The Wealthy and Influential Fiancé Has the Ability to Read Minds

Chapter 16

Jiang Miao was having a party with a few close friends in a club somewhere in the east of the city. Someone asked about Tang Nuan, “…Did that woman apologize? She didn’t pretend to be deaf and dumb, right?”

Jiang Miao shook her head, and sighed, “It doesn’t matter. She is probably in a mess now that something like this happened, and I don’t want to argue with her anymore.”

“However, I still want to thank you guys for speaking up for me these days.”

She said to Jia Xiuyan, her best friend in high school, “What thank you, isn’t this what we should do.”

Another person said disdainfully, “According to me, why don’t you argue with her? Is she weak mean she is justified? She is not the biological daughter of the Tang family, so she can do bad things casually.”

“Jiang Miao, you are too soft-hearted. She should apologize if she did something wrong.”

Jiang Miao said, “It’s not that I’m soft-hearted. I just feel that if the rumors are true, she might end up with nothing good, so I don’t need to step on her again.”

Someone gave her a thumbs up, “As expected of Jiang Miao, you are so magnificent.”

Jia Xiuyan said, “Yes, after all, this kind of person will kill herself eventually.”

“If she hadn’t played tricks to become Young Master Ye’s fiancée then, she wouldn’t be able to enter our circle. If she couldn’t enter our circle, she wouldn’t be able to meet Jiang Miao, and if she couldn’t meet Jiang Miao, she wouldn’t have discovered Tang Xing. Perhaps she could still be the second young lady of her Tang family.”

“Nowadays,” Jia Xiuyan sneered, “I don’t know if her style of spending money like water can adapt to the life of ordinary people.”

Someone said, “That’s why, if virtue doesn’t match one’s position, there will inevitably be disasters. It is not a good thing to climb too high without that ability.”

“By the way, what did Young Master Ye say?” Jia Xiuyan asked Jiang Miao, “No matter what Tang Nuan did back then, since it is a marriage between family and she is not a girl of the Tang family, this marriage has to be withdrawn, right?”

Jiang Miao shook her head and said with a bitter smile, “I have no contact with him. After all, he has a fiancée now. I… I don’t even have a position to pursue him again…”

Jia Xiuyan hugged her and said, “Don’t be discouraged. Young Master Ye was forced to get engaged with Tang Nuan in the first place. In fact, even if you didn’t come back, we don’t think Young Master Ye would marry her.”

Another person said, “No, at that time, the matter of Young Master Ye’s grandfather’s family hadn’t been resolved. Old Man Ye was seriously ill, his father was partial to Second Master Ye, and his stepmother was restless, so Old Man Ye was anxious to give Young Master Ye a powerful marriage, but his energy was low, so the stepmother took advantage of the loopholes and united with Old Madam Ye.”

“A good marriage is said to be a “warding off” marriage by them and also depends on whether the eight characters are matching or not. Whose precious girl can suffer that kind of grievance.”

“Since Young Master Ye returned from abroad, he had been staying by Old Man Ye’s bed. His marriage was arranged by his stepmother and Old Madam Ye from the beginning to the end. When Old Man Ye found out, Tang Nuan had already been engaged and he directly became critically ill due to anger.”

“The first thing he did was to amend the will and leave everything to Young Master Ye.”

“The rest of the Ye family were dumbfounded, but it was too late,” that person laughed, “I think the reason why Young Master Ye has not retired from the engagement for so many years is that he is also using Tang Nuan to disgust them.”

“Really,” Jia Xiuyan couldn’t help covering her mouth and laughing when she thought of something, “Old Madam Ye, who was most satisfied with her back then, doesn’t like her very much now.”

“That idiot Tang Nuan thinks that she is the daughter-in-law arranged by the old madam who believes in eight characters. She thinks that the old lady believes in metaphysics, and some enlightened safety talisman or eight divinatory trigrams mirror every year. She really humiliated herself.”

