The Wealthy and Influential Fiancé Has the Ability to Read Minds

Chapter 29

Tang Nuan knew that Ye Shuyan had taken action because Assistant Wen went through her to find Ji Yun.

When she first received the call, she was a bit surprised. It was enough for Ye Shuyan to cooperate with her in taking photos, pretending to be intimate, and even expressing his feelings during the livestream.

She could handle the rest of the matter by herself, but since the other party brought it up, Tang Nuan didn’t refuse. Perhaps he felt guilty because all these were caused by him?

In short, this saved them a lot of trouble, but Tang Nuan also felt a little guilty.

Ji Yun also said, “Are you sure your President Ye doesn’t read entertainment gossip? Do you think he would make us pay for damages if he saw you damaging his reputation on the livestream?”

Tang Nuan didn’t know whether to comfort Ji Yun or herself, “Definitely not. He just came back from a business trip today and went to the company straight. He was very busy, so he didn’t have time to look at all this mess. It was probably Assistant Wen who reported to him what happened while he was away. He felt his authority was being challenged, so he helped us.”

“That’s right,” Ji Yun was convinced and breathed a sigh of relief, “Anyway, if he found out about it, he should come to you first.”

Tang Nuan: …

It’s really difficult to be good sisters.

Ji Yun knew that she was not saying it for real, and quickly got down to business, “Tsk, tsk, Jiang Miao was scolded badly this time. She must urgently need that livestream if she wants to turn over. Qiuqiu has already gone to give PD a backup and is now just short of Young Master Ye’s agreement. How are your preparations over there? Has the honey trap been successful?”

Thinking of Ye Shuyan’s attitude, Tang Nuan was depressed and said unconvinced, “Who said it was a honey trap? Can’t I rely on my strength?”

Ji Yun said, “Beauty is also a kind of strength.” She said while sending a few photos, some from the marketing account, and some taken by the photographer she sent.

“How could you think of wearing something so flamboyant?” Ji Yun smiled, “At first when I saw the photos, I was shocked and was wondering if you were looking for help or provocation. Now it seems that you know Young Master Ye better. It turns out that he is aloof on the outside but passionate on the inside?”

Tang Nuan: ….

Could Tang Nuan say that she deliberately tested his bottom line? Unexpectedly, he didn’t say anything. No, he said it was a pleasant surprise.

Tang Nuan snorted angrily and clicked on the photo sent by Ji Yun. She was stunned that she almost didn’t recognize it at first glance.

Ji Yun smiled and said, “But don’t mention it, this iceberg paired with a fairy is much more exciting than the fake dignified demeanor you had before.”

Only then did Tang Nuan come back to her senses. Seeing the bouquet on the side of her hand, she couldn’t help but smile and said, “Your photographer is also very good at taking pictures. She can even take such a photo like an idol drama when I hit his head with the bouquet.”

Ji Yun suddenly burst into laughter, and sent another photo over, “This is a bonus, you can use it to relieve your anger when you are unhappy.”

Tang Nuan couldn’t help but laugh out loud when she clicked on the photo. The pose in the photo was similar to the previous one, except that the flower in her hand happened to hit Ye Shuyan’s face. Only half of the man’s face was exposed, with his brows furrowed and his expression was a little dark.

Young Master Ye had never been in such an embarrassed state before. Tang Nuan smiled while quickly downloading and saving it, and setting it as a screensaver.

“In short, everything is ready. Sister, it’s up to you!” Ji Yun said, excitedly announcing, “Jiang Miao’s hot search is rising, and now these are real hot searches.”

“Jiang Miao is probably going to vomit blood out of anger, hahaha… Speaking of it, she shot herself in the foot this time. If she hadn’t been so lively in the past few days, she might not have had this effect now.”

Tang Nuan smiled slightly, “Then she needs to be in better health. After all, this is just the beginning.”

At the recording site of the program “Returning to Nature”, as soon as Jiang Miao returned to the lounge, she asked Xiao Zhou for her cell phone. Looking at the hot searches still at the top, she couldn’t help but angrily say, “Why hasn’t it been taken down yet?”

Xiao Zhou looked at her ferocious expression and felt nervous. He quickly said, “It has been withdrawn twice, but it got pushed up again every time. Now it has caused netizens to rebel, and everyone pushed the hot search trend even higher.”

Jiang Miao looked at the sarcastic and abusive comments, her eyes turning red while her whole body trembling with anger, “Then continue to withdraw! Where is Tang Yi? Have you contacted him? Why is he not doing anything?”

