The Wealthy and Influential Fiancé Has the Ability to Read Minds

Chapter 27

Tang Nuan has never forgotten her goal. She wanted to seek the justice that Jiang Miao owed her, and she wanted to cancel her marriage to Ye Shuyan.

When the flight landed, Assistant Wen immediately turned on his phone and his heart skipped a beat. He turned to Ye Shuyan and said, “Madam Deng and Miss Jiang are waiting at the arrival hall to pick you up and Ms. Tang is also there.”

Ye Shuyan was stunned for a moment, then looked down at his phone. Sure enough, there was a message from Tang Nuan on it: [Brother Shuyan, I will wait for you at the arrival hall.]

Ye Shuyan narrowed his eyes. When he called her yesterday, he told her that his mother would come, but she didn’t say anything. Normally, she would avoid such situations. There must be demons when things go wrong. What was she playing now?

[Help!! I was worried a little too early. Madam Deng is nothing compared to Ms. Tang. Miss Tang’s craziness is even more terrifying.]

[Help! But what happened after four days of business trip? Isn’t Miss Tang always quiet and trouble-free? What sudden stimulation did she receive? This style… Okay, so beautiful! But President Ye may not accept it!]

[So, what exactly happened? It’s too long and I can’t finish it for a while. Even if I report it now, I won’t be able to report clearly…]

[How about not reporting it? Anyway, President Ye also said that I don’t need to pay too much attention to Miss Tang’s affairs online. I haven’t figured it out yet. It’s okay to be shocked. President Ye, who is aloof, should also be lively occasionally. Liveliness will increase his lifespan…]

Ye Shuyan: …….

He turned to look at Assistant Wen.

Assistant Wen met his gaze with a calm expression, showing no flaws, “President Ye?”

Ye Shuyan: ……

In his early years, he must have been an excellent undercover genius.

Ye Shuyan had no choice but to turn on his phone, only to find that there was no way to look at it. His phone was full of business and financial apps, without any trace of entertainment gossip.

He handed the phone to Assistant Wen, “Download the app.”

Assistant Wen understood what he meant almost immediately, took over the phone, and started downloading. His movements were neat and proficient, but his heart was in panic mode: [What’s going on? Why do you want to download it? Does President Ye want to read entertainment gossip? Is the stock price collapsing? The company is going bankrupt? President Ye has been demoted? Anyway, he may still trust me, right?]

Just as the cabin door opened, Ye Shuyan stood up and strode out. If he didn’t leave, he was worried that he would be unable to resist the dismissal of Mr. Wen.”

When approaching the arrival hall, even though Ye Shuyan slowed down and prepared mentally, he was still stared at by dozens of pairs of eyes as soon as he came out.

Of course, it wasn’t that he had never faced so many people before, there were tens of thousands of employees at the Ye Group’s annual meeting every year, mainly because their eyes seemed to be glowing strangely.

If he were on the gossip forum, he would be able to accurately describe his feelings: As if he were surrounded by gossipers.

But his attention was quickly diverted, and he knew why Assistant Wen said Tang Nuan was crazy.

Not far away, his always dignified and regular fiancée now had flaming red lips, as if she was afraid that others would not notice her. She dressed up beautifully, like an alluring fox.

The sapphire blue color was very attractive, and her skin was very fair, which made the color look very bright. The dress has a sheer design on the shoulders, with her round shoulders faintly visible. The waist was pleated to make her look slenderer and the skirt wasn’t too short, but there was a small slit along the pleats at the waist, hiding her long legs in it…

All in all, she was attractive everywhere.

If it weren’t for that clear inner voice, he wouldn’t have recognized it.

[He’s finally back! In public, if he dares not to turn to me, he has failed to fulfill his fiancé’s obligations! I can request a withdrawal of the engagement!]

[When I was talking about Jiang Miao today, I made a three-part agreement with him. Since he won’t break off the engagement, I can only take the initiative! As an excellent HR, if he dismisses me, he will have to pay several times the compensation, but it’s too much forcing me to resign voluntarily.]

