The Wealthy and Influential Fiancé Has the Ability to Read Minds

Chapter 14

When Ye Shuyan was about to listen carefully, he realized that the distance was getting closer and Tang Nuan’s thoughts had changed to [Brother Shuyan is so kind], [It’s a pity that I can’t help Brother Shuyan…], [Despicable Jiang Miao, want to snatch my Brother Shuyan] and so on.

Ye Shuyan couldn’t help but rubbed his forehead.

Here, Tang Nuan tried hard to think about the sappy words that made her feel goosebumps. After putting down the fruit, she looked around, and very naturally walked to Ye Shuyan and sat down.

In fact, she and Ye Shuyan were sitting on the ends of the three-person sofa. The distance between them was not close, but perhaps it was because the target was Ye Shuyan who rejected people thousands of miles away, or the people on the opposite side were so sensitive to what she said before, they all reacted immediately.

Naturally, Jiang Miao didn’t need to say anything. She just stared at Ye Shuyan intently with pain and sadness in her eyes. Jin Wenxia was probably specially brought by them to take the lead. After all, there were some things they couldn’t say, but ignorant children could say them.

Sure enough, at this time she couldn’t hold back any longer, and asked directly, “Tang Nuan, are you planning to muddle through the matter of pushing my sister into the water like this?”

Tang Sheng’an interjected, “Nuannuan, what happened that day? After you came up, you were dizzy and ill, and you never said anything about it.” The words were already in a criticized manner, “Things have already happened, and escaping it’s not a solution. It’s good to take this opportunity to make it clear, and don’t destroy the peace.”

“How could I push Miss Jiang?” Tang Nuan looked at Jiang Miao in surprise, “It was an accident. Everyone knows that my legs were not very good that day. When I stood up from the lakeside, my foot suddenly sprained and I fell into the lake. Miss Jiang was kind to help me, but she didn’t have enough strength, so we fell together.”

“But I really should say sorry for making Miss Jiang sick.”

Jiang Miao immediately bit her lower lip and widened her eyes. Her rounded eyes were full of disbelief as if she was saying, “What nonsense are you talking about?”

Tsk, she really deserved to be an actor.

Jiang Zhan said in a cold voice, “Tang Nuan, for the sake of Shuyan, we don’t plan to pursue any responsibility for this matter. As long as you give Miaomiao a sincere apology, we’ll let this matter pass.”

Tang Nuan’s voice also became colder, “I’ve already apologized. If President Jiang wants to accuse me of crimes that don’t belong to me, forgive me for not agreeing.”

She looked at Jiang Miao’s appearance of being greatly wronged, and asked, “Miss Jiang, are you sure you want me to explain?”

Jin Wenxia said angrily, “What? You pushed my sister, and you still want to get away with it?”

“Don’t make excuses here. Let me tell you, if you apologize and admit your mistake, we’ll let it pass, but if you don’t admit it, then don’t blame us for being rude.”

Then she looked at Ye Shuyan, “Big Brother Ye, you have to be reasonable about this.”

Ye Shuyan looked at Jiang Miao, and said calmly, “Who is right and who is wrong should be clearly stated. I also want to know what evidence you have for saying that Tang Nuan pushed Jiang Miao into the water.”

Jiang Miao looked at him disbelievingly, “You doubt me?”

Before Ye Shuyan could speak, Tang Nuan said, “That’s funny, he doesn’t doubt you, but doubt his fiancée?”

“Speaking of which, only those with a guilty conscience would mind other people’s suspicion.” She looked at Ye Shuyan and said with understanding, “Brother Shuyan, I’m not afraid of their investigation, you can also doubt me.”

Having said that, she smiled confidently at Jiang Miao.

Ye Shuyan: …

Sure enough, Jin Wenxia was so angry that she was about to jump up, “You are just relying on the lack of evidence, who will believe your reason?!” If you are enjoying the novel, please support this translation and get direct access to new releases by reading it at the translator’s original website:

“That’s right, everyone can’t believe that Ms. Jiang will treat her rival in love so kindly.” She looked at Jiang Miao who was always looking physically and mentally hurt, “Since Ms. Jiang doesn’t mind, then I have nothing to hide. “

“Yes, I lied.” Tang Nuan said, “At that time, I sprained my ankle and almost fell into the lake. I subconsciously asked Miss Jiang for help, but Miss Jiang, who was already holding me, deliberately let go of her strength and fell with me into the lake at the moment of seeing Brother Shuyan.”

