The Wealthy and Influential Fiancé Has the Ability to Read Minds

Chapter 6

Tang Nuan, where others were waiting to see her as a joke, was now sitting in the car bored.

She had always known that Ye Shuyan was a workaholic, but she didn’t expect that a few years later, he had evolved into such a frenzied state.

From the moment he got into the car at home, Assistant Shen, who was sitting in the co-pilot, began to report work non-stop. After almost forty minutes drive, Ye Shuyan had already held a small meeting online, replied to several emails, and now he was reading the research report of the new project.

“…The overseas team has already inspected the Nuanyang Smart Hotel Management System, which has flexible and diverse functions. The Maisel Hotel experience is very good, which is in line with the future trend of international hotel upgrades and is very in line with the future planning of our corporation’s hotels. After evaluation, the investment team believes that investment and acquisition are more cost-effective than simple procurement.”

“And, the main founder of the other party is a Chinese, who seems to have plans to return to China for development. But Erica is quite mysterious and has hardly appeared. The other is just the person in charge of the project and can’t make the decision. She said that she would reply within half a month at the latest.”

Hearing this information, Tang Nuan finally got a little interested and turned her head to see Ye Shuyan’s thoughts on his face.

However, the other party seemed to have facial nerve paralysis, and his eyebrows didn’t even move. He just took the iPad to quickly browse the data, and finally gave a concise instruction, “Get in touch with the other party within a week.”

Assistant Shen said quickly, “Okay.”

From the corner of his eye glanced at Tang Nuan who was smiling beside him, Assistant Shen couldn’t help sneering in his heart, this good-for-nothing could really put on an act and seemed to be able to understand the whole journey. Unfortunately, even if she acted to perfection, President Ye would only treat her as a flower vase for decoration.

Tang Nuan noticed Assistant Shen’s contempt for her almost instantly, and thought, Jiang Miao’s charm was so great that even won over Ye Shuyan’s assistant.

Does Ye Shuyan know about this? Tang Nuan couldn’t help turning her head to look at him. Looking at the cold face, she felt that she was thinking too much. As long as it didn’t affect his work, he probably wouldn’t care about such trivial matters.

“President Ye, we are here.” The car drove all the way into the resort and stopped at the entrance of the main hall.

Assistant Shen handed the box that he had been holding in his arms to the back, “President Ye, this is the birthday present that Madam and you prepared for Miss Jiang Miao.”

The driver had already opened the door for Ye Shuyan. Ye Shuyan glanced at him indifferently, “Give it to Tang Nuan.”

Assistant Shen was stared at by those emotionless glazed eyes, and his back froze. At that moment, he seemed to feel that Ye Shuyan had seen through his trick.

Tang Nuan raised her eyebrows, reached out to take the box, and said gently, “Don’t worry, I will hand her over to Miss Jiang absolutely.”

Assistant Shen let go of his hand embarrassedly and didn’t dare to speak again.

Tang Nuan smiled at him, and slowly opened the door. Ye Shuyan had come around from the front of the car and stretched out his hand to her.

Tang Nuan took his hand, and her foot was twisted again when he got out of the car. Ye Shuyan looked down at her. Tang Nuan swallowed unconsciously, thinking about whether to change her shoes and if Ye Shuyan was impatient, the gain would not be worth the loss.

However, before she could speak, Ye Shuyan’s big hand moved from her palm to her forearm to facilitate her use of his strength.

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After she stood up and took his arm, Ye Shuyan not only didn’t say anything but also slowed down a little to cooperate with her.

Tang Nuan couldn’t help but smile brightly as she looked at the main hall villa decorated with flowers and neon lights in front of her.

As Jiang Zhan walked out from inside, the noise in the hall subconsciously subsided, and everyone looked at the door coincidently. Jin Wenxia squeezed Jiang Miao’s arm excitedly, “Sister Miao, Big Brother Ye is here!”

Several friends who had a good relationship with Jiang Miao looked at her teasingly.

Jiang Miao helplessly walked over and motioned them not to fool around.

It was at this moment that Tang Nuan stepped into the hall holding Ye Shuyan’s arm. At that instant, the whole hall fell into silence and then immediately followed by a few obvious gasps.

A few intense gazes fell on her. Tang Nuan looked over subconsciously and found that not far away, Jiang Miao bit her lower lip firmly and quickly let go. Several friends around her looked at her with unbelievable eyes and the little girl on her arm sneered at Tang Nuan.

Tang Nuan probably recognized those people. Although Jiang Miao had just been recognized, she was recruited by a private aristocratic high school with excellent grades, so she has long been in contact with people in the circle. The person standing next to her was her high school classmate.

Of course, she was in the same class as Ye Shuyan, and those classmates were also Ye Shuyan…

Tang Nuan saw the shocked expressions on their faces, and a trace of curiosity arose in her heart. Did Ye Shuyan and Jiang Miao really fall in love madly with each other in high school?

