The Wealthy and Influential Fiancé has the Ability to Read Mind

Chapter 22

On the twentieth floor of Ye Group’s President’s Office, Assistant Wen stood three meters away from Ye Shuyan’s desk to report work.

Ye Shuyan was certain that he couldn’t hear any lively thoughts and also confirmed that it wasn’t his mind-reading ability that had changed, but rather something happened with Tang Nuan.

Thinking of Tang Nuan jumping mad in the morning, the corner of his mouth couldn’t help but curl up. After all, he couldn’t let her leave until he figured out what was happening to her. Moreover, there was no suitable marriage partner than her. He didn’t want to be manipulated by the so-called plots and he also didn’t want his life to be affected by unwarranted plots.

After Assistant Wen finished talking about his work, he took the opportunity to talk about Tang Nuan, “…Yesterday Director Ye personally called the publicity department to change the photos. Our goal was achieved, but there seemed to be another move from the Jiang family yesterday. With the new move, I’m afraid the situation may be unfavorable for Miss Tang now…”

“And that Tang Yi, just released the latest news about Miss Tang…”

Ye Shuyan’s eyes turned cold. He had already made his position clear when he posted the news on his official website yesterday, but he didn’t expect the Jiang family to still be stubborn and determined. That was why he directly issued a warning this morning.

Ye Shuyan knew very well that the so-called Jiang Miao loved him was probably more about the Jiang family who loved him, and Tang Nuan happened to look “weak and bullyable”, which made them think they could succeed.

Assistant Wen asked, “Should we continue to clarify?”

Ye Shuyan thought of the phone call he heard between Tang Nuan and Ji Yun in the morning and he seemed to unexpectedly intervene and break their plan, which made things worse.

While he was thinking, there was a knock on the office door.


Assistant Shen pushed the door open and came in, glanced at Assistant Wen with a proud expression, and reported, “President Ye, President Jiang helped arrange a meeting with Miss Erica, the person in charge of the Nuanyang system, and promised to give us a detailed system demonstration. When will you be free?”

Yes, there is also Nuanyang System and Erica…

Ye Shuyan seemed to have guessed Tang Nuan’s intention and confirmed with Assistant Shen, “Is the Jiang family taking the lead?”

Assistant Shen replied, “Yes, that Miss Erica is an avid fan of Miss Jiang. Although I don’t know if it is a joke to say that if Miss Jiang participates, will get some discount on the quotation. It’s worth a try.” He said very proudly.

Ye Shuyan didn’t know why he wanted to laugh for some reason. It looked like she was going to resolve the Internet issues here, but he didn’t know what tricks she was going to make.

Now that Tang Nuan has a plan, he would no longer interfere. After all, it was the Jiang family who needed to apologize to her, and the Jiang family would be unwilling even if he forced them to. He didn’t know what trouble was going to happen, so he might as well let Tang Nuan handle it herself.

Showing off her fangs saved everyone from treating her as a paper tiger.

Thinking of this, Ye Shuyan had an idea and looked at Assistant Wen, “Make arrangements with them.”

Assistant Wen was stunned. President Ye was clearly dissatisfied with the Jiang family just now… but he quickly took out his tablet and looked at the schedule, “Next Thursday afternoon from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. or Friday morning.”

Assistant Shen said happily, “I will arrange it right away and will let you know the time once confirmed.”

When leaving, he heard Ye Shuyan speak to Assistant Wen at the back, “Don’t worry about those things on the Internet for the time being… Give the materials from Alai Kingdom to me.”

“…That’s absolutely true.” Assistant Shen said over the phone, “And when I mentioned that you would take the lead in Nuanyang System, President Ye seemed to be in a very good mood, and he specifically asked if you pull the strings.”

Jiang Miao hung up the phone and felt a bit confused. Mother Jiang came in with milk and couldn’t help but feel a little distressed when she saw her appearance, “Good child, don’t think about it. Have a good rest first. Aunt Deng will come to see you in a moment and Mom will definitely help you get an explanation this time.”

Jiang Miao shook her head, then shared the details of Assistant Shen’s phone call with Mother Jiang, and murmured, “Mom, is Assistant Shen lying to me? Ye Shuyan looked so disgusted with me this morning as if he didn’t want to have any relationship with me anymore. Moreover, he didn’t break off the engagement either.”

Speaking of this, her face turned even paler. The Tang family told the Jiang family about the situation as soon as they left the Ye family. No one expected that after learning that Tang Nuan was not the biological daughter of the Tang family, Ye Shuyan did not break off the engagement.

