The Wealthy and Influential Fiancé Has the Ability to Read Minds

Chapter 19

Downstairs, Tang Sheng’an and Lin Yue’e finally arrived with Old Madam Tang.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that today’s good show was finally about to take place.

As soon as Lin Yue’e entered the door, she ran towards Old Madam Ye and her eyes were red with bitter hatred, “Auntie Ye, our family is unfortunate…” Tang Sheng’an was ashamed, and shouted angrily, “Where is Tang Nuan? Call her over!”

A gray-haired, skinny old lady who sat in a wheelchair frowned when she saw the way the two of them behaved, “You both shut up. Today is my sister’s birthday, what are you trying to do? Does the Tang family have such manners?”

Once the bad rap had been labeled, the two dared not say anything anymore, but these two sentences were enough to confirm the recent rumors. Old Madam Tang closed her eyes, and said weakly to Old Madam Ye, “I’m sorry, my body is weak, and I feel uncomfortable before going out. So, we were late.”

Old Madam Ye regained her senses and said quickly, “You don’t have to. If you are not in good health, you should rest at home. It’s just a birthday party.”

As if afraid that Old Madam Tang would change the subject, Tang Sheng’an hurriedly interjected, “If it’s possible, we would prioritize my mother’s health but today’s matter is too big…”

Old Madam Tang interrupted him, “Don’t worry, we’ll wait until your birthday party is over.”

Unfortunately, she was the only one who was not in a hurry.

Not only the Jiang family and the Tang family were looking forward to today’s matter, but the Ye family was also secretly looking forward to it.

Only God knew how much the Ye family wanted to call off this marriage as soon as possible.

This marriage was indeed instigated by Sun Wanqiu to Old Madam Ye and settled with the tacit consent of Father Ye. The original intention was to make Ye Shuyan less helpful so that the younger son could also benefit, but he didn’t expect to completely anger the old man. Not only did he not leave any benefits, but he also suffered three years of infamy.

Old Madam Ye was better, at least she was Ye Shuyan’s grandmother, at most she was said to be partial and muddle-headed. Father Ye was not only scolded as a white-eyed wolf but also retaliated by Ye Shuyan’s grandfather’s family. Nowadays, many things in the corporation can only be completed with Ye Shuyan’s help. After three years, the insider knew that he was just for show only.

Not to mention Sun Wanqiu, the vicious stepmother’s reputation has lasted for three years. Not only that, she also has a nickname, stupid.

So much so that no one in the upper class pays attention to her now. Just like the occasion where Ye Shuyan was today, she didn’t dare to be too lively, and could only be known as the woman behind a successful man.

Now the whole family was looking forward to fairly withdrawing the marriage today, and then helping Ye Shuyan to arrange the marriage with the Jiang family. At that time, it would not only restore her image but also ease the relationship with Ye Shuyan, which would bring many benefits.

Since they wanted to show it to others, the more people who knew about it, the better.

So, as soon as the Tang family showed up, Sun Wanqiu personally ran upstairs to call for someone.

It turned out that there was such a scene upstairs. She couldn’t help but look at Tang Nuan. It couldn’t be that this girl knew that the Tang family was coming and deliberately made things up, right?

Father Ye and Jiang Zhan and his father obviously thought so too, but now was obviously not the time to pursue. Father Jiang stood up with difficulty and gritted his teeth, “Go to the hospital first!”

An ambulance must not be called. If the commotion was too much, the ambulance might not be as fast as they themselves.

Jiang Miao leaned against Sun Wanqiu and panted slightly, “No, I will be photographed.”

In previous years, Old Madam Ye’s birthday banquet was only in ordinary business news, but this year because of Jiang Miao’s motive and the news released by Ji Yun earlier, the topic between her and Ye Shuyan was extremely hot. There must be paparazzi outside and those paparazzi have always been impenetrable. If she was photographed, not only Jiang Miao, but the entire Ye family would become a joke.

Jiang Zhan looked at Ye Shuyan.

Although this matter was bad, the solution was actually not difficult. Father Ye and Father Jiang were easy to deal with, with both Mother Ye and Mother Jiang there. He and Ye Shuchen also have female companions. The only troublesome ones were Jiang Miao and Tang Nuan. The one who was ultimately able to seek treatment would have to depend on Ye Shuyan.

Sending Tang Nuan alone to seek medical treatment would solve all the problems.

Apparently, everyone thought the same, and Tang Nuan even went out on her own knowingly.

