectedly, Ye Shuyan calmly put down his hands that had unbuttoned the four buttons of his shirt and said, “Why are you going outside?”

Tang Nuan thought he was mocking her and smiled embarrassingly, “Sorry, I didn’t expect you to be in the living room.”

“Then where do you think I am?” Ye Shuyan asked, “Bathroom?”

Tang Nuan: …

Yes, I’m planning to see if you’re in the bathroom, and going to surprise you! Don’t you like surprises? You were stunned by the ‘surprise’ at noon. Now let’s see if you are true to your word!

Tang Nuan responded angrily and then found that she was five or six meters away from him.

Tang Nuan: …

What a waste! Maddening.

Ye Shuyan lowered his eyes to hide the smile in his eyes, and while buttoning his buttons, he walked to the sofa and sat down. Seeing that Tang Nuan was not moving, he questioned, “What are you doing standing there foolishly?”

Surprisingly, there was no sign of anger at all. Tang Nuan couldn’t tell what he was thinking for a while. It was really hard to guess the thoughts of the villainous BOSS.

However, the other party seemed to be able to guess her thoughts easily and said, “Entering and leaving my residence at will is one of the fiancée’s rights. Do you want the right to enter and leave the bedroom?”

Tang Nuan’s heart skipped a beat and she couldn’t help but look up at his expression. He had a cold expression and his tone was indifferent, so was he mocking her or teasing her?

Well, that’s probably sarcasm.

Tang Nuan didn’t dare to come closer. This man’s thoughts were too difficult to figure out. She was afraid that she would be out of ideas and become OOC, so she simply got straight to the point, “I am the person in charge of the Nuanyang System.”

Ye Shuyan raised his eyebrows as expected, with surprise in his eyes, “You?”

Tang Nuan puffed out her chest, “It’s me. I can sell you the Nuanyang system at a 20% discount, but you have to agree to my three requirements.”

Ye Shuyan pointed to the small sofa opposite him and said, “Sit.”

Entering a business-like manner, Tang Nuan walked over.

His eyes were uncontrollably attracted by the nightgown draped over the sofa, a navy blue V-neck, and a relatively short skirt. Judging from Ye Shuyan’s height, it could only cover his thighs at most…

Tang Nuan: … She imagined the effect of Ye Shuyan’s upper body, and shuddered in horror. For a moment, she wavered as to whether to challenge the opponent’s bottom line. Just looking at this dress, his bottom line seemed a little scary…

She was so engrossed in her thoughts that she didn’t notice that Ye Shuyan also rubbed his forehead silently, showing a hint of regret. He just picked the most frivolous one…

Fortunately, as soon as he entered the three-meter range, Tang Nuan immediately began to take matters seriously.

“First, I want to give you a presentation during Jiang Miao’s livestream.”

Seeing Ye Shuyan looking up at her, Tang Nuan explained, “Jiang Miao doesn’t know yet that I am the person in charge of the Nuanyang system.” At this point, she smiled sarcastically, ” I just found it funny when the Jiang family kept inquiring about me to get the bargaining chip to win over you, she falsely accused me in front of you, and she also needed to use my achievements to win over you. She even suggested that I be her fanatic fan, so I didn’t tell her the truth. I want everyone to see clearly what kind of hypocritical person she is when things are exposed.”

“I just didn’t expect that she would be so ruthless nor did I expect that this would be my only opportunity to clarify myself.”

She raised her head and looked at Ye Shuyan seriously, “I don’t want to bear this bad reputation for no reason at all. This incident happened because of you, and as my fiancé, you must protect my reputation, so I would like to ask you to agree to cooperate with Jiang Miao’s variety livestream show.”

Ye Shuyan declined to commit, “What about the second one?”

“Second, you must keep my affairs confidential and cooperate with me at the same time.”

“The live stream team on that day cannot be solely Jiang Miao’s. I will also arrange for someone to follow up, just to ensure that she doesn’t mislead netizens with any reason. I can guarantee that it will not harm the company’s interests. Otherwise,” She raised the USB flash drive in her hand and said, “The Nuanyang System will be given to you for free.”

“Third, during the livestream, if necessary, you must directly state your position. Express that you have no intention of being with Jiang Miao.”