“I believe she didn’t mean to harm me on purpose, but more to know if Brother Shuyan will show his sincerity towards her in a critical situation.” Tang Nuan couldn’t help but sneer at this point.

“I thought that Ms. Jiang had already seen the outcome of this matter. Although I am the victim, I know that I am not as superior and well-loved as Ms. Jiang. I dare not provoke you. It will make you more embarrassed if you pursue it, I’m afraid there will be no good results in the future. That’s why I thought about putting up with it and letting things go.”

“But I didn’t expect that Ms. Jiang would make a bogus accusation and put this despicable crime on me.” Tang Nuan sneered, “Just to drive me away from the position of Brother Shuyan’s fiancée?”

“Who is making the bogus accusation!” Jin Wenxia stood up angrily, “At that time, there were so many people by the lakeside, they all saw that you deliberately provoked my sister and led her to the lake!”

Tang Nuan asked rhetorically, “I have no grievance or hatred with Miss Jiang, why should I provoke her?”

“Because you’re jealous.”

Tang Nuan said with a smile, “What am I jealous of? Looks? Family background? Sorry, I am very satisfied with my looks, only others are jealous of me. As for the family background, if I really want to be jealous, then the daughters in the social circle must be pushed all over by me? Right, Dad.”

Tang Sheng’an: …

Before waiting for him to answer, Tang Nuan said slowly, “Or is it because I’m jealous that Miss Jiang is chic and single, and I was bound by an early engagement?”

Ye Shuyan: …

Why did he feel that this girl was trying to break the jar*?

(break the jar* – a metaphor that after having a shortcoming, mistakes, or setbacks, let it go without correction or intentionally develop in a worse direction)

Sure enough, not to mention Jin Wenxia, even Jiang Zhan, who was quite calm, changed his face, “Tang Nuan! Don’t be too arrogant!”

Tang Nuan leaned closer to Ye Shuyan, she was not afraid at all, “What? Then President Jiang say, why did I push Miss Jiang into the water?”

Jiang Zhan looked at Ye Shuyan. He really couldn’t say it as Tang Nuan was the other party’s rightful fiancée. Otherwise, wouldn’t it mean that Jiang Miao stepped between their feelings?

At this time, Jin Wenxia came in handy. She stomped her feet, “You are jealous that Big Brother Ye loves my sister! You heard that they are first love, and you are afraid that your engagement will be void…”

Tang Nuan suddenly looked at Ye Shuyan, and said disbelievingly, “Brother Shuyan! Do you love Miss Jiang?! You want to break off the engagement with me?”

Ye Shuyan, who was pulled into the battlefield unexpectedly: …

Why couldn’t this girl distinguish between the enemy and me?

He glanced at Tang Nuan, swept across the few people on the opposite side, and said in an indifferent tone, “I don’t know why there is such a statement. We are just high school classmates. I have never loved Miss Jiang, never before, and never will. My fiancée is Tang Nuan, and my marriage partner will also be her.”

Tang Nuan was stunned by these firm and straightforward words. If she hadn’t read the book, she would have believed it. She really wanted to say don’t say it so absolutely! He wanted to marry, but she didn’t plan to marry yet! If you are enjoying the novel, please support this translation and get direct access to new releases by reading it at the translator’s original website:

But because the distance was within three meters, she couldn’t think about it, and her face turned red.

In contrast to her, Jiang Miao’s face was pale. She looked at Ye Shuyan fixedly, her eyelashes filled with tears, and her body was almost on the verge of collapse, “Ye Shuyan, do you hate me so much? You also deny our past together.”

“Was it all fake that you tried your best to protect me and admitted that I was your girlfriend in front of so many people back then?”

Tang Nuan was shocked, there was still such a thing!

But then again, she didn’t take his fiancée seriously at all!

Ye Shuyan glanced at Tang Nuan, just wanted to say what a mess it was. When did he admit that she was his girlfriend? But suddenly remembered something, his expression paused slightly.

