The Wealthy and Influential Fiancé Has the Ability to Read Minds

Chapter 35

After coming out of the bathroom, Tang Nuan thought of wandering elsewhere instead of going to the office to receive the unpredictable wind and rain baptism* of Ye Shuyan. Tang Yue’s message popped up on her phone: [Let’s have lunch together at noon? Mom and Dad are very happy and want to celebrate at home.]

(wind and rain baptism* – a metaphor, refers to the growth and progress that people gain after experiencing hardships)

Then she sent another one: [If it’s inconvenient, I’ll ask Xiao Ben to send it to you later.]

Tang Nuan stared at the screen for a long time and typed out a few words: [What is the address?]

Tang Yue’s phone call came immediately, “Where are you? Are you back in the community or at Ye Group? I happen to be off work, so I’ll pick you up on the way.”

Now that Tang Nuan decided to take this step, she didn’t hesitate anymore, “Okay, I’m still in Ye Group Building.”

Tang Yue smiled and said, “Okay, I’ll be there in about half an hour.”

After hanging up the phone, Tang Nuan took a deep breath and returned to the restroom to tidy up carefully. Then she went to the office to say goodbye to Ye Shuyan, who was still emitting cold air and said, “Well, I have something to do and need to leave soon. Thank you for today. We can talk about the contract for the Nuanyang System anytime when you’re ready.”

“Okay,” Ye Shuyan stood up and walked her to the elevator personally, “Feel free to contact me anytime if you need anything.”

Tang Nuan sensed a little gentleness during the peaceful time in comparison to his usual business-like tone.

Gentle? Ye Shuyan was also stunned for a moment. It wasn’t until Tang Nuan got on the elevator that Ye Shuyan thought that this was nothing more than just a normal concern for his fiancée.

Then he heard someone’s sonorous and powerful voice. Well, it must be an illusion, the capitalists have no heart.

Ye Shuyan: …

Well, I’ll show her the heartless capitalist next time!

Tang Nuan didn’t know that she was so angry at Ye Shuyan that she went straight to the nearby shopping mall to buy some gifts after going downstairs. It was not good to go empty-handed.

Because she was worried about making Tang Yue wait, Tang Nuan bought things quickly. However, she still couldn’t help feeling uneasy when she came out carrying the things she bought as this was the first time that she experienced anxiety about going home.

Just as she was cheering herself up, she saw two people bumping together in the parking lot at the entrance of the Ye Group Building – Tang Yue and Tang Xing.

Tang Yue was wearing a very ladylike dress. Although her features looked similar to Tang Nuan’s, her temperament was gentle. At first glance, she seemed to be gentle and easy to talk to. However, judging from the limited contact with Tang Nuan, she knew that Tang Yue was the backbone of the Tang family. Even Tang Jinxin and Shen Jinhua listened to her on many things, let alone Tang Fei and Tang Ben, who respected her very much and always went to her first when encountering big problems.

So, Tang Xing must be like this too.

She saw Tang Yue stuffing a card into Tang Xing’s pocket despite Tang Xing’s refusal. Tang Nuan somehow thought of herself that just two weeks ago, Tang Yue had done the same thing to her with the same gentle expression and equally forcefully handed her a card…

She ended up putting the card in the safe with no intention of using it. Because she understood too well that what others give could be taken back at any time…

Tang Nuan looked at them in a daze, which was also the plot of the book, and it was also the reason why she completely distanced herself from the Tang family in the book.

She solely believed that Tang Jinxin and the others went to the Tang family’s old house because of their love for Tang Xing, which did not make their relationship so distant.

After all, the Tang family was passionate and persistent nature. Just like when they recognized each other, even if she acted coldly and only watched their excitement with cold eyes, they never gave up. They carefully avoided all things about Tang Xing and restrained their treatment of her with exaggeration. With exaggerated enthusiasm, they showed her everything about the family without reservation, waiting for her to blend in at any time.

She thought that she must not be able to resist such temptation in the book, so one day when she went to find the Tang family, she saw them helplessly and sadly stuffing a card to Tang Xing…

So, she turned around and left, completely rejecting all advances from the Tang family and refusing to give anyone a chance.

