The Wealthy and Influential Fiancé Has the Ability to Read Minds

Chapter 7

In the end, the Jiang family transitioned to the dinner party starting with cutting the birthday cake as the highlight.

Of course, no matter what kind of banquet the rich family has, it was not for the food. Soon someone would come to Ye Shuyan’s side to greet him, and those who could talk to him were naturally very influential. Tang Nuan was standing beside him with a proper smile and accepted everyone’s obvious and secret assessment of her.

After a while, Tang Nuan saw Father Jiang and Jiang Zhan walking over with Jiang Miao. In the middle of the way, Mother Jiang even brought Lin Yue’e, who had been wanting to come over, and Tang Sheng’an and Tang Shuang also took the opportunity to follow suit.

The Tang family was far away from the Jiang family in the social circle. So, how could Mother Jiang be so kind to her daughter’s rival family?

Obviously, she came to find her daughter for a place. Although Tang Nuan was arrogant, she was very good at analyzing the pros and cons. If she were to confront them at this moment, she would definitely suffer a secret loss, so she decided to leave.

She gently tugged at Ye Shuyan’s sleeve, intending to speak to him, but Ye Shuyan leaned over slightly, “What’s the matter?”

Tang Nuan paused, then leaned closer to his ear and whispered, “I’ll going to find Ji Yun.”

Ye Shuyan looked down at her feet. Tang Nuan smiled and said, “It’s okay, Ji Yun and I will find a place to sit for a while. Just call me when you want to leave.”

Ye Shuyan nodded, “Be careful.”

Then, when the Jiang and Tang families walked in front of them, Tang Nuan nodded in greeting, then turned and left swiftly.

Tang Sheng’an and the others were all staring at Ye Shuyan eagerly, but the Jiang family didn’t look very good. However, Tang Nuan couldn’t care that much, as a wise knew when to retreat.

Ji Yun couldn’t stop laughing when she met Tang Nuan, “You run away after provocation, and don’t give people a chance to fight back. The killing intent in Jiang Zhan’s eyes can’t be concealed.”

She liked to watch the excitement very much and has always been paying attention to this side, but today, it was estimated that many people were also paying attention to them. Seeing that Tang Nuan was here, everyone came over in twos and threes to talk and crack jokes.

“It’s not a provocation.” Tang Nuan emphasized, “It’s a strategic retreat.”

“It’s good to retreat,” Li Qiuqiu, who was drinking champagne beside her, said leisurely, “If you surrender without fighting, probably the other party will die of anger.”

“Swordsman Li, please be lenient with me.” Tang Nuan still wanted to get out of her predicament, “You all misunderstood. You have seen how much Jiang Miao is loved today. Aren’t I asking for trouble by provoking her? Am I so stupid?”

Many people nodded in agreement.

Tang Nuan: …

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Li Qiuqiu was kind enough to make up for her deficiency, “Actually, it can’t be called stupid, to be precise, it should be arrogant.”

“I didn’t feel comforted. Thank you.” Tang Nuan sighed without nostalgia. Sure enough, pig friends and dog friends* were unreliable.

(pig friends and dog friends* – refers to some friends who like to have fun, and do nothing serious)

Not only unreliable but also couldn’t stand loneliness. Ji Yun asked slyly, “You don’t know, when you came in holding Young Master Ye’s arm just now, everyone’s jaws dropped. I didn’t expect Young Master Ye to be so considerate. Oh, Jiang Miao’s gift is especially for you to give away. Did he hear something and especially to reassure you?”

Tang Nuan smiled and didn’t speak, mainly because she didn’t expect it herself.

When they first got engaged, she had accompanied him to several banquets. He had always been indifferent. The only thing special about her fiancé was that she could stand by his side at any time.

But it was just this difference. Even if someone didn’t look up to her, they won’t show anything too obvious.

Ji Yun smiled and said, “Listening to Second Master Ye, your odds dropped at that time, and many people were anxious.”

Tang Nuan heard what she meant and raised her eyebrows, “What? It’s going up again now?”

Li Qiuqiu shook her wine glass and said slowly, “That’s a must. Didn’t he have to show some respect to the Jiang family’s 5% shares?” Then she sighed, “The elders of the Ye family will be shaken with the Jiang family’s 5% shares too.”

The marriage of wealthy and influential families was more of a win-win situation. The elders’ opinions in the family were very important, not to mention that Jiang Miao’s conditions were much better than Tang Nuan’s.

Tang Nuan thought of the time when Father Jiang and Grandfather Jiang looked at Ye Shuyan inadvertently when they gave away the shares, and said with a smile, “What you mean is that the Jiang family uses 5% of the share to catch the big fish Ye Shuyan with even more money.”

Several people laughed. They were born in this social circle, and most of them understood that benefits were stronger than feelings.

A coquettish rebuke suddenly came from behind, “You think everyone is as despicable as you!”

Tang Nuan turned around. It was the little girl who had just stood beside Jiang Miao, glaring at her angrily at the moment.