This was the idea that Tang Nuan came up with. Since Ye Shuyan’s thoughts were unpredictable and she couldn’t be certain of his love that would awaken at an unknown time, she decided to set the rules in advance.

Regardless of whether they would be together in the future, with Jiang Miao targeting her like this, there was no reason for her to let the other party pursue Ye Shuyan smoothly.

“If you can’t do it, or if you waver one day and want to break off the engagement with me, all the gifts you gave me before that will be regarded as compensation to me and will not be returned.”

“We can sign an agreement on this.”

Ye Shuyan raised his eyebrows and said, “Are you referring to the unfair clause? All the terms you mentioned are favorable to you. What benefits do I have?”

Tang Nuan said, “Isn’t it a benefit to sell you my Nuanyang System at 20% off? I have been researching this project since we got engaged and have been working on it for three years.”

Ye Shuyan slowly leaned back on the sofa, “First of all, I have not formally evaluated the Nuanyang System, and I am not sure whether it has the value you said. Secondly, I am not short of money. If the Nuanyang System has value, I will not be stingy. When the time comes, it will be based on the market price, or through financing, or normal transactions.”

“You don’t have any competitiveness when using this as a bargaining chip.”

I know that the black-hearted capitalists will not agree easily.

Tang Nuan also followed his example and slowly leaned on the sofa. She thought about the hardships of developing the Nuanyang System from beginning to end. She was almost moved to tears. Then she looked at him faintly and said, “Then, what harm does my request do to you?”

She stared at him affectionately, “You also know that I have encountered a lot of things recently, especially the Jiang family who is eyeing you. They’re using public opinion to pressure me. Do you know what I’ve gone through these days?”

“I feel very insecure now and need a guarantee or are you planning to break off the engagement with me? Or are you going to leave me with nothing?”

If he couldn’t outbeat her then he was a rogue. Ye Shuyan looked at her with a half-smile, “You shouldn’t. I’m a boss who abides by laws and regulations. If I dismiss the HR without reason, I will compensate you. As long as you don’t make any mistakes, you can rest assured.”

Tang Nuan: ???!!! He, he saw it? When did he see it?

Seeing her frozen look, Ye Shuyan tapped his index finger lightly and said, “I can agree to your three conditions, but on the other hand, I also want to propose three conditions.”

Tang Nuan was panicking and asked casually, “What are the conditions?”

Ye Shuyan took the initiative and said, “The third one corresponds to yours. I can distance myself from Jiang Miao, but on the other hand, what if you want to break off the engagement?”

Tang Nuan quickly thought to herself, how could I possibly do this? Never possible!

She thought so loudly and so firmly that she almost believed it herself.

Ye Shuyan looked into her eyes and said, “If you want to break off the engagement, everything I gave you from the engagement onwards will be returned…”

Absolutely nothing like that will happen! This time it was a firm idea.

A smile flashed in Ye Shuyan’s eyes, “Not only will it be returned, but there will also be compensation of corresponding value.”

So ruthless! Tang Nuan’s eyes widened, “Why?”

Ye Shuyan said, “If I break off the engagement, I will lose tens of millions, but if you break off the engagement, you will just give back the tens of millions I gave you without any loss. Do you think this is reasonable?”

Okay, that doesn’t seem very reasonable.

Ye Shuyan got up and went to the study room to get the computer. He sat across from Tang Nuan and typed out an agreement with his long fingers. In a few minutes, he typed out a copy of the agreement and directly made two copies, handing one to Tang Nuan.

Tang Nuan looked at it and felt more and more something was wrong, “Aren’t there three conditions? Where are the other two?”

Ye Shuyan said, “I haven’t figured it out yet.”

He was so confident that Tang Nuan felt that she had seen too little of the world to make such a fuss.

Tang Nuan smiled angrily, “Have you ever signed such an agreement? Of the three conditions, only one is specified, and the first two are left blank. ‘Fill in at any time according to Party A’s needs.'”

Ye Shuyan pointed to a line of small words attached to the condition: The condition guarantee is to respect Party B and not embarrass the other party. It must abide by the law and comply with ethical standards.

“I won’t let you do anything bad.”

” If you say it’s not a bad thing, then it’s not a bad thing?” Tang Nuan glared, “What’s the difference between this and the unfair clause?”

Ye Shuyan said, “If it were an unfair clause, the following line would not exist.”

