The Wealthy and Influential Fiancé Has the Ability to Read Minds

Chapter 38

After dinner, Tang Jinxin left with Tang Fei and Tang Ben. Shen Jinhua and Tang Yue stayed to take care of Tang Nuan, and Ye Shuyan also returned upstairs.

Tang Nuan had slept all day and was in good spirits but with a sticky body. She wanted to take a shower, but Shen Jinhua held her down and said, “You’re just a little better, hold on a bit and shower tomorrow. If you feel uncomfortable, wipe it off.”

After saying that, she went to the bathroom and got a basin of hot water. After soaking the towel, she wanted to wipe Tang Nuan’s face.

Tang Nuan ducked back in surprise, “This is too much.”

Shen Jinhua held up a towel and laughed, “It’s not too much. Which child hasn’t experienced this before?”

Tang Nuan paused. She never experienced this before because she didn’t meet the expectations of the Tang family, Lin Yue’e was busy joining forces with Tang Shuang to fight for power with Tang Sheng’an, so she had always been left to be taken care of by a nanny. However, her family didn’t value her since she was a child, so how could the nanny be more attentive?

Shen Jinhua took advantage of her daze moment and pressed the hot towel on her cheek, “Our Nuannuan hasn’t experienced it before, Mom will make up for it for you.” Although she smiled, her eyes were red.

Tang Nuan sat blankly without moving, while Shen Jinhua carefully wiped her forehead, cheeks, neck, and arms…

A warm towel, gentle pressure, and distressed eyes were what Tang Nuan longed for most when she was a child. When she grew up, she thought she no longer needed them.

But why did her heart feel so bitter?

Shen Jinhua held her hand and smiled while wiping it, “This hand is beautiful, just like the ones in our family, with long fingers…” At this point, she finally couldn’t continue, and the scorching hot liquid suddenly fell on the back of Tang Nuan’s hand. Shen Jinhua couldn’t help it anymore and stood up to hug Tang Nuan in her arms, while choking with sobs, “Nuannuan, my poor child.”

“It’s all our fault for not taking good care of you. I’m sorry, I’m sorry… it’s Mom who is not good…”

The bitterness in her chest suddenly turned into endless grievance. Tang Nuan was buried in Shen Jinhua’s arms, tightly holding the hem of her clothes, and tears streaming down her eyes.

“My child, my child…” Shen Jinhua stroked her head, crying uncontrollably.

Tang Yue also came over and stretched out her arms to hug her, stroking Tang Nuan’s back over and over again. These feelings of love and pity forcefully opened a locked box in her heart in an instant, and great grievance surged out. Tang Nuan finally couldn’t help crying.

Shen Jinhua held her like a child, coaxing her while shedding tears, “Let it out. Our Nuannuan has been wronged. It’s Mom who is not good…”

Tang Nuan hugged her and cried so hard that her whole body trembled. Shen Jinhua only hugged her tightly and said, “Mom is here, and no one will bully our Nuannuan anymore…”

Tang Nuan didn’t know how long she cried, but she only knew that the embrace in front of her was very warm and safe, and she fell asleep without realizing it.

Shen Jinhua didn’t sleep at all. Ever since she learned about Tang Nuan’s grievances yesterday, her heart felt as if it was burning in agony.

They always thought that Tang Nuan didn’t want to recognize them because she couldn’t accept the difference in status. They also heard that she had a sensitive temperament, so they wanted to take it slow, but they never thought that the child had suffered a great deal of injustice and dare not have more expectations…

Shen Jinhua couldn’t help but shed tears when she thought of this. She stroked Tang Nuan’s face lovingly and looked at her appearance carefully. This child they had lost for more than 20 years was having a hard time.

Tang Yue gently wiped the tears from Tang Nuan’s face and said with red eyes, “Mom, we will make up for you in the future.”

The past cannot be pursued, but the future can still be anticipated.


Tang Nuan had an extremely sweet sleep, until difficult for her to open her eyes – she cried too long last night and her eyes were all swollen.

Someone above her head said softly, “Are you awake?”

