The Wealthy and Influential Fiancé Has the Ability to Read Minds

Chapter 4

Tang Nuan opened the WeChat group of the “Father’s Worry Alliance”, and sure enough, everyone was discussing this matter. There were some people @her, what do you think about the bet?

Tang Nuan typed slowly: [Why bet for a year? Will President Ye be indecisive emotionally?]

[Or do you bet on Princess Jiang Miao’s ability to interfere in other people’s feelings this year? You guys are too insulting, be careful that Princess Jiang’s father and brother will look for you for trouble @Second Ye]

After speaking, she came up with an idea excitingly: [It’s better to bet that she will swear sovereignty at the birthday party a week later.]

Everyone: …

This is really a cruel person.

Seeing that the group was quiet, Tang Nuan continued typing: [Be confident. Young Master Ye has left his work to buy gifts for her. You have to trust her!]

Having said that, although everyone felt that Jiang Miao was indeed overconfident, the yin and yang of this person were also very annoying.

Tang Nuan’s yin and yang still continuing, [Alas, then I’ll let you all go one step further. As long as President Ye has any preference for her, I’ll lose.]

[@Second Ye You are the referee. If I lose, I will get engaged to you and give your brother a green hat.]


[The person who posted…]

[He is a ruthless person.]

Second Ye: […]

Ye Er: [I declare that you have won. 】

Ji Yun gasped when she saw the news in the group, “Aren’t you afraid that someone will spread it to Young Master Ye?”

Tang Nuan sneered, “Whoever has the ability to spread this to his ears, I will marry him.”

Ji Yun:  …

“I think this sentence is 100% guaranteed if I do it for you in the group.”

“Second Ye’s bet will definitely not be canceled.” Tang Nuan said, “Anyway if I will be laughed at, might as well be laughed at together. I didn’t provoke her. Just because she is hurt, I have to be the scapegoat and be stepped on by her?”

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“But I think my odds should not be low, do you bet or not?”

Ji Yun didn’t hesitate for a second, “Bet, how much do you bet?”

Tang Nuan suddenly thought of her empty pocket: …

“Wait, I’ll borrow some from Tang Yi.”

Ji Yun: “…” Borrow some? Probably a pit.

Tang Nuan moved quickly. After washing up, she ran into Tang Yi when she went downstairs. He obviously already knew some news, and mocked Tang Nuan, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder? Do you know where Young Master Ye is?”

Tang Nuan sneered, “What? I, the fiancée, don’t know, you know?”

Tang Yi said contemptuously, “Not only do I know, but everyone probably knows that Young Master Ye has gone far away to prepare a birthday present for Jiang Miao and will be back at her birthday party.”

“Oh, Brother Shuyan didn’t tell me, but he told Jiang Miao.” Tang Nuan snorted, “So you mean Ye Shuyan cheated, or Jiang Miao stepped in as a third party?”

Tang Yi wasn’t angry, “Just hang in there. I hope you can continue to hang in there when you get disengaged.”

Tang Nuan tilted her head to look at him, “So you admit it? Jiang Miao clearly knows that Ye Shuyan is engaged to me, and she still wants to rob me under the name of his first love, isn’t she?”

Tang Yi sneered, “Tang Nuan, what’s the era now? Not to mention that you’re not married, you can still divorce after you got married.”

Tang Nuan clapped her hands, “That’s very good. The one who is not loved is the mistress, just like your mother can give birth to you confidently, right?”

“You!” Tang Yi was finally provoked.

“What are you talking about?” Tang Shuang also came downstairs and looked at Tang Nuan with a cold voice, “I heard that Young Master Ye went to pick a birthday present for Jiang Miao, is that true?”

Her voice was so high that Tang Sheng’an and Lin Yue’e were also alarmed.

Lin Yue’e asked, “Nuannuan, tell the truth. Did Shuyan really mention getting married to you instead of breaking off the engagement?”

The more he thought about it, the more he felt that Tang Nuan was more likely to lie. Tang Sheng’an frowned, “Nuannuan, the marriage with Ye Shuyan is not a joke. If you are not careful, our Tang family will be finished, so what good result can you have?”

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Tang Nuan said indifferently, “Okay, I lied. You go break off the engagement, and Ye Shuyan should be happy.”

When she said this, the Tang family was even more uncertain.

“Sir, Madam, Assistant Wen is here.” The housekeeper came to report.

Tang Sheng’an and Lin Yue’e looked at each other, and instantly put on a warm expression, “Invite him in quickly.”

Assistant Wen greeted politely, and then directly talked about the business, “President Ye is on a business trip. He let me pick up Second Miss Tang to pick out gifts and dresses for the birthday party.”