What he said was so righteous and firm, coupled with that serious iceberg face, it looked like Tang Nuan was being unreasonable.

Tang Nuan simply showed it to him and said, “You either think of it now or settle on that one condition.”

Ye Shuyan said, “One condition is impossible. If you propose three conditions, I must also have three. When I sign the agreement, it must be fair and just.”

Tang Nuan said, “Then think about it now.”

Ye Shuyan pondered for a moment, “I can’t think of anything. Why don’t you wait until I’ve figured it out before signing?”

Tang Nuan: …This scoundrel!

There were only a few days left before Jiang Miao’s livestream. Wasn’t the reason why she came to him so late just to settle things today? His subsequent negotiations would take time.

She took a deep breath, pointed at the signature, and said, “What’s this? Why Party B?”

It was Party A who made the request. It was her who made the request, wasn’t it?

Ye Shuyan looked at her and said, “Party A is responsible for paying. Is there any problem?”

Tang Nuan: ……

Damn it, poor people have no human rights.

“If there’s no problem, just sign it.” Ye Shuyan took the lead in signing his name on the agreement and handed it over.

Tang Nuan still felt that something was not right. Ye Shuyan’s cell phone happened to be ringing. She said, “Why don’t you answer the phone first? I’ll think about it again?”

Unexpectedly, Ye Shuyan immediately hung up the phone and raised his hand to look at his watch, “It’s almost eleven o’clock now. I need to prepare to rest at half past eleven.”

“Do you want to do it here? Or can you take the agreement back and think about it carefully? We can talk about it slowly tomorrow or the day after?”

Tang Nuan: ……

This bastard! Tang Nuan was angry looking at his calm and unshakable appearance, and then an idea flashed, “If you act like this, then I won’t sell Nuanyang to you!”

She was stunned by him. Even a normal transaction must be based on the premise of a good project! Nuanyang System and their overseas companies have been actively in contact, which proved that they highly recognized this project.

Unexpectedly, Ye Shuyan said, “Then it’s a pity that the agreement can’t be reached this time?”

Tang Nuan: ……

Ye Shuyan suddenly smiled when he saw Tang Nuan’s expression. He usually has a cold-faced and this smile was like the warm sun appearing on the plateau glacier and the swaying snow lotus blossomed, dazzling and stunning.

Tang Nuan was stunned for a moment, and he handed her the pen directly, “Sign it. It is also my responsibility to protect my fiancée’s interests, it not be disadvantageous to you.”

“Or rather,” he stared into her eyes, “you have secret motives? Are you going to deal with me, this emotionless boss?”

In the end, Tang Nuan signed her name…

It wasn’t until she saw him smiling and putting away the agreement that Tang Nuan suddenly reacted, “No, since it is your responsibility to protect my interests, then you should unconditionally agree to my request. Why do we need to sign an agreement?”

Did she fall for his handsomeness trap?! With that said, he reached out to grab the agreement he wanted to take away.

Ye Shuyan quickly raised the agreement high, dodging Tang Nuan who rushed towards him with a smile in his eyes, “But isn’t signing the agreement one of your requirements?”

Tang Nuan was furious, “Then I don’t agree now, ah…”

Her first attempt failed, and she chased around the coffee table. She jumped up to reach for the agreement in Ye Shuyan’s hand but was accidentally knocked by the coffee table and with a painful cry, she couldn’t stand steadily and fell onto the nearby sofa.

Ye Shuyan hurriedly stepped forward to check, “How are you?”

As soon as he leaned over, Tang Nuan’s eyes lit up and her arm quickly reached out to him. Ye Shuyan without a second thought immediately hid the agreement behind him and then felt a woman’s delicate and fragrant skin bump into his arms.

Tang Nuan’s lipstick which was not printed during the plane pick-up was still successfully printed on Ye Shuyan’s white shirt…

Tang Nuan was a little embarrassed and hurriedly sat up, reaching out in vain to wipe the fiery red lip marks on his chest, “I’m sorry.”

Ye Shuyan looked at her without saying anything, but his eyes deepened.

Tang Nuan coughed lightly and said, “It’s getting late. Since we’re done talking, I’ll go back first.” After that, she stood up and was about to leave.

“Wait a minute.” Ye Shuyan leaned over and took out a box from under the coffee table, stood up, and handed it to Tang Nuan, “A gift, no, it’s HR benefits?”