Ye Shuyan was full of confusion, what HR, what dismissal?

After that, her thoughts were a little guilty.

[A person as aloof as he wouldn’t read entertainment gossip, right? Assistant Wen probably just knows the situation and won’t explain it to him in detail… Well, it should be fine.]

[Who let him cause this? If it weren’t for the fact that without him as a means, his effectiveness would be compromised, I wouldn’t bother him.]

[Well, it’s okay even if he finds out. There are currently only two fiancée rights. I have to slowly add more. If each has three challenges… I can live an exciting life without repeating it every day. Ha, ha…]

Ye Shuyan: …..

Although he guessed that his fiancée would not miss such an opportunity when he mentioned the scope of the fiancée’s rights, he thought she would at least try it bit by bit. She was quite brave at this time.

Tang Nuan was holding a large bouquet in her hands, and she rushed over happily, “Brother Shuyan!”

And it was not just a simple approach, but the kind that intended to pounce directly on him.

Ye Shuyan stood still.

It was Tang Nuan’s turn to panic. As long as she had a slightly intimate interaction with Ye Shuyan, it was enough. But the moment she saw Deng Qiong next to him who looked like she was about to complain, she couldn’t help but have a bad taste.

She thought he would avoid or at the very least stretch out his hands to hold her, so that she could stand steadily in front of him. However, he did not move at all, so much so that Tang Nuan almost ran into his arms.

Seeing that her face was about to touch his white shirt, Tang Nuan’s desire for survival made her make a desperate struggle and raise her hands to press against his chest.

However, she was only thinking about not letting lipstick marks appear on the aloof President Ye’s shirt, but she forgot that she was holding flowers in her hands.

Ye Shuyan was hit by a large bouquet. Just as he was about to dodge away, he saw Tang Nuan press his chest with too much force, and his whole body fell backward. The thin heels made her look precarious…

Tang Nuan thought that she would have to stumble if she didn’t fall. She thought it was over and she would die, but in the next second, a strong arm wrapped around her waist, and she was pulled by a strong force and fell back into Ye Shuyan’s arms. As a result, the flower in her hand was slapped on the man’s face again.

“Shuyan!” Deng Qiong exclaimed, and there was a sound of gasping all around.

Ye Shuyan closed his eyes and looked down at Tang Nuan.

Tang Nuan looked at the scattered flowers in her hand and smiled embarrassingly, “Sorry, I’m sorry.”

Then cautiously, she reached out and picked up the petals that had fallen on the man’s shoulders, struggling slightly.

Deng Qiong finally ran over and asked, “Shuyan, how are you?”

Ye Shuyan let go of Tang Nuan, then looked at his mother and said calmly, “It’s okay.”

Seeing that Deng Qiong was about to file a complaint, Tang Nuan complained in an encrypted voice.

[I didn’t come here on purpose. I had no choice.]

[Jiang Miao posted the fact that I am not the biological daughter of the Tang family online, and netizens insulted me fiercely. In addition to the previous scandal between you and Jiang Miao, now they all accused me of cheating on the marriage, the engagement has been withdrawn, and trying to bring you and Jiang Miao together.]

Tang Nuan thought aggrievedly: [Forget about the paparazzi, some people chased me to the gate of the community and insulted me specifically.]

There was no need to stir up emotions, so Tang Nuan just thought about a few topics about her that she had seen on the way here. There were many unpleasant words in them, and her grievances and sadness surged out.

Ye Shuyan paused for a moment.

Deng Qiong looked at Tang Nuan dissatisfied, and said to Ye Shuyan, “She is going crazy because she wants to cling to you. Look at these.” She turned her head and glanced at the onlookers not far away, gesturing to Ye Shuyan to see what Tang Nuan had done. Seeing that the two people who had just streamed live were still holding up their devices, afraid that her voice would be recorded, she lowered her voice slightly, but still said angrily, “She called them here specifically! What does she want to do?”

“When did our family be treated like monkeys by others and be judged and criticized by random people?”

