The Wealthy and Influential Fiancé Has the Ability to Read Minds

Chapter 28

As soon as Ye Shuyan arrived at the office, his cell phone rang. He looked at the caller ID and clicked the reject button.

It wasn’t until the executives finished reporting their work and left that his phone rang for the third time that he pressed the answer button.

Jiang Zhan had lost his temper and apologized when his call was answered, “Shuyan, I’m sorry, I didn’t pay attention to this matter. I’ve been a little busy recently, and Miaomiao stayed in the program team all day. I didn’t expect that the illegitimate son of the Tang family would take advantage of it.”

“You also know that boy has always been arrogant and hates Tang Nuan to the core, so when something happens to Tang Nuan, he can’t wait to add insult to injury.” Jiang Zhan became angry as he spoke, “The key is to use my Miaomiao.”

“You should know by looking at those messages that it is not something that smart people will do.”

What Jiang Zhan said was true. It wasn’t until Jiang Miao came to him two hours ago that she was in trouble that he discovered that Tang Yi had done so many stupid things.

He always knew that Tang Yi would not be able to get on the stage, but it was a good bait to hang the Tang family and could also charge into the battle for Miaomiao. However, he didn’t expect that the other party would be so narrow-minded. Tang Nuan was in a situation where she was left to fend for herself but he insisted on stepping on her, no, one foot was not enough, he wanted to step on a few more times.

If Ye Shuyan had broken off the engagement that day, there would be no problem in doing so, but Tang Nuan was still his fiancée. If he did this, even for the sake of a man’s face, he would not let go. Didn’t this mean he didn’t care about her at all?

Now, Miaomiao was implicated in this.

The more Jiang Zhan thought about it, the angrier he became, but there was no other way. He took a deep breath, hoping that for the sake of taking the initiative to apologize and try his best to make up for it, Ye Shuyan wouldn’t be so angry and affect the future cooperation between the two families.

“I know Tang Nuan wanted to clarify, but you don’t know much about the Internet. I wonder if you have read those comments. Those people online have no brains at all and don’t know what is right and wrong. They only listen to what they want to hear, see what they want to see and some even simply vent their malice. Miaomiao has no choice but to be cautious, but Miss Tang is not in the entertainment industry, so rashly stepping forward will easily lead to even greater trouble.”

“The best way to deal with those malicious speculations online is to deal with them coldly.”

“Otherwise, the more clarifications you make, the more trouble you will have. Those marketing accounts and self-media bloggers will make up anything for the sake of traffic. Across the Internet, everyone is a moral saint, and a little bit of shady things can be magnified infinitely. If there is shady thing, then it will be a disaster.”

Ye Shuyan listened quietly to him.

Jiang Zhan expressed his stand, “I have asked people to remove all the unfavorable hot searches on Tang Nuan. I will also withdraw Tang Yi’s investment and re-establish a reliable studio for Miaomiao. Her fans now are all caused by Tang Yi’s foolish actions, and I will also rearrange people to control them.”

“I guarantee that within a week, everyone will forget about this, and it will never cause any trouble to Tang Nuan again.”

Ye Shuyan still didn’t say anything, but the blame was thrown away quite cleanly. Jiang Zhan was busy and he believed that Jiang Miao didn’t know about it in the program team? She was afraid that she was not only happy to see it happen but also actively instigated it.

Was this how they made up for it by not causing trouble to Tang Nuan in the future?

Jiang Zhan seemed to feel Ye Shuyan’s anger through the phone, and couldn’t help scolding Tang Yi again. He could only continue to apologize, “In this case, when Miss Tang is free one day, I will be the host and escort Tang Yi personally over to apologize to her. Coincidentally, I still have a pretty good jade here.”

“Jiang Zhan.” Ye Shuyan finally spoke and said calmly, “Don’t waste my time.”

Jiang Zhan sighed and said, “Shuyan, the mastermind of this matter is Tang Yi. I can’t let my sister take the blame recklessly, right? You also know that she is still upset. At her birthday party last time, Miss Tang had not yet explained pushing her into the lake. She has a knot in her heart for Tang Nuan…”

“Otherwise, I understand that girls are thin-skinned, so we won’t pursue that matter. The two matters will cancel each other out…”

Ye Shuyan tapped his fingers on the table and didn’t want to listen to his nonsense anymore. Some people really couldn’t shed tears without seeing the coffin. He said directly, “I will buy the Nuanyang System at 20% off the estimated price.”