Ji Yun introduced in a low voice, “Jin Wenxia, ​​the youngest daughter of Jiang Miao’s uncle. This girl is very arrogant and likes to be in the limelight. Today is their home court, so don’t mess with her if you can.”

As qualified dandies, everyone’s ability to understand current affairs was very good.

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Tang Nuan really didn’t want to make trouble on such an occasion. With the girl’s hostility toward her from the beginning, the reasoning probably made no sense, so she smiled kindly, “Well, you’re right. I’m really narrow-minded. I’m sorry. “

Jin Wenxia choked and then got even more annoyed.

Today, this good-for-nothing has been playing tricks on the Jiang family like this and seemed admitted cowardly. In fact, relying on Big Brother Ye’s influence, she thought they couldn’t do anything to her, and provoked them everywhere.

Thinking of the photos in the bag, Jin Wenxia was determined to put an end to her arrogance, and sneered, “You climbed up on Big Brother Ye by shady means, only for profit, and you felt that others are just like you.”

“How pitiful and unloved are you to feel that other people’s feelings are exploited?”

“Sure enough, you came from a small family. No wonder you are blinded by greed and have no place on the table.”

Tang Nuan originally thought of listening to her casually, but the little girl left after scolding her. However, she didn’t expect her to show her unwillingness to let her go.

And what did her last sentence mean, a small family?

The Tang family was barely hanging at the bottom of the wealthy and influential family, but it would be too much to say that they were a small family. If this was the case, the number of people present was not considered wealthy.

If she wanted to scold her, just scold her. It was wrong to implicate the innocent.

Tang Nuan shook the champagne in the wine glass and looked at Jin Wenxia’s face with a sudden realization, “Miss Jin, you are right! Just like Brother Shuyan, his feelings for me should be true. Otherwise, someone like me, who is from a small family, is blinded by greed and can’t get on the table. I’m no better than anyone, but he chose me as his fiancée who is in one in a million. If it isn’t love, then what is it?”

“Miss Jin’s remarks really enlightened me, and I will treat Brother Shuyan sincerely in the future.”

Jin Wenxia was furious, “Big Brother Ye loves you? What kind of sweet dreams are you having?! Do you think Big Brother Ye is defending you today?”

Tang Nuan reacted with exasperation to her silliness, “Isn’t it?”

Jin Wenxia got even angrier for some reason. She stomped her feet, and said, “Don’t dream. Big Brother Ye just deliberately used you to annoy my sister because of my sister’s silent breakup.”

“He chose you to get engaged back then out of spike, otherwise you would think that you would be able to catch up with Big Brother Ye by relying on the Tang family’s flatterer and a good-for-nothing like you.”

These words were really ugly and Tang Nuan’s face turned cold. Ji Yun sneered and said, “Miss Jin, isn’t this a double standard?”

“You just said that affection can’t be measured by the benefits of family background, so why do you say that the Tang family is not worthy? Could it be that because your Jiang family is wealthy, so it is natural for you to interfere in other people’s feelings?”

“Who on earth intervenes in other people’s feelings?” Jin Wenxia said angrily, “My sister and Big Brother Ye were the ones who got together first.”

Li Qiuqiu said leisurely, “But didn’t your sister break up without saying anything? Now that Young Master Ye personally acknowledges Tang Nuan as his fiancée, you are here to swear sovereignty for your sister. Does your sister dare to acknowledge?”

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Jin Wenxia naturally didn’t dare. No matter how young she was, she knew that Jiang Miao’s status was not right at this moment.

She stomped her feet angrily, “Big Brother Ye loves my sister. He’s just pissed off. It’s Tang Nuan, a scheming girl who took advantage of the situation.”

Li Qiuqiu said, “So what Miss Jin means is that Young Master Ye is naive and brainless? He got engaged casually because of a woman who abandoned him?” She couldn’t help laughing, “If Young Master Ye is so willful and irrational, now the heir of the Ye family is probably Second Master Ye.”

Ji Yun disliked her unrelenting annoyance and said directly, “Besides, you said that Young Master Ye loves your sister, is there any evidence? But now there are all kinds of signs showing that he cares more about Tang Nuan.”

“How about letting Tang Nuan and your sister fall into the water at the same time and see whom Young Master Ye will save?”

As soon as these words came out, everyone couldn’t help laughing, “What kind of a bad idea you came up with.”

“Young Master Ye jumped into the water to save people? I don’t dare to think about it.”


Tang Nuan said to Jin Wenxia, “Miss Jin, now your Big Brother Ye’s fiancée is me. If you talk about your sister like this here, it will affect her reputation. Go back quickly.”

Tang Nuan’s original intention was to let her leave and not be here to make fun of herself, but Jin Wenxia’s anger was ignited all of sudden without knowing how. She suddenly remembered what Tang Yi said about Tang Nuan’s threat to Jiang Miao and sneered, “Why? Do you want to threaten my sister? Tang Nuan, don’t be too smug. You will soon be unable to mix around in this circle.”

