The Wealthy and Influential Fiancé Has the Ability to Read Minds

Chapter 34

As soon as the recording was sent out, everyone who was active in the group fell silent. Tang Nuan guessed that they were downloading the recording to listen.

Jiang Miao was almost on the verge of collapsing, “You, why are you doing this to me?!” As she said this, she rushed towards her.

Standing on the side, Ye Shuyan took a step and stood in front of Tang Nuan, easily stopping her and looking at Jiang Zhan with an unpleasant expression.

Jiang Zhan reacted quickly this time and held Jiang Miao back without any delay.

Tang Nuan was stunned for a moment when she looked at the back of the person in front of her and then popped her head out slightly to answer Jiang Miao, “Because you treat me worse than this. So, don’t ask such naive questions.”

She looked at Jiang Zhan’s deep eyes and hid behind Ye Shuyan without any fear, “I think instead of looking for problems with me, it’s better to go back to find a solution.” She shook her phone, “I won’t post it, but there’s no guarantee that others won’t post it.”

In the end, Jiang Zhan took Jiang Miao and left in a hurry. Before leaving, Ye Zhenghong was so angry that he pointed at Ye Shuyan twice with his finger, but couldn’t say anything.

Tang Nuan translated for Ye Shuyan, “He is incompetent and furious.”

The originally expressionless Ye Shuyan suddenly had a hint of a smile in his eyes. With a smile, the atmosphere immediately relaxed.

Tang Nuan also felt happy and then said, “Actually, she can’t hurt me. I still have some Taekwondo skills.”

Ye Shuyan was speechless, “You want me to stand aside and watch you fight?”

Tang Nuan imagined the scene and couldn’t help but chuckle.

Ye Shuyan thought of something and said, “Not bad, it’s great.”

His sentence had no beginning or end, so Tang Nuan was a little confused, “What?”

Ye Shuyan said, “Taekwondo is great, and today’s speech was also great.”

Tang Nuan said cheerfully, “Thank you for your compliment. If you praise me a little more, I will be even happier.” When this was mentioned, she stared at Ye Shuyan and asked, “You are using me.”

Ye Shuyan didn’t intend to take the blame. He gestured towards her phone and said, “Which of your requests did I fail to fulfill?”

Then he asked in response, “Are you planning to turn your back on me as soon as the recording was released?”

Tang Nuan was choked when being questioned that way and said, “Then, what about Ye Shuchen and the Jiang family’s business…”

Speaking of this, a thought flashed through her mind, but she didn’t catch it.

This made Ye Shuyan catch her weakness again and lower his eyes to look at her, “As a married couple, I am just pushing the boat along the river to fight for greater benefits for us, but you’re calculating with me so clearly…” He said this with his eyes narrowed slightly, making Tang Nuan feel guilty.

She just listened to him continue, “Even HR has to create some value for the boss, right?”

Tang Nuan: ……

It’s not over yet! It’s merely a sentence. If you have the ability, then will you pay me a salary?

Then she saw Ye Shuyan slowly take out a card from his pocket and stuff it into her hand.

Tang Nuan: …”What is this?”

Ye Shuyan returned to his desk and said casually, “Salary card.”

Although she had a premonition, Tang Nuan couldn’t help but wave her fist at his back when she heard what this guy said them.

Ye Shuyan seemed to be in a good mood. After sitting down, he pressed the intercom and said, “Bring in some snacks and fruit plates.”

Tang Nuan looked at him in surprise. After the bold pajama scene, had she discovered something extraordinary again?

Does the boss actually eat snacks and work at the same time? Tang Nuan imagined Ye Shuyan sitting upright, eating fruit, and reviewing documents with a cold face…

Ye Shuyan rubbed his forehead, pointed to the sofa in the guest area, and said, “Go there to rest for a while and then leave at noon.”

Tang Nuan was stunned, and Ye Shuyan said, “There are still many people downstairs.”