Tang Nuan: ……

At this moment, she was in a state of being a little shorter… Why did she have to brag at that time?!

Ye Shuyan put the gift into her hand, but did not withdraw, but reached out towards her shoulder.

Tang Nuan instinctively wanted to avoid, but Ye Shuyan said firmly, “Don’t move.”

The burgundy strap that fell on the side of her arm was put back to its original position by well-defined fingers. Tang Nuan’s cheeks couldn’t help but turn red. It turned out that the strap had slipped when she fell on the sofa.

Ye Shuyan looked down at her and suddenly chuckled, “It’s a nice surprise. Keep up the good work.”

Tang Nuan: ……

It was unclear whether he was praising her system or provoking her behavior.

In short, it was inexplicably infuriating. Tang Nuan’s eyes fell on the agreement on the sofa again, ready to make a move.

Ye Shuyan didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry and reached out to ruffle her hair.

This action was intimate, and both of them were stunned. Tang Nuan quickly rushed towards the sofa, but Ye Shuyan was faster. He stretched out his long arms, picked up the agreement, and walked to the study after picking up the computer.

Tang Nuan was so angry that she stomped her feet, what a dog man!

Ye Shuyan seemed to have remembered something and turned around and said, “By the way, HR, this is not a planned recruitment. The other party’s salary and benefits will be deducted from you. If a colleague dissatisfies me, your salary and benefits will also be halved.”

Tang Nuan couldn’t help but make his fist at Ye Shuyan’s back figure, saying as if he gave her one million every month!

Ye Shuyan was in a good mood listening to her enthusiastic inner voice.

Back in the study, he looked at the agreement in his hand, thought about it, and put it in the drawer where important documents were kept. With Tang Nuan’s cautious character, she would not touch it here.

Thinking of this, he suddenly thought of something. Just as he was about to look at the safe, his cell phone, which he had not answered before, rang again.

Ye Shuyan picked up the call, and a carefree voice came from the other side, “Assistant Wen said you were off work, what are you doing? Why didn’t you answer my call?”

“Nothing, I just negotiated an agreement with someone.”

Yan Shuo was surprised, “At this hour? Do all big bosses compete like this? What time is it now? How many billions worth of contracts there?”

Ye Shuyan looked at the unremarkable agreement on the thin paper in front of him, and couldn’t help but wanted to laugh, “Doesn’t worth much.”

“In your eyes, even if it’s not much, it’s still worth hundreds of millions.”

Ye Shuyan didn’t say anything. Although it was not a few hundred million, it was a rare agreement that made him happy.

“Let’s get down to business.” Yan Shuo said, “Your little brother is quite capable. He has hidden it quite deep. He has many foreign investments and also has a shadow behind several domestic network companies. Is he unwilling to settle for mediocrity and wants to have a share of his own or does he want to rebel?”

“I tend to lean towards the former. After all, if he wants to rebel, sneaking around like this won’t make a difference.”

Ye Shuyan narrowed his eyes, “Got it, send me the information you found.”


Although the process of signing the agreement was not so pleasant, Ye Shuyan was still trustworthy in handling matters. The next day, rumors had it that the Jiang and the Ye families were actively promoting cooperation with Jiang Miao’s variety show livestream.

The news came from Tang Yi. It seemed that Jiang Zhan finally couldn’t stand this idiot and stopped investing. Tang Yi was now as panicked as an ant on a hot pot, kneeling and licking Jiang Miao even more. After learning some news, he couldn’t wait to publicize it widely.

However, this time he did not dare to act like a demon online anymore, so he could only show off in wealthy circles. According to him, Ye Shuyan originally refused to cooperate, but the Jiang family loved Jiang Miao very much and offered conditions for cooperation that were difficult for the Ye family to refuse, which led to Ye Zhenghong personally coming forward to put pressure on him.

Anyway, in the end, not only was the cooperation achieved, but Ye Shuyan also agreed to many other conditions of the Jiang family.

Even Ji Yun called in a hurry and asked, “Why did I hear that Second Ye will be responsible for this livestream?”

Tang Nuan did not panic. Yesterday, Ye Shuyan promised to cooperate with the Jiang family, and this matter was obviously more urgent for the Jiang family, but now Ye Shuyan was forced to agree. It was obvious that Ye Shuyan, that unscrupulous fox, had some conspiracy.