Everyone laughed, and someone said, “Even I know that Old Madam Ye loves gold inlaid jade the most.”

“So, when the Tang family decides on this matter, Old Madam Ye will definitely be the first to make a fuss about renouncing the engagement.” Speaking of this, she whispered, “Because of the marriage arranged for Young Master Ye, many people have been criticizing behind her back.”

“Especially Ye Shuyan is now the heir, the old lady also hopes that he is doing well,” Jia Xiuyan smiled meaningfully, “Only Ye family can make more money when he is doing well?”

Others showed tacit expressions, and someone asked, “Speaking of which, it’s just an identification. How come it takes so long to confirm?”

Jiang Miao said, “It’s not a trivial matter, and besides, it’s not our family’s business. I didn’t pay attention to it either.”

“I really admire your generosity. If it were me, even if I didn’t help, I would always pay attention to it.”

Jia Xiuyan hugged Jiang Miao and praised, “This is a woman who can make Young Master Ye fall in love. How can she compare with us ordinary people.”

Everyone laughed, and Jia Xiuyan said, “But real can’t be fake, and fake can’t be real. Is this something done by Tang Yi? That one who hates Tang Nuan to the bone. I suspect he wants to embarrass Tang Nuan in public at the old madam’s birthday banquet the day after tomorrow.”

“Wouldn’t the day after tomorrow be very lively?” Everyone looked forward to it.

Some people were also worried, “However, will these series of blows drive Tang Nuan crazy? That girl is usually not easy to mess with, will she do something stupid and become a dog that jumps over the wall when desperate*?”

(a dog that jumps over the wall when desperate * – a metaphor for taking extreme actions when there is no way out)

Jia Xiuyan didn’t take it seriously, “If she’s a dog jumping over the wall when desperate, she also needs to have the means to jump. Before, she just relied on Young Master Ye’s influence to pretend to be a Tibetan mastiff, but now she has become a little dirt dog and it’s futile to jump again.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Jin Wenxia hurried over, “Sister Miao, it’s not good!”

She told them about the phone call between Tang Yi and Tang Nuan just now, and said anxiously, “She is preparing to cook raw rice into cooked rice. What if they really… what to do!”

“No, Ye Shuyan is not that kind of person.” Although Jiang Miao said so, she couldn’t sit still.

Some people wondered, “That woman is so stubborn. She has done such a malicious thing, so how could Young Master Ye get intimate with her.”

Jin Wenxia said angrily, “You don’t know, that Tang Nuan is too cunning.” Then she told them what happened that day again.

“We wanted Big Brother Ye to see her true colors that day, but we didn’t expect that she would make a bogus accusation. Big Brother Ye, too, even supported her! If it wasn’t for this, we wouldn’t need everyone to judge.”

Everyone looked at each other in dismay, they all thought that Jin Wenxia asked everyone to spread the news to punish Tang Nuan and made her unable to hold her head up in the circle. So, it turned out that it was Young Master Ye who didn’t believe Jiang Miao, and she came out with such a scheme?

Jin Wenxia didn’t notice the expressions on everyone’s faces, but said anxiously, “She has no way out now, in case she puts all her eggs in one basket…”

Jiang Miao couldn’t help biting her lower lip.

“Probably not.” Jia Xiuyan said, “Everyone knows that Young Master Ye hates irresponsible relationships between men and women. If he is not sure about marrying Tang Nuan, he will never touch her.”

Others echoed and comforted one after another:

“I think that woman insisted on being stubborn in this kind of situation was deliberately making you anxious.”

“That’s right, think about it. Why haven’t you seen Young Master Ye so protective of Tang Nuan before? When Jiang Miao came back, he began to treat her well in every way which was clearly to anger Jiang Miao.”

Jiang Miao finally relaxed slightly, and said in a lonely voice, “I was the one who was sorry for him back then, and even stabbed him when he was in the most difficult time. He should be angry.”