Mother Jiang couldn’t figure out why, so she advised, “Didn’t your Aunt Deng say? Maybe it was out of anger.” At this point, she sighed, “It’s all my fault. I couldn’t help provoking him with such words. Maybe he’s just afraid of losing face…”

Jiang Miao shook her head, “It’s not your fault. You also did it for me.”

“He’s gone too far!” Mother Jiang was still a little angry when she mentioned what happened in the morning, but when she saw Jiang Miao’s appearance, she softened her tone and said, “Assistant Shen certainly wouldn’t dare to lie to you. Isn’t he responsible for Nuanyang System that still needed your help?”

“And this project needs to be discussed in person. If Ye Shuyan breaks up with us, how can he agree to let you be the middleman? At least not so soon, right? This is clearly giving you a way out.”

“Maybe it’s because he couldn’t find the person in charge?” Jiang Miao said, “He has always been rational and puts benefits above all else. This matter is more suitable for us to do this in terms of time, energy, and price.”

Jiang Zhan, who came to see her, heard this and said, “Since you said that he is calm, rational, and puts benefits above all else, then when it comes to marriage, you are his best choice. Why would he rather choose the good-for-nothing Tang Nuan, who has no abilities and no family background?”

Mother Jiang immediately spoke, “Yes, and haven’t you seen it? The whole Ye family is also against it, and your Aunt Deng is very angry. If they get married, it may cause turmoil in the family in the future. Would Ye Shuyan who has clear goals not understand this?”

The more she said, the more reasonable she felt, “So, he must be in a state of anger today. After all, breaking off the engagement is not a matter of a day or two. There must be some difficulty.”

Jiang Zhan said, “Besides, it was indeed Miaomiao’s mistake this time. Everyone knows that he was drugged once before, so he hates this kind of thing, especially if you plan to use this morality to bag him…”

Seeing Jiang Miao lowering her head in sadness, he sighed, reaching to rub her head, “Alright, don’t blame yourself, just don’t do such foolish things again in the future.”

Jiang Miao buried her face on Mother Jiang’s shoulder and choked with sobs, “I’m sorry, Brother and Mom. I know I was wrong, and I will never do it again.”

Mother Jiang was heartbroken, and touched her head, “Mom knows you’re also being driven into panic by Ye Shuyan. Take this time as a lesson.”

And then said angrily, “Ye Shuyan is at least half to blame for this! Mom didn’t know before that he went so far and forced you to do this. They all say he’s cold-hearted and I have seen it!”

Compared to Mother Jiang who blindly defended Jiang Miao, Jiang Zhan was a little more rational and asked, “What’s going on with the farmer and the snake that Ye Shuyan mentioned?”

Jiang Miao seemed to have been thinking about this for a long time. At this time, she calmed down and said, “When I was in high school, there was a rich second generation in the school who was very lawless and liked to play with girls. I was targeted because I had no background.”

Speaking of this, Jiang Miao seemed to remember the scene at that time, with a trembling tone in her voice, “He always came to the classroom to block me, and one day he was going to do something. Ye Shuyan, who was my deskmate at that time, helped me by saying I was his girlfriend, and later he had a big fight with that person because of me. Since then, everyone knew that he and I were a couple.”

Speaking of this, Jiang Miao said in a daze, “But now he said I misunderstood, what does he mean? Did he only do that to protect his classmates back then? Would it be the same for anyone else?”

Jiang Zhan frowned and said coldly, “Who is that person?”

Jiang Miao shook her head, “He’s just an ordinary son of a nouveau riche. I heard he was arrested a few years ago.”

Mother Jiang sighed, “I only knew that Ye Shuyan was in a bad situation when he was in high school, but I didn’t know that even the son of a nouveau riche could act recklessly on him.”

“Mom, did I misunderstand him?” Jiang Miao looked at Mother Jiang, unwilling to believe it, “He doesn’t like me at all? The person he loves is Tang Nuan? Is it really me who has been pestering him and interfering in their relationship these days? That’s why he hates me so much… What have I done? Mom, have I brought shame to the Jiang family?”

Seeing that Jiang Miao was about to collapse, Mother Jiang quickly hugged her, stroked her hair, and said, “What nonsense are you talking about? Put it aside for now. It’s okay to like someone.”

Jiang Zhan bent over to look at her and comforted her softly, “Miao, you are excellent. Don’t belittle yourself like this. How can Tang Nuan compare with you?”

“Leave aside the past events between you and Ye Shuyan. But one thing is 100% certain that he does not love Tang Nuan, and has always only regarded Tang Nuan as a decoration.”