Tang Nuan thought for a while and sent a message directly to Ye Shuyan to inquire. After being provoked by him, Tang Nuan decided to let herself go.

After sending the message, she planned to do her own thing, but Ye Shuyan’s call came back quickly, ” Ye Shuchen is responsible for the film and television theme park project that the Jiang family wants to cooperate with the Ye family. Moreover, considering my unfriendly attitude towards Jiang Miao during the previous livestream, to achieve the best livestream effect, Ye Shuchen will host the livestream and I will be there as an observer.”

Tang Nuan: ……

Second Ye was also full of hostility towards her. Why did she think that Ye Shuyan was trying to drag Second Ye down?

But Ye Shuyan said differently, “Don’t blame yourself. Avoiding suspicion is my obligation as my fiancé, and I can still afford this loss.”

“It’s just a live stream anyway, it doesn’t matter where I sit.”

Tang Nuan: ……

Who blames themselves? You’re so full of bad ideas, just don’t let me take the blame, okay?

Tang Nuan suddenly felt that she had also been fooled by him.


In any case, on the day the cooperation was confirmed, marketing accounts began to build momentum for Jiang Miao.

Netizens began to dig into Jiang Miao’s excellent background, including her university degree, published papers, winning speech competition photos, as well as photos occasionally taken by Jiang Group’s employees of her wearing professional attire and meeting with Jiang Group core management.

After such a series of moves, everyone’s attention was indeed diverted. After all, her excellence was truly admirable.

Although there were still many people who criticized her for meddling in other people’s affairs, more people were willing to believe that she was framed because she was too good and made Tang Nuan jealous.

After the paparazzi captured the photos of her entering and leaving the Ye family’s mansion, the commotion became even louder.

Coincidentally, she participated in the fourth episode of the variety show “Back to Nature” that evening, which directly pushed this matter to a climax.

“Back to Nature” was a variety show where celebrities stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy a leisurely life of self-sufficiency while working at sunrise and resting at sunset in the countryside.

Among the three programs currently aired, Jiang Miao’s popularity was the highest. Everyone knew that she was the daughter of a wealthy family. However, due to her extraordinary experience, she knew a lot more than other celebrities, such as chopping firewood and making fire, doing laundry and cooking, and even picking vegetables from the ground. The contrast of her lack of coquettishness was deeply loved by the audience.

In the latest episode of the program, the guests lay down under the sunset, fanned themselves, and chatted after a busy day.

When some guests talked about business and investment, someone mentioned that Jiang Miao was a top student in the Department of Finance at Yanda and wanted to hear her opinion.

After being modest for a moment, Jiang Miao talked confidently about the future trend of digitalization in the physical industry, using hotels as an example. She said that at present, simple hotels could no longer meet people’s needs, and intelligent upgrades were imperative.

As we all know, Ye Group was an asset-heavy enterprise, with the largest proportion of hotels and resorts in addition to real estate, while Jiang Group was a domestic internet giant. The combination of the two was the future trend, with obvious insinuations.

As expected, all the comments on the screen were asking her if she wanted to cooperate with the Ye Group.

When it came to the individual interview session, she openly revealed, “We are indeed discussing cooperation with Ye Group. There will be a project report. Anyway, it doesn’t involve much confidentiality, so I am discussing with Ye Group whether we can live stream at that time, which can also be considered as a benefit for fans.”

Fans immediately revealed.

[So, are you going to be in the same frame as President Ye? Will my wish come true?! Baby Miao really dotes on her fans!]

[The strong alliance of Prince Ye and Princess Jiang must be very beautiful!]

[Hey, better be careful what you say in the previous post, it can easily cause misunderstandings. Ye Shuyan has a fiancée already.]

Jiang Miao happened to have mentioned this, and she showed a helpless expression, “But the person who will be in charge of the project will be Ye Shuchen, the second young master of the Ye family, and President Ye will only be observing.”

She didn’t seem to say anything, but her message was clear that she was avoiding suspicion.

There were fans on the spot who complained on behalf of her.

[Sigh, it’s true that she is too good and others are jealous of her. With Baby Miao type of person, won’t she have any man she wants? Why bother meddling in others?]

[Indeed, those photos just looked at before were nothing, they were just two people in the same photo. It was the marketing account that turned it into a scandal by looking at the photo, which made Miss Tang misunderstood.]