“Being angry and hating is the only way to prove that you are in his heart. Otherwise, why does he care what you think?”

There was light in Jiang Miao’s eyes.

But Jin Wenxia still felt depressed, “Then when will he calm down?”

“You don’t know how proud Tang Nuan is. What else is there to say? Do we want to try again who will Big Brother Ye choose when she and my sister are in danger? It’s clearly alluding to the incident of falling into the water last time.”

Jin Wenxia became angrier as she thought about it, “I heard that she also prepared wine. In case Big Brother Ye comes back from a business trip tomorrow, she will pour wine for Big Brother Ye until he gets drunk…”

Jiang Zhan, who happened to come over and heard something about it, knocked her on the head, “What kind of mess is in this little girl’s head?”

“Don’t underestimate Ye Shuyan. In the early years, countless women threw themselves at Ye Shuyan. For the sake of glory and wealth, those women used all kinds of tricks.”

“Once Ye Shuyan was drugged, I heard that he didn’t touch the woman even when he was drunk, and he didn’t even want the special service. Later, he stayed in the hospital for two days, and it was said that it took several months to completely recover his body.”

Jiang Zhan truly admired this. Otherwise, how could Ye Shuyan become the number one candidate for marriage in the social circle? Besides his outstanding ability, he was also clean and responsible. So, from any perspective, Ye Shuyan was absolutely Jiang Miao’s best home.

“Yes, I’ve heard of this too.” Jia Xiuyan said, “Besides, who doesn’t know that Young Master Ye won’t drink the wine handed over to him when he’s out, and even if he’s meeting with friends, he’ll never let himself get drunk… …Young Master Ye must know Tang Nuan’s thoughts.”

“She’s also funny. Does she think Young Master Ye is the same as the group of dandies she plays with?”

“It’s all men’s excuses to have sex after drinking. For someone like Young Master Ye, the more he drinks, the more he will become sober when facing someone with malicious intentions like her.” Jia Xiuyan teased and laughed, “But if it were to be Jiang Miao, I’m afraid he’ll be drunk after just one drink.”

Jiang Miao’s heart skipped a beat and unconsciously lowered her eyelids.

Jiang Zhan thought she was still worried, “Don’t worry, Tang Nuan is at the end of her struggle now, and Shuyan won’t be able to return to the apartment tomorrow.”

Jiang Miao looked at him in surprise.

Jiang Zhan shook his phone, “Aunt Deng’s flight is tomorrow morning and Mom asked you to accompany her to pick her up, saying Aunt Deng misses you very much.”

Deng Qiong, Ye Shuyan’s biological mother, has been holding a touring art exhibition outside this year, which was why she didn’t come back on Jiang Miao’s birthday.

Jia Xiuyan bumped Jiang Miao with her arm, and said with a teasing smile, “Auntie Deng is back, and Young Master Ye is going to pick her up, right?”

Everyone laughed in agreement. Jin Wenxia clapped her hands, “That’s right, Big Brother Ye will definitely accompany Aunt Deng when Aunt Deng comes back.”

“They all said that getting married is not just about men. Sometimes a mother-in-law’s liking is more important than a man’s liking…”

“You know a lot at such a young age.” Jiang Zhan knocked her on the head, and Jin Wenxia stuck out her tongue and smiled mischievously, “That’s what it is…”

The corners of Jiang Miao’s mouth curled up slightly.


Tang Nuan was in the middle of wrapping presents with yellow silk cloth when Ji Yun called, and she said with hatred, “You didn’t go to pick up Young Master Ye?”

Tang Nuan said, “His mother is also going back to Yan City today, and the flight time of the two of them is about the same. He said that he will go directly to his grandfather’s house with his mother. You also know that Madam Deng doesn’t like me very much, so I won’t join in the fun. Why?”

