The Wealthy and Influential Fiancé Has the Ability to Read Minds

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Chapter 5

In the morning, Tang Nuan calmly took a bath, did a full-body spa, and took a beauty nap before calling the styling team to prepare for the banquet.

After getting her hair done and just putting on her dress, the doorbell rang. Tang Nuan checked the time, it should be Ye Shuyan, so she went straight to open the door.

As soon as the door opened, she suddenly twisted her feet and fell forward. The exclamation of the modeling team was still crying behind her, and Tang Nuan’s forearm was firmly supported by a powerful well-defined slender hand.

“How is it?” A deep male voice sounded above his head, and his tone was as indifferent as ever.

“It’s okay,” Tang Nuan stood up straight against the door frame and said with a smile, “The shoes are a bit high.”

She slightly raised her head to look at her fiancé whom she hadn’t seen for a long time. He was still as handsome as before, but his temperament seemed to be colder and harsher, and his glazed pupils looked at people without a trace of emotion.

He should have gotten off the plane and come straight over with a bunch of red roses that didn’t match him at all, which buffered the coldness on his body.

Hearing that she was fine, Ye Shuyan didn’t have any superfluous greetings. He turned around, took a box from his assistant, and handed it over with the flowers in her arms, “Gifts.”

Then he raised his hand and looked at the watch, “I’ll go up to freshen up first, and I’ll pick you up in an hour.”


After closing the door, Tang Nuan opened the gift and found that it was a pair of blue diamond earrings. Her mood was instantly bright, and she liked his thorough consideration.

The message on the mobile phone kept flickering. It turned out that someone in the Father’s Worry Alliance has posted a photo. The handsome man in the photo strode out of the airport exit with an expressionless face: [Young Master Ye came back an hour ago!]

[This hasty appearance is really rushing to Jiang Miao’s birthday.]

Looking at a group of people looking at pictures and telling stories, Tang Nuan couldn’t help but want to laugh. Hasty, travel-worn, can hardly wait?

When did an iceberg like Ye Shuyan appear in a state other than calm and indifferent?

But everyone obviously didn’t understand this. The discussion was very lively, and some people at @her inquired about where Ye Shuyan was now.

Obviously, the biggest highlight of this birthday banquet was not only how much the little princess of the Jiang family was loved, but more people want to see her and the cold aloof Ye Shuyan’s emotional drama.

In fact, if Tang Nuan wasn’t one of the parties, she might join in the fun too. After all, the blooming of the iron tree* was indeed a rare spectacle, and she was also curious about what would be like for Ye Shuyan to fall in love with someone.

(blooming of the iron tree* – a metaphor for things that are rare or extremely difficult to achieve)

It was a pity that now she was the one who was shown as people jokes or was forced to be cannon fodder. Of course, it was not very pleasant.

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Because of her concentration, her foot accidentally twisted again, and the makeup artist hurriedly said, “Miss Tang, do the shoes not fit? Do you want to change it?”

Tang Nuan looked at the various yin and yang in the group towards her, looked down at the arm that had just been supported, and squinted, “No need, just this pair.”

It didn’t make sense for others to step on her, so she had to bear with it obediently.

At the Yuefeng Hot Spring Resort, even though the birthday banquet was still an hour away, the guests arrived one after another.

In the presidential suite on the fourth floor, the styling team was making the final touch for Jiang Miao, and she always felt unsatisfied with the necklaces even after several changes.

A 17- or 18-year-old girl ran in and teased bluntly, “Oh, you don’t need to wear the necklace. Won’t someone give you in a while?”

“I think pink diamonds are the best match for this dress. When Big Brother Ye brings the gift, let him personally put it on for my sister.”

Jiang Miao glanced at the little girl helplessly, “Xiaxia, don’t mess around. Ye Shuyan is already engaged. If his fiancée hears this, she’ll be unhappy.”

“What’s wrong with engaged? What fiancée?” Jin Wenxia disdainfully, “Who doesn’t know that Big Brother Ye was forced to get engaged because of his stepmother’s scheme together with that good-for-nothing Tang Nuan? Otherwise, just with that look of Tang Nuan, she didn’t even deserve to carry shoes for Big Brother Ye. No, let alone shoes, she doesn’t even have a chance to get in front of Big Brother Ye.”

