The Wealthy and Influential Fiancé Has the Ability to Read Minds

Chapter 1

When the plane landed, Tang Nuan turned on her phone, and the messages came out like a blowout.

With that fear-of-falling-behind attitude, those who didn’t know thought she was a big shot with a lot of money and would affect the global economy if she couldn’t get in touch for half a day.

She remembered that the last time she received so many greetings was when she was engaged to Ye Shuyan. After all, she won the best marriage candidate Ye Shuyan in the wealthy and influential circle with the reputation of a good-for-nothing flower vase*, just like Cinderella. Well, to be more precise, she was just as disillusioned as Cinderella’s stupid sister who wanted to marry a prince. She didn’t know how many ladies and daughters were dissatisfied.

(Flower vase* – describes a person who is only good-looking but has no talent)

But most of the greetings at that time were yin and yang*, but this time they were all with… schadenfreude because she seemed to be cheated on?

(yin and yang* – describes a quirky attitude; to speak sarcastically and coldly)

After skipping the row of greetings that smelled of plastic friendship, Tang Nuan directly opened the “Father’s Worrying Alliance” chat group.

This group gathered most of the ignorant and incompetent dudes in the wealthy and influential circle of Yan City. In addition to their excellent ability to eat, drink, and play, their ability to gossip shouldn’t be underestimated. One could know all kinds of melodramatic love affairs in the world by wandering around here.

As soon as she clicked on the group, someone @ her.

[@Tang Nuan, if you don’t come back, your fiancé will be snatched away! Young Master Ye’s first love is back!]

Immediately below was a photo.

It was a pair of attractive young men and women and the background seemed to be at a dinner party. The innocent and beautiful girl looked up at the man next to her with champagne, smiling shyly and sweetly.

Although the man had no expression on his face, he turned his head slightly, with a pair of long and narrow phoenix eyes showing indifference, the wine glass in his hand touched the girl’s lightly, and the noble and handsome appearance matched the girl inexplicably.

Besides them, the mothers of both parties also looked at them with great satisfaction.

If the man mentioned above was not her fiancé, Tang Nuan would have thought it was a sweet couple who were about to get married.

Tang Nuan directly zoomed in on the photo, and her eyes fell on Ye Shuyan. It was not an emotion like anger or jealousy, but purely licking his face*.

(licking face* – internet buzzword which means to appreciate and praise someone’s good-looking appearance)

After all, Ye Shuyan’s handsomeness could only be admired in the photos.

Most of the people in the group probably reacted the same as her, and some people exclaimed excitedly: [Ah, ah, he’s so handsome, whoever took this photo, take more if you can!]

[Exactly, the opportunity is rare, take more. Oh dear, Young Master Ye is so handsome, it’s a pity that I can only admire him in the photos.]

[Yes, I have to kneel first when I see the real person. How dare I look directly at his face?]

Tang Nuan couldn’t help laughing when others were making fun of him again. Although it was a bit exaggerated, what everyone said was also true.

Ye Shuyan, who was so young, didn’t know where the sense of oppression comes from. When she stood in front of him, she only felt that he was threatening, and no one dared to stare at him. So, the photos weaken his imposing manner, and everyone could boldly admire his face.

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However, there were still people who remember the serious matter and seemed to be more anxious than she was. Of course, they might just be anxious to watch the excitement:

[This is Jiang Miao, the school flower* of Young Master Ye’s first confession, and it is said that she is the first love of Young Master Ye!]

(school flower* – the prettiest girl in the school)

[At that time, I thought they couldn’t be together because the family incompatibility, but I didn’t expect her to be the youngest daughter of the Jiang family who was abducted back then! Now it’s perfect…]

[What kind of fate is this? Not only did she have an engagement when she was young, but she was able to fall in love for a period when she was abducted…]

[Speaking of which, Young Master Ye seems to have become so cold after breaking up with his first love in high school, right?]

[Hey, hey, hey! What are you talking about? Young Master Ye belongs to Tang Nuan now.]

[Yes, yes, yes. @Tang Nuan, come back quickly and keep an eye on Young Master Ye. The first love of white moonlight* is the biggest killer of marriage.]