Only then did Tang Nuan realize. She walked to the floor-to-ceiling window and looked down. She saw that there were indeed many people wandering around with equipment downstairs, including not only paparazzi but also online influencers who wanted to take advantage of the popularity.

Tang Nuan was not as experienced as Jiang Miao, so she naturally wouldn’t take risks. Anyway, it was not a big deal for her to go back, so she stayed.

After a while, the secretary brought in the fruit tray, and Tang Nuan realized that Ye Shuyan had ordered it for her, and couldn’t help but smile.

When she saw most of the fruits were cherries on the fruit tray, she was very pleased that Assistant Wen was really capable.

Ye Shuyan: …

He looked at Tang Nuan who was eating with gusto, and said casually, “I remember you liked to eat this at your last birthday party.” Assistant Wen didn’t attend the party, how could he know? Didn’t you praise the wrong person?

Tang Nuan was surprised. She didn’t expect that Ye Shuyan would remember it. Seeing his eyes fall on the fruit tray, she said, “Do you want to eat it?” She also remembered that at the birthday party, she got carried away and wanted to feed him but he took it and ate it himself. He probably liked it very much.

Ye Shuyan: …

When Assistant Wen came in to deliver the documents, he looked at Tang Nuan who was sitting on the sofa happily, and thought to himself, Miss Tang is really special, who can be so comfortable in President Ye’s office.

Under such circumstances, shouldn’t President Ye be in a good mood? Why were his eyes as cold as winter? Could it be that he failed to do something well?

Assistant Wen felt uneasy. They had dug up Miss Tang’s academic background thoroughly, and the pace of the explosive disclosure was also very good. Now the response online was particularly good…

Before leaving, out of the corner of his eye, he saw a lot of cherry pits on Tang Nuan’s fruit tray, and said quickly, “I’ll ask the secretary to bring you another tray later.” Let’s forget it now, I’ll finish flattering Miss Tang first.

However… help, why does President Ye seem to be even more angry?

Tang Nuan also noticed that he was very happy just now… The villain BOSS’s thoughts were really hard to guess.

Tang Nuan simply gave up without making any guesses, just leaned on the sofa, and continued to browse her phone leisurely.

Speaking of which, the internet was a terrifying place. In merely just two hours, Jiang Miao went from an almighty goddess that everyone worshiped to a street rat that everyone scorned.

That recording still appeared online, causing another uproar. It would be difficult for Jiang Miao to continue in the entertainment industry.

Tang Nuan couldn’t help but sneer. So many people flattered her back then as if everyone liked her, but now, everyone was criticizing her.

Speaking of this… she heard what Jiang Zhan said earlier. They used the Jiang family’s project to make Ye Shuyan compromise, which meant at the time, Ye Shuyan either chose the project or asked Jiang Miao to apologize.

In the end, Ye Shuyan insisted on an apology to get evidence for her, and the project fell into Ye Shuchen’s hands.

Tang Nuan looked up at Ye Shuyan and saw that his previously tense lips had finally relaxed and his mood seemed to have improved a bit.

Ye Shuyan thought to himself that she finally had some conscience and could figure it out.

In the next second…

[Sure enough, in the face of interests, the so-called love is nothing more than that. After all, if you really love someone, you won’t put this option on the scale of choice.]

[The black-hearted capitalist understands people’s hearts and makes a good move… Huh? Why is Ye Shuyan angry again?]

[Wow, people working with Ye Shuyan are exhausting.]

Ye Shuyan looked at someone calmly browsing her cell phone and couldn’t help but take a deep breath.

Tang Nuan was in high spirits. Despite the resistance and curses from everyone, Jiang Miao still apologized to her on her Weibo. Whether it was due to public opinion or fear of Ye Shuyan, her apology seemed very earnest and her repentance was very sincere.

However, the number of people scolding her has not decreased and at this time, no matter what she did, she was still wrong.