Jiang Zhan was stunned for a moment, then gritted his teeth secretly. This system was their advantage and bargaining chip in facing the Ye family, but now it was being used as compensation for an apology?

He was unwilling to give in and sighed, “This needs to be discussed. After all, the other party said that she is a fan of Miaomiao, and the 20% off price may be just a token of excitement.”

“And she has encountered some trouble recently, saying she doesn’t want to develop locally anymore. You should know that her system has been successfully trialed in two hotels abroad, and many people are looking for her…”

“Forget about it.”

Jiang Zhan was anxious, “Oh! Shuyan…”

Ye Shuyan has already hung up the phone.

After thinking about it, he reopened his Weibo and found that Tang Nuan’s topic had finally become a hot search topic, but the content of the topic was a bit strange: #HR Tang Nuan and her boss who has a bad relationship#

The accompanying picture was still an airport photo, but it was more beautiful and more pertinent than the previous malicious photo.

There was a total of nine photos of her holding flowers smiling brightly, and of him coming out of the VIP aisle and hugging Tang Nuan, hugging her shoulders, and other gestures of intimacy.

The following comments were also normal.

[After looking at this set of photos, why do I feel like I was fooled before?]

[I wasn’t fooled, but I couldn’t speak. I suspected that I was blocked by Jiang Miao’s fans as if it was some heinous act for me to support the legitimate fiancée. The society is so corrupted.]

[Comrade, let’s not talk about whether it is true or not. Even if Tang Nuan is not the biological daughter of the Tang family, even if she has a bad character, it is still Young Master Ye’s own business. What decision should others make for him?]

[Laugh to death, some fans are eager to host the marriage ceremony for President Ye, but that is under the premise that he has a fiancée.]

[Yes, what’s the difference between a mistress who shouts that true love is supreme and wants to kick out his original fiancée? I didn’t expect that in 2022, there would still be this kind of corrupted society, which is terrible.]

[So those who claimed cheated and withdrawn from the engagement were all fake. They were obviously in a good relationship.]

[No, it’s not good, they have no feelings.]

There were a lot of question marks below this post.

Someone laughed, hahaha, and replied, [It is true that there is no need for emotion. Just go and watch Da Yuan’s livestream and you will know.]

[I just finished watching the replay and I laughed so hard. Who doesn’t like this beautiful funny young lady?]

[Her boss doesn’t like her. Her boss even spends money to buy her to shut up, hahaha…]

[Come, come, look at this HR and the boss who doesn’t love her.] Then there was a picture below.

In the big bright airport hall, a tall and cold man embraced a charming and alluring woman.

One lowered his head and eyes, while the other raised her head and smiled, their eyes facing each other. There were a few petals scattered on the man’s hair and shoulders. The sunlight coming in from the large floor-to-ceiling window was the most natural ambient light, giving the two of them a layer of pink filter.

There was a squealing sound below this post: [So, is this without emotion?]

[Yes, I am married to such an emotionless husband. Now that I have given birth to my second child, he helps to take care of the baby. After all, he has no emotions and is sorry to trouble me too much.]

This comment with a picture seemed to turn on some kind of switch, and people started posting pictures one after another.

[HR with a monthly salary of one million, benefits of tens of millions, and a boss who supports her.] The accompanying picture showed him holding Tang Nuan in his arms and stroking her head.

[The HR who is very willing to recruit colleagues for the boss and the boss who has no feelings for her] The accompanying GIF showed him patting Tang Nuan on the head with a gentle smile in his eyes.

[Ah, ah, ah, the last one, who said President Ye is cold? This doting looks in his eyes…]

Ye Shuyan held his forehead, and it was clear that it was just an ordinary hug, but it could be interpreted in so many meanings.

That was the reason why he didn’t want to waste time on this online gossip. If it weren’t for his personal experience, just looking at these, he would have thought that he and Tang Nuan loved each other deeply…

But what were these descriptions about? He was the boss that was easy to understand. When did Tang Nuan become HR?

He exited the topic and wanted to find the answer, but saw new topics pop up: #Jiang Miao, the colleague#, and #Jiang Miao, the Flourishing White Lotus #, stood side by side on the hot searches, much higher than Tang Nuan’s.

He didn’t know what the colleague had to do with the hot search, so he directly clicked on a topic of “Little White Flower” that he could understand. There were also nine pictures, two of which were screenshots of the Weibo page, and one was a hot search on Weibo at 9:30 in the morning. The topics were #Madam Deng and Jiang Miao picking up Young Master Ye at the airport, his fiancée did not show up# was circled in red, followed by a picture of Jiang Miao with a pity expression on her face. Later were the pictures of Tang Nuan standing face to face with Deng Qiong and Jiang Miao, and photos of Tang Nuan hugging him.