“But yesterday…” Thinking of yesterday when she put aside all her reserve and made a desperate move. Ye Shuyan pushed her away without hesitation to hug Tang Nuan. Jiang Miao was so embarrassed that she wanted to find a crack in the ground to crawl under.

Jiang Zhan sighed and comforted, “You should know clearly that Ye Shuyan is cold, but also can be considered a gentleman. As long as Tang Nuan is his fiancée, he will be responsible for her. Moreover, in public, Tang Nuan bore the name of his fiancée, and her face represented his. How could he watch her make a fool of herself?”

“You can tell whether one loves someone or not. Perhaps they have never been intimate before and even used an antidote in yesterday’s situation. Isn’t this enough to explain everything?”

Jiang Zhan took out his phone and handed it to Jiang Miao, “Look at this again.”

Jiang Miao took over the phone and watched Tang Yi reveal a big melon, an earth-shattering abuse of Tang Nuan filled the screen. She couldn’t help but pursed her lips. If she followed Ye Shuyan’s attitude towards Tang Nuan as she had seen before, Ye Shuyan would take care of this matter.

Mother Jiang said, “Didn’t Assistant Shen say that Ye Shuyan personally said that no need to take care of this? Since he didn’t take care of it, there must be other arrangements.”

She looked at her daughter’s lack of confidence and said with distress, “Anyway, Miaomiao, you are the princess of our Jiang family. Don’t feel inferior because of a man, even if the other person is Ye Shuyan.”

Jiang Miao closed her eyes and said decisively when she opened them again, “Yes, I know. Mom, Brother, I will never pester him again, I will give up on him…” However, as she spoke, her heart was torn apart and tears welled up.

“What nonsense are you talking about?” Mother Jiang leaned forward to hug her, “Mom just said not to feel inferior, but didn’t tell you to give up. You just like someone. What’s wrong with that?”

Jiang Miao was stunned and then heard Jiang Zhan say, “Miaomiao, you are the princess of our Jiang family. Even if it was a misunderstanding before, as long as you really like Ye Shuyan, go fight for it. Your parents and brother will stand behind you.”

Mother Jiang said, “Yes, you had to worry about Tang Nuan before, but now she is like this. Even if Ye Shuyan insists, the Ye family and your Aunt Deng will not agree. It will be a matter of time before the engagement is broken off.” She rubbed her head and said, “Go do what you want to do, at least try hard. Mom just hopes you won’t have any regrets in the future.”

Hearing this, Jiang Miao’s eyes became firm again…

Seeing this, Jiang Zhan smiled and said, “That’s right.” He shook his phone and smiled, “Besides, we still have this. The chips our family spent so much to get are not for nothing.”

“The hotel upgrade and transformation of Ye Group is imperative. Ye Shuyan attaches great importance to this project. When the time comes, you will be in charge in the middle and let him rediscover your excellency again. Our Miaomiao is so good, only a blind person will think that you are not as good as Tang Nuan.”

Jiang Miao still worried about gains and losses, “But today we and him…”

Mother Jiang said, “It’s just an ordinary quarrel. Isn’t Aunt Deng will be here soon? And your Uncle Ye, he has a big project to collaborate with our family.”

Jiang Miao finally showed a smile.

When Tang Nuan received Jiang Miao’s call, she was still vexed by what Ye Shuyan was thinking. When she received a call from Jiang Miao on her commonly used phone abroad, and heard that the other party wanted an introduction to the Nuanyang System’s proposal, Tang Nuan suddenly had an enlightenment.

Why should she guess what Ye Shuyan was thinking? She could take the initiative. The Nuanyang system was her bargaining chip against Ye Shuyan from the beginning, and cleaning up the Jiang family was just a side trip.

After thinking about this, Tang Nuan suddenly felt refreshed, but she didn’t expect that Jiang Miao was so ambitious. She was not satisfied with being a simple matchmaker and wanted to help with the project.

Tang Nuan readily introduced the proposal to the other party. This was what Jiang Miao wanted to present herself and couldn’t blame her when being embarrassed at that time.

However, this plan still required Ji Yun’s help.

Just as she thought of her, the door rang. A few minutes later, Ji Yun and Li Qiuqiu entered the room. After entering, they carefully observed Tang Nuan’s expression.

Tang Nuan laughed, “What are you doing?”

Ji Yun said, “My guess is that you are about to be kicked out of the Tang family? Didn’t you say that you want to join Li Qiuqiu? She is ready and we are here to pick you up.”

Li Qiuqiu rolled her eyes, sighed, and said weakly to Tang Nuan, “Let’s go. Although I also drink soup every day, I can share half of it with you. We can survive for a year and a half if we go hungry together.”