However, this thought was quickly thrown out of her mind. First, she couldn’t imagine what Ye Shuyan would look like when he loved someone. Second, even if there was one, it was in the past. She was now completely sure that Ye Shuyan didn’t have any special feelings for Jiang Miao.

With a gentle and decent smile, Tang Nuan nodded politely to greet everyone.

For an unknown reason, the little girl holding Jiang Miao’s arm seemed to be even angrier, but Jiang Miao quickly concealed her gaffe and greeted them with a pure and generous smile.

Jiang Zhan, who had already walked in front of them, didn’t even look at Tang Nuan. While greeting Ye Shuyan, he led people to Jiang Miao’s side and smiled, “Miaomiao has a big reputation, only can she invite you, Shuyan, over.”

Ye Shuyan didn’t make any comment. When he walked in front of Jiang Miao, he looked down at her and said indifferently, “Happy birthday.” The tone was no different from that of others.

Jiang Miao paused slightly, then smiled, “Thank you.”

Tang Nuan handed over the gift at the right time, “Miss Jiang, happy birthday.” Her eyes fell on Jiang Miao’s empty neck, and she smiled, “It seems that this gift from Aunt Deng is very suitable.”

Ye Shuyan’s biological mother was called Deng Qiong, and Tang Nuan explained on her behalf, “Aunt Deng should have told you that she is also holding a traveling art exhibition in Yin State. I’m sorry that she can’t come back this time.”

She said and took out another box, “This is the matching brooch, which is the idea of Brother Shuyan and me.”

Jiang Miao’s expression finally changed. She couldn’t help looking at Ye Shuyan, with unbelievable and irrepressible grievances in her eyes.

However, Ye Shuyan still had a cold expression, and no one could see the slightest emotion.

Jiang Miao seemed to finally give up, lowered her eyes, and said softly, “Thank you.”

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Although she quickly put on an appropriate smile again, people who care about her and Tang Nuan, who was sensitive to other people’s emotions could sense her sad forbearance.

Tang Nuan instantly felt no less than two icy gazes on the opposite side, Jiang Zhan’s was more subtle in a fleeting moment, and the little girl next to Jiang Miao almost made no secret of her hostility.

Tang Nuan leaned against Ye Shuyan unconsciously. If it was cold, who could be colder than Ye Shuyan?

In the end, the carpet under her feet seemed to be a little uneven when she moved, and her feet were sprained again. She took Ye Shuyan’s arm and exerted strength unconsciously. Ye Shuyan glanced down at her and suddenly reached out to support her shoulders.

Tang Nuan: …

She watched Jiang Miao, who had regained her smile, unconsciously bit her lower lip, looking like she was betrayed by the scumbag. She took a deep breath and pretended not to care. With a smiling face, she turned around and left quickly.

In all honesty, Tang Nuan really didn’t have the intention to provoke her.

But apparently, the person opposite didn’t think so. Jiang Zhan looked at her with a smile yet not a smile, “Is Second Miss Tang’s foot not good? Do you want me to send someone to help you have to rest?”

Tang Nuan’s mind turned superfast, and immediately smiled, “Then I’ll trouble President Jiang.”

This was the opponent’s home ground, and Ye Shuyan couldn’t watch her throughout the party, and from the time she got off the car to now, Ye Shuyan’s attitude towards her has already won her a victory. She just didn’t want to be seen as a joke. There was no need to over-stimulate the opponent and compete for this indifferent position.

Jiang Zhan obviously didn’t expect her to say such a thing, so he immediately choked.

Tang Nuan explained thoughtfully, “To tell you the truth, I did sprain my foot before I came here, and I got here by relying on Brother Shuyan. It’s always not good to hang on him all the time.”

Jiang Zhan couldn’t tell for a while whether she was admitting cowardice or provocation.

Ye Shuyan looked down at her when she heard this, and Tang Nuan had a bad premonition for some reason.

A moment later, Tang Nuan sat next to Ye Shuyan in the main lounge area, and was among a group of big shots, watching the opening performance on the stage from the best angle.

Although she didn’t hang on the other party, Ye Shuyan seemed to plan to take her with him all the time.

Tang Nuan: …

She couldn’t tell for a while whether Ye Shuyan wanted to protect her or harm her. Feeling Jiang Zhan’s deep eyes from time to time, Tang Nuan felt that life has no more meaning, and her provocation against Jiang Miao was probably impossible for her to wash away.

She decided to use the foot injury as an excuse to retreat strategically. After all, when faced with real strength, her mouth cannon* was just to look good.

(mouth cannon* – internet buzzword, referring to those who spout indecent words from their mouth.)

After the opening performance, it was the highlight of today.

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Jiang Miao herself was very beautiful, and after dressing up today, she was even more astonishedly beautiful on stage.

Of course, what was more enviable than her appearance was the love she received. She has been lost for twenty years. The Jiang family prepared 19 birthday gifts for her, and none of her parents and brothers fell behind.