The other screenshot was an article from a marketing account that he had just seen on the way to the company: [The Shura Field of airport pick-up, who is Young Master Ye’s true love?] and the following were the comments that distorted the truth deliberately and insulted Tang Nuan. It was published at 10:30 and the deletion time was 10:33, all circled in red, followed by a photo of Ye Shuyan affectionately hugging Tang Nuan, and finally a GIF of Jiang Miao’s face full of guilt and a tearful apology.

[Vomit, when I watched the livestream and saw her crying so aggrievedly at the end, I almost thought I had misunderstood her. Now looking at the topic and marketing accounts, I want to spit on her face and yet she still has the nerve to cry?]

[Haha, when it comes to this, she still shed crocodile tears, as if she was especially sympathetic to Miss Tang’s experience. But when she raised her head, Miss Tang slapped her with a rosy face.]

[I watched the replay and it was quite funny at the time, but looking back and thinking about it, it was disgusting.]

[Crying is a universal weapon. Do you think you can be forgiven just by crying if you do something bad? You are worthy of the Flourishing White Lotus.]

[Looking back, if Miss Tang had not shown up and according to Jiang White Lotus’s plan, once the topic of his fiancée not showing up is brought up, the marketing accounts would take the lead and Miss Tang would probably face another wave of online insults. Like the fake daughter who cheated her into a marriage and dares not show up, and eventually gets hammered to break off the engagement. However, Jiang White Lotus and Madam Deng have such a good relationship that it will be natural for them to get together in the future.]

[In the eyes of outsiders, Young Master Ye’s fiancée is a heinous bad woman who deserves to be annulled. However, Jiang White Lotus took advantage of the situation and naturally concealed the fact that she was the mistress.]

[We shouldn’t just review this incident, I’ll go over it from the beginning: In the beginning, Jiang White Lotus returned to her wealthy family, not only did she have a loving family, but she also had a very predestined first love. After being abducted, she was still able to have that kind of romantic relationship… At that time, everyone kept sending blessings and talking about CP, so Jiang White Lotus’s popularity went from a third- and fourth-tier ordinary actor to a first- and second-tier actor. In the end, on the day of Old Madam Ye’s birthday party, it was revealed that her first love, the heir to the Ye family, had a fiancée who had been engaged for three years.]

[The topic #Jiang Miao suspected to be a mistress# appeared, but in less than half an hour, both this topic and the revelations about President Ye’s fiancée were all removed. Jiang White Lotus’s fans cleaned it cleanly. Because the removal was quick at the time, it did not have a big impact.]

[However, the climax came later. That night, Ye’s family’s official website directly posted photos of President Ye and his fiancée, officially introducing them. After that, the topic #Jiang Miao suspected to be a mistress# was posted again, but it was quickly withdrawn. After a few hours, the photos on the official website were changed, and then the dirty information about Miss Tang began to explode…]

[For five or six days in a row, even with elements such as a wealthy family and a fake daughter, a simple person would not be able to create six or seven hot search topics. This must be marketing. At that time, I thought that after leaving the wealthy family, Miss Tang would enter the entertainment industry relying on shady information. It wasn’t until today’s topic and scandalous were published that I realized that it was some guilty-minded people who wanted to cover up the fact that they were meddling in other people’s relationships by deceiving people.]

[Wow, thank you to the class representative for summarizing. Looking at it this way, the context is much clearer.]

[The key is, as President Ye said himself today, they are just ordinary high school classmates and not first love at all.]

[So, to summarize, Jiang White Lotus likes President Ye unilaterally, and then uses such despicable means to kick out his fiancée? Her fans still trying to clear it off, can this be cleared up?]

There were idiotic fans who came to clear up.

[Who is dissing her? Tang bitch is disgusting and doesn’t want anyone to talk about her? Go find out what she has done before? You support people who drink, car race, and bully on campus. Are your brains having problems?]

[Yes, yes, yes. She even raped a male classmate, and the police didn’t catch her. She has such a profound background and we fellow seawater have the evidence.]

There was a burst of laughter below.

But soon there were different voices.

[Those hot searches and dirty articles were bought by her to frame our Baby Miao. Otherwise, how could there be such a coincidence that two of them happened to meet gossip bloggers and livestream? My Baby Miao has a professional marketing team. How could they be so stupid?!]

