The Wealthy and Influential Fiancé Has the Ability to Read Minds

Chapter 24

There were a few accompanying photos, all taken casually from the perspective of passers-by.

The photo showed a middle-aged couple who looked quite domineering. The man was tall and muscular, with a slightly protruding belly, a short haircut, an exaggerated jade Buddha around his neck, and a handbag under his arm, creating a middle-aged gangster image.

The woman was slender and graceful, with eyebrows similar to Tang Nuan’s. She has the same retro and exaggerated curly hair, dressed in a little black dress, holding the man’s arm with one hand and pointing to a store with the other hand.

[Yesterday, I happened to meet these two people on the ground floor of the Glorious Building and went into one store after another to demand payment. The bosses were all respectfully writing down their bank card numbers, with a smile on their faces, as if they were afraid of offending them. When they saw something good, they would just take it with them…]

[Oh my gosh, are you sure?]

The person posted a few more photos, showing the couple coming out of various stores. There was a particularly obvious tea shop owner, who smiled and handed a box of tea to the woman with both hands.

[Shit, so overbearing, no one calls the police?]

[What to report? This must be some kind of underground thing. Otherwise, how could none of the dozens of dealers under the Glorious Building report it? Reporting to the police does not work. Even if he is locked up, he will send his brothers to make trouble and affect their business. Therefore, the best way is to spend money and avoid disasters.]

[How can they be so rampant? No wonder Tang Nuan is so vicious, her root is bad.]

[So, she’ll be back to familiar surroundings, following her parents in society, but this kind of gangster earns the most money from nightclubs, right?]

[Since the wife is from there, isn’t it natural for a daughter to inherit her mantle?]

[You all don’t have to be so malicious. Although Tang Nuan’s character is not good, she still has a pretty face. Since she’s taking advantage of this popularity to become an Internet celebrity, let’s curse her every day. I am willing to contribute a little traffic every day to let her earn some money.]

[My forty-meter sword was almost confiscated…]

Li Qiuqiu looked at it carefully, “What’s going on with these photos? Are they photoshopped?” she asked Ji Yun, “Didn’t you say they are not bad?”

This set of photos was so confusing, which made Ji Yun unsure, “I also contacted Tang Xing and felt that the girl was very confident and well-organized. She looked like she was pampered and had a good upbringing. I heard that my family does household constructions and their finances are not too bad.”

Li Qiuqiu looked at Tang Nuan again, only to see her looking down the window without blinking.

Ji Yun and Li Qiuqiu looked below at the same time.

“Huh?” Ji Yun said, “Is that Sister Zhang? The twelfth floor is sold now?!”

Looking downstairs from the 19th floor, the faces of the people downstairs were unclear, but Sister Zhang’s clothes were very distinctive, like the style of ethnic minorities, gorgeous and flamboyant.

The real estate agent’s uniform was more recognizable. From their interaction, the four people next to him should be a family of four, middle-aged parents and a pair of young children.

“Is it enough to see them like this?” Ji Yun was surprised, “Even if this apartment is in high demand, it still costs thirty million, so that’s it?”

Tang Nuan was a bit stunned, especially when the four of them looked up together, she instinctively leaned back. Thinking that they wouldn’t see her on the 19th floor.

Tang Nuan pursed her lips and took out her phone and a strange number without their name shown on it.

[Tang Nuan? My name is Tang Jinxin. I didn’t see you at Tang’s house today. Where are you? We’ll come to pick you up.]

She replied: [There are a lot of things going on recently, so it’s not convenient to go out. Let’s try another day.]

The following was the other party’s reply: [Understand, understand, take care of yourself.]

Afterward, there was another one: [We bought an apartment in Genting Community.]

It was around ten o’clock last night, nearly twelve hours after the last message.

Tang Nuan had a feeling that they were coming for her.

Her residence was not a secret in the social circle. They didn’t need to specifically ask around, Jiang Miao and Tang Yi would tell them.

“But Sister Zhang made the move too quickly. Even if she is short of money, delaying a day or two will not make a difference,” Ji Yun said, “This apartment is good, and there must be many buyers. With more competition, the price will be higher.”