Ji Yun sneered, “Yeah, she doesn’t like you, and like Jiang Miao. Princess Jiang is about to have another hot search. I’ll send you a link separately to take a look.”

“Did Ye Shuyan talk about withdrawing from engagement when he called you?”

“No, it’s not confirmed after all.” Tang Nuan opened WeChat while talking, and skipped the messages for a while before stopping. Tang Nuan ignored the messy greetings and abuse and only clicked on the link sent by Ji Yun.

[Princess Jiang Miao picks up a mysterious lady at the airport, it seems that a good thing is about to happen]

The accompanying picture showed Jiang Miao holding Deng Qiong’s arm and acting coquettishly. The two were like mother and daughter. The other picture shows the two looking at the exit of the airport at the same time, and there was a handsome man who was comparable to a celebrity striding forward, who was Ye Shuyan.

As the queen of hot topics recently, Jiang Miao as the favorite heroine of the beloved daughter who returned to her wealthy family was deeply loved by netizens. As long as it was her news and gossip, the traffic was particularly high and in contrast, information was also discovered very quickly.

Netizens figured out Ye Shuyan’s identity last time, but now they could easily figure out Deng Qiong’s origin without any investigation.

[Madam Deng, born in a high-ranking family, a well-known painter, and President Ye’s biological mother.]

[It seems that our Princess Jiang gets along very well with her future mother-in-law.]

[Brother-in-law, I can look at his face for the rest of my life. He’s so good-looking and so rich!! How could there be such an outstanding man in the world?! Baby Miao must have saved the whole galaxy in her previous life…]

[Thousands of people kneel and beg Baby Miao to bring President Ye to the love variety show! I just like to see this kind of cold man doting on women!]

[+ ID number, please!]


“Brother-in-law has been shouted, and Jiang Miao has mastered the entertainment industry.” Ji Yun became angrier and angrier, “The public opinion in the circle condemned you and forced you to become a despicable and shameless sinner. Now, the netizens help them get engaged through the internet.”

Speaking of this, Ji Yun became very angry, “It’s all about the marketing in the entertainment industry!”

“Have a few leads to boot in the front and have the ones at the back just gossip and join in the fun, where do they care about the truth? Even if there is a rational analysis, everything will be suppressed when the label of ‘the same thing as Tang Nuan’ is put on.”

“Especially now, one is the much-loved princess of the Jiang family, and the other is about to be kicked out…” At this point, Ji Yun couldn’t help asking again, “Have you not confirmed yourself? How can they look exactly the same when there is no blood relationship in this world or is it just a coincidence?”

Tang Nuan said indifferently, “Jiang Miao must have identified it, and Tang Yi even called to gloat over my misfortune.”

Ji Yun was furious when she heard, “So, Jiang Miao obviously has such a big grasp on you. As long as she exposes this, the Tang family and the Ye family may also want to withdraw from the engagement… Her purpose will naturally be achieved. Why does still have to give you such a malicious label, like eradicating you?!”

“Probably because she wants to get back together with Ye Shuyan justifiably and cleanly. After all, the reputation of a third party of bullying others and meddling in other people’s feelings is not very pleasant to hear.”

“So, did she trample you into the mud just for the sake of her reputation?”

“The same goes for those people. They were a little more tactful before, but now they know you…” Ji Yun couldn’t continue.

Tang Nuan accepted her words with a smile, “Knowing that I will soon be a commoner, they can step on me as much as they want. Now they don’t have to worry about the cost to make Princess Jiang happy. It’s all human nature.”

“It’s just that I didn’t expect you to still be with me. I’m relieved.”

One sentence made Ji Yun angry, “F*ck you! You will lose me when you say this.”

Tang Nuan laughed.

But Tang Nuan’s indifference gave her the illusion that it wasn’t a big deal.