Tang Yi didn’t want to believe it, “Did he go on a business trip or did he go buy a birthday gift for Jiang Miao?”

Assistant Wen glanced at him and wondered if he had a cold temperament similar to Ye Shuyan’s because he has been following Ye Shuyan for a long time. This glance made Tang Yi shut his mouth unconsciously.

Assistant Wen turned his head and explained to Tang Nuan, “President Ye went on a business trip. It was President Ye’s mother who asked President Ye to get a birthday present for Miss Jiang.” Having said that, he added, “President Ye should have sent an assistant on his behalf as his schedule is very tight.”

Several people in the Tang family were embarrassed when they saw his respectful attitude towards Tang Nuan.

Tang Nuan was also very satisfied. Assistant Wen understood things so clearly, which showed that what he said yesterday about paying attention was not perfunctory.

Tang Yi was not reconciled. He seemed to have caught something. “So, Young Master Ye was not there at all yesterday and his schedule was very tight. Yesterday’s post was handled privately by Assistant Wen.”

He glanced at Tang Nuan and said with a sneer, “Even if it’s a trivial matter, it’s still Young Master Ye’s private matter, so it’s not good for Assistant Wen to make his own decisions.”

Assistant Wen looked straight at him, “So yesterday’s marketing article was Mr. Tang’s own opinion or Miss Jiang’s instruction?”

Tang Yi choked, and Tang Nuan almost laughed, being Ye Shuyan’s assistant was really extraordinary.

If Tang Yi said it was his own opinion, it meant that he didn’t care about Jiang Miao’s life or death in order to pull Tang Nuan down. If it was Jiang Miao’s instruction, then Jiang Miao would be inferior. After all, she still insisted on showing love even if he already has a fiancée and even if she was a princess, it would be disgusting.

No matter what, he couldn’t make it right up.

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Tang Yi was speechless, and Tang Nuan also felt bored. She changed her clothes and went out with Assistant Wen. When passing the living room, Tang Yi, who was sitting on the sofa, said coldly, “Tang Nuan, don’t be too proud. Can you confirm if you have the last laugh?”

Tang Nuan said lazily, “I don’t care if I have the last laugh, as long as it’s me who laughs now.”

“Oh, by the way, I have something good for you.” Tang Nuan turned on her phone, and it was the conversation between the two about the relationship between Jiang Miao and Ye Shuyan just now.

“You say if this audio is going to be spread to the entertainment industry that demands idols according to moral standards, can Jiang Miao be saved with the identity of the princess of the Jiang family?”

Tang Yi’s face changed slightly, and then sneered, “You dare? Do you think the Jiang family is easy to provoke? Who dares to send this news?”

Tang Nuan tilted her head, “Do you think Ji Yun dares or not?”

Tang Yi finally changed his face.

Speaking of which, Ji Yun was also a prodigy in the wealthy and influential circle. She could be described as a dandy, and she always made a fuss about her career.

The girl who has always only known watching dramas and idolizing celebrities, and her family didn’t believe that she could do anything serious. When they hear what kind of entertainment agency she wanted to open, her family naturally disagreed.

Later, it was reckoned that there was no other way, her family gave her 500,000 yuan start-up capital, which was her pocket money for a year at that time, with the idea that she would stop after having enough fun.

Ji Yun was so angry that the entertainment business almost collapsed due to the problem of starting capital.

It was Tang Nuan who gave her the idea.

Tang Nuan cited the example of the gold rush, “To pan for gold is very profitable, so everyone is staring at the gold mine on the other side of the river, but the boatman who crossed the river made a lot of money.”

“Not only do you not have to go through the risk of gold rushing, but you can still make money with no problem.”

So, Ji Yun used 500,000 yuan to register a marketing company and hired a few employees to maintain marketing accounts.

Because of her background, she could get many wealthy and influential gossips and celebrity breaking news first-hand information quickly. After a year or two of accumulations, they were doing pretty well.

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A combination of real hobby and work.

When encountering news that would offend people, other marketing accounts would have to be wary of one or two, but Ji Yun was not afraid. Although her parents dislike her, they were actually very protective of her, no news involved slander and maligning. Instead of fighting fiercely, It was better to abide by the market rules and spend money to buy out.

After all, he didn’t dare to gamble, and just said angrily, “Aren’t you afraid that Ye Shuyan will get angry?” He looked at Assistant Wen who was waiting at the door.

Assistant Wen kept quiet and didn’t say anything about what Tang Nuan did. He didn’t know whether to protect or not care at all.

Tang Nuan put away the phone leisurely, “You said that I can’t have the last laugh, so how can I allow others to laugh when I cry?”