Li Qiuqiu said, “It’s impossible that Ms. Zhang doesn’t understand this reason. Since she sold it happily, it means that the other party gave her an offer that she can’t refuse.”

Tang Nuan remained silent. Jiang Miao wanted to catch her off guard and embarrass her. The fact that she was not the daughter of the Tang family only broke out two days ago at Old Madam Ye’s birthday party and Tang Xing was even kept in the dark before that.

Therefore, Tang Jinxin and her family only knew about it a day before yesterday. They couldn’t receive benefits in such a short period. Moreover, this house was worth nearly thirty million. If it were an ordinary family, it would be better to invest in other things than buying a house here.

“What’s wrong with them?” Ji Yun suddenly asked curiously, “Why are you so sad all of a sudden? Are you regretting it?”

It turned out that after Sister Zhang and the agent left, the family of four stood around as if they were worried about something. Although their expressions were hard to see, the body language of this family was vivid and lively, making it easy for others to see their emotions.

Li Qiuqiu said, “Why are you so curious about everything?”

Ji Yun said, “It’s human nature to be curious, okay? It’s just that mine is extra high. Do you think the title of Marketing Queen is for nothing?”

Li Qiuqiu said, “Queen of Marketing, did a few people from your studio confer you?”

Ji Yun rolled her eyes, “You are a writer after all, but you don’t have the desire to explore human nature. How on earth did you write a good novel?”

The two were bickering on the side, but Tang Nuan looked downstairs quietly.

She saw the tall and muscular man taking out his phone, lowering his head as if he wanted to edit the message, but was a little distressed. The woman next to him couldn’t see it and grabbed the phone, but she lowered her head to type something at the same time seemed to be undecided.

A tall young man and a young girl stood next to her and pointed, clearly guiding her on how to write.

Li Qiuqiu suddenly laughed and said, “This family is really interesting.” She rarely became interested, “Who are they sending the message to? Why so cautious.”

Ji Yun smiled, “Isn’t it like a college dormitory, when roommates are pursuing the male idol, and the dormitory people help with advice, worrying about gains and losses?”

The woman finally sent the message, and the others seemed to have accomplished a major life event. They all breathed a sigh of relief and then looked up in unison.

Tang Nuan’s cell phone rang, and another message appeared in the dialog box of the unknown number.

[Our house is on the 12th floor of Building 18 in the community. Do you want to come down and take a look? What kind of room do you like?]

This was the message that a family of four spent nearly twenty minutes sending it.

Tang Nuan’s eyes shifted upward. Were those two pieces of messages also discussed between them?

For a moment, she seemed to see restraint and caution in those stiff words: They didn’t dare to say more for fear that she might feel offended.

“Hahaha,” Ji Yun laughed out loud again, “Do they look like kindergarten kids waiting for their parents to pick them up?”

The family of four sat in rows on the lounge chairs at the entrance after sending the message, looking at the entrance of the building. Their appearance was a bit cute for some reason.

Even Li Qiuqiu laughed.

Tang Nuan blinked, rubbed her phone with her fingers, and replied [Okay] after a while.

In the book, she had been staying away from them. Ever since she saw them seeing off Tang Xing at the door, she had been unwilling to get closer. But now that she wanted to change the plot, and if the family was sensible, could she give it a try?

[I’ll tidy up. See you in an hour.]

Downstairs, the man took a deep breath and turned on his phone. Others crowded around him. Soon, the four people jumped up as if they had won the lottery, hugging each other excitedly, and then quickly ran out.

The corners of Tang Nuan’s mouth curled up instinctively.

After drinking coffee, Ji Yun and Li Qiuqiu went back to do their things.

Tang Nuan tidied up, saw that the time was almost up, and sent a message to Tang Jinxin.

The other side replied almost instantly: [Okay, okay, we’ll be waiting on the twelfth floor.]

Tang Nuan took a deep breath and stepped into the elevator.

The elevator door on the twelfth floor opened, and Tang Nuan suddenly became nervous when she met four pairs of eager eyes.

When she read the book, she only had a rough impression of them. She knew that they loved Tang Xing and that they were more sensible than the wealthy Tang family. In fact, according to her plan, she just had to interact with them politely.

However, when she truly faced them now, she found that her emotions seemed to have their own opinions.