Jiang Miao looked at Ye Shuyan expectantly, her apricot eyes were moist and shining.

Ye Shuyan didn’t even look at her, and walked out straight, “Call the family doctor.” Then he turned to look at Ye Shuchen, “What kind of wine is that?”

Even amid the heat, Ye Shuchen’s heart skipped a beat when he saw this cold gaze, and before he had time to think how he would know, he blurted out, “Hu Guoxiao Cen wine mixed with red wine, and need a special antidote. I’ll write it down now.”

Ye Shuyan glanced at Sun Wanqiu, and Sun Wanqiu hurriedly said, “Understood, I will hand it over to the doctor.”

Ye Shuyan didn’t stop walking, “Everyone go back to your room and bring in ice water!” As he passed by the table, he grabbed a handful of ice cubes and stuffed two into his mouth.

The people who followed him followed suit and walked upstairs through the lounge area behind him.

Perhaps there was still hope in her heart, or perhaps her instinct had the upper hand under the boiling blood, with the help of everyone, intentionally or unintentionally, Jiang Miao followed Ye Shuyan closely. When she went upstairs, her leg softened and she fell directly onto the other person. Then she reached out to hug him wildly, “Ye Shuyan, I feel so uncomfortable…”

Even disregarding the occasion, she even pulled up her clothes, which was obvious that she was very uncomfortable.

Ye Shuyan kept staring at Tang Nuan closely, but at this moment she was on high alert and avoided him, knowing that if she didn’t save herself, no one would care about her. So, she stumbled and ran at the forefront.

Sun Wanqiu didn’t know whether she was panicking or what was going on, she just casually pointed to a male waiter to help her.

The moment Tang Nuan was touched by a strange hand, the dryness that Tang Nuan had been trying to suppress suddenly scurried through her body like cold water dripping into hot oil. She bit the tip of her tongue so that she could resist the urge to lean over.

However, she didn’t know how tempting her face was at this moment, her seductive fox eyes were sparkling brightly with a slight and rapid gasp.

The waiter blushed instantly, his eyes wandered, and he instinctively tried to hold the person in his arms but the other party refused.

“Release her!” A cold voice came from behind, and the waiter was startled. When he turned around, he met a pair of cold phoenix eyes, and a chill ran down his spine.

He naturally knew about Ye Shuyan, the eldest young master who was not often in the old house, but once he appeared, even Madam Ye had to see his mood.

He dared to be so bold to Tang Nuan because he knew that Young Master Ye loved Miss Jiang, and everyone else didn’t like Miss Tang who liked to climb higher class.

However, in the next second, Ye Shuyan, who was rumored to be in love with Jiang Miao and had no feelings for his fiancée Tang Nuan, blocked Jiang Miao from rushing towards him and pushed her directly to the person next to him. He strode over and pushed the waiter away, taking Tang Nuan over.

“Get lost!”

The hoarse voice seemed to carry a thunderous aura, not only the waiter, but the others were also stunned. They had never seen Ye Shuyan show his anger.

Regardless of the reaction of the people behind him, Ye Shuyan raised his hand and stuffed an ice cube into Tang Nuan’s mouth, leaned over and picked her up, and walked upstairs quickly.

The faces of Father Jiang and his son were very ugly. Jiang Miao lay in Ye Shuchen’s arms and her eyes were blurred with tears. Ye Shuchen was dazed, and he couldn’t help but roll his throat while holding the beautiful woman in his arms, hoping to kiss the tears from the corners of her eyes.

Sun Wanqiu’s eyes flickered as she watched this scene, and she lowered her eyelids, not knowing what she was thinking.

Tang Nuan was completely unaware of the thoughts of the people behind her. The ice cube in her mouth made her feel a bit more comfortable, but then she was surrounded by fiery breath, which made her feel even more uncomfortable.

Especially when she knew that this man was Ye Shuyan, her dry heat boiled like a frenzy, and her mind became dazed as she charged at him. Her resisting hand climbed up his neck on its own initiative…

Ye Shuyan knew for the first time that the woman’s breath was so sweet, and he raised his head to avoid her restless head rubbing against his neck, and warned in a hoarse voice, “Don’t move!”

Tang Nuan didn’t dare to move anymore and tried her best to control her behavior. However, seeing Ye Shuyan’s normal appearance, her heart became dissatisfied again, why did she seem to be the only one suffering, so she leaned closer to his face to observe carefully, “How are you okay? Did you not drink?”

