The Wealthy and Influential Fiancé Has the Ability to Read Minds

Chapter 11

Tang Nuan was sensitive to other people’s emotions and had the heart to observe, so she naturally caught Ye Shuyan’s changes immediately.

[There really is!] As soon as her voice came out, she seemed to think that it was within the effective range, and immediately changed her mind:

[Alas, I really worry until confused. Brother Shuyan is so strong, how could there be a problem?]

[He is so handsome even when he is sick, and the bandage on his forehead also matches mine…]

Ye Shuyan looked at her “concentrated” look looking at his forehead without expression. Later, he realized the pain and raised his hand to touch it.

[Ahhhh, the way he touches the bandage is so handsome!]

That was the tone of beauty in the eyes of the beholder, but Ye Shuyan could clearly see the forbidding smile in her eyes.

Tang Nuan was indeed happy and finally felt a little more balanced in her heart. After all, both of them were villains, so she couldn’t be the only ugly one, right?

Ye Shuyan’s movements were a little obvious, which attracted the attention of others.

[Hahahaha, this big bandage really doesn’t have eyes, even dare to grow on President Ye’s head. It really doesn’t know death, but this image is so novel. It would be great if I could take a photo, it’ll be an absolutely rare photo…】

Ye Shuyan looked at the indifferent Assistant Wen next to him, but he couldn’t see such a rich emotional state at all.

He felt tired after a long time. Regardless of whether he was a mind reader or not, Assistant Wen must be possessed by some kind of ghost, right?

With this reasoning, Ye Shuyan sent everyone away on the ground that he was unwell.

Tang Nuan’s walk was particularly strenuous. She looked like she was using all her willpower to support her weak body and urgently needed to go back to rest, but Ye Shuyan stared at her back to calculate the distance.

[Brother Shuyan doesn’t look well, I need to get better faster and come to accompany him…] This was within three meters.

As soon as she crossed the three-meter range, her demeanor suddenly changed: [Damn, I’m exhausted. Fortunately, there is still an effective distance. Otherwise, I would have to act with all my heart, which would really kill me.]

[…Although there was a glimmer of hope, I didn’t expect it to be true. Ye Shuyan is really the villain boss. Let me think about what he did. Wow, I can’t think about it, I’m so pissed off. Scumbag!]

Ye Shuyan: …

It turned out that the sentence he heard before he woke up was scolded by her…

This was the second time she mentioned the villain boss, Ye Shuyan couldn’t help but listen attentively: [Think I’ll accept my fate? Not even……]

The inner voice stopped abruptly.

With the ideas provided by Tang Nuan, Ye Shuyan visually measured the distance, and her effective distance was probably within five meters. If you are enjoying the novel, please support this translation and get direct access to new releases by reading it at the translator’s original website:

Ye Shuyan lowered his eyelids as he stared at Tang Nuan’s leaving back. Now that his own problems had become clear, he has to figure out Tang Nuan’s side. He really didn’t like things outside his control.

After Tang Nuan confirmed that she was really living in that novel, her first reaction was to sneer: What was written is bullshit!

She would not concede it.

Tang Nuan never accepted her fate. If she accepted her fate, she might not even be qualified to be the cannon fodder of the protagonist in the book, and she would be cannon fodder by the Tang family a long time ago.

Now that she has confirmed that she lived in a novel, then she has to confirm another thing: Can the plot of the novel be changed?

If the plot could be changed, it proved that the novel was nothing. Her fate was still in her own hands, and she could do whatever she wanted, but if not…

— Then she would make it possible! Anyway, don’t expect her to accept her fate.

And now she knew the plot and obtained a lot of information in advance… Hehe…

“What are you thinking? Your smiles are so creepy.” Ji Yun looked terrified.

Li Qiuqiu typed quickly while holding the mobile phone, and said slowly, “Proud, we all saw it just now, Young Master Ye defended her without a reason.”