In particular, Shen Jinhua and Tang Yue’s looks were very similar to hers, and a strange feeling of intimacy arose in her heart. Was it really because they were related by blood?

This feeling was so unfamiliar. Although Tang Nuan prided herself on being good at talking, she didn’t know what to say at that moment. It was Tang Jinxin who broke the awkwardness first, “Nuannuan, right? Come in first!”

Shen Jinhua came to her senses and hurriedly said, “Yes, yes, come in first, and then we’ll talk later.” Then she took the opportunity to introduce Tang Nuan, “This is Tang Yue, the eldest in the family, five years older than you, twenty-nine. “

“This is the second eldest brother, Tang Fei. He is three years older than you, twenty-seven years old. There is also a younger one named Tang Ben, who is eight years younger than you. He is sixteen years old and is still in school, didn’t come over.”

After entering, the room was empty, except for a dining table and six or seven simple stools in the living room, which were bought casually in the supermarket nearby.

Shen Jinhua said with some embarrassment, “I just bought this house yesterday. The previous owner moved all the furniture away. We haven’t had time to buy anything else, so just make do with this table and chairs for now.”

Tang Fei took out the two big bags under the table, which were full of snacks, and filled the table with full of them, “I didn’t know what you like to eat, so I just bought a little of everything.”

Tang Jinxin touched his somewhat slick head and asked, “Is it uncomfortable to sit down?” He looked at the tall and energetic young man, “Da Fei, isn’t it very convenient to buy things online? You can check online and order the sofa and coffee table, let them send you a set first.”

Tang Nuan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, could she be so inconsiderate? The main thing was that Tang Fei started checking the phone numbers of the furniture stores.

Seeing this, Tang Nuan hurriedly stopped, “Forget it, the house will have to be renovated after all, and it will be better to choose furniture according to the style when the time comes.”

Shen Jinhua immediately smiled and said, “Yes, yes. Oh, Nuannuan is so smart, look at how agile her brain is.”

Everyone else nodded in agreement as if she had done something extraordinary.

Tang Nuan didn’t know what expression to put on for a moment. From childhood to adulthood, except for the time when she kicked Tang Yi out because she almost drowned when she was eight years old, the Tang family rarely praised her.

Even if she got into a top university and received trophies, it didn’t matter to them, or they never cared, so she didn’t know how to deal with this situation.

Seeing that Tang Nuan feeling uneasy, Shen Jinhua raised the topic again, “I bought this house in a hurry yesterday. What do you think would be a better decoration?”

Tang Nuan thought for a while, “Your budget is…”

Tang Jinxin and Shen Jinhua said in unison, “There is no budget!”

Shen Jinhua smiled and said, “We are all country bumpkins and our taste is definitely not as good as yours. You can decorate it however you like.”

Even if she spent such a large amount of money, there was no consideration or hesitation at all. This rich and overbearing demeanor didn’t look like a nouveau riche. How could an ordinary construction nouveau riche be so rich, right?

Tang Nuan asked casually, “Speaking of which, there are a lot of people who want to buy this house. How did you get it?”

Tang Jinxin immediately took credit and said, “We are happy to give her the money. All settlements were made in cash and no messy things like loans. We also gave her an additional five million in investment.”

Tang Nuan: ……

In less than a day, they bought a luxury apartment with cash and invested 5 million. How many houses had to be constructed to have this kind of confidence?

Tang Jinxin also realized later that he hadn’t introduced his family’s situation yet. He didn’t know whether he wanted to reassure Tang Nuan or let her acknowledge this family. Tang Jinxin continued talking about his family background.

“Our family cannot compare with the Tang family, but we are not poor either. Dad, well, I bought two coal mines in my hometown more than thirty years ago, and now I earn thirty to forty million yuan every year. “

Shen Jinhua said, “Yes, not only the mine in our hometown, but we also have houses.”

“When I gave birth to you, the mining industry was developing, and our family made a lot of money. At that time, I wanted to make you a native of Yan City. The policies were good, and would be given a household registration when buying a house, so I bought a courtyard for each of you. Later they were all demolished.”

“Now there is only one courtyard house with three entrances left in the Third Ring Road. That one cannot be demolished, as we live in it ourselves.”