Tang Yi gritted his teeth, “What do you want?”

Tang Nuan: “Lend me 200,000 yuan.”

Tang Yi:  …

“You are a big celebrity in the Jiang family now. Didn’t they invest in your company? 200,000 yuan shouldn’t be much, right? I’ll pay you back when Brother Shuyan comes back.”

Tang Yi was really angry at her shamelessness, but Tang Nuan continued, “By the way, you and Jiang Miao have a good relationship, right? Tell her, if I make a fool of myself at her birthday party…” She shook her phone, “I’ll let her cry with me.”

Tang Yi said angrily, “Ye Shuyan doesn’t love you at all. Even if Jiang Miao doesn’t get close to Ye Shuyan, Ye Shuyan won’t let her go. Even if you play such a dirty trick, you’ll end up humiliating yourself.”

“Then you don’t have to worry about it.” Tang Nuan turned around calmly, “Before two o’clock in the afternoon, remember to put the money on my card. Otherwise, I’ll send Princess Jiang’s hot search at the liveliest time tonight.”

Tang Yi looked at her back and clenched both his fists, and said hatefully, “Let’s wait and see!”

“Tsk, tsk, you’re too bad,” Ji Yun complained while watching Tang Nuan trying on her dress, “Jiang Miao has started writing about her life experience since she came back, and with the investment of the Jiang family, she has received a lot of good scripts in the past two months. It can be seen that she like being a star, and want to grow in the entertainment industry.”

“If she still wants to be in the entertainment industry, no, if she doesn’t want to lose face, she can’t prompt Ye Shuyan to do anything at her birthday party…”

“When you said that in the group, I thought you have confidence in Young Master Ye, and you had confidence in yourself emotionally.”

Tang Nuan glared at her, “Why do I feel you’re a little sorry?”

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Ji Yun said, “Young Master Ye’s tragic battle of love.” She leaned closer to Tang Nuan and said, “Aren’t you curious at all? If you are against Jiang Miao, who will Ye Shuyan help?”

Tang Nuan rolled her eyes, “Don’t you realize that people who are not curious lived comfortably?” She felt that the party dress was suitable, and she directly asked the salesperson to wrap it.

“How much less fun does life have? Only elderly people who have gone through vicissitudes of life have no curiosity…” Ji Yun muttered, “Hey, you don’t want to choose anymore? By the way, this one is too dignified and virtuous, and it is not suitable for you at all.”

Tang Nuan said, “It’s not my birthday party. There’s no need to rob the place of the host, just being decent is enough.”

Ji Yun smiled, “It’s really different when accompanying Young Master Ye. You still know how to be decent.”

Tang Nuan didn’t deny it, and smiled, “The husband sings and the wife follows. You can’t ask him to follow me, right?”

Ji Yun imagined the cold Ye Shuyan followed Tang Nuan’s coquettish look, and couldn’t help shivering, “You really dare to think about it.”

Tang Nuan smiled, “Life not only depends on curiosity to have fun but also imagination.”

“If you tell your President Ye about your imagination, the fun will be even greater.”

“Sorry, I have no plans to break off the engagement at this time.”

After picking out the dress, she also picked out a few pieces of jewelry and bags. Tang Nuan directly asked someone to send it to the Genting Community. Then she took advantage of the fact that no one was in the old house and went back to pack up some daily necessities and moved them there.

Genting Community was one of the high-end properties developed by the Ye family. It was located in the city center where every inch of land was extremely expensive. Ye Shuyan lived here most of the time when he goes to work.

After the two got engaged that year, he gave Tang Nuan the downstairs floor, but Tang Nuan went to study abroad soon after the renovation was completed. She usually stayed in the Tang family’s old house when she came back, and hardly ever lived here.

But now that Tang Yi has returned to the old house, and Jiang Zhan has given a big bait to his parents and eldest sister, she was afraid that she would not be peaceful at home. At this time, she couldn’t help thanking Ye Shuyan again for his generosity, otherwise, she was afraid that she wouldn’t even have a peaceful place to hide.

Tang Nuan originally thought that she had to clean up before she could live, but she didn’t expect that Ye Shuyan’s butler had always arranged for regular cleaning. When he learned that she was going to live here, the butler directly helped her replenish the refrigerator and other daily necessities.

Lying comfortably on the big bed, Tang Nuan lamented that the treatment of engagement was so good, and it must be even better after marriage.

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For an unrestrained comfortable life!

Tang Nuan made a cheering action, took out the hard work of studying abroad, and began to improve the system design of the Nanyang Hotel without distractions.

When the design framework of Maisel and Candy Hotel came out, it was also the day of Jiang Miao’s birthday banquet.

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