The Wealthy and Influential Fiancé Has the Ability to Read Minds

Chapter 10

Perhaps to pave the way for the redemption of the big villain later, the author set a mind-reading ability for this perfect villain who was cold-hearted and couldn’t easily trust anyone.

Tang Nuan remembered that it was in this accident that he became aware.

Later, he used this ability to appreciate the pain in the female protagonist’s heart to get the pleasure of revenge. Later, in various confrontations with the male and female protagonists, he was gradually moved by the warmth and sincerity of the opponent’s heart, so he learned to trust and love a person, and turned over a new leaf.

Thinking of this, Tang Nuan couldn’t help but sneer in her heart. Obviously, they were both villains, and Ye Shuyan was still the culprit. In the end, he reformed and lived a good life by himself, but let her be cannon fodder alone, and in the end, even her death became a joke.

Ahhh! Scumbag!

Of course, the premise was that Ye Shuyan really has the ability to read minds.

Now as long as she could prove that Ye Shuyan can read minds, it could be proved that this was a book. Otherwise, how could there be such a mysterious thing in normal society?

[Live Ye Shuyan! So handsome, how could there be such a perfect man in the world? Ahhh!!] — The woman screamed excitedly.

[Strange? There is obviously nothing wrong with his body, why is he still not awake?] — The man’s voice was full of doubts…

[President Ye, please wake up quickly, I still have an appointment with Edward tomorrow…] — This sounded like Assistant Wen’s voice.

[Does Ye Shuyan really care about that good-for-nothing from the Tang family? Sure enough, no matter how honorable a man is, he is still lustful.] — Jiang Zhan?

[When Big Brother Ye wakes up, I must let Brother Ye recognize the true colors of that scheming girl Tang Nuan!] — Who is this?


Ye Shuyan frowned tightly. He has always liked the quietness, and no one has ever dared to be so presumptuous and noisy in front of him. Moreover, what were they talking about, even if it was messy, it was still illogical. He felt that his head was about to explode.

As he struggled to open his eyes, he heard a sonorous and forceful voice: [Scumbag!]

There seemed to be infinite resentment in the tone.

Ye Shuyan paused for a moment, not knowing why, but he was quite sure that this was scolding him.

This made him a little inexplicable, because of his parents, he has been living a clean and honest life. He has never been ambiguous with other women except for his fiancée Tang Nuan, so he couldn’t bear the infamy.

Did someone do something outside against his reputation?

Ye Shuyan opened his eyes.

“He’s awake, he’s awake! Thank God.”

“President Ye, you finally woke up!”

“How are you, Shuyan?”


Looking at the group of people around the bed, Ye Shuyan’s eyes flashed with doubt, what is the situation now?

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Assistant Wen seemed to know what he was thinking and quickly explained, “President Ye, yesterday you and Miss Tang fell together and passed out after knocking your heads together. It’s been a day now.”

“One day?” Although Ye Shuyan was always calm, he couldn’t help showing a surprised expression at this time, but he just knocked his head one time, how could he be in a coma for so long?

Assistant Wen said concisely, “Well, the doctor checked, and there is nothing wrong with your body.”

[Thank God! Fortunately, there is no major problem. He is worthy of being a working machine. He even watched the timing when he fainted. Today is a day off, so it won’t delay my work tomorrow when he wakes up now!]

Ye Shuyan paused and couldn’t help staring at Assistant Wen. It was indeed his efficient, capable, calm, and quiet Assistant Wen.

“President Ye?” Assistant Wen was puzzled.

[What happened? What are you staring at me for? Is there something on my face? Wouldn’t he be foolish after the bump? He wouldn’t treat the first person he sees as his relative just like in the TV series, right? Who would he take me for, elder brother or dad?… Actually, anyone will do!]

Ye Shuyan: …

Although he has never believed in strange powers and gods, now he was considering whether to find a master to exorcise Assistant Wen as this was definitely not his capable assistant.