Tang Nuan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when she heard her somewhat regretful tone.

“Oh, and that!” Tang Jinxin said, “The Glorious Building belongs to our family too.”

Looking at Tang Nuan’s surprised eyes, Tang Jinxin was a little proud, “Isn’t that we don’t know what to do even after making money? Tang Fei’s wish when he was in school was to collect rent every day. We thought about it and it was a great wish but buying a house, one here and one there, it’s too troublesome, so we just bought a building and then collected them all at once from door to door.”

“We didn’t expect rents to rise so fast now. That building alone has an annual income of seventy to eighty million. And there is no need to visit them, they just pay using a bank card directly.”

Tang Nuan was dumbfounded when she heard this. Wasn’t this the legendary hidden billionaire?

Although they hadn’t opened a company and fixed assets were not significant, which might not be comparable to the Tang family’s market value of several billion, in reality, Tang Sheng’an and Lin Yue’e worked hard every year to earn only thirty to forty million, which was not as good as Tang Jinxin and them.

“By the way!” Shen Jinhua clapped her hands and said, “Our family also has a gold mine in South Africa! But we just bought it not long ago, and the profit is not very promising, but it is gold after all, and it’s definitely not worth it.”

Simple and crude investment theory, which was not wrongly stated. So, was this family richer than the wealthy Tang family? But what surprised Tang Nuan was their attitude. Tang Jinxin and his wife were so unabashedly revealing their family background to her.

In many wealthy families, parents and grown-up children rarely reveal their details. If they want to know about it, they have to investigate it themself.

The Tang family was especially on guard. Tang Nuan still remembered that when she was ten years old, Tang Shuang was promoted a step ahead, Lin Yue’e and Tang Shuang were happy and she just naively asked if the eldest sister would make more money after being promoted. Tang Shuang ridiculed her for being so cunning at such a young age.

Lin Yue’e even warned her not to covet things that didn’t belong to her and since then, she hasn’t asked again. At the same time, she also understood the truth that no matter what she wanted, she must rely on herself to fight for it, or else she would be oppressed.

“You see, we are also stupid,” Tang Jinxin quickly said to Shen Jinhua, “Card, card!”

Shen Jinhua quickly took out a bank card from her pocket and stuffed it directly into Tang Nuan’s hand, “This is yours.”

Tang Nuan was stunned for a moment, then unconsciously refused, “I don’t want it.”

“No, no, no, you take it, this is your share.” Shen Jinhua said, “Um, I don’t know how much pocket money they give you every month. This card is from the merchants on the ground floor of the Glorious Building and the rent collection on the first and second floors will be yours from now on.”

Tang Nuan blinked and unconsciously remembered the explosive news in the morning, so instead of collecting any protection fees, they went to notify the tenants one by one that they had changed their accounts…

So, were they prepared to welcome her?

Tang Jinxin looked at Tang Nuan’s expression as if she was about to cry, and touched his big head with his big hand, feeling a little at a loss, and said, “It’s not too much, but this is pocket money. If you have other things you want to do, as young people like to venture out, we will provide additional funds.”

Tang Nuan didn’t know how to describe her mood. She pursed her lips and pushed the card back, “There’s too many here, you don’t have to do this…”

Tang Yue on the side suddenly said, “You don’t have to feel burdened. This is not just for you. We all have it.”

“Yes, yes, all the children have it.” Shen Jinhua said, “We bought each of you a courtyard when you were born. Later, after the demolition, the demolition funds were all handed over to them after they were twenty years old to be taken care of by themselves. Whether to sell it or collect rent, it’s all their own pocket money.”

“You just came back and don’t have a house, so I’ll give you this.”

Tang Nuan subconsciously calculated that the courtyards they bought more than twenty years ago were at least within the Fourth Ring Road, which basically, five or six houses could be demolished. The current rent in Yan City was at least fifty to sixty thousand per month, plus the demolition fees…

She didn’t know why she thought of Tang Xing. She probably couldn’t adapt when she returned to the wealthy Tang family. Not to mention that their family didn’t have such a big hand, and the whole family had the same temperament, mostly just hanging on to some benefits.