“Now everyone suspects that Young Master Ye has completely let go of Jiang Miao.” Li Qiuqiu said to Tang Nuan, “Now the odds between you and Jiang Miao have dropped.”

Ji Yun squinted at her, “What are you doing? Are you buying Tang Nuan to win?”

Li Qiuqiu paused, and Ji Yun barked, “Sure enough, you bought Jiang Miao before, right? You traitor!”

Li Qiuqiu didn’t panic, and her reasoning was all high-sounding, “I’m an undercover mole, and we can’t all lose.” She sighed as she said, “I have to think about helping you two poor ghosts. I can only carry this infamy on my back.”

Ji Yun held out her hands and applauded, “Tsk, tsk, what a wonderful sophistry.”

“Don’t buy me,” Tang Nuan said suddenly, “Buy Jiang Miao!”

The most important plot about her in the book was her marriage to Ye Shuyan. Her marriage to Ye Shuyan was the main turning point of the whole book.

— If she could successfully break off the engagement, then Jiang Miao would not be with Second Ye. As for what would happen afterward, the love and hatred between them have nothing to do with her.

So, the next thing she has to do was to break off the engagement!

Of course, the engagement certainly couldn’t be withdrawn as she wishes, and to begin with, this matter itself was not her problem. As a victim, some compensation was reasonable.

The breaking engagement plan that maximizes the benefits still needed to be carefully thought out, but the readily available extra money could be earned first. If you are enjoying the novel, please support this translation and get direct access to new releases by reading it at the translator’s original website:

Thinking of her empty pockets, Tang Nuan said to Li Qiuqiu, “By the way, lend me two hundred thousand to buy Jiang Miao.”

Li Qiuqiu: …

Ji Yun: …

Ji Yun stepped forward and touched her forehead, “Are you stupid?”

“You are really a big gambler, bet on whichever has the highest odds.” Li Qiuqiu said slowly, “Do you think I look like a loser? I won’t borrow!”

Tang Nuan sighed, she was careless in making friends, it seemed that she could only rely on herself…

Speaking of it, she actually still has “a lot” of assets, and she has to transfer them out as soon as possible.

Early the next morning, Tang Nuan knocked on the door of the next ward.

The person who opened the door was Zhu Bo, Ye Shuyan’s housekeeper, a baby-faced young man in his thirties, with a very friendly smile, whom Tang Nuan had only met once or twice.

He should have come to deliver a change of clothes to Ye Shuyan. He was taken aback when he saw Tang Nuan, “Miss Tang?”

Tang Nuan immediately realized that the other party was probably waiting for someone else, and Ye Shuyan might be inconvenient right now. Thus, she immediately prepared to leave and plan to come back later.

In the end, Ye Shuyan’s voice came from inside: “Come in.”

Brother Zhu reacted quickly, quickly welcomed Tang Nuan in, and explained, “President Ye is working out.”

Tang Nuan had already seen Ye Shuyan doing push-ups on the balcony, no wonder Brother Zhu hesitated. She had never seen Ye Shuyan at home.

Even though they have been engaged for three years, apart from some basic interactions and companies between the unmarried couple, the two of them have no intersection in their lives. Tang Nuan probably didn’t know as much about his private life as his close subordinates.

Anyway, this was the first time she saw Ye Shuyan dressed in anything other than formal attire.

…It was just that she didn’t expect a person with such a cold temper to have such a hot body.

The material of the sportswear was close-fitting and elastic. As he bent his elbows up and down, the muscle lines of his entire body were clearly outlined… it was very thought-provoking.

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Tang Nuan couldn’t help feeling regretful in her heart. Leaving aside other messy problems, this man’s figure was really good. He was a handsome man in the morning sun, with his narrow waist, firm butt, long legs, and a thin layer of sweat on the muscles…

How many people could withstand this?

“What’s the matter?” Ye Shuyan stood up suddenly, and his cold tone instantly shattered the unruly reverie in Tang Nuan’s mind.