Tang Nuan’s eyes widened, and Jiang Miao’s eyes finally showed a little smile, “Ye Shuyan, I shouldn’t have not trusted you back then, and shouldn’t have abandoned you under such circumstances, but I can’t help it. Mrs. Ye threatened me with my parents…”

Ye Shuyan had a general idea of this matter but felt it was absurd. He looked at Jiang Miao and said, “Miss Jiang, it was indeed a misunderstanding back then. Let me honestly say it again now, I don’t have any first love. Don’t mention this matter again.”

Jiang Miao’s tears fell like pearls, and she shook her head vigorously to express her disbelief. Jiang Zhan and the others also frowned, thinking that he was being angry, no, not just them.

[So heartless…]

Ye Shuyan listened to Tang Nuan’s inner voice and couldn’t help but rubbed his forehead, didn’t bother to explain.

These people wishfully believed what they wanted to believe, and it was a waste of time for him to justify this ridiculous childlike love.

Moreover, even if Jiang Miao misunderstood back then, she “broke up” later, and now her feelings and life have nothing to do with her.

“Let me emphasize again, my fiancée is Tang Nuan.” Ye Shuyan didn’t care what their mood was, and directly brought back the diverted topic, “So, is what Tang Nuan said true? You deliberately dragged her into the water.”

Jiang Zhan looked at him furiously, “Ye Shuyan! Don’t go too far!”

Ye Shuyan ignored him and just stared at Jiang Miao. Tang Nuan knew his ability, he couldn’t believe anyone within three meters, so he could only know the truth from Jiang Miao.

The little joy that had just risen in Jiang Miao’s heart was poured with cold water again, and tears finally fell uncontrollably.

If you are enjoying the novel, please support this translation and get direct access to new releases by reading it at the translator’s original website:

[Yes! I did it on purpose. I just want to know if you will worry about me when I’m in danger. It’s ridiculous that I did something that even I despise, and what I got in exchange was a joke!]

She seemed to be embarrassed, so she stood up abruptly and smiled bitterly at Ye Shuyan, “In your heart, am I such a despicable person?”

In front of this person, she didn’t want to admit her despicableness.

She asked sadly, “According to what she said, I led her to the lake, and I pushed her into the water, so how did I lead her there? Since she is so afraid of water, why is she not even afraid of the lakeside…”

Tang Nuan’s eyes widened, wow, this is really a good trick to use the retreat as an advance in this move. She completely avoided answering, but pointed all the blame at her, leaving infinite suspense.

Speaking of this, Jiang Miao seemed disheartened, and said to Jiang Zhan, “Brother.” Her voice was choked with unbearable emotions, “Let’s forget about it, it’s meaningless.” After speaking, she turned her head and left while wiping away her tears.

“Sister Miao!” Jin Wenxia also stomped her feet and said, “Big Brother Ye, how could you do this?! You will regret it!” She chased after her after saying that.

“Miaomiao!” Jiang Zhan also looked at Ye Shuyan angrily, “Shuyan! You know that Miaomiao is not that kind of person! It was obviously your stepmother who did the trick back then. Why did you hurt Miaomiao like this!” After that, he left chasing after her.

Ye Shuyan’s face turned cold. It had been a long time since anyone dared to wrong him.

This was also the reason why he hated feelings. No matter whether men or women, once they get involved with feelings, they could complicate and magnify all simple and trivial things infinitely, which was ridiculous and pathetic.

He looked at Tang Sheng’an who was still sitting on the sofa, “Uncle Tang, what else do you want to say?”

Tang Sheng’an tentatively said, “Today, Nuannuan mentioned to me about your marriage…”

Ye Shuyan listened to his inner voice, raised his eyebrows while looking at Tang Nuan, not only did not expose it, but admitted, “We will get married, so you put your heart at ease.”

“Also, I hope you understand that even though Tang Nuan is your daughter, she is also my fiancée. If you bully her, you’re bullying me…”

Tang Sheng’an’s heart jumped and said helplessly, “I can’t help it. You’ve seen the Jiang family’s aggressiveness. Our family really can’t afford to offend them.”

Tang Nuan raised her eyebrows, was this trying to get Ye Shuyan to support him? The plan was really good.

Ye Shuyan looked at him condescendingly, and said in a cold tone, “So what Uncle Tang means is that I’m a pushover and can be provoked, is it?”

Tang Sheng’an suddenly felt a chill down his spine, and said hastily, “How could it be? The main thing is that we are wrong this time.”

Ye Shuyan said coldly, “What evidence do you have to prove that Tang Nuan was the one who push her?”