She was so righteous to cry for poverty. Tang Nuan felt warm in her heart, but she said with disdain, “Then I won’t go, I still want to live here.”

The two of them were shocked when they heard this, and Li Qiuqiu said brightly, “What? Did Young Master Ye pay the breakup fee? Is this house given to you?”

This person was indeed a killer king, only spoke of other’s shortcomings. Tang Nuan said lazily, “Don’t mention it, he wants me to clean up and leave the house!”

Ji Yun’s eyes widened, “No way?! Young Master Ye is actually that kind of person? After all, you have followed him for three years, so it’s not your fault that you are not the daughter of the Tang family… So, are you planning to stay here and not leave?”

Li Qiuqiu nodded, “It’s okay if he wants you to leave. The breakup fee should be at least ten million yuan so that it’s worthy of his status. After all, as far as the engagement is concerned, they are the ones who want to break the engagement.”

Tang Nuan: …

They were indeed her gang of scoundrels, but they were still inexperienced than her. She wanted tens of millions.

However, …

Tang Nuan let out a long sigh and said, “It’s him who won’t break off the engagement.”

“Why?” they both asked in unison.

Li Qiuqiu asked, “Is his brain broken?”

Tang Nuan was not happy when they said such a reason, “What’s wrong with you? Why can’t it be that he is reluctant to break off the engagement with me just because I’m beautiful, capable, and smart?”

Li Qiuqiu glanced at her and said, “If you say he loves beauty or obsesses with sex, I can barely accept it.” At this point, she showed a sudden realization, “Ah! Does he like obedient but brainless beauties? Be a worry-free person?”

Tang Nuan: …

In a sense, this gal was right. Ye Shuyan was attracted to her for this when he got engaged to her.

Ji Yun looked at herself in the mirror, “Do you think it’s still too late for me to have plastic surgery? If he gives me two hundred thousand allowance every month, I can absolutely never bother him and take the initiative to protect him from harassment of other women.”

Li Qiuqiu said quietly, “I think he prefers natural beauties.”

Ji Yun rolled her eyes resentfully, and then asked about what happened in a barrage of questions, “So what exactly happened this morning? What did the Tang family say? What are the opinions of other Ye family members?”

“What other opinion, of course, they want to terminate the engagement.” Tang Nuan gave an overview of the situation.

“That’s it?!” Ji Yun exclaimed in surprise, “Just ten minutes to deal with it?”

Tang Nuan said, “Yeah, there’s nothing to say. The paternity test is clear. I’m not their daughter, and there’s nothing to bother about.”

“Of course, you don’t have to bother about it. The problem is the Tang family. The Tang family has a rare opportunity to show off and didn’t rush to curry favor?”

“Ye Shuyan’s mother promised them good things, but the problem is that Ye Shuyan doesn’t agree to terminate the engagement!” Tang Nuan couldn’t help thinking about his reasons for not breaking off the engagement.

Ji Yun suddenly clapped her hands, “So, did something happen between you two yesterday?”

A pair of eyes appeared in Tang Nuan’s mind unconsciously. Although they were undoubtedly full of desire, he remained calm and restrained. The two contradictory emotions made the man feel fatally attractive…

Ji Yun narrowed her eyes, “Sure enough, are you hiding something from us? Did you sleep with him?!”

“No!” Tang Nuan’s heart skipped a beat and she said seriously, “You don’t have to believe me, but you have to believe in Ye Shuyan’s willpower. He is really super abnormal!”

Ji Yun didn’t believe it, “Then why didn’t he break off the engagement?”

Li Qiuqiu looked her up and down. Although Tang Nuan had done nothing, she had goosebumps from her stare.

Fortunately, her phone ringtone saved her, but it was an unfamiliar number, so Tang Nuan hesitated.

Ji Yun looked over curiously, “Don’t answer the call if you don’t know the number.” Tang Nuan pressed the mute button, and after a while, the screen went dark.

Li Qiuqiu suddenly said, “Let’s go out for a drink. Leaving the Tang family is worth celebrating.”

Tang Nuan agreed after thinking that she had been busy since returning home and had never gone out to play happily.

When they got downstairs, they saw two large trucks parked at the entrance, while moving, not in but out.

Ji Yun asked curiously, “Why did they move out?”

The apartments in Genting Community were in high demand, with top-notch geographical location, layout, and strict security. Especially the building where Ye Shuyan lived, the grandest and priceless. Generally, people would not sell it easily unless they were desperate.