Tang Nuan explained aggrievedly, “The rumors online are outrageous. I just want to clear my name and tell them that I have not been withdrawn…”

Ye Shuyan suddenly extended his arms and hugged her back into his arms again, whispering, “I’m sorry.”

Exciting gasps of excitement echoed around, and the sound of the shutter being pressed could be heard.

Deng Qiong’s eyes widened in disbelief, and her voice couldn’t help but raise, “Ye Shuyan!”

Tang Nuan did not expect that Ye Shuyan would suddenly act like this. The cold fragrance of cedar made her a little stunned, especially the apology in her ears. The grievance and sourness deep in her heart were suddenly brought up unknowingly: What? Just because Jiang Miao likes Ye Shuyan, and the Jiang family wants Ye Shuyan as their son-in-law, do they have to step me into the mud and never be reborn?

Ye Shuyan reached out and touched her head, saying again, “I’m sorry.”

Deng Qiong said angrily, “She caused such a big mess, why do you apologize?”

Tang Nuan was brought back to her senses by her angry voice, and she also thought of her character: [Brother Shuyan is amazing, I will always love you!!]

Ye Shuyan couldn’t help but reach out and patted the back of her head to release her. She wasn’t tired, but he was tired to death listening to her.

Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted a person holding a mobile phone not far away. He thought for a moment, put his arm around Tang Nuan’s shoulders, and walked out.

Tang Nuan was somewhat surprised by his intimate gesture, but she didn’t struggle. This was a favorable behavior for her.

What was favorable to her would naturally be detrimental to others.

Deng Qiong looked at Jiang Miao, who was standing aside with a pale face, and shouted angrily, “Ye Shuyan, are you just leaving like this? Are you leaving Jiang Miao alone?”

Jiang Miao couldn’t help but curse inwardly.

Although it was annoying that Ye Shuyan didn’t even look at her, reducing her sense of presence was the best choice at this moment. This moment of breathing time had already allowed her to think of countermeasures.

She could just say that she accompanied Deng Qiong to pick him up at the airport and didn’t expect Tang Nuan would react so violently and misunderstand her so much, so she stayed silent and didn’t disturb him when picking at the airport. After all, there was indeed a suspicious relationship in high school, and she generously admitted that the previous theory of first love was speculation based on the pictures by marketing accounts. She and Ye Shuyan were just ordinary classmates at high school.

The reason for getting involved in the relationship was because Deng Qiong and her mother were best friends and it was just a joke between the two.

Although it might be a pity to overthrow the previous scandal and might lead to some backlash, this was the best method at present. She has also sent a message to her brother, and with some effort, she could always clear it up.

But she didn’t expect Deng Qiong to call her at this time.

Jiang Miao took a breath inwardly, put on a helpless and aggrieved expression, walked out slowly, and said guiltily to Ye Shuyan, “I’m sorry, I didn’t expect things to turn out like this…”

Deng Qiong looked around and waved to Da Yuan and Qiao Qiao, “Come here and stream it.” She also knew that she wanted to clear Jiang Miao’s name on the live stream.

She said to Ye Shuyan, “You should ask carefully if they were called by Tang Nuan and deliberately slandered Miaomiao as a third party.” She remembered something and said angrily, “Oh, by the way, she also said she doesn’t love you at all, she just loves your money!”

[This fool! He just knows love, love, love! Isn’t clarification more important at this time?]

Ye Shuyan’s brows moved slightly, and he glanced at Jiang Miao, who looked like she had suffered a huge injustice, and saw a guilty look on her face, “I’m sorry, I didn’t expect that things about our high school days would be dug out and cause Tang Nuan such a big misunderstanding. I was young and ignorant at that time. As for picking up today, it was Aunt Deng who…”

Ye Shuyan interrupted her directly, “First, we are just ordinary classmates in high school. Second,” he looked at Deng Qiong and said, “Tang Nuan and I have been engaged for three years, and she has never caused any trouble. Why should she need to find…” He glanced at Da Yuan.

Da Yuan understood and said quickly, “Internet blogger.”