[In the end, some people have low self-esteem, isn’t it? Their family background is not as good as before and have become a fake daughter now. She doesn’t have any significant ability, just a good-for-nothing flower vase. The only man she can catch is this one. She is suspicious and afraid that other people will take him away.]

[If it’s just based on suspicion and targeting Baby Miao like that, she’s too malicious. Isn’t it enough to figure it out privately? She even specifically sought out the livestream to ruin Baby Miao’s career. The overwhelming insults in the past two days were truly scary.]

However, there were also a lot of suspicions mixed in, such as if it wasn’t Jiang Miao, where did the dirty information after Tang Nuan’s identity was exposed come from?

Why would someone bully Tang Nuan online?

Jiang Miao’s current so-called avoidance of suspicion and helplessness was just a pretense after her involvement was exposed. Otherwise, she would not be able to develop in the entertainment industry with her reputation as a mistress.

However, the logic of ordinary netizens didn’t hold in front of fans. Based on their love, they could find the reasons why Jiang Miao was framed and slandered from any angle.

The collaboration between Jiang Group and Ye Group’s live streaming has been fermenting for two days in such debates, attracting even passersby who previously did not pay much attention to online gossip.

Nowadays, there are all kinds of live streams, but elite people like Ye Shuyan’s work live streaming was unique and very fresh.

Secondly, gossiping was human nature, and among them, scandals were the most appealing. The CEO of the Ye Group, Princess of the Jiang Group, and an unfashionable daughter of the Tang family happened to be the legitimate fiancée. Judging from their identities alone, they were highly dramatic and conflicting, and everyone was curious about it.

Just when everyone’s attention was at its highest, Jiang Miao’s Weibo finally issued a notice: @Hardworking Jiang Miao [Tomorrow I will be a working person for a day, and I hope to have a pleasant cooperation @Ye Sheng Group @”Back to Nature” program team.]

Ye Sheng Group also forwarded this Weibo post and added the address of their livestream, but not many people followed.

For netizens, watching a live stream occasionally was more than enough, and there was no need to specifically follow an official live stream of a company for it.

Jiang Zhan had been paying attention to the situation and smiled, “So, Ye Shuyan has been standing in a high position for too long, not understanding the changes of the times. The Internet is not a place where strength is paramount, rather online marketing.”

Jiang Miao watched as the popularity of the topic #Full-Level Goddess Princess Jiang# slowly climbed and finally, it was ranked first with the word “Explosion” behind it. She slowly revealed a smile.

The comments inside made her feel even happier.

[It doesn’t matter if she’s good-looking, she’s still a top student. Even if she’s a top student, she’s still from a wealthy family. Even if she’s from a wealthy family, she still talks about projects to make money. No one will object calling her a full-level goddess, right?]

[It doesn’t matter if she makes money from the negotiation project, she still loves me very much. Don’t remind me, let me dream about her.]

[She made me feel the diversity of humanity.]

[I think I have become a fan of an amazing idol.]


[Looking forward to the live streaming, looking forward to Baby Miao in the workplace!]


Of course, during the discussion, some people felt that Jiang Miao had been wronged and inevitably brought up Tang Nuan.

[So, excellent people can always be seen. The person who framed her is probably going to be angry to death.]

[Yes, Young Master Ye should get to know her well and marry such a woman. Haha.]

[HR has no emotional attachment with her boss? Haha, the boss indeed has no emotional attachment, and it’s also true that HR only worships money.]

[There’s only skin left to see, otherwise, where would the reputation of a good-for-nothing flower vase come from?]

Jiang Zhan also saw the comment and laughed, “You see, as long as you are excellent enough, you won’t be afraid of anything.”

Jiang Miao nodded, so what if Tang Nuan was Ye Shuyan’s legitimate fiancée? Wasn’t she still being despised?

“Xiao Zhou, bring me the plan for the Nuanyang System.”

She will show her best tomorrow! Let everyone see her value, and let Ye Shuyan see her excellence again!

At 8 a.m. on Friday, Jiang Miao started the livestream on time, and tens of thousands of people rushed in instantly, and the number was still increasing.

[It’s finally here!! Ahhh, is this wealthy people’s mansion? I admired it so much.]