“Doctor, please take a look at him.” Jiang Zhan asked with concern, “Shuyan, how do you feel?”

Ye Shuyan didn’t speak but cooperated with the doctor’s examination.

The nurse supported his arm and put the thermometer under his armpit. His facial expressions and actions were very standard, but Ye Shuyan could clearly hear her excited scream: [He look even more handsome after waking up! Ahhh! I touched him! I really want to be a thermometer!]

Ye Shuyan: …

[Ye Shuyan doesn’t really like that good-for-nothing Tang Nuan, does he? It’s unlikely, it should just be the responsibility. After all, Tang Nuan is still his fiancée. If he was so close to Miaomiao before this matter is settled, it will have a bad reputation for both of them… Of course, he may still be angry at Miaomiao.]

Ye Shuyan looked at Jiang Zhan calmly.

[How could the heir of the Ye family not weigh the pros and cons, not to mention Miaomiao herself is a hundred times more powerful than Tang Nuan? Even if he is not interested in 5% of the Jiang family’s shares, it is enough for other shareholders of the Ye family to care.]

[It just so happens that what Tang Nuan did this time must be explained to the Jiang family. By the way, let’s test Ye Shuyan’s attitude…]

When Ye Shuyan heard this, Jiang Zhan looked coldly at Tang Sheng’an and Lin Yue’e at the end of the bed.

The two felt uneasy when they were watched, Tang Nuan’s trouble this time was really a bit big.

Lin Yue’e tried her best to put up an elder’s attitude towards Ye Shuyan, “Shuyan, it’s all Nuannuan’s fault this time. When she wakes up, I’ll tell her to come to you and Miss Jiang to apologize.”

[That damned girl really can’t make anything right, causing trouble everywhere. This time she offended the Jiang family to the extreme, and I don’t know if Ye Shuyan will protect her…]

[If Ye Shuyan is really like the second girl, there is no need to be afraid of the Jiang family… It’s just that the dead girl never helps her sister… Otherwise, wouldn’t she ask Ye Shuyan to invest in Shuangshuang’s project as part of her marriage dowry? We have to discuss it properly when we go back.]

Seeing Ye Shuyan staring at Lin Yue’e and listening to her carefully, Tang Sheng’an also added immediately afterward, “That girl is not good. We will discipline her well this time.”

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[It’s best to take this opportunity to break off the engagement, and the Jiang family will be satisfied. Xiao Yi is right, that girl is a white-eyed wolf*. Even if she marries Ye Shuyan, the Tang family may not be able to gain much fame, so it is better to find someone who is generous. The kid from the Niu family is not bad. He likes beautiful and delicate ones but doesn’t spoil women. He has a good relationship with Xiao Yi, which can provide beneficial help.]

(white-eyed wolf* ­ – an ungrateful person)

[However, since this kid Ye Shuyan wants to break the engagement for Jiang Miao, I must take some benefits from it…]

Ye Shuyan lowered his eyelids to cover the emotions in his eyes. He probably knew that the Tang family’s parents were vain and snobbish, so he also knew that Tang Nuan only wanted to live a better life when she came to him, but he didn’t expect her living environment to be so harsh.

If she hadn’t looked for him back then, he might not have known whom the Tang family had sold her to…

“It’s good that you both understand. Miss Tang is too much this time…”

Seeing that Tang Sheng’an and Lin Yue’e were about to agree, Ye Shuyan said lightly, “Are you sure it’s her? Where’s the evidence?”

Everyone was stunned. They didn’t expect Tang Nuan’s parents to admit their fault, and Ye Shuyan defended her without asking for a reason. No one spoke for a while.

Ye Shuyan asked Assistant Wen, “Where is Tang Nuan? Where is she?”

Assistant Wen replied, “Miss Tang was in a coma just like you. She is next door now and woke up a little earlier than you.”