But now she didn’t plan to do this. The collective advertising account this time was not fake. Tang Yue was not partial to Tang Xing and in the following days in the book, they might have helped her a lot – so this time, she wanted to confirm it herself.

Even if she wanted to stay away from them, she must stay away with a clear conscience, instead of escaping like in the book.

Tang Yue saw her first, and there was a hint of panic on her usually firm face. Without caring about Tang Xing, she hurriedly walked towards her, “Nuannuan, you are here?”

Tang Nuan nodded and looked at Tang Xing.

Tang Xing nodded awkwardly towards her and wanted to leave, but was stopped by Tang Yue, “Tang Xing.”

Tang Yue held Tang Nuan’s hand tightly, as if she was afraid that she would run away, then opened the car door and said, “Let’s get in the car first and chat a little bit.”

Tang Xing hesitated for a moment, and after seeing Tang Nuan get into the copilot seat, she also got into the back seat.

Tang Yue took them to a quiet cafe.

“I came to pick you up and happened to meet Tang Xing.” Tang Yue explained.

“Yes,” Tang Xing added hurriedly, “I’m here to see Miao…” When she said this, she realized something and said quickly, “I’m not here to plead with Big Sister.”

She pursed her lips and suddenly stood up to bow to Tang Nuan, “I’m sorry. I didn’t understand the situation before and set a wrong marketing plan for Jiang Miao, which caused harm to you. I’m very sorry.”

She said urgently, “But since I knew President Ye had a fiancée at Jiang Miao’s birthday party, I have been opposing it.” She was afraid that Tang Nuan might misunderstand, so she tried to explain, “I’m not saying this to defend myself, I just want you to know that I didn’t mean to hurt you. You don’t have to forgive me, and I accept it.”

“I, I am no longer her agent anymore. My parents asked me to come find her today…” Speaking of this, her mood went down south.

Tang Nuan understood that the Tang family had been flattering the Jiang family ever since they planned to expose her past, and a large part of the so-called love for Tang Xing was due to her close relationship with Jiang Miao.

Now that Tang Yi was detested by the Jiang family for doing foolish things, they naturally couldn’t allow Tang Xing to lose contact anymore.

Looking at Tang Xing like this, she was obviously reluctant.

Tang Nuan recalled the plot in the book and realized that there were not many appearances of Tang Xing in the later part, but after all, she was the person who exchanged identities with her, so Tang Nuan remembered clearly that Tang Xing later went to the south to open an entertainment agency and did very well, while Jiang Miao had always established in Yan City.

She wondered if she had prejudged the matters again.

Tang Xing seemed afraid that mentioning the Tang family’s old house would make Tang Nuan unhappy, so she changed the topic and said, “I didn’t expect Big Sister to be here, ah, don’t misunderstand,” she eagerly took out a card from her pocket and placed it on the table. “I’m here to return this.”

Tang Nuan was taken aback.

Tang Xing said, “This is a card given by my family. I left in a hurry and forgot to return it…” Speaking of which, she couldn’t help but turn red, “Sorry.” It should have been yours.

Tang Nuan sensed the implied meaning behind her words.

She found that Tang Xing had a very similar temperament to the Tang family and was completely generous in giving to those she cared about. Even if she was a complete stranger, just because she was the biological daughter of the Tang family, the other party would still put herself in her shoes and avoid anything that would make her uncomfortable…

Tang Yue sighed and explained to Tang Nuan, “The whole family is still sorting out this matter. The property will take some time to transfer, but Tang Xing has notified the renters to switch to Mom’s card.”

Tang Yue reached out and held Tang Nuan’s hand, “Nuannuan, I was thinking that the Tang family over there also raised you. If they know about this, will they come to us and calculate the cost of raising you for more than twenty years…”

“This kind of upheaval is already enough for you to bear. We don’t want it to cause you any further harm, so let’s just cut it all in one stroke and move forward.”

Tang Nuan was stunned for a moment, “Have they asked you for something?” After asking, she felt foolish again. With the temperament of the Tang family, how could they not care about the things Ye Shuyan gave her?