“What is your plan?” Ji Yun continued to ask, “It’s not difficult to find out about this matter. I think that bastard Tang Yi is holding back, and I’m afraid he will make trouble at the old madam’s birthday banquet. With the virtues of the Tang family, to please the Jiang family and the Ye family, they won’t care about any prestige.”

Tang Nuan smiled, “Prepare for the worst, get kicked out by the Tang family, get withdrawn from the engagement, and then go to join Li Qiuqiu. Isn’t she betting on Jiang Miao’s victory just to help us?”

“At a time like this, you still remember the bet?” Ji Yun was amused by her, “Li Qiuqiu is probably distressed to death.”

Tang Nuan smiled, “Who told her not to lend me the money at that time, otherwise two people would have won the money.”

Ji Yun smiled and said, “Speaking seriously, have you gotten to know Tang Xing’s family? I think she is also a very favor daughter.”

She was quite favored, Tang Nuan thought of the story in the book that the other person has the love of two families. She smiled and said indifferently, “I am an adult now, does it matter whether the family is not family? As long as I have Li Qiuqiu, that’s enough.”

Ji Yun was amused by her again, “You are relying on Li Qiuqiu.”

Then she said seriously, “It seems that you have thought it all over. I don’t believe that you plan to be driven out like this. The Tang family and the breaking of engagement are not up to you, but you are willing to leave behind the infamy that Jiang Miao planted on you?”

“Sure enough, you are my number one friend, who just understands me.” Tang Nuan said mysteriously, “Would you like to make a fortune? It will be a fifty-fifty split at that time.”

Ji Yun was shocked, “How do you make the money?”

Tang Nuan clicked her tongue, “You’re in marketing anyway, haven’t you ever thought about rubbing Princess Jiang’s popularity?”

Ji Yun seemed to understand what she was thinking, “You mean…”

“That’s right,” Tang Nuan said, “I don’t appear in the announcements she has made so far. How can it be exciting without a villain in such a beautiful love story?”

Ji Yun frowned, “You’ve seen the faces of those people in the circle these days. They don’t know the truth at all. At any rate, they all know their family names and have limited bad words. But if you go online, especially the things about you not being the daughter of the Tang family are exposed again. You know, those people on the Internet are unreasonable, they only pay attention to whether the matter is interesting or not.”

“At that time, you will be subjected to online violence, and you will be harming one thousand enemies while losing eight hundred.”

“You’re wrong. I’m not in the entertainment industry, and the internet infamy has no effect on me at all,” Tang Nuan said with a smile, “If the evidence is solid enough, Jiang Miao will be even more afraid.”

“Now you can imagine how much the Jiang family will spend to buy out the news.”

Ji Yun said, “I said, you are not afraid of the Jiang family’s revenge. It is easy to let the netizens shield you but at that time, you won’t have Ye Shuyan’s support.”

Tang Nuan thought of something, and laughed in a good mood, “How could it be? I’m Jiang Miao’s fanatic fan. When the netizens scold me so badly at that time, she will have to protect me in the end.”

Ji Yun was full of question marks, “What did you say?”

Tang Nuan snorted in a good mood, “In short, I have my own tricks. So just say whether you want to do it or not!”

Ji Yun gritted her teeth, “I’ll do it!”

The two discussed how to start getting solid evidence.

While talking, Ji Yun sighed, “I think Jiang Miao is just lacking in confidence. She just has to wait obediently in your situation, and no one can say anything about these petty tricks when Ye Shuyan withdraws from the engagement. At that time, she will use public opinion to bind Ye Shuyan, and Ye Shuyan can give her some face because Madam Deng likes her.”

“If she is caught now, Ye Shuyan won’t have a good impression of her, and the image of a pure and noble princess in the entertainment industry will also collapse.”

Tang Nuan raised the corner of her mouth, so to say, she would make mistakes if she was anxious.

Now that Jiang Miao had made a foolish move, even if Tang Nuan had more scandals, she was still Ye Shuyan’s fiancée, and the fact that Jiang Miao was a third party couldn’t be erased.