(White moonlight* – the most perfect lover in the heart)

Tang Nuan raised her eyebrows, Ye Shuyan’s cold guy actually had a first love? She couldn’t imagine it at all.

So she immediately started climbing the stairs with high spirits, lamenting while climbing: The life of the girl in the photo has too many ups and downs.

She was born with a golden spoon but was abducted when she was five. In the end, she was thrown away by traffickers when she fell ill and almost died. Finally, she was rescued and raised by a childless couple.

Although her family was average, she was beautiful and smart. In high school, she was specially recruited by a private aristocratic school in Yan City with exceptionally good grades.

The intersection with Ye Shuyan was at that school.

She just entered the school, like an ugly duckling who strayed into a flock of swans. She seemed out of place, and inevitably isolated and rejected.

It was not until the second semester of high school that she shared the table with Ye Shuyan. After being protected, she gradually integrated into the school. During this period, a school bully took a fancy to her and began to pursue her passionately, but Ye Shuyan, who had been cold all the time, admitted that the other party was her girlfriend. It caused a great sensation in the school at that time.

Ye Shuyan was known as the daunting and aloof male god when he was in high school. Many excellent girls who pursued him failed but no one knew when this girl has captured his heart…

Of course, they were separated in the end. Ye Shuyan, as the heir of the Ye Corporation, was destined to be not from the same world as ordinary girls.

After graduating from high school, Ye Shuyan went to Wharton Business School, while the girl stayed in the country to take the college entrance examination.

Then Ye Shuyan’s stepmother blackmail her with her academic future and her adoptive parents, forcing her to write a break-up letter and forbidding her to contact him in the future, while Ye Shuyan from abroad naturally knew nothing at all.

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A pair of lovers were cruelly separated by reality.

But now the story has taken a dramatic turn. It turned out that this girl was not an ugly duckling, but a little princess who was abducted from the Jiang family twenty years ago.

Not only that, the Jiang family and the Ye family were friends, so she and Ye Shuyan were even very close when they were young, and the two mothers had verbally arranged an engagement.

According to the plot that everyone liked, it was naturally the two young people who have worked hard to reunite, marry and have children sweetly.

Unfortunately, the reality was that Ye Shuyan already has her as the fiancée, and now it seemed to be a huge obstacle between them.

It was simply a wonderful series where reality was more exciting than fiction.

Now everyone was obviously stuck at the climax waiting to watch the excitement.

The photo above was a small family dinner party held by the Jiang family after they recognized their lost and recovered baby. Hearsay that Madam Jiang said bluntly in public that if Jiang Miao was not abducted back then, the two families would be in-laws now.

Mister Jiang added with a smile, saying that in today’s new society, marriage matters couldn’t blindly listen to the elders in the family, and it was better for young people to fall in love freely than to be forcibly tied together.

In Ye Shuyan’s position, marriage was not only a matter of the relationship between two people but also involved the interests of the company. There was a saying that a good wife would cause less trouble for her husband and finding someone who wasn’t suitable would cause trouble everywhere. Who knew when the company would be cheated one day and never even thought about those happy days once?

The knife was inserted so accurately that it almost reported Tang Nuan’s ID number.

Tang Nuan relied on the engagement of the two elders, Grandma Tang and maternal grandma of Ye Shuyan. As for causing trouble, although Tang Nuan has not caused any major incidents yet, the Tang family has learned from the past.

Father Tang and Mother Tang were also connected by marriage. When Father Tang brought back the illegitimate child, Mother Tang went crazy. After manipulation, the Tang family’s property was almost divided into two, and the stock price fell sharply. Now, the Tang family was barely at the bottom of the wealthy and influential family.

All in all, now almost everyone was not optimistic about her and Ye Shuyan.

Tang Nuan snorted and was thinking about whether to send a message to Assistant Wen to ask about the situation when someone threw another link to entertainment gossip: [Princess Duotu’s grief is healed by reality: The princess and her prince are happily reunited.]

Click on the first picture, which was the one seen before.