Zhu Bo on the side looked at his watch in surprise, President Ye’s thirty minutes exercise every morning was unshakable. Even if Assistant Wen and the others needed to report something urgently, he would listen while exercising.

But it was not ten minutes yet…

Considering the scandal about Jiang Miao heard in the past two days and President Ye’s attitude of letting Miss Tang in just now, President Ye was obviously expressing his position to Miss Tang.

So, he didn’t much about it and walked quickly to the dining table.

Tang Nuan came back to her senses and didn’t beat around the bush, “Brother Shuyan, are you going to work after being discharged from the hospital in a while?”

Ye Shuyan nodded, “You want to go together?”

Tang Nuan nodded, “I also want to ask you to arrange for someone to accompany me back to my home. I want to move some things back to Genting.”

Going home and specifically asked for someone, obviously to use his power to deter the Tang family from doing anything.

Ye Shuyan said directly, “Assistant Wen?”

“No, no, no.” Tang Nuan waved her hand quickly. Ye Shuyan relied heavily on Assistant Wen. It was fine if he was away on a business trip before, but now that he was back, he probably has a lot of work. “Brother Zhu will do.”

Ye Shuyan didn’t say anything, and directly told Zhu Bo, “You will follow Tang Nuan later.”

Zhu Bo responded with a smile.

Tang Nuan couldn’t help regretting again, he didn’t ask much, didn’t interfere but offered support unconditionally. She really liked Ye Shuyan’s attitude like this, but unfortunately…

“President Ye, Miss Tang, let’s have breakfast.” Zhu Bo interrupted Tang Nuan’s thinking.

Ye Shuyan, who was being told, couldn’t help but glance at Zhu Bo and saw that he had already set out the breakfast.

“Me too?” Tang Nuan was surprised, and then she saw two thermal food boxes on the dining table.

Zhu Bo said with a smile, “Of course, President Ye told me to bring your favorite seafood porridge and steamed buns.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Tang Nuan’s stomach growled. She lay in bed all day yesterday and ate some porridge and side dishes that Li Qiuqiu ordered in the evening.

As for Tang Sheng’an and Lin Yue’e, they came out of Ye Shuyan’s ward and went back directly after seeing that she was fine.

Now when she heard Xiao Zhu talking about seafood porridge and steamed buns, Tang Nuan’s mouth salivated automatically, but she glanced at Ye Shuyan. Even in the VIP ward, the dining table was less than two meters long and even if they sat at both ends, it was within three meters.

Have a relaxing meal? It’s a little difficult.

Ye Shuyan was also a little helpless, he also didn’t want to hear people chattering in his ears when he was eating.

Zhu Bo supposedly handed it to her personally, but who knew that the other party would have misunderstood him because of his attitude just now? This sudden mind-reading ability was too troublesome. If you are enjoying the novel, please support this translation and get direct access to new releases by reading it at the translator’s original website:

[Why don’t I sit at the coffee table and eat there? It must be more than three meters here, otherwise, it would be too much for such an attractive man to make me suppress my desire, and I will not be able to eat…]

[I didn’t notice just now, his pectoral muscles are very beautiful, and also his…]

 “Come and eat.” Ye Shuyan said suddenly.

Tang Nuan, who was letting her imagination run wild, was taken aback, “Huh?”

For a moment, she thought that Ye Shuyan had seen through her mind, but after seeing the distance, it was at least four meters, and she couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

She saw Ye Shuyan actually pull the chair at the other end of the table to his side. Well, let alone three meters, this distance was at most one meter away.

The author has something to say:

Ye Shuyan: I heard you covet my body.

Tang Nuan: Who said that? [Wow, his narrow waist, firm butt… inhale… gorgeous]

Ye Shuyan: Sit next to me, suppress your desire properly for me! PS: The mind-reading range will grow slowly, guess what the factors are? Hehe……

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