Jin Wenxia, who was next to him, came to her senses at this moment, and said, “Big Brother Ye! Are you protecting Tang Nuan?! She was the one who pushed my sister into the water, and my Sister Miao is still having a fever!”

Ye Shuyan ignored her, but Assistant Wen explained, “Miss Jin, this is impossible. Miss Tang is afraid of the water, so how could she take the initiative to jump into the lake.”

[Tsk, tsk, these people really treat President Ye as a fool. President Ye! Come on! Get rid of them! I think Miss Tang is the one who was wronged!]

Ye Shuyan paused for a moment and decided to call an exorcise master in a while to stop this chatterbox.

Jin Wenxia was not convinced, “So many people have seen it! How is it impossible? She is afraid of water, but she is even more afraid…”

Speaking of this, Jin Wenxia remembered Jiang Miao’s order and shut up.

Ye Shuyan was unconsciously paying attention.

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[But I’m even more afraid that my sister will expose her secret, and she will be completely finished by then, but one…]

Ye Shuyan was about to hear what she had to say next, but Jin Wenxia’s voice disappeared very abruptly.

Seeing Jin Mu pulling Jin Wenxia out, “Xiaxia! Don’t mess around. Young Master Ye just woke up! Let your brother worry about this matter and talk about it later.”

Then he said to Ye Shuyan, “I’m sorry, Shuyan. I’ve spoiled this child…”

Ye Shuyan frowned secretly in his heart. After he has gone through it for a while, he probably knew that he seemed to be able to hear other people’s inner thoughts, but why could he only hear half of Jin Wenxia’s inner voice?

And… Ye Shuyan stared at the other people at the door and found that not everyone’s voice could be heard by him.

What exactly is going on?

[…It looks like there is. Although it is not obvious, when did Ye Shuyan pay so much attention to others? He can read everyone around the hospital bed, right? But I’m still not sure.]

[Tsk, he deserves to be the villain boss. He can still not leak any flaws when encountering such an absurd thing…]

This is obviously Tang Nuan’s voice. She is observing him, what is the big villain boss? She seems to know his current situation. What is going on?

Because of the information in her words, Ye Shuyan didn’t raise his head and just thought about it calmly, until Assistant Wen saw Tang Nuan and called people to come in. Ye Shuyan raised his eyes to look over.

She was wearing a hospital gown and her complexion was still a little pale, “Brother Shuyan, how are you doing?” Her tone was soft, but there was a flash of light in her eyes.

[I need to confirm it myself. I remember the effective distance is three meters, right?]

Three meters? Ye Shuyan thought about it for a while and he suddenly couldn’t hear Jin Wenxia’s voice just now. It seemed that she was dragged away by Jin Mu…

However, Ye Shuyan looked at Tang Nuan who was still five meters away: ???

[What do I have to do to make a man who always remains calm even the Mount Tai collapsed show his flaws?]

— And her voice is much clearer than others.

Ye Shuyan was thinking while looking at Tang Nuan blankly, while thinking, thinking that although she might have some adventures on the same day in a coma, it was obvious that the unknown force was more on his side. He would probably let her down, as how could he let others know that he was unusual?

However, as soon as he finished thinking about it, a scream suddenly sounded in his head [Ah!!!!]

[He can’t be couldn’t do it, right?! I heard that men are prone to wilt after being soaked in cold water, and my lifelong sexual happiness is about to be gone!]

Although Ye Shuyan was mentally prepared, she never expected Tang Nuan who was thinking about how to test him one second before, and when she stepped within the three-meter range in the next second, she became seamless all of a sudden.

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Ye Shuyan’s face suddenly turned black when he was caught off guard.

The author has something to say:
Tang Nuan: I have to see if he has mind-reading skills.
Ye Shuyan: I’ll be the loser if you can test it out.
Tang Nuan: Ahhh, he can’t!!!
Ye Shuyan: … You’re the one that can’t, your whole family can’t!

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