Everything she did to Tang Nuan finally backfired on her twice as much.

Tang Nuan no longer paid attention to those, but browsed across a large area of apology in the post, recalling her previous thoughts before being interrupted – there was a similar plot in the book.

However, it was a long time later, and Jiang Miao in the book was not forced into chaos by her. On the contrary, she was so anxious that she couldn’t find her way, so the other party laid the plan unhurriedly. It wasn’t until a month later that her identity was revealed, and at that time, she also made a desperate move to directly establish a relationship with Ye Shuyan.

Although Jiang Miao’s plan did not succeed, the matter did not escalate to the level of online public opinion as it did now. After all, under the premise of her marriage to Ye Shuyan, if Jiang Miao continued to be involved with her, it would be undeniable a third-party intervention.

It wasn’t until Jiang Miao and Ye Shuchen fell in love and participated in a Love Reality show that Tang Nuan appeared on the Internet as Jiang Miao’s comparison group.

Love Reality shows would inevitably involve some family members, especially family heirs like Ye Shuyan. Tang Nuan, as his wife, would inevitably be mentioned.

At that time, she was extremely disgusted with Jiang Miao, and coupled with Jiang Miao’s expertise in acting, she quickly gained a reputation online as a malicious good-for-nothing sister-in-law.

She naturally filed a lawsuit with a lawyer at the time, and then the marketing accounts issued a collective apology. After that, no one dared to comment on her online for a long time, until the things she did became more and more excessive. Of course, that was the later part of the story.

But when she was reading the book, she always thought it was done by Ye Shuyan, but now it seemed that was Tang Yue’s style.

Tang Nuan began to recall the plots related to the Tang family in the book and found that there were not many words in the book, but Tang Xing appeared in almost all of them.

And her attitude towards them was cold and distant. Even if they lived in the same building, because of the open floor concept, each family could only go to their floor, so there were not many opportunities to encounter them.

She had always thought that they were also maintaining politeness with her, but today’s incident made Tang Nuan couldn’t help but reflect, was it true that the things in the book were not what she understood?

Many of the secret accomplices were not done by Ye Shuyan but by the Tang family?

Shuyan never cared about her at all? That’s right, he was going crazy about Jiang Miao marrying Ye Shuchen at that time, how could he possibly care about her…

Alas, wasn’t it a mistake to pay for her tiny bit of feelings before?

Therefore, the marriage should be canceled as soon as possible!

Look! Look! He’s getting angry again! Who messed with him this time?!

Ye Shuyan took a deep breath, “I remember you went to university with a full scholarship, right?” Is that the kind of brain you use? How on earth did you come to this conclusion?

Tang Nuan was confused by his question and nodded, “Yes.”

Ye Shuyan said, “You competed in the math competition in the first year of high school, taekwondo in the second year of high school, and English in my third year of high school…”

Tang Nuan didn’t know why he suddenly started reporting her awards. She didn’t feel anything when watching others praise her online but she felt a little embarrassed to be reported in person by Ye Shuyan. “Brother Shuyan, why are you memorizing these things?”

Ye Shuyan looked at her and said calmly, “Why do you think so?” Besides him, who else would know so many details about these things? Did she think someone would coincidentally dig out the information about Shengde High School from several years ago?

He didn’t help?

But Tang Nuan thought momentarily and gave him a thumbs up, “You are so awesome, just a few glances at your Weibo and you remembered them?”

Ye Shuyan: (What?!)

Seeing his expression as if he wanted to overturn the table, Tang Nuan stood up and said, “I, I’m going to the restroom.” Wow, the veins on his forehead were jumping, so scary.

The author has something to say:
President Ye’s enemy: There is Assistant Wen after Big Sister Tang.
Assistant Wen was confused: He was obviously trying to flatter her, so why was President Ye always angry?
Being a social animal is too difficult…
Tang Nuan: Who says it’s not? Look! He is angry again, who provoked him?

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