“Stop doing those useless things.” A slightly tired voice came from the door.

Jiang Miao turned around and saw the person coming, tried her best to calm down, and said calmly, “Tang Xing, why are you here? Are you not at home with your parents?”

Tang Xing remembered something and frowned unconsciously, “They asked me to help you.”

“There’s nothing big here.” Jiang Miao said, “Don’t worry about it. You just came back, so you should spend more time with Uncle and Aunty.”

Tang Xing sighed, held the phone directly in front of her, and asked, “You don’t think this is a big deal?”

Seeing the hot search, Jiang Miao’s heart was filled with knots. Tang Xing’s questioning tone made her feel even more embarrassed. She tried to calm down her tone and said, “My brother has already arranged this for me. It’s okay.” After that, she took her mobile phone and called Jiang Zhan.

Tang Xing exposed her directly, “Sister Miao, don’t waste your efforts. You can’t remove this hot search!”

Jiang Miao didn’t care, but Jiang Zhan’s phone was still on the line. She looked at Tang Xing who had been staring at her, and suddenly she couldn’t hold back her temper, “Tang Xing, now that you are the daughter of the Tang family, it’s too much for you to be my agent.”

Tang Xing didn’t know why she wasn’t surprised at all when she heard this. Perhaps she had a premonition of this day when they had their first dispute.

She just didn’t expect it to be this soon, but she still had to explain some things clearly in person. She looked at Jiang Miao intently, “Sister Miao, you know my dream is to cultivate outstanding star idols, which has nothing to do with whether I am the daughter of the Tang family or not.”

“Do you think I’m not doing a good job as your agent or do you feel guilty?”

Tang Yi came in from the door and started to reprimand, “Tang Xing, why are you talking to Miaomiao like this?! What there is to be guilty about?”

Tang Xing ignored him and only looked at Jiang Miao, “Since the last time I posted a Weibo to protect my parents, all your decisions have been bypassed by me and Tang Yi made all the decisions. Why don’t you tell me?”

At this point, she couldn’t help but get angry, “Who should be angry about this? Did you take my hair for paternity test without telling me from the beginning to the end? Did you know how our family panicked when we suddenly received news from the other Tang family that day?”

Jiang Miao was infuriated by her question and couldn’t help but raise her voice, “Tang Xing, who has a grudge against me first? Didn’t I explain this to you? I didn’t mean to hide it from you.”

“Of course, such a big matter must be confirmed before we discuss it, and later it involves the Ye family, which completely became a family affair of the Tang family. The Tang family doesn’t want me to get involved anymore, what can I do?”

Tang Xing said angrily, “So this is just a family affair of the Tang family here, and our Tang family over there doesn’t deserve to consider it? Just because our family is ordinary people, we just have to be at your mercy?”

“Are you unwilling to interfere, or are you trying to embarrass Tang Nuan?!”

Jiang Miao’s expression changed.

Tang Yi got angry first, “Tang Xing!” he said angrily, “What’s going on with you? They stole your good life for more than twenty years, why do you still think about them? Who are you siding with?”

“I only side with the truth, forget it.” Tang Xing still stared at Jiang Miao, “Sister Miao, I have been with you for almost four years since my internship. I have tried my best to protect you as a sister. In the end, am I just a tool for you to use?”

Jiang Miao looked into her eyes, thinking of the days when the two had supported each other, her eyes were slightly sour, and she was speechless for a moment.

Tang Xing took a deep breath and persuaded, “Sister Miao, stop thinking about those messy things and just keep filming. Isn’t your dream of becoming a movie queen? There are no shortcuts on this road, let’s walk steadily.”

“Nowadays, this kind of marketing hype is just unrealistic. Once it collapses, it will be difficult for you to get up again, and the person you choose is so dangerous…”

Tang Yi interrupted her, “Let me tell you, Tang Xing, what is dangerous or not? When we first started making plans, weren’t you also very excited? What’s wrong with celebrity marketing and increasing your popularity?”

“If it weren’t for good marketing, would Miaomiao have so many good resources? Do you know how many good scripts are waiting for her now?”

When it came to this, Tang Xing got a little angry, “If I knew that Ye Shuyan had a fiancée, I would never agree to this.”

“I’m not from that circle and I don’t know. Sister Miao just returned and wasn’t aware. Tang Nuan is your sister and you don’t know that she is Ye Shuyan’s fiancée? Are you trying to kill Sister Miao for making such a proposal?”