A distinctively dressed middle-aged woman standing next to her suddenly sighed, “Oh, I can’t help it, the business can’t turn around.”

Tang Nuan and the other two were stunned for a moment. Ji Yun was just casually gossiping, unexpectedly someone answered the conversation, which made her feel a bit embarrassed.

The woman looked at their expressions and laughed, “It’s okay. In life, ups and downs are normal. When business picks up, we might be able to buy a better house. Isn’t there a saying that a blessing in disguise?”

As she spoke, she took out her business card and handed it to the three of them, “I make cosmetics. Here is my business card. If you need anything, please contact me. Our skincare products are made out of traditional Chinese medicine formulas left by our ancestors. They are really good.”

Her behavior was somewhat abrupt, but the three of them could understand her eagerness to seize any opportunity when she was at the end of her rope. Besides, her open-mindedness was not annoying, so they all accepted it.

Tang Nuan took a polite glance and found that it was a quite old national brand.

Ji Yun asked casually again, “Which floor are you on?”

“Twelfth floor.” The woman said.

Tang Nuan was stunned for a moment, then raised her head, “Twelfth floor?”

“Yes, the twelfth floor, the natural lighting and layout are very good…” The woman introduced it enthusiastically. She was currently vacating a house and has not sold it yet. It would be better if someone could buy it. If there was competition from more people, the price might be even higher.

Tang Nuan didn’t have the mood to listen anymore. In the book, her biological parents, the current Tang Xing family, lived on the twelfth floor, but they moved there after the Tang family and Tang Xing recognized each other…

Back then, she was thinking while reading, how could they have the money to buy a house in Genting Community?

Tang Nuan originally thought it was due to the Jiang family.

With the arrogant and stingy demeanor of the Tang family, they must look down on ordinary people. However, Jiang Miao would probably do such a thing to irritate her.

However, according to the timeline in the book, Tang Xing’s family moved here almost two months later.

Now she didn’t know how the plot would be affected. The twelfth floor was moving out now and if someone moved in early, could they avoid awkwardness in the future?

Ji Yun sighed, “Speaking of it, this apartment is nice. I want to buy it.”

Tang Nuan immediately urged, “Buy it, buy it, and let’s be neighbors.”

Ji Yun said, “Sister Zhang is selling her apartment to save the company. Do you want me to sell the company and buy an apartment? Besides, selling the company won’t be enough.”

Tang Nuan said, “Find your parents…”

Before she could finish her words, her phone rang again. It was the same unfamiliar number as before, but before Tang Nuan could hang up, the other party hung up first and then a message popped up: [Is this Tang Nuan? I’m Tang Jinxin. I didn’t see you at Tang’s house today. Where are you? We’ll come to pick you up.]

Tang Nuan was stunned.

Ji Yun saw something wrong with her expression and came over to take a look, “From your biological side?”

“The Tang family went to pick up Tang Xing, so they also went to the Tang family to pick you up, right?

Li Qiuqiu asked Tang Nuan directly, “What do you think?”

Tang Nuan said, “What can I think? I’m an adult now, and it’s not necessary to have parents. I think being alone is quite good.”

Ji Yun hesitated for a moment, “I’ve inquired, and that family seems to be pretty good. I’ve also met Tang Xing and her personality is obviously that of being pampered…”

“I know, she’s the pampered one, so it wouldn’t be good for me to get in.”

In the book, Tang Nuan naturally contacted her biological parents secretly after confirming the truth and they were actually good people.

On the day she was kicked out of the wealthy Tang family, they also warmly welcomed Tang Xing home. She watched with her own eyes as Tang Xing’s adoptive parents and siblings personally delivered Tang Xing to the door of Tang’s family. The family held her in their arms and told her earnestly that couldn’t bear to part with each other.

It was not about climbing to some wealthy family, it was just pure love and concern.

Then Tang Nuan turned around and left through the back door. Human love was always limited. She felt that she couldn’t be compared to Tang Xing, who had been raised for more than twenty years, so she gave up her expectations.

Afterward, they had some contact, but the relationship was neither good nor bad. They were polite and reasonable from beginning to end and never caused any trouble for her. This alone made Tang Nuan very satisfied.

She felt that this sense of distance was just right.

Ji Yun wanted to say something more but was held back by Li Qiuqiu, “You have to meet them nevertheless. At least get to know their temperament, so won’t cause any trouble.”

Tang Nuan nodded, “They’re definitely going to send Tang Xing today, but may not have time to pay attention to me. Let’s wait another day.” She said, lowered her head, replied to a message from the other party, and then said, “Let’s go! Let’s go get a drink!”

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