Tang Nuan imagined that Tang Sheng’an and Lin Yue’e proudly handed over ten or two hundred thousand to Tang Xing as if they were giving alms, suddenly feeling funny for some reason.

Tang Xing, who was raised by such a wealthy Tang family, Tang Sheng’an and Lin Yue’e might not be able to get what they want.

Tang Nuan still pushed the card back and made an excuse, “These are too many…”

Even if Tang Jinxin’s children in his family had it, the rent for the first and second floors of the Glorious Building was still far more than others. If it was given to her so carelessly, how could anyone have no objection?

Thinking of this, Tang Nuan couldn’t help but look at Tang Yue and Tang Fei.

When Tang Fei saw her looking over, he smiled with big white teeth, “Take it, you’ve been missing it for more than twenty years.” At this point, he said mischievously, “If you feel like you can’t spend all the money, then lend some to your second brother.”

Shen Jinhua couldn’t help but slap him on the back, “You only know how to borrow money from your brothers and sisters all day long, where did your money go?”

Tang Fei was obviously used to it, and he dodged sideways, then took out a box from his pocket and gave it to Tang Nuan, “I heard you like jewelry. This is for you to play with.”

Tang Nuan, who was already somewhat aware of the family’s wealthy behavior, did not take it lightly due to his carelessness. She opened it carefully and found that it was indeed a pair of ruby earrings.

“Mom and sister look good wearing such brightly colored gems, and you will definitely look good wearing them too.” Tang Fei looked at her expectantly, “Try them on.”

Shen Jinhua also echoed, “Yes, try it.”

Tang Nuan looked at their expressions, hesitated, and reached out to put them on.

Shen Jinhua said happily, “It’s so beautiful!”

Tang Jinxin also said, “Xiao Fei has a good vision this time.”

Tang Yue took out a necklace and said with a warm smile, “It goes well with this.”

Tang Fei howled when he saw this, “Sister, you are copying me! I thought about it for most of yesterday, is it appropriate for you to pick peaches like this?”

Tang Yue glanced at him and said softly, “Only a set of this jewelry will look good.”

Tang Fei shut up embarrassedly. He really couldn’t buy a set with his pocket money, so he bought a piece.

Tang Yue helped Tang Nuan put on the necklace and said with a smile, “There is another bracelet at Xiao Ben’s place.”

Tang Nuan didn’t know why an unfamiliar emotion rushed through her chest, leaving her speechless…

Shen Jinhua wiped her eyes quietly, and Tang Jinxin reached out and patted her back.

Tang Yue took Tang Nuan’s arm and said, “You are familiar with the layout here, let’s go pick a room.”

Compared to Tang Fei’s vigor, Tang Yue was much steadier and more soft-spoken, making people completely irresistible and having no choice but to walk around the house with her.

This large floor was nearly three hundred square meters and the original layout had five rooms. Tang Nuan’s decoration on the 19th floor had one master bedroom and two guest bedrooms, and the rest were all multi-purpose rooms.

However, that kind of layout was not suitable for a family with many children like the Tang family, as they needed four master bedrooms.

“It’s five bedrooms.” Tang Yue said with a smile, “We need five bedrooms ourselves, and we need to prepare an extra guest room.”

Tang Nuan looked at those eyes that were almost identical to hers and couldn’t say the words “I don’t need it” no matter what.

Tang Yue had already turned to discuss with her parents, “Parents will live in the master bedroom. Nuannuan and I will take the second bedroom facing south.”

These three rooms were divided on both sides of the house, with the master bedroom on the east side and the two secondary bedrooms on the west side. They shared a connected balcony, which was the most comfortable place in the house.

Tang Nuan looked at Tang Fei unconsciously, and Tang Fei said, “Then I want the one facing the east.” After saying this, he chuckled mischievously and said, “Xiao Ben will use the smallest one.”

Shen Jinhua added, “Just create another guest room at the back.”

“Okay, I’ll ask the agency for the rendering design and send it to you. Then we’ll see what you want for the room, and we’ll find a designer to design the interior!”

There was no dispute throughout the whole process and even though there was no discussion, everything seemed like it had been discussed. This kind of matter that related to one’s interests was settled in just a few words.

Tang Nuan found it unfathomable. Over in the Tang family’s old house, there were rows of villas facing the sun. Tang Shuang still had to compete with her for a higher room and the distance to the stairs.