Even if Jiang Miao could quibble that the text was all speculation, it was true that she had an affair with Ye Shuyan when he had a fiancée. If she really got together with Ye Shuyan in the future, this disgraceful impression would accompany her whole life.

Just like Tang Nuan in the book, what started as a foolish move at the beginning became a stain that could never be erased after marriage.

So, as she said, if they want her to cry, the other party shouldn’t even try to laugh.

Tang Nuan and Ji Yun were muttering and discussing plans to make money.


On Ye Shuyan’s side, Assistant Wen also sent him the article.

Mother Jiang prepared a welcoming banquet for Deng Qiong in her clubhouse, and Ye Shuyan naturally accompanied her. Jiang Miao and Jiang Zhan were also there.

While drinking tea after dinner, Assistant Wen brought documents to Ye Shuyan.

[Should I inform President Ye of this on time? Is the mother or the wife more important? Why is President Ye’s problem making me, a poor little assistant, struggle…]

Ye Shuyan listened to the tumultuous and bitter inner voice, and looked up at the indifferent Wen Assistant, “What’s the matter with Tang Nuan?”

Mother Jiang and Deng Qiong were silent when they heard the words. Jiang Miao bit her lip and looked at him sadly.

Ye Shuyan seemed completely unaware of the change in the atmosphere, and Assistant Wen was even more calm, opening the article link and handing over the phone.

Ye Shuyan frowned at the article, and glanced at Jiang Miao lightly, with obvious displeasure in his eyes.

Jiang Miao’s face turned pale as if she didn’t know what happened at all. Assistant Wen explained to her thoughtfully, “Someone photographed you and Madam picking up President Ye at the airport.”

“What’s the matter?” Deng Qiong scolded Ye Shuyan while searching for the article on her mobile phone, “It was just a photo, and didn’t do anything shameful. You just know how to scare people with a cold face all day long… “

She held Jiang Miao’s hand and said, “Don’t take it to heart. He’s just such an annoying person.”

Jiang Miao breathed a sigh of relief and apologized to Ye Shuyan, “Auntie, I’m sorry, there are too many paparazzi staring at me recently, I should be careful. I’ll contact them right now to remove the trending searches.”

[Anyway, it has been simmering for so long, and the heat that should be there is already there… We will be bound together after all, and if he gets angry again, it won’t ruin my dream.]

Ye Shuyan glanced at her and said calmly, “No need.” After saying that, he got up and prepared to leave.

Deng Qiong frowned, “Where are you going?”

Ye Shuyan said, “Go home. Grandma’s birthday is tomorrow, and I have to go back to prepare.”

Deng Qiong frowned, “Aren’t you coming back to your grandfather’s house with me?”

Ye Shuyan said, “Let’s wait until after the birthday banquet. Tomorrow will be busy, and I have to pick up Tang Nuan.”

He left without waiting for them to speak again.

Jiang Miao bit her lips tightly, and Deng Qiong comforted her…

When he reached the door, Assistant Wen said, “I’m afraid it will arouse the desire of netizens to investigate if removing the trending search at this time…”

Ye Shuyan said, “You don’t need to remove the hot search, it’s faster and better to use the truth to crush the scandal and take advantage of this popularity to promote the company’s project.”

Assistant Wen immediately understood, “Okay.” It seemed that President Ye still likes Miss Tang very much.

Ye Shuyan glanced at him, only feeling tired, why didn’t he know that his assistant was so gossipy? This matter was obviously more beneficial to the company.

The car passed by a flower shop, and Assistant Wen stopped.

Ye Shuyan asked, “What’s the matter?”

Assistant Wen said, “You decided to go back to the apartment not long ago and I didn’t prepare any flowers.”

Ye Shuyan thought of that box of sildenafil, and said coldly, “No need.”

Not only there were no flowers, but there were also no gifts.