Forgot to mention that Jiang Miao was an actress before she was brought back, and Princess Duotu was a major supporting role she played in this year’s hit “Beautiful Country”.

A naive princess who finally gave up her love for the sake of her family and country and sacrificed herself tragically. Because of this unwillingness, she became popular through drama, and the Jiang family also found her because of this turning point.

This entertainment gossip article introduces Jiang Miao’s life experience. Her bizarre twists and turns and the degree of exaggeration were really attractive, especially the emotional history with Ye Shuyan. The wave of reversal punches on the face was simply not too pleasurable.

Compared with the tragic end of Princess Duotu in the drama, the ups and downs of reality and the predictable happy ending have made netizens greatly satisfied.

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Sure enough, some people have begun to care about the emotional development of Jiang Miao and Ye Shuyan.

Ye Shuyan’s identity as the heir to the Ye family, coupled with the blessing of his appearance, the traffic of this article was close to that of the top celebrities in the entertainment industry.

There was also a lively discussion in the group:

[This Princess of the Jiang family is quite fast, so is this the beginning of a scandal? I can predict her next move.]

[The matter is well known to everyone. To prevent her from falling out of the entertainment circle, and with the current level of the Jiang family’s doting on her, Young Master Ye has to give her some face. At that time, he will have to cooperate to take a photo and visit her at work. Anyway, as the development continues, netizens can definitely help them move to the Bureau of Civil Affair.]

[Who knows if Young Master Ye acquiesced? If he didn’t want to, the Jiang family wouldn’t dare to force him, right?]

[@Tang Nuan @Tang Nuan @Tang Nuan Most urgent, your fiancéé is gone!]

Tang Nuan rolled her eyes and sent the link directly to Assistant Wen: [Your boss wants to reunite with his first love?]

Assistant Wen’s action was not slow. After reading the article for about half a minute, he replied: [Sorry Miss Tang, I’ll deal with it now.]

Tang Nuan bent her eyes happily. Although she also sympathized with Jiang Miao’s experience, she didn’t do it. It was out of the question to step on her as cannon fodder*.

(cannon fodder* – a metaphor for those who were sacrificed for the benefit of others)

She was also an innocent poor person…

When she returned to the WeChat, she saw a group of people @her who looked like the sky was falling. Tang Nuan gave a “tsk” in disgust and typed calmly: [The above are all rumors from the Jiang family. Did you hear from the Ye family?]

Everyone was obviously very curious, and only then did they realize that this news was all related to the Jiang family. Ye Shuyan hadn’t spoken at all, but it was normal for him to not open his mouth. How could such a working elite have time to gossip in the group?

[Young Master Ye should only have a working group, right?]

[Indeed, he doesn’t like to talk very much, he always only acts], Tang Nuan slowly posted a photo of a set of gemstone jewelry: [Brother Shuyan gave me the graduation gift the day before yesterday, isn’t it beautiful.]

Everyone:  …

Very good, that Tang Nuan was still so arrogant, and like to show off.

[Those who have no confidence are bluffing everywhere. Otherwise, why didn’t the article say that the prince was already engaged? Did she forget? Or did she not know?]

Well, there was this familiar yin and yang weirdness.

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[Okay, it’s all over. I have received your tip-off. Now I’m back, but the absence makes the heart grow fonder. Be sensible, and don’t look for me for a week.]

Damn, still so annoying.

When the plane stopped, there was a new call on the phone. It was Ji Yun, one of Tang Nuan’s close friends.

Tang Nuan picked it up, “Hello?”

“Have you come out?”

The environment on the opposite side was very noisy, and Tang Nuan had a headache listening to it, “Right away, where are you? Why is it so noisy?”

“I met fans who came to pick the celebrity up!” Ji Yun’s voice was loud, “I’m right at the exit. There’s another thing, be careful when you come out…”

The following words were on and off, Tang Nuan listened hard, and hung up the phone after confirming that the two were about to meet soon. It was not too late to meet and chat later, and it would not take more than two minutes to go out.