It was Tang Yue. The other person reached out and gently touched her head. This action reminded Tang Nuan of what happened last night, and she suddenly felt a little embarrassed. After the age of eight, she had never cried like that again.

“Are you awake? Get up when you’re awake, the sun is shining on your butt.” Shen Jinhua’s voice came, and soon a hot towel was placed on Tang Nuan’s face. She heard Shen Jinhua laugh, “Oh, two little rabbits.”

Tang Yue laughed and said, “Born from a big rabbit.”

Only then did Tang Nuan realize that Tang Yue and Shen Jinhua also had red and swollen eyes, and couldn’t help but laugh.

Seeing Shen Jinhua finish wiping Tang Nuan, Tang Yue also raised her face and said, “Mom, I want it too.”

“Okay, come one by one.” Shen Jinhua wetted the towel again and planned to wipe it on Tang Yue’s face, but Tang Yue was sleeping on Tang Nuan’s side, and Shen Jinhua’s arms were a little short of reaching, and then his feet slipped when he leaned forward. The towel almost hit Tang Yue’s face with a “pop” sound, and Tang Nuan was startled.

Tang Yue also screamed, “Mom!”

Shen Jinhua hurriedly picked up the towel and said, “Aiyo, are you okay? Let Mom take a look.”

Tang Yue sat up suddenly, pulled off the towel, and stared at Shen Jinhua resentfully. Shen Jinhua couldn’t help laughing, and Tang Nuan also burst out laughing. Tang Yue couldn’t hold back any longer and rushed towards Tang Nuan with the towel. “I’ll give you a try, it’s very refreshing.”

Tang Nuan was so frightened that she jumped out of bed and ran out, her heart filled with joy. Was this what brothers and sisters feel like…

After breakfast, the three of them sat on the sofa and rolled their eyes with eggs. Of course, Tang Nuan was treated better. She rested her head on Shen Jinhua’s lap, and Shen Jinhua helped her roll slowly. The warm heat penetrated her burning eyelids, making it very comfortable.

Shen Jinhua rolled around and began to tell her about those days, “When I was pregnant with you, the whole family was very happy. Big Fei was two years old at that time and was very naughty. Yueyue disliked him very much and wanted a well-behaved beautiful little sister. Big Fei was annoyed by the runny nose boy across from the house and thought that his little sister was cuter…”

“…The two little kids lie on my belly all day long and call “little sister”. When you could move in the belly, you like Yueyue the most. As long as Yueyue puts her hands on the belly, you will kick her. Your father and Big Fei were so jealous about this…”

“…The day you were born, the whole family was waiting at the delivery room door. When they heard that it was a girl, Yueyue was happy to reconcile with Big Fei.”

Tang Nuan couldn’t help laughing as she imagined that scene.

Shen Jinhua touched her head tenderly, “You were born in the anticipation of everyone in our family.” At this point, her tone choked up again, “But I didn’t expect to lose you.”

Tang Nuan remained silent. She didn’t know what she should say. Things had already happened and she couldn’t be without grudges, but she didn’t want to hold on to the past and not let it go. As Tang Yue said, people should always look forward.

However, after Shen Jinhua calmed down, she said, “We have already gone to the hospital to investigate this matter, but there was no surveillance at that time, so I’m afraid it won’t be easy to investigate.”

In fact, Tang Nuan had a vague guess in her heart, just as Shen Jinhua said, after so many years, he was afraid that there was no evidence, so she had to use some extraordinary methods.

Shen Jinhua said, “Put the rest aside for now. Now let’s make an appointment with the other side to exchange your household registration.”

Tang Nuan said, “I’ll go find them.”

Tang Sheng’an didn’t mention this after so long, so he must have another idea.

If her engagement had been withdrawn on the day of Old Madam Ye’s birthday party, the Tang family would have asked her to move her household registration quickly. However, Ye Shuyan did not withdraw, so they must have had a wait-and-see mentality. Now that Jiang Miao has become like this, and on the flip side she has been firmly acknowledged by Ye Shuyan, they were probably unwilling to accept it.

But what could she do if they were unwilling? Tang Nuan sneered as she had no worries since she was not their biological daughter.

She asked about the communication details between the wealthy Tang family and Tang Jinxin, “Have they made any conditions to you?”