As spring air gushed on his face, Ye Shuyan’s throat rolled, and he said coldly, “Shut up!”

However, Tang Nuan didn’t seem to hear him. She stared at his Adam’s apple in front of her eyes, swallowed her saliva frantically, and told herself with all her might that she couldn’t touch him, that she wanted to withdraw from the marriage, that this man wasn’t hers… She couldn’t repeat the mistake in the book…

Ye Shuyan kicked open the door violently, stepped in, and leaned heavily against the door with Tang Nuan.

The soft touch between his neck, and the ice in Tang Nuan’s mouth hadn’t completely melted, but it didn’t affect the hot breath he exhaled.

Ye Shuyan didn’t know whether he was in heaven or hell for a moment.

He slightly raised his neck and said hoarsely, “Let go, let go.”

“Okay…” Tang Nuan said this but felt that her mouth seemed to be sucked by Ye Shuyan’s skin, and she couldn’t tear it off at all.

“No…” Tang Nuan couldn’t control her body, so she simply gave up. Anyway, Ye Shuyan’s willpower was strong enough, and it would be easy for him to complete the task, so she said vaguely, “Push me away.”

Ye Shuyan chuckled when he heard her thoughts, this girl was simply a scoundrel.

It was a rare moment of indulgence. Not only he did not push her, but also loosened his tie, revealing his whole Adam’s apple. He tightly pressed the scoundrel in his arms, lowered his head brushed her shiny ears, and said in a hoarse voice, “I can’t push you away…”

For a moment, Tang Nuan seemed to be stared at by some terrifying beast, her nerves tensed up instantly. The willpower that hadn’t been seen just now sprang up, and her mouth was instantly torn off from Ye Shuyan’s body.

However, because of too much force, she fell back and fell to the ground. Ye Shuyan, dumbfounded, stretched out his hand to fish her up, but Tang Nuan bumped into his chest and instinctively let out a muffled groan.

Ye Shuyan’s eyes darkened. Probably the willpower just now had consumed too much of her strength, and now that restlessness returned with relentlessness, she no longer could hide her amorous feelings.

It could be seen that she was trying to restrain herself, moving the ice cubes in her mouth quickly to keep herself awake.

Ye Shuyan instinctively moved the ice cube in his mouth, only to find that it had melted, no wonder he felt so hot that his mind was out of control.

His eyes fell on the crystal ice cube between the delicate lips, he urgently needed that right now…

“Hmm…” At the moment when the hot and unfamiliar male breath burst in, Tang Nuan widened her eyes, and the uncontrollable restlessness in her body was like gasoline encountering sparks, sweeping her mind away like an explosion…

Ye Shuyan caught the few remaining ice cubes, and the cold touch made him realize what he had done. He frowned and was about to withdraw, but the next second, his neck was hugged, and the other party unexpectedly launched an overwhelming counterattack…

“Tang Nuan!” He forcibly tore her apart, breathing heavily, “Wake up.”

However, his actions just now had directly crushed Tang Nuan’s last shred of rationality. She only knew that she was roasting in purgatory now, and this person in front of her could save her.

Tang Nuan squirmed her body and not only pulled the clothes on her body but also quickly got her hands into his shirt, making her moan under his hot smooth skin.

Ye Shuyan grabbed her hand and asked in a deep voice, “Tang Nuan, do you know what you are doing?”

“I know,” Tang Nuan’s eyes blurred, her breathing was rapid, and didn’t know if she really knew it or not, “You were the one who seduced me first. Ye Shuyan, I feel so uncomfortable…”

Charming coquettish cries, made her look like a scoundrel standing on the wine altar waving a torch, if he was not careful, he could also be burned together.

Ye Shuyan seemed unable to hold her longer, leaning against the door and letting her do whatever she wanted. As she kissed her Adam’s apple like a little beast, he lowered his head slightly in corresponding and let her slip into his mouth unscrupulously, causing an unquenchable explosion…

“Master, here’s the ice water.” Probably worried that he might not hear, the servant pounded harder.

His back felt the vibration, but Ye Shuyan seemed unable to hear or feel it, and he didn’t make any unnecessary movements except to accommodate the troublemaker in his arms.

It wasn’t until there was another loud call from outside and when was about to break in, he seemed to sober up, restrained Tang Nuan’s hand from pulling off his shirt, and asked, “When will the doctor arrive?” His voice was hoarse.

The servant replied through the door, “It will take about fifteen minutes.”