Tang Nuan was amused, “Why? Is your Jiang family going to block me in the wealthy and influential circle?”

Jin Wenxia couldn’t wait to throw out the photo directly at this moment but remembered Jiang Miao’s instructions. Although she was not very old, she knew that Ye Shuyan’s actions would blow Tang Nuan more than her clamor. She could only bear it temporarily.

“Okay,” Tang Nuan really didn’t want to entangle with Miss Jin anymore, thinking about simply leaving for a while, and then coming back when the other party left. So she got up and said, “You guys talk. I’ll go to the restroom.”

After coming out of the restroom, Tang Nuan looked at the little annoyed Jin Wenxia who was waiting at the door. She just pretended that she didn’t see it and wanted to leave.

Jin Wenxia seemed to have calmed down, remembering the purpose of looking for the person, and said sarcastically, “I heard that you threatened my sister with the recording to make her lose her reputation and she can’t continue in the entertainment industry?”

Speaking of this, she sneered. She took out two photos and swatted them on Tang Nuan’s chest, and said contemptuously, “I think, you might as well take a closer look at these two photos first, and then go to my sister to admit your mistake. My sister is kind-hearted, maybe she won’t expose you.”

Tang Nuan frowned, caught the photos subconsciously, and was stunned when she saw the person in them.

Jin Wenxia’s tone was full of sneering smugness, “Her name is Tang Xing, my sister’s agent, and the other one is her family’s family portrait. No… Maybe it should be yours?”

After saying that, she turned and left.

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Tang Nuan frowned and turned to the second photo.

If it was a coincidence that the girl in the first photo looked like Lin Yue’e and Tang Shuang, then in the second photo, the face that was almost carved in the same mold as herself couldn’t help but make her think more.

Jiang Miao’s agent looked like Lin Yue’e, and she looked very similar to that agent’s sister and mother…

Tang Nuan forced herself to calm down. In this case, it was obviously Jiang Miao’s way of dealing with her.

But there was a strange intuition deep in her heart, which made her uneasy: Did her parents and sister know about it?

So, they didn’t care about her at all since she was young, right?

So what happened back then? Did the poor parents deliberately swap their children for their daughters to live a good life, as in most novels, or did they accidentally carry the wrong one? Or was there someone else who got in the way?

If she was really not the daughter of the Tang family, what were her biological parents like? Housekeeper? Hawkers? Or someone…

Yes, Tang Xing was Jiang Miao’s agent, just ask her…

All kinds of questions and speculations kept popping up, and Tang Nuan was in a daze for a while. When she stood still, she found herself standing by the lakeside looking in Jiang Miao’s direction.

In mid-June, the night temperature was just right, and the courtyard was decorated with colorful lights, as if in a dream castle. The young people were basically gathered outside, but they were still clearly divided into two groups of people.

On one side were the dandies like Tang Nuan and Ji Yun, talking about racing cars and having fun. On the other side, the elites in the social circle headed by Jiang Miao discussed the business prospects and project investment in the artificial lake.

Jiang Miao seemed to have predicted that Tang Nuan would come over. She turned her head to meet her eyes and smile at her. Then she turned around, affectionately took a girl’s arm, and warmly introduced her to everyone, “This is my agent and good sister Tang Xing. We are college classmates. Do you think she looks familiar…”

Tang Nuan looked at the face that was very similar to Lin Yue’e, and her heart skipped a beat. Then she saw the corners of Jiang Miao’s mouth curled up and a smile flickering under her slightly drooping eyelids.

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Couldn’t look for her, even if the truth was close at hand. Jiang Miao would definitely not let her contact Tang Xing…

Tang Nuan pinched her palm and told herself to calm down. She lowered her head and pulled out her phone from her handbag. She found Ye Shuyan’s phone number and dialed it.

“Brother Shuyan,” she said while walking in Jiang Miao’s direction, “I’m a little uncomfortable. Can you come over?”

She passed through the lounge area by the lakeside, ignoring the various gazes cast on her, and continued walking, “OK, I’m at the chair by the lake outside the courtyard.”


“…It’s a bit offensive. She even ran here to provoke her.”

“Guilty. Otherwise, why does she care so much about Jiang Miao as his real fiancée? It can be seen that she also knows that her identity as a fiancée is not right and will be taken back at any time.”

“If virtue is not worthy, there will be disasters… Unfortunately, this kind of person just can’t recognize her identity…”


Tang Nuan didn’t care about the ridicule of those people at the moment. She heard Jiang Miao say, “After all, she’s a guest, I’ll go over and take a look.” After that, she found a quiet chair and sat down.

Jiang Miao came over pretty fast, and Tang Nuan couldn’t help sneering when she saw her. Obviously, the other party was also afraid that she wouldn’t be able to say what she wanted to say after Ye Shuyan came.

She wanted to see what Jiang Miao wanted to do!

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