She comforted Jiang Miao, “Sister Miao, don’t worry. Big Brother Ye doesn’t like her at all, but now that you guys finally meet again after going round and round, isn’t it a matter of time before you two are together.”

“Then wait until he takes care of everything and say again.” Jiang Miao said earnestly, “Don’t tell me that you want others to see me as a joke?”

Jin Wenxia thought of the rumors she heard recently about Jiang Miao’s involvement as the third party, and stomped her feet angrily, “That Tang Nuan only knows how to use some unworthy means. I don’t believe she can rely on this to cling to Big Brother Ye and don’t let go!”

“You also know that she can’t get on the stage, so why do you want to lower yourself to her level.” Jiang Miao said reassuringly. “Today we are the hosts. Promise me not to bother her, okay? Otherwise, we will be the ugly ones as the hosts.”

Jin Wenxia nodded reluctantly, but added, “Only if she knows her place.”

Jiang Miao smiled and said, “Okay, you don’t need to worry. How can she not know her place?”

With that, she leaned over to look at other accessories, and then the document bag on her lap fell off, and a few photos were scattered out.

“That’s right. No matter what she does, she’s just a clown jumping on the beam.” Jin Wenxia hummed and lowered her head to help pick it up. After seeing the photo, she couldn’t help but said “huh”.

Jiang Miao was shocked and hurriedly said, “Don’t make a fuss about it, this is no trivial matter.”

Jin Wenxia just felt that the person in the photo was familiar, but when Jiang Miao said this, she looked at it carefully and immediately discovered the problem. She covered her mouth in shock, “This… Tang Nuan, she is not… “

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Jiang Miao hurriedly put her index finger to her mouth, “Xiaxia, this matter hasn’t been clarified yet. You must not talk nonsense, do you understand?”

Jin Wenxia didn’t understand, “Why can’t I say it? As soon as this matter is exposed, everyone in the social circle would definitely be yelling at her, and Big Brother Ye has a very good reason for breaking off the engagement.”

Jiang Miao said, “I want to leave this matter to Ye Shuyan to deal with…”

Jin Wenxia suddenly realized something, “Yes! This is indeed the most suitable for Big Brother Ye to deal with! Sister, if you personally dealt with her, you will be devalued. I want to see if Big Brother Ye finds out about this matter, will she still have the face to pester Big Brother Ye!” As she said, she picked out two photos and put them in her handbag.

Jiang Miao frowned in confusion, “What are you doing?”

“Don’t worry, Sister. I definitely won’t say anything.” Jin Wenxia narrowed her eyes, “But if she dares to provoke you, we can make her feel scared and have a hard time…” She said and patted her handbag, “Now I must let her know her place!”

It seemed she had thought of Tang Nuan’s frightening appearance, Jin Wenxia smiled very proudly.

Jiang Miao wanted to say more, but the phone on the table made a sound. Jiang Miao glanced at the message, and her eyes lit up unconsciously, “Let’s go down, the party should start soon.”

Jin Wenxia checked the time, “Isn’t it still ten more minutes?”

As soon as she finished speaking, Jiang Zhan came and knocked on the door, “Miaomiao, let’s go. Ye Shuyan is almost here.”

Jin Wenxia suddenly realized that, and then teased, “Brother Zhan, you don’t have to say. Someone has already reported the itinerary to my sister!”

“Really?” Jiang Zhan looked at Jiang Miao in surprise.

Jiang Miao took his arm and said with a smile, “Don’t listen to Xiaxia’s nonsense.” But she didn’t deny it, and secretly warned Jin Wenxia, ​​”Don’t mess around, otherwise, it will our family who will be embarrassed.”

“Understood, don’t worry.” Jin Wenxia saw Jiang Miao’s empty neck, and suddenly understood something and smiled proudly.

What if Tang Nuan occupies the position? Big Brother Ye doesn’t love her, she’s just a laughingstock.

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