She looked at Jiang Miao’s face darkened again, calmed down for a moment, and said calmly, “At the birthday party, you said that you only liked him silently and would wait until he had dealt with his emotional problems. I also supported you. As an actor, I have never restricted you from falling in love.”

“But now it’s not what you imagined. Ye Shuyan has no plans to break off the engagement. He and Tang Nuan are very much in love. Haven’t you seen today’s lesson yet?”

Didn’t this mean that Tang Yi’s decision was wrong? Tang Yi certainly wouldn’t admit it, “Ye Shuyan and Tang Nuan are in love? Are you kidding me?”

“How do you know that he has no plans to break off the engagement?” Tang Yi sneered, “You just came back, do you know better than us?”

Tang Xing confronted him directly, “Then has he broken off the engagement yet? If he hasn’t, when will he break off the engagement? You have been in this social circle for more than 20 years and you know a lot. Come on, tell me the exact time when Ye Shuyan will break off the engagement.”

Tang Yi was choked, and became angry and said, “Tang Xing, you’re in cloud nine after being brought back to a wealthy family. How dare you point your fingers at Miaomiao’s affairs?”

“Don’t talk to me about anything else. What does it matter whether I go back to a wealthy family or not? I have always been planning her affairs! We went well before! If you hadn’t interfered recklessly, how could things have turned out like this?” Tang Xing didn’t want to argue with him, so she just asked Jiang Miao, “Sister Miao, are you sure you want to continue like this?”

Tang Yi sneered, “You said it so lightly. Now that things have developed to this point, how do you ask Miaomiao to stop? When others say that she is meddling in other people’s relationships, won’t she be destroyed?”

Tang Xing wanted to beat him up. She used to be very annoyed with Tang Yi, the boss. He was arrogant and only knew how to show off his identity. Later, when Jiang Miao was recognized by the Jiang family, he knelt and pulled all kinds of strings, almost replacing her as an agent. The key was that he was not professional, and he was short-sighted and narrow-minded.

Now he had become her brother? Tang Xing was even more annoyed when she saw him, “So who caused today’s situation? When you went above me with Madam Deng, didn’t I say that you should go through me about making marketing plans in the future?”

Jiang Miao’s face was so heavy that she could shed water. Deng Qiong’s pick-up at the airport was her idea and Tang Xing was blaming Tang Yi, wasn’t she blaming her?

Tang Yi also thought of this, so he said confidently, “Don’t hold on to the past. Who could have known that things would turn out like that? On the day of Old Madam Ye’s birthday party, your home was in chaos and you didn’t even answer the phone. Miaomiao was called a mistress, should we just leave it like that?”

Tang Xing became angrier, “So you just want to confirm her involvement in other people’s relationship?”

“Now you are covering up the truth with all your efforts, and they can just crush all the lies with just a pick up from the airport…”

“That’s enough!” Jiang Miao suddenly raised her voice.

Tang Yi and Tang Xing stopped.

Jiang Miao looked at Tang Xing, “It’s pointless to pursue the past matters now. What’s more important is to solve the problem. Big Brother has found a professional marketing team for me and has formulated a new marketing plan.”

“I’m sorry, Tang Xing,” Jiang Miao said, “I know you don’t feel good, but you are too busy during this period, and I have something that I can’t wait for. It’s hard for me to refuse my brother’s kindness. But since I debuted, you’ve been following me all along, it would be too unfair for you to assist them now…”

“Okay, I understand.” Tang Xing didn’t want to hear her pompous words anymore.

Jiang Miao glanced at Tang Yi.

Tang Yi softened his tone and said, “Alright, you have only been an agent for a few years, and have limited experience, so it’s difficult to get involved. Now that Miaomiao is at a critical point of rapid growth, your experience is indeed insufficient.”

“Now that you are my biological sister, I will arrange a vice president position for you. If you like to be an agent, you can be in charge of all the company’s agents.”

Tang Xing rolled her eyes and sneered, “No need to comfort me, I’m not a fool.” Who would be willing to be that shitty vice president?

After saying that, she was about to leave, but in the end, she couldn’t help but leave a piece of advice, “Sister Miao, you have completely lost your composure now. I suggest you deal with the situation coldly and don’t have anything to do with Ye Shuyan anymore. Although these public opinions may seem crazy, you also know how many trolls there are. Most of them are trolls. Take on a good drama and focus on your work now. After a while, your fans will pay attention to your career, and everyone will forget other things.”

“Work is the foundation of an actor’s career.”