[Yes, it is true that she is a fake daughter, right? She admits that it is a marriage arranged by family without feelings. As the heir of the Ye Group, if President Ye didn’t find Baby Miao well-matched, why would he find a good-for-nothing like her who even has a fake identity?]

[Haha, didn’t she say that? All she wants is the title of Mrs. Ye and will personally act as a procurer for President Ye. So, who is disgusting here? She gives up her dignity for money…]

[Surprisingly, some people support her. The people speaking for her here are probably the ones who help their husbands with their mistresses…]

This was just a misinterpretation of the meaning and a way of attacking people by labeling them. Needless to say, they were either mentally retarded or just trolls.

Ye Shuyan didn’t want to read anymore. After confirming that someone was backing Tang Nuan later on, he backed out. Then he found that the hot searches had been removed. Not only Jiang Miao’s two but also those related to Tang Nuan were missing.

He was about to ask Assistant Wen to come in and ask what was going on when he saw that the hot searches were on top again.

He worked for more than two hours of work, during this period, he saw that the three hot searches were taken down and then pushed up and down two or three times but stayed firmly on top. Finally, he felt much better.

It happened that Assistant Wen came in to deliver documents. He wanted to ask about the situation, but his phone rang again.

After glancing at the caller ID, Ye Shuyan picked up the call directly, and Jiang Zhan’s exhausted voice came out, “Shuyan, have you seen the hot searches?”

Ye Shuyan said without changing his expression, “What’s about hot searches?”

Jiang Zhan sighed, “Then it’s probably Miss Tang who takes care of herself?”

“Shuyan, I just contacted the person in charge of the Nuanyang System. She is willing to return home to present the project plan for Miaomiao’s sake. The price can be 20% off of the valuation, but she has one request.”

Ye Shuyan said calmly, “What’s the request?”

“Livestreaming with Miaomiao. She wants to form a team with Miaomiao to introduce this system.” He said, “Now Miaomiao is participating in a variety show. That program requires participants to livestream work and life content every week. The program has a high level of national viewers, so I checked the sponsors, and the earnings almost doubled after the two episodes of the show were aired.”

“She probably wants to use Miaomiao’s star influence to promote their team, so she won’t lose even at a 20% discount on the valuation.”

Ye Shuyan narrowed his eyes, obviously aware of their intentions, but said happily, “Sure.”

Jiang Zhan breathed a sigh of relief when he heard this. He must value the Nuanyang System, so it would be much easier.

“But if Miaomiao attends as a member of the team, she needs to maintain a good image as an artist. Today’s hot search has done too much damage to her image. Can you help clarify it? I asked Miaomiao and you did admit that she was your girlfriend in high school, so she misunderstood. She didn’t do it on purpose before. Can you come forward to help clarify it?”

Ye Shuyan was unmoved and said calmly, “I don’t know much about the Internet, but didn’t you just say that it should be dealt with coldly? Clarification will only put people in the spotlight and bring her more trouble.”

Jiang Zhan choked and said helplessly, “Shuyan, Miaomiao is different from Tang Nuan. She is an artist, and this will ruin her. Moreover, we still want to cooperate…”

“Jiang Zhan.” Ye Shuyan suddenly said, “What I want is an apology, not a threat.”

His tone was very calm as if it hadn’t changed much from before, but Jiang Zhan didn’t know why his heart suddenly jumped, as if he heard the other party say, “Since you are so insincere, let’s forget about the Nuanyang System. The cooperation on this project ends here.”

Jiang Zhan suddenly became anxious, “Hey, Shuyan! No, it’s all good business…”

However, before he could finish speaking, Ye Shuyan hung up the phone.

He tapped his index finger on the table and told Assistant Wen next to him, “Go find out about the program and the format of a livestream. When negotiating terms, we must also prepare a live stream on our end to broadcast at the same time.”

Assistant Wen was stunned for a moment, then carefully confirmed, “Are we going to agree to this cooperation?” Didn’t he refuse just now?

Ye Shuyan nodded, obviously having his arrangements, “Determine the location, inform the publicity team to make full use of the plan, and in short, don’t let the other party decide the duration and viewpoint of the broadcast at will.”

Since the Jiang family has experience in dealing with online violence, let’s give him a good demonstration. He wanted to see if they would take it lightly when insults happen to them.