When Tang Nuan stood at the door and heard Ye Shuyan coldly say to her, “I will pick you up at eleven o’clock tomorrow,” she was completely at a loss after he turned around and left immediately.

She knew that according to the usual practice, if such a thing happened and if Ye Shuyan was on a business trip, he would bring a gift to appease her when he came back.

 As a result, she was not angry yet, and he himself became angry.

It was said that if a man was angry, it proved that the matter was true.

Tang Nuan sighed, sure enough, men were materialistic. He was going to break off the engagement soon, and he didn’t even do the pleasantries… Tsk.

Speaking of which, wouldn’t it be enough to make a phone call? He even came over to scare her. Could it be that he was in a bad mood when he saw Jiang Miao today, so he blamed herself?

Tsk! Scumbag!

Outside the door, Assistant Wen felt that it was strange enough that President Ye didn’t leave right away. At this moment, no one had provoked him, but his expression became colder and colder…

Could it be that his breathing disturbed him?

Ye Shuyan glanced at Assistant Wen, “If there are no special circumstances in the future, don’t come near me within three meters.”

Assistant Wen: …

For the sake of money, I will bear with it!

Last night, Tang Nuan had a good night’s sleep to recharge her spirits. She got up early in the morning to clean up and do styling. Today was the birthday banquet and she needed to arrive before noon.

She still has a gentle, virtuous, and well-behaved image, only the huge engagement ring she wore at the end was more ostentatious.

At eleven o’clock, the doorbell rang on time. Tang Nuan opened the door and saw Ye Shuyan. The man was wearing an iron gray slim-fitting formal suit that outlined his tall and lean figure. The Windsor bow tie was tightly clasped under his Adam’s apple and his indifferent temperament was matched by that handsome face. She really couldn’t get enough of this face.

It was just that when her eyes fell on his fingers, Tang Nuan couldn’t help but pursed her lips tightly to prevent herself from laughing out loud.

The engagement rings of the two of them were actually requested by her. At that time, Assistant Wen came to ask her what kind of ring she wanted. She said it should be big and conspicuous. In fact, she had no hope for it. After all, in this related marriage, she was on the side of asking for a favor from others.

Thus, on the day of the engagement, Ye Shuyan took out a pair of large and eye-catching rings, which were so out of place in his hands. Tang Nuan once wondered if he was the same as her, trying to piss off the Ye family.

Just because he kept his face cold and didn’t show any emotion at all, Tang Nuan felt that he probably didn’t care at all.

But today he brought it again suddenly, and she didn’t know what the meaning of this was. Since the other party was within three meters, Tang Nuan couldn’t even think seriously, so she hastily sent a message to Ji Yun.

Anyway, it was still very advantageous to her for him to wear this ring and would play it by ear when the time came.

When the car was about to leave the community, Tang Nuan naturally pressed the window button, but not only did the window on her side move, but Ye Shuyan’s window also came down…

Tang Nuan was shocked, thinking that she had pressed the wrong button, and quickly looked down at the button on her hand. She didn’t press it wrong, right? Was there a bug in the car system?

Facing Ye Shuyan, she quickly explained, “It’s just a bit stuffy, and I want some fresh air.”

“What a coincidence, me too.” Ye Shuyan said. Tang Nuan realized that his hand was also pressing the window button.

Tang Nuan blinked, why did she think he did it on purpose? And these words made her inexplicably guilty.

She smiled at Ye Shuyan, but Ye Shuyan just gave her a cold look and closed his eyes to rest.

Was it to warn her? Tang Nuan felt uneasy.

Who cares! Anyway, today was a rotten day for her, so what the hell. Ye Shuyan’s car window was lowered just in time, the paparazzi would take clearer photos. She quietly leaned next to Ye Shuyan.

Ye Shuyan didn’t seem to notice that Tang Nuan was nervously posing, completely oblivious to the slightly raised corner of the other person’s mouth.

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