The closer she got to the exit, the louder the noise. Even if she was mentally prepared, Tang Nuan was still startled by the loudness that coming at her.

The fans opposite were also stunned for a moment, and then someone laughed, “It’s not Baby Miao.”

Baby Miao seemed to be the nickname given to Jiang Miao by fans.

The fans who picked up at the airport were enthusiastic and cheerful, and some people smiled at Tang Nuan at moment, “Beautiful sister, you are so beautiful! Are you also a star?”

“Haha, we just thought it was Baby Miao’s new image, it’s so beautiful.”

It turned out to be a mistake, but some people still held up their cameras and took pictures of her.

Tang Nuan laughed and was about to leave when she heard a sweet voice behind her, “Hello, please make way.”

The tone seemed polite, but Tang Nuan was unhappy. Who would order with this sense of superiority?

When she turned around, she saw the girl surrounded by bodyguards.

She immediately knew what Ji Yun had told her to be careful about on the phone call just now. It was also a coincidence that this was one of the main protagonists in the photo just now – the first love of Tang Nuan’s fiancé, Jiang Miao.

With a small face the size of a palm, and exquisite facial features, she was also a rare beauty in the entertainment industry. No wonder she was discovered by scouts as a star.

The other party was wearing a wide beige pullover sweater with a black pleated skirt, and a small crown hairpin pinned beside the high bun. The temperament was pure and touching, which made people couldn’t help but want to hold her in the palm of their hand.

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However, after the brief eye contact, Tang Nuan keenly sensed the disdain and disgust that flashed quickly in the eyes of the other party.

Tang Nuan couldn’t help but raised her eyebrows. Oh, was this an injustice for the old lover?

But it was not her fault. She and Ye Shuyan were both single when they got engaged.

Seeing the other party’s bodyguards come up to drive her away, Tang Nuan lowered her head slightly and pressed down the sunglasses, smiled at Jiang Miao from above the sunglasses, and then slowly took off the sunglasses when she turned around.

Was the princess too anxious or too confident? Even if the Tang family’s family background was not as good as the Jiang family’s, would Tang Nuan be a fuel-efficient lamp* to get the top Ye family heir with her barely at the bottom wealthy and influential family?

(fuel-efficient lamp* – buzzword referring to people who are easy to deal with, simple, and have no messy minds.)

Hence the fans who picked up at the airport outside looked at the beautiful lady. First, they subconsciously exclaimed in a low voice, and then their eyes couldn’t help but follow the end of the dark brown temples from the lady’s fair cheeks to the delicate red lips, and finally to the lightly hanging collar shirt.

The outer shirt material was elegant, with a wide neckline and weighted by the sunglasses, revealing a black tight-fitting tank top. The proud figure was partly hidden and partly visible, plus the hips and long legs wrapped in jeans…

They were all very natural movements, but somehow full of temptation.

…this seductress! Ji Yun in the crowd cursed. She clearly saw the girl next to her swallow her saliva and mutter, “I envy those sunglasses.”

Tang Nuan didn’t seem to be aware of it. As she walked, she pushed her hair behind her ears, and her slender fingers painted with red nail polish passed through the slightly curly hair. The people who were watching were inexplicably restless.

When she walked in front of the fans who came to pick up the celebrity at the airport, she swept over the crowd with those amorous fox eyes, then smiled and gave them a wink mischievously.

She did these idols’ performance movements naturally as if she was really a fox, charming, and captivating.

Sure enough, the fans in the front row were a little restless and turned the camera on her.

“Miss, are you also a celebrity?”

“Or a model?”

Tang Nuan waved her hands lazily and laughed, “No, this sister is a wealthy woman.”

Everyone was even more excited, and they didn’t even care about Jiang Miao, the camera moved with Tang Nuan.

After all, there would be many times for Jiang Miao’s pick-up at the airport, and other people were shooting, but such a rare wealthy lady, if missed it, there would be no more.

Tang Nuan turned her head and smiled at Jiang Miao.

There was a saying, that cuteness was not worth mentioning in front of sexy.

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How was it? Does my daughter have the demeanor of a villain supporting actress? Hee, hee.

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