Shen Jinxin checked the time and said, “Let’s have lunch together.” Then she looked at Tang Yue.

Tang Yue said, “Yes, the restaurant is already booked.”

Tang Nuan originally just came to see them first and assess the situation secretly, but now looking at several eager faces, and with Tang Yue’s gentle pull, she couldn’t say the refusal words.

In the end, she could only go to dinner with the whole family.

Tang Yue booked a high-end Western restaurant. Tang Nuan noticed that when sitting at the table, everyone except Tang Yue was a little stiff.

The agenda was obviously prepared in advance, so the whole family was dressed very formally. Tang Nuan had noticed during his time in the neighborhood that Tang Jinxin would occasionally pull the collar of his shirt, which was clearly not used to.

Tang Nuan couldn’t help but recall the scene of him wearing a large T-shirt and comfortable shorts in the morning news.

When the meal was served, Shen Jinhua was added to those who were not used to it list. Tang Nuan heard her muttering, “Right knife, left fork… serrated knife, serrated knife…”

Tang Yue saw that she was really struggling, so she reached out to take her plate and help cut it. Shen Jinhua smiled at Tang Nuan and said, “We don’t often come to eat Western food, so we’re not used to it, but this grilled steak is really delicious. Mom, uh, learned to grill it yesterday, and Da Fei couldn’t stop eating it.”

Tang Fei put down his fork and said with a smile, “Yes, luckily what you cooked yesterday was delicious, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to use the knife and fork so skillfully today.”

Not only did they arrange the agenda in advance, they even rehearsed it…

They obviously weren’t sure if they could meet up.

This made Tang Nuan couldn’t help but re-examine the plot in the book. Tang Jinxin accompanied Tang Xing home in formal clothes. Perhaps he was sending Tang Xing off on the one hand, and he was earnestly picking her up on the other?

But later on, they got along very politely……

Tang Nuan raised her eyes. Tang Jinxin directly put down his knife and fork and only used a spoon to scoop the soup and when he saw her looking over, he smiled and said, “I heard that rich people like to eat it…”

Perhaps it was not polite, but overly cautious…

Tang Nuan pursed her lips and said, “Actually, I prefer Chinese food.”

Tang Jinxin and Shen Jinhua’s eyes lit up at the same time and Tang Jinxin asked, “What dishes do you like to eat?”

Tang Fei immediately said, “Dad is a great cook! You should try it when you have time.”

Shen Jinhua immediately said, “Oh, if you are free and want to eat today, can cook it tonight. We can go to the market to buy vegetables now!”

Tang Nuan felt that with how things going, she might really have to go back with them tonight.

This was too compelling. Just as she was thinking about how to refuse, her phone suddenly rang. It was Ji Yun. Tang Nuan picked up the call and heard Ji Yun ask, “Have you gone to eat with your parents?”

Tang Nuan was stunned for a moment and suddenly realized something, “Has it been photographed?

“Yes, aren’t there a few people who like to show off and always like to go to the Red House Restaurant? They took a video.” Ji Yun said, “Tang Yi has already prepared to publish the article. Because of what happened before, he asked for a very high price to withdraw the article…”

The corners of Tang Nuan’s mouth pursed into a straight line, and Ji Yun sighed, “Anyway, tell them to be careful these days.”

As soon as Tang Nuan hung up the phone, the entertainment gossip notification arrived: [Fake daughter Tang Nuan was slapped until face swollen like a fatty and taught bumpkin parents?]

Below was a short video of Tang Jinxin sitting casually with his legs crossed, tugging at the collar of his shirt uncomfortably and Shen Jinhua was holding a knife and fork, muttering something in her mouth and making her look like a novice at first glance.

Nowadays, she was very popular. As soon as the post was posted, there were comments:

[Hahahaha, this family is so funny. The fake daughter is unconvinced and wants to pretend to be decent. Her parents are also amusing. They think that if they let their daughter live in a wealthy family for more than 20 years, they will be able to pretend to be wealthy after they take her back?]

[It used to be said that Buddha relies on golden clothing and humans rely on clothing, but it might be more like a monkey wearing a crown for some people…]

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