Tang Yi completely disagreed, “So you mean, Miaomiao, the eldest daughter of the Jiang family, will let that wild girl Tang Nuan step on her head?”

Tang Xing glanced at Jiang Miao’s expression and finally said nothing. Perhaps Jiang Miao felt that she was right, or perhaps she had been on the wrong road for too long and could no longer turn back. In short, her status as the daughter of a wealthy family had already made her arrogant, and she was no longer the same Sister Miao, she used to be…

Tang Xing could still hear Tang Yi shouting from behind after leaving the door, “Really, as soon as she got home, she was so confused that she didn’t know what was right and wrong. Don’t want to have anything to do with Young Master Ye? Does she know what’s more important? Sure enough, she was raised outside and has no vision at all, so she thinks she’s right.”

“Look at her! Who is the one who helped her return to the Tang family? She is an ingrate person. Miaomiao, we will follow the plan given to you by the team. I will remove the hot search for you. I want to see how much money Tang Nuan uses to keep it up.”

Tang Xing smiled sarcastically, how much money did it cost? Her parents were not short of money… No, they were no longer her parents.

Tang Xing leaned against the wall. She habitually took out her phone and opened her contact list. After reading for a while, she finally put it back. She felt sorry for Tang Nuan and now staying away from that family might be the only thing she could do…

A drop of tear stains fell on the collar of Tang Xing’s clothes. She wiped her tears and sniffed to cheer herself up. Come on, Tang Xing, everything would be fine! She also has a new family to fit in.

In short, amidst the unusual competition between Ye Shuyan and the Tang family, Tang Yi not only failed to remove the hot search, but the netizens also brought up the topic #Jiang Miao withdrew the hot search#.

Jiang Zhan almost vomited blood. He had never been so angry at his work before. He didn’t expect that just after contacting the team to discuss the plan, Tang Yi would give him another one. Did this idiot think that money was everything??

He called Jiang Miao back home directly and as for Tang Yi, he would clean him up when he was free tomorrow.

“…There is no way to suppress this matter.” Jiang Zhan told Jiang Miao directly.

Jiang Miao suddenly became anxious, tears welling up in her eyes, “Then just let them scold me like that? Director Guo even called me specifically today to ask about my situation. If I carry such a reputation, Director Guo will not want me!”

“Don’t worry for now.” Jiang Zhan finally had to use the same method that he told Ye Shuyan to Jiang Miao, “This matter can only be handled coldly.” At this point, he became a little angry, “Don’t let that Tang Yi stir up trouble again. Without him, things would never have developed to this extent.”

Jiang Miao pursed her lips and remained silent.

“As long as no one adds more oil to the fire, this matter will cool down tomorrow. Ye Shuyan may not be willing to let it sit there for other people to talk about it. You don’t have to look or think about anything these days, just study the script carefully. After a few days, when the hot searches cool down, show off your previous achievements, and I will also arrange for you to attend several company meetings and take some photos when the time comes.”

“The fact that Tang Nuan’s matter attracted so much attention is ultimately because of Ye Shuyan. No one doesn’t like outstanding people, especially outstanding and beautiful ones. Your achievements are not fake.”

Jiang Miao’s eyes brightened slightly. Her academic qualifications and family background could indeed make her a name in the entertainment industry. Tang Xing had planned this…

Thinking of Tang Xing, Jiang Miao took a long breath and stopped thinking, listening to her brother’s plan for her.

“Later, when people asked about Ye Shuyan, you openly said that both of you were high school classmates. It was only because you were misunderstood initially that Tang Nuan was targeted.”

“Especially when our two families have cooperation projects, one of which requires you to take the lead, that’s why Tang Nuan is so sensitive.” Jiang Zhan sneered, “It is true that Tang Nuan is Ye Shuyan’s fiancée, but it is also true that you are more capable than her. The truth is, she is jealous of you and framed you, what can you do?”

“But don’t be so straightforward, be a little more subtle, and don’t make any hot searches. If you say these words, people will naturally dig up them when needed, which will have a better effect.”

Jiang Miao finally let go of her worries, but there were still concerns, “What if there are still some anti-fans who don’t believe me? They will say that I lied to clear my name…”

Speaking of this, she remembered something and said excitedly, “Nuanyang System!”

Her eyes were bright, “Didn’t I mention about our family’s collaboration with Ye Group before on the show? Today the director also asked me if I could livestream related content. After all, the other guests livestream piano, fitness, song recording, and so on, so there’s nothing new…”

The more she said, the happier she became, “If I can livestream this and openly cooperate with Ye Shuyan, I can leave them speechless!”