“Thank you.” Ye Shuyan nodded and continued, “If she likes to be famous, there are many beautiful ways.”

After saying that, he took Tang Nuan and left.

Deng Qiong was left speechless, and Jiang Miao had no chance to speak out her planned explanation…

The onlookers subconsciously wanted to follow, but Assistant Wen politely stopped them, “Sorry, that’s all for today, thank you.”

Da Yuan and Qiao Qiao stopped, and the messages that had been suppressed for a long time began to flash rapidly in the live stream.

[Sure enough, he’s an overbearing president who speaks straightforwardly. Just now I was thinking that what Madam Deng said was reasonable. Tang Nuan might have asked Da Yuan to embarrass Jiang Miao about today’s matter. But when President Ye said this, it was Jiang Miao who reaped the consequences. If she hadn’t dragged her out and trampled her, would she have been like this?]

[The artist’s filter on Madam Deng was shattered all over the floor. She felt like an unreasonable mother. When President Ye came out at first, didn’t her attitude look like a vicious mother-in-law who prevented young lovers from getting together?]

[Yes, she kept saying that it was Tang Nuan who caused the trouble and harmed Jiang Miao. She doesn’t know right from wrong.]

[Am I the only one who cares about them without feelings for each other? I beat my husband up and wanted him to be my boss, but he insisted on kneeling on the durian and kept saying he loved me, so angry.]

[Ah, ah, ah, I remembered, the hug just now, and the head-touching, so good, so good, I want to watch the video replay.]

[Eh? Why haven’t Deng Qiong and Jiang Miao left yet? Is Jiang Miao crying?]

[Crying, your true identity has been exposed. How can you not cry?]


Deng Qiong was at a loss when she saw Jiang Miao crying, and quickly explained to the live stream, “I dragged her here today…”

“Auntie, please don’t explain,” Jiang Miao stopped Deng Qiong, and said pitifully and guiltily, “I did cause trouble to Miss Tang because of my work. This is the price I should pay, and I accept it.”

After saying that, she lowered her head toward the camera and made an apology gesture, holding Deng Qiong’s arm and preparing to leave. A string of crystal tears slid down her cheeks uncontrollably. She tried to wipe them away hurriedly, but the more she wiped, the more she got, looking particularly pitiful.

Deng Qiong’s eyes were also red with distress.

No one said anything in the livestream. After all, most of them were not mean people. When people cried like this, it was just impolite for them to say anything.

Qiao Qiao also closed her livestream. As for Da Yuan, she obtained Tang Nuan’s consent that after Tang Nuan left, her livestream would be closed.

On the other side, after Tang Nuan followed Ye Shuyan into the car, she immediately sat down obediently. Seeing that Assistant Wen asked the driver to go to the company, she knew that he was busy, so she decided to get straight to the point, “I have one more thing.”

“Jiang Miao said in some of her interviews that in addition to her work as an actress, she will also participate in some company projects, including the hotel system, which hinted that she would cooperate with Ye Group…”

Before she finished speaking, Ye Shuyan said clearly, “Well, don’t worry, Ye Group will not agree.”

Tang Nuan choked, have to agree! If you don’t agree, what will happen to my innocence? I need her to apologize to me in person! While Tang Nuan expressed her strong thoughts, she said “empathetically”, “This kind of promotion is also good for the company. Free promotion can save a lot of marketing expenses, and the project is actually…”

“The company has no shortage of marketing expenses.” Ye Shuyan still didn’t wait for her to finish, and said directly, “It is my obligation as a fiancé not to spread scandals with women.”

Tang Nuan stared at him, why did she think he did it on purpose? She was clearly thinking so loudly!

When she was about to speak again, Ye Shuyan’s phone rang. His expression was serious, it must be an important call.

Tang Nuan couldn’t say anything anymore, she just stared at him angrily: There wasn’t much time, to begin with, and you’re still interrupting me.

You’d better take some time to listen to my request, otherwise, I’ll go find you at night! The fiancée has the right to sleep on the bed! She was threatening him in her mind.