“But, Miss Jiang’s side is indeed…” If you are enjoying the novel, please support this translation and get direct access to new releases by reading it at the translator’s original website:

“I don’t know when Uncle Tang became so fair.” Ye Shuyan didn’t want to waste any more words with him, and only warned, “There will be no next time.”

Tang Sheng’an didn’t dare to say anything more and complied repeatedly.

After Tang Sheng’an left, Ye Shuyan turned to Tang Nuan and explained, which was rarely seen, “We were just high school classmates, not in a relationship. The girlfriend thing is a misunderstanding.”

Tang Nuan nodded, didn’t say anything, leaned over to collect the teacups, and walked to the kitchen. It was not until three-meter away that she was finally able to relax her mind.

[Wow, I didn’t expect him to be such a Ye Shuyan. The expression just now obviously has a story, and he actually wanted to lie to me, an innocent girl. Misunderstanding, what misunderstanding, why don’t you explain?]

Ye Shuyan raised his hand to support his forehead. His high school was his most embarrassing time. If he wanted to explain it, it would involve a lot of things, and he didn’t want to mention it.

In the end, he could only say, “I said never to talk about feelings. You should understand.”

This was true. When Ye Shuyan first asked her to be his fiancée, he did say that he would not love her, but he would not love others either. As long as she was obedient and not clingy, the most important thing was not to fall in love with him, he would fulfill his responsibilities as a fiancé and husband.

Tang Nuan nodded, but still couldn’t help tutting in her heart: [No wonder he said so firmly at that time, it turns out that he has been hurt by love…]

[Now you just take other people’s love for you for granted. When she falls in love with the male protagonist and leaves you one day, you will be heart aching seriously, and then I will suffer too.]

[What a scumbag!]

Ye Shuyan: …

It never occurred to him that he was the first person who couldn’t argue back.

He rubbed his forehead and didn’t want to get caught in such meaningless things anymore, so he changed the subject directly, “What important things do you want to tell me?”

“Oh, it’s nothing.” Tang Nuan said, “I just want to talk about this matter, and I want to explain the situation to you. I didn’t expect the Jiang family to come to you in such a hurry.” If you are enjoying the novel, please support this translation and get direct access to new releases by reading it at the translator’s original website:

[Sorry, I plan to use the Nuanyang System to get some money from the Jiang family first but don’t worry, I will still sell it to you at a 20% discount. Hehe…]

A flash of surprise flashed in Ye Shuyan’s eyes, she was the mysterious person in charge of the Nuanyang System?

No wonder Assistant Shen said that the Nuanyang System fits the design of the Ye Group’s hotel very well.

It was rare for Ye Shuyan to have a trace of curiosity, what did she want to do to the Jiang family?

[Ah, ah, I feel so distressed. If I were his fiancée, this would be a mutual benefit and a win-win situation. Now, he has taken advantage of me!]

[Is this proper? Proper? The helm of the dignified Ye Group actually took advantage of me, a weak woman…]

[How about we cooperate on this project normally, and I return the jewelry and house to him? No, no, no! He was the one who originally scumbagging me, these can be regarded as compensation…]

What did she mean by “if” his fiancée, wasn’t she his fiancée now? Also, when did he scumbagging her?

A premonition rose in Ye Shuyan’s heart, and heard her angrily think:  [No! I must cheat a little more when he breaks the engagement!]

Ye Shuyan: …

So, not only did she want to do something to the Jiang family, but she also wanted to do something to him?

Breaking off the engagement? Ye Shuyan leaned gracefully on the sofa, narrowing his long and narrow phoenix eyes slightly…

The author has something to say:
President Ye: Breaking off the engagement? Come on, let me see what tricks you’re up to.

Small theater:
Ye Shuyan: Wise people don’t fall in love. It’s easy to become a fool when talking about feelings and make a mountain out of a molehill.
Tang Nuan: I agree.
Ye Shuyan: Isn’t your answer a bit perfunctory? You don’t even care what I say, do you? Just want to get along with me, and then cheat my money, right? Sure enough, are you still thinking of breaking off the engagement?
Tang Nuan: … still have a face to laugh at people making a mountain out of a molehill.
Ye Shuyan: Who made a mountain out of a molehill? Come on, tell me clearly, what am I in your heart? You’re not allowed to sleep if you don’t tell me clearly!

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