Ye Shuyan held the delirious Tang Nuan tightly in his arms, turned around, and opened a seam to catch the tray, then quickly closed it.

He poured half a cup himself first and then poured the rest for Tang Nuan.

The coldness finally calmed down the dryness in his body, and Tang Nuan’s mind also recovered a bit of clarity.

Looking at the disheveled Ye Shuyan in front of her, her anger began to surge up in embarrassment.

The Iceberg Male God was pulled down from the altar, which was simply a crime, even though she had committed it once, no, precisely because she had committed a crime just now that was why she wanted to have a taste again…

To prevent her from losing control, Tang Nuan raised her head and poured down the remaining half glass of ice water, took an ice pack, and ran to the sofa to shrink into a ball.

Ye Shuyan went directly to the bathroom and closed the bathroom door before leaning against the wall, releasing the breath that had been suppressed for a long time.

[All sentient beings are troubled, and all troubles are suffering. Troubles do not arise or perish, neither dirty nor pure, neither increase nor diminish… His body shape is perfect, his abdominal muscles are very… No, no, no, Amitabha, it’s a sin, it’s a sin.]

Ye Shuyan couldn’t help laughing out loud as he listened. There were so many ways of doing things and looked like she put a lot of effort into the Buddhist scriptures given to the old madam.

[…Form is emptiness and emptiness is form… Why is he not like a normal person? Is it because he can’t do it? Could it be that the Viagra I bought is fake?]

Ye Shuyan: ….

He washed his face forcefully and left the bathroom, went straight to the sofa next to Tang Nuan, and sat down.

Tang Nuan was startled. The lounge area in the bedroom was not very big, with two single-seated sofas separated by a small side table, and people could touch the other by stretching out their legs. Tang Nuan suspected that this person was deliberately trying to seduce her with his handsome face.

She took another sip of ice water and suggested, “Brother Shuyan, why don’t you sit on the bed?” Stay away and be safe, ah!

Ye Shuyan glanced at her, and said calmly, “I don’t go to bed during the day.”

Tang Nuan: …

[Then can I go to bed?] Tang Nuan suddenly discovered a new use of the other party’s mind-reading skills. If she was asked this question and got rejected, it would look ugly, but it was okay to ask in her mind.

After she finished asking, she stared at Ye Shuyan. Perhaps due to the drug, his emotions were exposed a lot and Tang Nuan clearly got the answer “You can try all you want”…

[But I’m afraid I won’t be able to control being so close.]

Ye Shuyan immediately leaned on the sofa with his whole body relaxed, closed his eyes, and raised his head, with an appearance of letting you pick and choose. Tang Nuan instantly recalled something from her vague memory, and her eyes uncontrollably fell on his Adam’s apple…

She swallowed her saliva, struggled to lift her legs, and folded her arms tightly in the corner of the sofa. She had no way to distract herself from her wild thoughts, and she had to resist the temptation in the face of a disaster. It was really unbearable…

When the sutra full of resentment rang out again, Ye Shuyan quietly curled up the corner of his mouth. He somewhat understood Tang Nuan’s evil taste, and sure enough, he felt much more comfortable watching others struggle.

Probably because they were really worried about what happened to Ye Shuyan and Tang Nuan, the family doctor came much faster than they said and rushed to Ye Shuyan’s bedroom immediately.

Sun Wanqiu was probably with Father Ye, only Old Madam Ye followed them, and they were relieved to see the two of them.

Because of the prescription provided by Ye Shuchen to relieve the drugged wine, and the situation was explained during the phone call, the family doctor quickly prepared a special antidote.

The antidote took effect quickly, and Tang Nuan felt the restlessness in her body recede like a tide, replaced by a deep sense of exhaustion.

“Fortunately, this mixed wine has no side effects, but this antidote contains sleeping ingredients, which will make people very sleepy. If there’s nothing else to do next, just take a rest and get a good night’s sleep and you’ll be fine.”

After all, Jiang Miao was going to drink by herself, so of course she wouldn’t choose anything that would cause serious harm to her body.

The doctor quickly went to another room, and Old Madam Ye said to Tang Nuan, “Your parents and grandma are here. Do you want to meet them?”

Obviously, the old lady wanted it to be today’s highlight, but she had a ready-made excuse, so Tang Nuan would of course delay it. Although she wanted to get out of the engagement quickly, it could be done in private, who likes to be humiliated in public?