Ye Shuyan, who was on the phone, suddenly hooked his lips, and after hanging up the phone, he said directly to Tang Nuan, “How about we talk at home tonight.”

Tang Nuan didn’t expect that he would say it out loud, and was startled when she saw him glance at her up and down, “It’s a nice surprise, very exciting.”

Tang Nuan couldn’t help but widen her eyes. Did she just think about something that she shouldn’t have thought around him?

Tang Nuan was so shocked that she didn’t dare to think nonsense anymore. It wasn’t until she was sent to the gate of the community and watched the black Maybach leave that she relaxed her mind and realized later that she had been bullied by him?

The more she thought about it, the angrier she became. Going to his house at night? She lowered her head and looked at her sexy style today, exciting? From now on, she would be very exciting every day.

Also, he didn’t say anything about provoking Madam Deng, was it too late or was it within the scope of the fiancée’s rights?

If it was within the scope of rights… Did she live a bit too badly before?

The corners of Ye Shuyan’s lips curled up subtly, but still couldn’t control you.

[Shocked! President Ye can be funny!]

[It’s over, it’s over, Miss Tang is indeed special. Is my position going to be in jeopardy? Xiao Wang harmed me! Such an important thing should be reported!]

[Oh my God, who knew Jiang Miao could do this? Miss Tang is already in such a miserable state, how could she do this, even her parents are being tainted…]

[If I take the initiative to resign, will President Ye fall into my trap and be lenient with me…]

Ye Shuyan raised his eyes and looked at Assistant Wen.

Assistant Wen handed the phone to Ye Shuyan who not only registered his Weibo account but also followed several active marketing accounts to ensure that Ye Shuyan could see the content he wanted to see as soon as possible.

Including the period when they were away, the search records of all topics about Tang Nuan: #Tang Nuan the Fake Daughter#, #Tang Nuan Fraudulent Marriage#, #Tang Nuan’s biological parents reckless society#, #Tang Nuan teaches her parents to be rich#, #Tang Nuan owes Jiang Miao an apology#.

Ye Shuyan clicked on the first one that appeared four days ago.

The cumulative number of reads in a few days has reached hundreds of millions, and the number of discussions has reached hundreds of thousands. Ye Shuyan just scanned it casually, and the comments with the highest likes were all terrible insults.

[Fake daughter?! I thought the things I dug out so far were the limit, but I didn’t expect that I could break through the lower limit even further?!]

[God, so it’s from the bad root. It’s disgusting to switch one’s children with the wealthy one.]

[How can there be such garbage in the world? Anyway, I don’t believe that President Ye will fall in love with such a person.]

[Didn’t we explain yesterday? Young Master Ye was tricked by his biased father and stepmother…]

[Anyway, just by looking at her engagement, you can tell how scheming this woman is. Although the Tang family is also wealthy, Tang Li is only a domestic clothing brand, while Ye Tian Group is the earliest real estate developer and is now a multinational group. Let’s not talk about it for now. Not to mention international investment, just look at domestic properties, nearly a quarter of the real estate is owned by them, plus hotels, shopping malls, resorts, properties…]

[In this comparison, isn’t this the difference between me who can’t afford to eat, and the rich people who demolished two large houses in the Third Ring Road? How did Tang Nuan do it? Please give me a tutorial!]

[What kind of tutorial do you want? Without a lower limit will do? As long as you are shameless enough. Don’t some special professionals sleep with rich people?]

[This is an insult to someone’s special profession. They mark the prices and trade fairly.]


There were more unpleasant words that followed…

Seeing and imagining were completely different things.

The air in the car seemed to be frozen and Assistant Wen and the driver did not dare to breathe. However, Ye Shuyan looked down one by one as if reading some important documents, not missing anyone.

It wasn’t until he arrived at the company’s underground parking lot that Ye Shuyan put down his phone and asked Assistant Wen calmly, “Didn’t she look for you?”

Assistant Wen tensed up and said, “Ms. Tang didn’t look for me. Sorry, I took it for granted and should have taken the initiative to pay attention.”