From the age of eight to twenty-seven, every gift contained sadness and love, and now all of them have become a cure for the suffering she has endured over the past twenty years.

On the stage, Jiang Miao held her parents and brothers in her arms and wept. Everyone in the audience followed along and wiped away their tears. Not to mention the young girls, the elders who were over fifty years old next to her all had tears in their eyes.

Tang Nuan’s nose was a little sour at first until she found out that the second brother of the Jiang family took out a polar bear cuddly toy more than one-meter-high and said it was Jiang Miao’s twelfth birthday present.

Tang Nuan has a very deep impression of this cuddly toy.

When she was ten years old, she was pushed into the sea by Tang Yi and almost drowned. Because of this incident, her mother and her sister confronted her father. Not only did her sister win some company share, but her mother also successfully drove Tang Yi out of the old house.

Lin Yue’e and Tang Shuang were very happy and thought she had made a great contribution. For the first time, they actively held a birthday party for her, and it was also the first time that Tang Nuan received this kind of attention and was very happy.

However, Lin Yue’e set the location of the birthday party at the seaside, because one of the distinguished guests she invited liked the sea.

But since being pushed into the sea by Tang Yi, Tang Nuan has been very afraid of water but seeing the rare concern Lin Yue’e and Tang Shuang have for her, she dared not say it.

Finally, after cutting the cakes on the day of her birthday party, she couldn’t wait to escape from the beach but lost her way.

Later, she met a kind little brother who sent her home. When he heard that it was her birthday later, he got out of the car and bought her a birthday present, which was a polar bear cuddly toy.

Maybe because the little brother was too kind at the time, Tang Nuan liked that cuddly toy very much. Later, she heard her elder sister Tang Shuang say that the gift was not cheap and the new model of the D family that year was only put on shelves a few days ago.  She still regretted patronizing and taking care of her. She didn’t thank that little brother and couldn’t find him later.

She was ten years old that year, and Jiang Miao was three years older than her. In other words, this cuddly toy should have appeared when Jiang Miao was thirteen years old, but the second brother of the Jiang family said that it was a twelve-year-old birthday gift for her.

When she found out that this was just a drama, Tang Nuan felt that it was boring, but everyone on the left and right was all moved. She wondered whether it was too impolite for her to put on a drama-watching attitude.

But she was really not good at shedding tears. Thinking of something, she turned to look at Ye Shuyan. This iceberg shouldn’t have any empathy for human joys and sorrows, right?

Sure enough, he was looking at the stage quietly with an expressionless face, without any trace of emotion at all. Tang Nuan found a plan in an instant which was the man sang and the woman followed, and no one could say anything.

Ye Shuyan noticed her gaze and turned his head sideways as if asking her what the matter was.

Tang Nuan smiled, turned her head back, and continued to look at the stage. Then she found that several members of the Jiang family were staring at her without leaving a trace, and their looks were not good.

Tang Nuan: …

Thinking about the situation just now, in the eyes of the Jiang family, everyone shed tears, but she was the only one who smiled at Ye Shuyan…

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It was estimated that her attitude of crashing the scene today couldn’t be washed away from the Jiang family. Tang Nuan sighed and couldn’t help but complain. In such a touching scene, they could still devote their energy to paying attention to her. Their feelings were not sincere enough, ah.

However, Tang Nuan was soon slapped in the face.

When Father Jiang took out five percent of his shares as Jiang Miao’s twenty-fifth birthday present, the audience was in an uproar.

It was known that for a group as large as the Jiang family, such shares were almost the same as the heirs. Apart from dividends, she certainly has the right to speak in the major decisions of the group.

Tang Nuan looked at Jiang Zhan and the second brother of the Jiang family subconsciously. Knowing that the Tang family’s equity was tightly held by her father and her sister, they both relied on their wits and courage to grab from each other a little. The equity of the Tang family in her hand was given to her when she was engaged to Ye Shuyan back then, and the family gave it because they were really afraid of being disgraceful.

Tang Sheng’an also wanted to give a little more so that Ye Shuyan could help the Tang family more, but Tang Shuang did not agree, for fear that if given too much, she would interfere in the company’s affairs, but if given too little, it would not look good, so he finally reluctantly gave one percent.

One percent of the Tang family was estimated to be not even comparable to one percent of the Jiang family.

However, when Father Jiang gave Jiang Miao five percent, not only did Jiang Zhan and his brother not have any reluctance on their face, but they also looked at Jiang Miao dotingly.

If such feelings were not sincere, then what kind of feelings were sincere?

Tang Nuan was really envious now. She also wanted such parents and brothers.

Of course, she was obviously not the only one who was envious. She could obviously hear the noise coming from behind, and even big shots on the left and right looked at Jiang Miao with more attention in their eyes – a girl who was simply loved was different from the girl who had status at home.

Tang Nuan noticed Old Man Jiang and Father Jiang, who seemed to appear looking at Ye Shuyan unintentionally, in deep thought…

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