[Baby Miao looks really good today. She is indeed the pretty boss who was delayed by the entertainment industry.]

To match today’s work environment, Jiang Miao dressed very formally.

But after all, it was a rare opportunity to show off, and her appearance hid many tricks. C’s ladies’ suit was simple and elegant, with a black swan brooch and earrings, and finally a pair of high heels.

Her makeup today was a bit thicker than usual, with some edges that gave a touch of sharpness to her youthful appearance. The contradictory contrast was eye-catching.

[Before, I thought that Baby Miao was too good to imagine doing such a serious thing. But now that I see it, she’s so amazing.]

[This is the legendary person who can inherit billions of family fortunes after leaving the entertainment industry…]

After sitting in the car, Jiang Miao began to formally interact with netizens, “Well, I was afraid of traffic, so I left early.”

[Hahaha, it seems that wealthy people also have the same troubles as us.]

[Finally, found the commonality between the full-level goddess and me.]

“How did the project come about?” Jiang Miao smiled and said modestly, “Actually, it’s not my contribution. It’s also very dramatic to say it. The designer of this smart hotel system is my ‘fan’.”

“As you all know, I majored in finance in college and worked as an exchange student in the United States for a year. It was during that time that I met Erica. At that time, our topic happened to be the development trend of the hotel industry. However, after returning to my home country, I switched to acting and she has been researching this area and completed the smart hotel system. Now it is very popular abroad. “

“It’s also interesting to talk about it. After returning to the country, we only contacted each other occasionally when we talked about issues. But after I became an actress, the two of us had more contact. She said that she was a big fan of mine.”

“At my birthday party some time ago, I heard Uncle Ye talk about the industrial upgrading project of Ye Group’s hotels, and I thought of her. She didn’t originally plan to return to the country for development.” At this point, she smiled mischievously, “But who made me her idol? So, she agreed to it for my sake.”

[Haha, what Baby Miao said it too modestly.]

[Sure enough, excellent people have excellent friends, and anyone she knows casually can contribute to a big project.]

Ji Yun, who was also on the way to the Ye Group building, couldn’t stop laughing while watching Jiang Miao’s livestream, “She is good at bragging. This is because your team abroad does not know the domestic situation. No one will expose her?”

She turned to look at Tang Nuan next to her and said with a smile, “I hope she won’t be frightened when she sees such a fanatical fan like you.”

“But how did you keep your secret? Since you’re going to act, Jiang Miao didn’t ask to meet you? She was too careless.”

Tang Nuan said, “She has already met Susan and the team members. She has been studying seriously in the meetings these two nights. The system is a genuine product.”

“As for Erica, she is out of the country for business, so we can’t meet in person and can only video chat.”

Ji Yun was amused by her serious look, “Then what? Didn’t she recognize you in the video?”

Tang Nuan said, “Well, during the video, Li Qiuqiu had just finished practicing makeup on my face.” She pulled down the corners of her eyes, “I wanted to imitate the Superstar Miao, but the imitation turned out to be completely different. Anyway, I didn’t recognize who I was. “

Ji Yun laughed to death. Superstar Miao has droopy eyes and a slightly big nose, not to mention the resemblance in other places. Once these two places were changed, coupled with various shadows and filters, it was strange that she could be recognized in the video.

As for the voice, there was no need to worry. Everyone had a different accent when speaking English and Chinese, and people who were not familiar with it would not be able to differentiate it at all.

Tang Nuan finally shrugged and said, “If she wants to be more cautious, she can wait until Erica returns to the country before broadcasting live.”

Ji Yun laughed and said, “How could she possibly wait? She needs to prove herself quickly. So, don’t do anything bad. Look, it’s a big mess, isn’t it?”

Tang Nuan looked at the Ye Group building that appeared in front of her and smiled, “Yes, we’re here.”

The author has something to say:
Ye Shuyan told the Jiang family: I can agree to cooperate, but hand over the evidence.
Ye Shuyan said to Tang Nuan: I can agree to cooperate, but you cannot break off the engagement and with two additional conditions.
Ye Shuyan said to the Ye family: I can agree to cooperate, but you have to fish out Second Ye.
Tang Nuan: ??? She remembered that this was her project, so why did the benefits go to Ye Shuyan?
Author: Nuannuan has just emerged from society and is still a bit naive, not yet a match for General Belly Black Ye.

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