I can also make Tang Nuan feel ashamed of herself!

Jiang Zhan smiled and touched her head, “Don’t worry, Brother has already thought of it and is already in the middle of discussing it. We will try to arrange it as soon as possible.”

Jiang Miao thought about something and frowned, “Does Ye Shuyan agree to this collaboration?”

Jiang Zhan pondered deeply and Father Jiang came down the stairs, “He will agree.”

He looked at Jiang Zhan’s expression and said, “Didn’t he the one who took the initiative to mention the Nuanyang System in the first place? He also promised to livestream, right?”

Jiang Zhan nodded, “Ye Group’s hotel upgrade is currently one of his most important projects. Their overseas team has thoroughly researched Nuanyang System and he can save more time and energy by working with us. With his personality, it’s reasonable not to give up because of Tang Nuan’s trivial matter.”

“I think he sees that we attach great importance to Miaomiao, so he is feigning reluctance and wants to negotiate more conditions.”

Father Jiang nodded, “Of course, Ye Shuyan is not shallow since he can reach this position at such a young age. Let your Aunt Deng talk and make peace first. Since he has mentioned it, there is plenty of room for him. First, let’s touch his bottom line.”

Jiang Zhan frowned, “What if he opens his mouth like a lion?”

Father Jiang pointed at him and said, “You are still too young. He is the one who needs this project. Don’t forget, besides this, we have other collaborations with the Ye Group. If he turns against us, Ye Group’s shareholders may not agree. Plus, he hasn’t officially taken power yet.”

Jiang Zhan’s heart was moved, “Uncle Ye has always felt that giving all his family business to Ye Shuyan has mistreated Ye Shuchen, so he always wanted to let him participate in the project…”

Father Jiang smiled like an old fox all along, “So, it’s not final yet who will make the final negotiations.”

Jiang Miao knew that the livestream of the Nuanyang project would come true and she jumped up happily, “I’m going to call Aunt Deng right now!”

The Jiang family was in a hurry to promote the livestream, and Tang Nuan was also working hard for this. After all, Ye Shuyan’s temper was completely unpredictable. If the Jiang family couldn’t convince him, her plan would also fail.

Tang Nuan was particularly grateful for her efforts abroad in the past few years. At least she now had leverage to negotiate with Ye Shuyan.

Yes, she wanted to use the Nuanyang Intelligent System to negotiate with Ye Shuyan.

She had never thought about keeping this system matter from him, but she wanted to trick the Jiang family midway, but she didn’t expect that it would become a bargaining chip for her to regain her innocence in the end.

Judging from today’s situation, Ye Shuyan’s love for Jiang Miao has not come to realization yet. Anyway, she was still fulfilling her fiancé’s duties diligently, so of course she had to make use of it as much as possible.

Well, also solved the aftermath of breaking off the engagement along the way.

She picked up her phone and was about to confirm with Assistant Wen when would Ye Shuyan be returning home today. Her typing hand suddenly stopped. She switched the window and sent the message directly to Ye Shuyan instead. Since she could ask about his schedule, she didn’t hesitate.

After sending the message, she prepared to go do other things as usual, but unexpectedly, Ye Shuyan’s message came back quickly: [Around ten o’clock in the evening.]

Tang Nuan recalled what she just said. Compared to Ye Shuyan, her efforts were nothing. This person in charge of such a large corporation would work round the clock after returning from a business trip.

When it was almost ten o’clock, Tang Nuan ran to the mirror and checked her makeup. She changed into a burgundy spaghetti dress. Although it was not as flamboyant as when she picked him up from the airport, it still had the same style – it was completely not Ye Shuyan’s style at all.

The defeat in the car still bothered her. Did he want a surprise? Then she can surprise him every day.

Hump! She must get back her dignity later!

In the elevator, Deng Qiong angrily handed an edited video to Ye Shuyan, “Look, look at what she said. Is this what a fiancée should say? What does she think of you?”

When Ye Shuyan heard the word “HR”, he finally remembered the interrupted inner voice search in the afternoon and took over the phone…

The author has something to say:
Tang Nuan: I never expected that I would avoid Assistant Wen and the Weibo, but in the end, I would fall into the hands of Madam Deng.
President Ye: HR?
Tang Nuan is on alert: An honorable boss will compensate HR if he dismisses her without reason.
President Ye tugged on his tie: What if it’s a crooked boss?
Tang Nuan: ……

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