Ye Shuyan didn’t say a word, refreshed the web page, and then saw a familiar photo, which was just taken at the airport.

Those people’s attitude towards Tang Nuan was much better and his eyebrows relaxed slightly, but found that the topic later was #Shameless Tang Nuan#.

Only when he clicked on the post and comments did he know what it meant to be eye-opening.

The photo was posted by a big marketing account: [The Shura Field of airport pick up, who is Young Master Ye’s true love?]

The post was simple: Young Master Ye returned today. His mother picked him up at the airport with her best friend and met his fiancée, the fake daughter, face to face.

The accompanying pictures showed several photos of Tang Nuan throwing herself at him, with Deng Qiong and Jiang Miao standing aside. Deng Qiong’s face was ugly and Jiang Miao with tears holding Deng Qiong’s arms, while Ye Shuyan left with Tang Nuan in his arms.

In his opinion, there was nothing controversial about his fiancée picking him up at the airport, but the comments were full of insults against Tang Nuan.

[God, I have never seen such a thick-skinned person. She is willing to do anything to climb up rich people. She shouldn’t be called shameless, even the shamelessness is looking down on her.]

[I heard that she bullied our Baby Miao at the airport today. It’s disgusting. If Baby Miao doesn’t cry, she will suffer retribution.]

[Please don’t kid yourself here, Jiang Miao’s fans. They are the real unmarried couple, unlike Jiang Miao. Haha, Jiang Miao’s fans are also funny. I have never seen anyone support her as a mistress.]

[Yes, I couldn’t help but scream when I saw the first picture. I thought it was two celebrities who were spreading dog food. Oh my God, there is a cold iceberg and a fiery alluring woman. I have the material for my writing!]

After reading the two normal comments, but in the next second, there were more than a dozen insults stacked beneath them.

[Speaking for Tang Nuan like this must be the same disgusting thing as her. Did you steal your husband by any unnecessary means?]

[As for the novel with content, please understand the whole story first. If you can write such a female protagonist, it will be our responsibility to seal your pen within half a month.]


Some people even tracked down the other person’s account and insulted them relentlessly, and even one of them deleted the reply and still refused to spare.

Ye Shuyan had never paid attention to entertainment gossip and had no idea that this place distorted the truth deliberately, aggressively, and domineeringly.

These shocking remarks made him unimaginable. A group of people would launch such a vicious attack on another stranger just because they like one person. What was the difference between this and a thug?

Assistant Wen explained, “This is the result of buying the water armies. There is no distinction between black and white, mainly to guide the flow.”

There was a storm brewing in Ye Shuyan’s eyes, was this the guiding flow? This is the biggest bandit and normal people were not given a chance to speak.

“I just took a quick look and found out that the livestream by two bloggers at the airport had very positive comments about Ms. Tang. It’s just that today is a working day and the livestream happened to be in the morning. The video lasted about half an hour. Everyone needs time to watch and will bubble later. It all takes time, and it’s not as fast as posting photos directly.”

“However, this hot search is too impatient. They probably haven’t fully understood the situation at all. Since the live stream is recorded, when the truth is revealed, Miss Jiang will suffer backlash…”

As soon as Assistant Wen finished speaking, Ye Shuyan brushed off his Weibo and the message disappeared. They also knew they had done something foolish.

Ye Shuyan closed his eyes, it was his fault. He thought that by not breaking off the engagement, he showed his attitude, but he forgot that human nature was greedy. As long as the benefits were huge enough, there would always be people who would stretch out their claws.

He said coldly, “First, contact Ji Yun to see if Tang Nuan needs anything and cooperate fully. Second, notify the legal department and set up a special team to sue all participants!”

As for the others…

Ye Shuyan’s eyes were cold, maybe his fangs had been hidden for too long…

The author has something to say:
Sister Tang: No need for your fangs, go away.
Ye Shuyan: It’s my fault that she was wronged.
Tang Nuan, a patient with emotional hypersensitivity: What is his bottom line? A challenge every day is definitely exciting.
Ye Shuyan: …
Forget it, just don’t challenge the law’s bottom line.

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