“You don’t have to worry about this matter.” Shen Jinhua gritted her teeth in hatred when she heard about Tang Sheng’an and Lin Yue’e’s names, “Conditions? Let them come up with them! So, what if they are a wealthy family? If they dare to bully my daughter, I’ll rip their heads off!”

Tang Nuan didn’t know to laugh or cry when she heard this, but she felt a sense of calmness in her heart for no reason. She turned over and buried her head in Shen Jinhua’s belly.

Feeling the gentle hands on her back, Tang Nuan thought to herself, trying to believe them once…

Perhaps because she was relaxed physically and mentally, or perhaps because she was well cared for, but Tang Nuan’s illness recovered quickly.

Anyway, when the Miracle Media 50th Anniversary Carnival Charity Dinner arrived, she was alive and kicking.

The team came over for styling as usual in the afternoon, but this time Tang Nuan was a little uneasy – because of Ye Shuyan.

The day after asking her to go to the party to relax, Ye Shuyan sent four invitations over. She thought it was one for Tang Jinxin and his wife, and three for Tang Yue, Tang Fei, Tang Ben, and herself, which was completely enough. After all, each invitation could bring a companion.

But she heard Ye Shuyan say that the three invitations were for Tang Yue and the others, and he would personally take her there as his female companion.

Tang Nuan still remembered her surprise at that time. Apart from mandatory banquets like Old Madam Ye’s birthday party, Ye Shuyan never participated in activities with larger entertainment events. Although there were also elites from all walks of life gathered together, with Ye Shuyan’s identity, it was more efficient to negotiate directly with someone than in the chaotic and disorderly social activities at the social engagement.

Did he go there specifically with her?

No, no, no, definitely not. Tang Nuan shook her head and quickly threw away the unrealistic thoughts in her mind. How could she have such a big face?

This was different from the day she fell ill which was out of humanitarianism. After all, although Ye Shuyan was cold, he was still a gentleman on the inside, so he couldn’t refuse to save her life. Moreover, he had always been a qualified fiancé.

Thinking of the care he took for her on the day she fell ill, Tang Nuan’s cheeks started to heat up unconsciously. She quickly woke up and shook her head to shake off the messy things.

She was so easily moved emotionally because she was fragile due to sickness, but what would happen if she was emotionally moved for a moment? That kind of life-and-death love might not necessarily have a good outcome in the end. A small touching moment, humph!

It is easiest to maintain the original goal.

Yes, there is still money!

Tang Nuan was shocked. One of the conditions for getting engaged was not to be emotionally attached to him, otherwise he would break off the engagement.

Thinking of this, Tang Nuan waved her fist angrily. Before, if she broke off the engagement, at most she would have to return everything to him. Now, not only must she return them, but she must also pay tens of millions to him!

Pooh, you black-hearted capitalists are not worth being emotionally moved by me!

I want to break off the engagement! Tang Nuan thought.

Although Jiang Miao’s plot has changed now, and she and her family have a different beginning than in the book, there were still Ye Shuchen and Jiang Miao’s situation, and Ye Shuyan’s thoughts were completely unpredictable. She must not lower her guard.

Only by breaking off the engagement could she completely stay away from the plot and completely change her destiny!

Ye Shuyan, wait for me!

Upstairs, Ye Shuyan was full of anger. Was it him the white-eyed wolf was talking about? Who was the pitiful person who couldn’t bear to let him go that day? It was only been a few days and as soon as she recovered from her illness, she turned your back on him?

Hearing the last sentence, he laughed angrily, then he would wait!

Ye Shuyan pushed the tie to the top with an expressionless expression, then paused for a moment, and finally couldn’t hold back the strangulation and coughed uncontrollably…

He took a deep breath and loosened his tie again: He would lose if the engagement was withdrawn!

The author has something to say:
Tang Nuan: When a woman is emotionally involved, it is easy for her to be unreasonable, so no matter what your reasons are, I just want to break off the engagement! Hmph!
Ye Shuyan: When a man is emotionally involved, he easily loses his calmness. Well, I was just distracted when I was wearing a tie. I am very calm.

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