Sure enough, Tang Yue said, “They said when you got engaged to Ye Shuyan, your family bought a lot of jewelry and even sent you to study abroad and so on… We didn’t make any decisions without asking you first, so we just pretended to be deaf and dumb.”

Tang Jinxin almost had to use money to make up for it, after all, their family was not short of money. However, he was stopped by Tang Yue. If it were a normal situation, both parties would be victims. The Tang family would not be stingy in repaying the money they spent raising their child. However, the wealthy Tang family’s actions were full of uncomfortable calculations and their attitude toward Tang Nuan was even more unsympathetic to the point of being scorned.

Tang Yue had a gut feeling that something was going on, so she didn’t plan to agree with them before confirming it with Tang Nuan. Anyway, they thought they were ordinary people, so the wealthy Tang family could only show off their sense of superiority, but couldn’t force them to take the money out.

Tang Yue looked at Tang Xing who was looking embarrassed, “I guess you thought about returning the card after hearing about this.”

Tang Nuan looked at Tang Xing, whose eyes were red, and suddenly said, “Keep this card. It’s best not to let them know.”

Tang Xing was stunned for a moment. Tang Nuan leaned back on the chair and let out a long breath, her voice a little shaky, “Do you know why you were born?”

Tang Xing didn’t know why Tang Nuan suddenly mentioned this.

As Tang Nuan continued, “Lin Yue’e was not considered young anymore when Tang Shuang was seventeen years old. Tang Sheng’an seemed to have low sperm quality, but they still conceived you through a test tube.”

Tang Xing was puzzled.

Tang Nuan laughed sarcastically, “Because of Tang Sheng’an’s traditional thinking, he never thought about letting his daughter inherit the family business. So, after Tang Yi was born outside, he had to take him back home to groom him. Only then did Lin Yue’e learn about Tang Sheng’an’s plan, which naturally caused a big uproar. The final result of the negotiation was that the two of them had another child.”

Tang Xing already understood what she meant. She was born as a tool for Lin Yue’e to fight for the family business.

Sure enough, Tang Nuan said, “If it’s a son, he will naturally inherit the family business. If it’s a daughter, he will take Tang Yi back home.”

“Later, a daughter was born and Tang Sheng’an didn’t care. He has Tang Yi anyway, but Lin Yue’e’s child was born out of physical damage and suffering which was completely useless… As for Tang Shuang…” Tang Nuan sneered, “She is the most cold-blooded person in the family. Whether it’s Tang Yi or you, both of you are a stumbling block for her to become the heir. She wanted to make you disappear while you were still in Lin Yue’e’s belly. “

“And as for Tang Yi, you are the obstacle that prevented him from returning to the Tang family in time. He needs you now, but when he doesn’t, his hatred may be more terrifying than Tang Shuang.”

Tang Nuan raised her eyes to look at her, “Tang Xing, don’t be reserved in that family. You can go visit Grandma when you have time. If you don’t fight in the Tang family, you will end up like her.”

When someone was no longer useful, they would leave them to die in a nursing home. When someone was useful, they would take them out and use them for a while.

Tang Xing’s eyes widened in shock. So, did she grow up with Father Tang ignoring her, Mother Tang resenting her, and Tang Shuang and Tang Yi’s hatred?

Tang Xing couldn’t imagine such a day and suddenly cried, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry…” In fact, it was she who stole her life.

Tang Nuan didn’t say anything, stood up, and said to Tang Yue, “I remembered that I have something else to do today, so I’ll go back first, and let’s have lunch another day.”

Everyone was right about this, Tang Xing was innocent, Tang Jinxin’s family didn’t know about it, and the selfish and cold-blooded rich Tang family also thought she was their biological daughter, so who should she blame?

“Nuannuan.” Tang Yue chased after her, hugged her, and said distressedly, “Nuannuan, don’t be sad, Sister will help you seek justice, for sure.”

Tang Nuan tried her best to keep her expression calm. Tang Yue touched her head and said softly, “I’ll send you back first. Let’s eat some other time. There’s no rush.”

Tang Nuan couldn’t help but grasp the hem of her skirt…

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