 As for apologizing, since they were all trying to shift blame and unwilling to do so, then don’t blame him for forcefully pressing their head. Since Jiang Miao used the Internet to blackmail Tang Nuan, then let her apologize in front of everyone on the Internet!

Assistant Wen looked at Ye Shuyan’s cold expression. This was the first time he had seen him so angry in the four years he had been with him.

Ye Shuyan pointed to the phone and said to Assistant Wen, “Well done.”

Assistant Wen suddenly showed a speechless expression, “We didn’t do it.”

Ye Shuyan said, “Ji Yun didn’t accept it?” Shouldn’t that money grabber accept it?

Assistant Wen shook his head, “It’s not done over there either.”

Seeing that Ye Shuyan seemed impatient, Assistant Wen stopped trying to be pretentious and said directly, “I guess it’s Miss Tang’s biological parents.”

Ye Shuyan was stunned for a moment, has she recognized her parents in the past few days? “Guess?”

“It’s from a legal department.” Assistant Wen said, “Someone sued the marketing company yesterday. The marketing company being sued thought it was us and kept asking around. However, our legal team has just been established and is still collecting information. After hearing about this, we checked it out and found that it was Mingyue Law Firm, with Tang Yue as the legal representative. Therefore, I guessed that the hot searches might also have been done by them.”

Ye Shuyan was a little surprised, but he also thought it was good, “Then communicate with them, we can provide them with help, as long as we get things done quickly.”

Assistant Wen coughed lightly and said, “That Miss Tang refused to communicate with us, saying that this is her sister’s matter and that it didn’t need to be dealt with by unrelated people.”

Ye Shuyan: ….

Why did this sound so uncomfortable?

“Then investigate separately.” Ye Shuyan stared at Assistant Wen, “Don’t tell me that Ye family’s legal department is not as good as the lawyer from an ordinary law firm outside.”

Assistant Wen agreed readily but felt bitter in his heart. According to his colleagues in the legal department, Tang Yue, despite being young, was a well-known figure in the industry. She was known as the “gentle madwoman”, and many were afraid of her when she was mentioned.

“Also,” Ye Shuyan continued, “Cooperate well with Ji Yun. If it doesn’t work, just find professionals. When did you even fail to do this?”

Assistant Wen felt aggrieved. Who would have thought that Miss Tang’s family might look so ordinary but be so capable?

He never expected that in the end, his opponent would not be the Jiang family, but Miss Tang’s family… Social animal life* was unpredictable, and weird things could happen at any time.

(social animal life* – is a derogatory term used to describe office workers, who work submissively in the company and are exploited by the company like animals.)

Not long after, in the “Loving Family” group chat:

[Soaring to the Sky: Who bought the hot searches this time?]

[It’s hard to run away from home: Isn’t you? I thought you bought it.]

[Moonlight in the water: +1 When I asked, I was told that someone bought it.]

[Soaring into the Sky: !!! Could it be you @Handsome and Rich]

[Handsome and Rich: Hmm, what’s wrong?]

[Soaring to the Sky: Didn’t you say you have to be low-key and humble? Are you not afraid of revealing your wealth?]

[Handsome and Rich: I asked your sister, only the police can check data. As for hackers and kidnappers, they probably don’t have that culture. Paying people to shut up is foolish, but paying people to talk is the right thing to do.]

[It’s hard to run away from home: Hey, it was withdrawn again. I’ll do it this time!]

The group was quiet for a while, and within five minutes, Tang Fei came back depressed.

[Soaring to the sky: Who is it this time? Who is it? There are three hot searches, but I didn’t buy any of them?]

[It’s hard to run away from home: It’s not me, and I didn’t buy it either.]

Others also said they didn’t buy it, and just as they were wondering, Tang Yue replied.

[Moonlight in the water: It’s the Ye family.]

[Fire Tree Golden Flower: ……]

[Fire Tree Golden Flower: I can’t stand it. Children, come on, whoever bought the most will not only be reimbursed but also be rewarded with 100,000 yuan!]

The author has something to say:
President Ye: I can’t buy anything from hot searches and lagging in prosecution…
Big Sister Tang: You are a younger brother.
President Ye: …I have a desire to win.
President Ye: I don’t like to be criticized publicly. Huh? This photo was taken well, save it.
President Ye: What is a hot search on colleagues? It must have nothing to do with me.
President Ye’s application to join the “Loving Family” group chat was rejected: Men with many colleagues are not welcome.
President Ye: ???
He looked at Assistant Wen and considered whether to fire him first or not.
Assistant Wen quickly shook his head: I am not your colleague!

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