She rubbed her forehead hard and smiled wryly at Old Madam Ye, “Grandma, I don’t feel good…”

Ye Shuyan stood up straight away and said, “We’ll talk about it tomorrow, we all need to rest today.”

“But…” Old Madam Ye was a little anxious, “It’s not a small matter.”

“What’s the matter?” Ye Shuyan asked.

The old lady looked at Tang Nuan as if it was difficult to speak, Ye Shuyan said directly, “It doesn’t look like a big matter.”

Seeing that the old lady still wanted to speak, he made a firm decision and said, “Since it’s not big, let’s talk about it tomorrow.”

Old Madam Ye had no choice but to settle for the next best thing, “Then let the butler arrange a room for Tang Nuan.”

Tang Nuan’s heart suddenly rang an alarm, in a guest room. In the Ye family’s territory, when Ye Shuyan was resting, how were they going to torment her?

[No, no, no, I won’t go, I want to be in Brother Shuyan’s room! Be with Brother Shuyan! Please, please don’t agree…]

Ye Shuyan held his forehead and found that she found a good way, needless to say, it was very convenient.

“No, she will be with me. Just send over a set of pajamas.”

The housekeeper was taken aback, and Old Madam Ye said, “This is not appropriate…”

Ye Shuyan said flatly, “It’s not appropriate? But she is my fiancée.” He said directly to the housekeeper, “Go make the arrangements.”

The butler looked at his expression and didn’t dare to say anything else. Old Madam Ye didn’t know what he was thinking for a moment. Since he had decided that she was his fiancée, why did he still use the antidote just now?

Both Father Jiang and Father Ye couldn’t endure it.

Tang Nuan also realized this contradiction. She glanced at Ye Shuyan, but she didn’t dare to think about it because she was too close to him. She didn’t think about it until she entered the bathroom. Ye Shuyan really liked Jiang Miao, right? After all, according to his personality, if he decided to marry her, he wouldn’t have to endure it just now…

Ye Shuyan, who was giving work instructions to Assistant Wen on the sofa, paused. Although he never took these little things to heart, he got angry with Tang Nuan’s thinking who didn’t have a little ounce of conscience in her, and turned the tide scoundrelly.

Who is the one unsure about the marriage and always thinking about quitting the engagement?

However, Tang Nuan was angrier than him when thinking about today’s events. Jiang Miao was quite calculating. If her plan succeeded today, then Ye Shuyan would be having a beautiful dream with her at this moment, leaving Tang Nuan to face the storm of the Tang, Jiang, and Ye families and the onlookers and ridicule of the social circle families.

Oh my God, it’s really vicious! Tomorrow, must cooperate with them in quitting the engagement, and must stay away from these villains in the future!

One of the villains, Ye Shuyan, stared at the bathroom door, thinking about whether to let her stay away from him now, she was quite infuriating.

When Tang Nuan came out of the bathroom, she saw the pillows next to each other on the bed and couldn’t help being stunned.

Ye Shuyan walked towards the bathroom holding the towel and said, “Sleep on the left side.”

“Well, I’ll just sleep on the couch over there.” Tang Nuan said shyly.

Ye Shuyan suddenly stopped beside her and looked at her.

Tang Nuan couldn’t help swallowing. When the doctor came just now, although he tidied up his clothes, the top button of his shirt was still unbuttoned. Not knowing because of her presumptuousness just now, Tang Nuan could almost outline the “scenery” inside at a glance, saying “I, I’m just worried that you’re not used to it.”

“I’ll have to get used to it sooner or later,” Ye Shuyan said, with an indifferent and oppressive tone, “We are engaged. Do you just want to enjoy the rights of a fiancée, but don’t plan to fulfill the obligations of a fiancée?”

“Huh?” Tang Nuan was stunned.

Ye Shuyan ignored her and went straight to the bathroom.

Two, three… There was a deafening scream behind him right on time.

[Ahhh?! What does it mean? What does he mean? What obligations does a fiancée have?]

[Cannot be, cannot be, is he going to betray Jiang Miao? No, dear, I don’t want to die for tarnishing the innocence of the protagonist’s lover!]

[What’s going on? He didn’t need the obligation just now. Now that the drug is gone, what obligation does he want? Wait, it couldn’t be that his innocence was taken away by some pervert, right? He already can read minds and I know about the future, so it is not impossible for any strange things to happen…]

Ye Shuyan listened to her flustered and rambling thoughts and quietly curled up the corners of his mouth.

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Ye Shuyan: Let you torment people!

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